The niece part 2

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The niece part 2
So as I said before we had been invited to Vicki’s flat for a thank you dinner ..( you need to read part 1 the niece )

I have to admit I was very nervous , we had all met up before and all was ok it was not awkward or anything but that had been in a public place this was in the confines of her flat ..the place it had all happened ..

We arrived and Vicki greeted us at the door she looked hot a white top with a plunging neckline that showed off her best assets and a short black skirt with heels ..we walked up to her flat she said “I hope you don’t mind but I’ve invited Steve” Steve was a guy she had been seeing the last few weeks ..I was actually relieved there would be someone else there just incase things got awkward.

We got all the introductions out of the way and my wife , Vicki and Steve started a bottle of wine ..I was on water as nominated driver …

After a few drinks my wife went to the kitchen with Vicki to help her get the starter ready I stayed and chatted with Steve ,he was ok but a bit of a nerd ..not Vicki’s type at all

The starter was served as we went to the table Vicki explained that she thought we should mix the seating up and say my wife with Steve illegal bahis and me on Vicki’s side ..I thought this was weird but we got through the starters and mains which were great the wine was flowing and they all seemed to be getting more and more drunk .

Then as we sat for the desert my wife and Steve we’re heavy in conversation then I felt a hand on my inner thigh ..I stopped eating for a split second then continued head was racing what should I do stand up acting shocked and risk all that has happened coming out or just let her carry on …before I could make a decision Vicki was facing me ” so hows work” she said as if nothing was happening , as I answered he her hand moved further up my leg until her hand was on my bulge she began rubbing it as she continued the conversation every know and then bringing my wife into the chat ….I pushed her hand off me and she gave me a look as if I was a naughty boy …she replaced her hand back on this time in zipping my trouser she inserted her hand in and around my cock and with very gentle motions begun to wank me off …I didn’t know what to do my wife was feet away from me and her niece had her hands down my trousers and around bedava bonus veren siteler my cock …all I was thinking was do not get hard …

She continued stroking me as the chat carried on around the table …I started to get aroused especially as her tits we’re half exposed in her top ..when I had a second where the wife and Steve weren’t looking I pulled her hand out and excused myself to go to the toilet …I splashed some water on my face …gathered myself and returned to the table where they were all laughing …”we’ve pulled the short straw ” Vicki said ” we’ve got to go to the shop for more wine ” I tried to persuade my wife to come but she was happy having someone new to talk the life out of .

We walked to the car soon as we sat down she was pulling at my trousers “what are you doing ..we can’t do this “I said ..but that didn’t put her off “you better start driving or they might think something’s wrong” she said …I pulled away and now she had my cock out and in her hand ..I could hardly concentrate on the road as she stroked my cock hard ..then she undone her seat belt and leant over taking my cock in her mouth ..she was sooo good at yatırımsız deneme bonusu sucking cock left hand grabbed at her tit as she took me deep in her mouth ..I had to pull over before I crashed ..I see a car park for a closed shop and pulled into it…I pushed my seat back as far as it went …by now she was in a frenzy she jumped from her seat and onto my lap ..we kissed passionately and I pulled her top over her head and undone her bra releasing her massive tits ..she hitched up her skirt revealing no knickers …she grabbed my cock and lowered herself on to it her pussy was just as I remembered it warm ,wet and very tight as she bounced on my cock I watched mesmerized as her giant tits danced Infront of me …wow this girl could fuck grinding my cock deep inside her …she ached her back cumming …her hands pushing against the car roof as leaverage ..we fucked frantically for around 10 minutes until I was ready to cum .. I whispered in her ear that I was going to cum and she just continued riding me ..I tried to lift her off but she pulled my hands away “cum in me ” she said with a sexy smile “I want your cum deep in me ” I couldn’t fight it no more and cum shooting cum in to her body…she rolled off me and back onto her seat ..we grabbed the wine and returned to the dinner ..for the rest of the night she sat there with my wife and her boyfriend with my cum coating her pussy ….
We haven’t seen each other since but when we do who knows what will happen

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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