The New Quarterback

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While all freshmen normally feel nervous or intimidated on their first day on campus, Sean could not have felt more different. He was scouted in his junior year of high school to become the new quarterback for the school’s slipping team, making him feel like the king of the world.

Sean hauled his duffel bags over his muscular shoulders and set off to find his dorm, passing numerous pretty girls along the way. He grinned but stopped and suddenly remembered how he was here at school, alone, without his girlfriend by his side. Tara had broken up with Sean at the beginning of the summer, only 2 weeks after prom. She said she didn’t want a ‘serious commitment’ and then revealed she had been seeing another guy for a while. Being a mature man, Sean politely kicked her out of his life and wished her well.

Sean knew there wasn’t a reason for him to be sad anymore. It was the beginning of a new chapter. He worked out non-stop over the summer break and at 6’2″ with his summer tan, blond hair, and blue eyes, he was in the best shape of his life. He continued on, smiling and even winking at a few girls as he continued into one of the dorms to find his room.

When he entered the room, it was exactly as he pictured it and it looked just like the way they make them look in the movies. His roommate hadn’t gotten there yet so he claimed the bed on the right side of the room, closer to the window.

At that moment, the door opened again and in walked his roommate with two girls in tow, giggling and laughing.

“Oh hey, you must be Sean! I’m Trey and these are two of my friends.”

“How’s it going? Nice to meet you all.” Sean scanned the girls – one of them was petite blond and wearing a long t-shirt that was practically see through to a skimpy bikini underneath. He was confused. They weren’t anywhere near a beach.

“Do you want some help?” Sean’s thoughts were cut short as he also realized he was probably staring a bit too much. The brunette piped up as she motioned towards Trey’s bags.

“It’s ok. You girls have helped me carry everything up here.. I need to feel like a man. I’ll catch up with you ladies later after I get to know my new roommate.”

Trey ushered the girls out of the room and somehow pulled out two cold beers from one of his bags. He handed one to Sean as they both sat down at the empty desks and started getting to know each other.

Turns out that Trey was from New York, only a few hours away from where Sean grew up. After they finished three more beers, Trey pulled out a joint and asked Sean canlı bahis if he ever indulged.

“I better not…”?

“Why? You’re young. Nobody will know. We’ll open the window.”

“I might be drug tested…”

“What? Are you some kind of ex con or something?”

?”No no, I’m the new quarterback for the football team and I already missed August training because I was injured. But I need to start training again soon and I don’t want to get caught for something like smoking pot. I’ll lose my scholarship.”

“Okay, okay. No need to tell me your life story and sound like an anti-drug mascot. If it’s fine with you, I’ll just smoke it later with the girls.”

“I’m cool. Just leave the window open. By the way, who were those two chicks anyway?”

Trey grinned sheepishly. “One of them is a sorority girl and the other is a cheerleader.”

“Have you…”

“Dude, we’ve been at this school for 3 hours. When would I have had the time? I’m not a sex god. But maybe tonight…”

Trey and Sean started laughing together. Then it dawned on both of them that they would be sharing a room, sleeping only 5 feet apart from one another for the next 8 months. Sean thought to himself that he better start thinking of excuses for why he took so many showers. He loved to jerk off and had to do it at least twice a day.

“Okay,” said Trey, “how about this? If one of us brings home a girl and the other isn’t home yet, we put the sock on the door. However, if the other is already home and there’s nowhere else to go, the roommate has to pretend to be asleep. No matter what time it is.”

“Hey man, I’m not going to pretend like I’m going to be sleeping when you bring home a broad just so you can bang her. I don’t want to hear you do that!”

“Whatever dude. It’s not a big deal. And sometimes, you just won’t have a choice,” Trey joked. Sean wouldn’t be so worried about this being a reality if his roommate was a giant, reclusive nerd. But instead Trey was a good looking guy. He was as tall as Sean but slightly more muscular, like he was a wrestler. He had dark features and a scruffy beard.

Over the next few weeks, school picked up and Sean’s time was occupied with football. He fell into a rhythm of partying, studying, partying, and studying. He didn’t want to lose his scholarship but he didn’t want to be perceived as a total jock with no brains either.

After the team’s first big win, there was a huge party in one of the frat houses that a few of the players lived in. The whole team and all of the cheerleaders bahis siteleri were there and it was going to be a messy night.

Sean was undeniably one of the most popular guys at school now, having brought the team out of a slump. He had a lot of girls come up to him but for whatever reason, they always found an excuse to not have sex with him.

He swam through the crowd in the kitchen and got himself another beer. As he walked through the house, he was suddenly pushed up against the wall by a small blonde. He recognized her as one of the girls that Trey had on his arm during moving day.

“Hi! I’m so sorry I was pushed and then I fell into you! I’m Eva.” She clinked her beer against his.

“That’s not a problem! I thought I was getting sexually harassed but if it’s any consolation, I would be glad it’s you and not…” Sean made a motion towards one of his buddies.

“So you’re saying it wouldn’t be bad if I was sexually harassing you?” Eva winked at him as she took another sip of beer. She eyed him up and down and ran her hands lightly over his chest and stomach.

Sean hadn’t jerked off since the night before and he knew he had a lot of pent up heat in his body combined with the adrenaline from the big win just a few hours earlier. He downed the rest of his beer and led Eva by the hand into one of the empty bedrooms. He locked the door and before he could turn around, Eva had reached down and grabbed his cock through his jeans.

He started getting hard as they started kissing. Her warm tongue teasing his while her hands rubbed him in all the right places.

“You know, you have a reputation for being… well equipped.”

Sean blushed. “I was born with it. I don’t have any complaints though but you should know that it does take work. I’m not easy.” He winked at her as she started undoing his pants and slipped her hand into his boxer briefs, wrapping her hands around his thick rod, all the while jerking him off slowly.

She stopped and removed her dress, revealing her skimpy bra and thong. She took his hand and guided it to her pussy. “You make me so wet”, she said as he started to play with her clit. Her entire slit was getting more slippery by the second as he continued to play with her juices and clit. She reached out and made Sean step out of his jeans and took off his shirt.

She gave him a devilish grin as she checked out his cock. He was almost completely hard, pointing straight out. His balls nestled right under the base of his cut, thick and veiny 8 inch cock.

“You’re not even bahis şirketleri completely hard yet and you are huge.”?

“Well if you make it hard, you’ll see it disappear into your pussy as I fuck you until you cum.” That pushed her over the edge as she dropped to her knees and attacked his cock with her drooling mouth.

Sean started growing harder and harder, reaching a full 10 inches. He knew he had to cum soon as Eva’s mouth continued working like a hoover on his throbbing meat.

“I’m going to cum in your mouth and I want you to swallow it,” Sean growled as he fucked Eva’s face. She moaned as she fingered herself while her other hand played with his cum filled balls.

Without warning, Eva pulled his cock out of her mouth, leaving a trail of pre-cum, and started jerking him off furiously. “I don’t want you to cum in my mouth yet. I want to fuck your brains out first and let you fill my pussy with your cum. I don’t want to waste any of it.”

Sean picked her up and laid her on the bed with her legs up in the air. He teased her opening with his cock head but he knew he was only torturing himself so he finally buried his cock deep within her dripping wet pussy.

Almost right away, he had to control himself from cumming right there and then. He slowly started to pump her in and out. He picked up the pace and her moaning increased to the same rhythm. Her velvety, wet, tight hole was more than he could take and he started to breathe deeply.

?”Eva, I’m going to cum. And I’m going to cum in you like you asked and you’ll never forget the day you let the quarterback empty his load into your sweet pussy.”

He felt his balls tighten up as pre-cum leaked out of his cock uncontrollably. He rammed his cock deep into her pussy one last time and started releasing seven ropes of cum. She continued to ride him as she came a few seconds after, their hot, sticky juices mixing together inside of her.

Sean pulled his cum covered cock out of her and flipped on top of her, upside down. Eva took the cue and immediately locked her lips back onto his still hard tool. He buried his face in her pussy and lapped at his cum that was leaking out of her tight box. She started recovering from her last wave of orgasms as she came again, dripping more juices into his mouth. At the same time, Sean’s cock exploded for the second time as he sent six ropes of creamy, white cum down Eva’s throat.

It took them a few minutes to catch their breath. After Eva put her dress back on, she gave Sean a kiss and told him to call her any time he wanted to have fun, and slipped out the door.

Sean looked down at his cock, covered in cum and still half hard, and shook his head. He put his clothes back on and headed back out into the party, hungry for more…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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