The Mile High Club

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I had always wanted to learn to fly ever since my daddy took me to the local airport to fly with my Uncle Bill when I was just a 10 year old girl. It seemed like the most exciting thing a girl could ever do. I didn’t think becoming a pilot was possible at the time since there were very few women pilots and the only aviation career open to women was behind the serving cart as a stewardess.

As time moved on I gave up on this fantasy, went to college and started working in an accounting firm as an Auditor. My job, although fulfilling intellectually, was quite routine and at times boring. Men usually tried to avoid me after they found out what I do for a living, so consequently I never married. I decided to try something different and follow my childhood dreams of becoming a pilot. I headed out to the same local airport I went to thirty years before to inquire about flying lessons.

To my surprise, I was met by a middle-aged woman who explained the process of going from neophyte fledgling to licensed pilot. She was a kindly, almost mother-like instructor whose instructional techniques made flying fun.

Since she wasn’t always available seven days a week, I was allocated an alternate instructor. This is where the story takes a turn. His name was Dave. He was in his early twenties and absolutely drop-dead gorgeous. He looked like some blond god that was more at home with a surf-board under his arm than a shirt and tie. When I met him through Linda (my regular instructor), I first thought “he’s just a snot-nosed kid” what could I possibly learn from someone who is old enough to be my child (if I had any). I said to myself however…”if only I was twenty again…” Boy, was I ever mistaken.

As it turns out, most of my flying was with Linda. There came one Saturday where I was free, but Linda had to attend one of her grandson’s baseball games. I reluctantly booked a flight with Dave. I was just starting out doing circuits (touch-and-go’s) and thought to myself…. “Oh well, at least I will get some practice next time for Linda” I still had that prejudicial impression that this kid couldn’t possibly teach me anything that Linda hasn’t seen in her many years of experience.

I did my walkaround (pre-flight inspection of the plane) and somehow felt like bahis firmaları I was being watched. I noticed how the young male instructors leered at the young female students while they climbed up to check the amount of fuel in the tanks. Some of the girls knew this and wore particularily tight shorts just for this occasion. Normally I am no prude, but I thought that this flirting has no place here; we are here to learn how to fly, not pick up dates. Somehow this time, I kind of liked the feeling of being watched.

Dave came out from the Flying Club to meet me. We got in the plane and I started it up. I went through my run-up (engine checks) and proceeded to taxi to the active runway. Just before takeoff, Dave told me that he was speaking with Linda the day before, and said that she wanted me to go back to the practice area to work on my stalls and steep turns rather than stay in the circuit for this session. I said “OK”, made my radio call and took off.

As we were heading out to the practice area, Dave went through the regular instructor talk (he seemed all-business) but I kept looking at him and a little tingling feeling started in my crotch. I thought to myself “Shit, he’s just a kid” but he was so good looking, and it had been some time since I had been laid. He had a folded map on his lap which I kept casually looking down at noticing that he had cute legs (he was wearing shorts that day). I then asked if I could hold the map, which was a convenient excuse to check out his equipment. I kept looking down, pretending to check out the map but actually staring at his crotch. I was really starting to get wet.

We climbed up to 5,000 feet to start my review. I didn’t do all that well on my steep turns because all I could concentrate on was Dave. I really wanted him. A sudden thought came to my mind that we were only 280 feet short of being a mile high, so I “accidentally” climbed 280 feet on my last turn. Now is my chance I thought.

I said to Dave “Well, my steep turns aren’t going so well, what do you say about me trying something else?” He said “What do you have in mind?” That was when I just reached down and touched him, whereupon I found he had quite an erection. Something had turned him on too. I suppose it was that “older woman” fantasy kaçak iddaa that his buddies probably talked about over a few beers.

He slid down his shorts, and I gazed upon the most beautiful erect penis I had ever seen. I started stroking it which made him groan with pleasure. He then said “I have control” which is an instructor’s way of saying “you can let go of the control column now and let me fly the plane”. He moved his seat back, as did I, and I turned around. I got on my knees as best as I could, being careful not to touch the control column. These little airplanes don’t have tilt steering…. Too bad I thought to myself.

I just looked at that beautiful young penis. I had to taste it. I kissed the tip and licked the head. I could savour the saltiness of his pre-cum which glistened at the tip. I looked up to see Dave concentrating on flying the airplane (or so it seemed). I could hear his breathing getting deeper. I opened my lips and took the head into my mouth and swirled my tongue around and around. This was not enough, I had to have the whole thing in my mouth. I relaxed my tongue and slid the whole thing in right up to the hilt. I have been told that I give a good blowjob, but these cramped conditions made it difficult. I started to bob up and down giving this kid the pleasure that only a mature woman could give him.

The girls his age probably didn’t know how to do this, I thought to myself. Too bad, they’re missing out on a lot. I started to get really horny, so I reached down and started to massage my clit. Oohhhh it felt soooo goooood. I could hear Dave’s breathing getting heavy, and I could feel his balls pulling up. I knew he was ready to come, and I wanted him to. I took him as deeply as I could until I could feel him starting to come. I slid back until I only had his head in my mouth because I wanted to taste his seed. I am one of those girls who acquired a taste for come and quite like it. This talent had resulted in a lot of second dates when I was in college, but usually that was where it ended.

He came in buckets, gushing and filling my mouth with his semen. I paused for a minute, slid his head out of my mouth keeping my lips tightly locked on his member. I didn’t want to spill a drop. I turned my head upwards, looked kaçak bahis deeply into his beautiful green eyes , swirled his semen around in my mouth and swallowed. The look on his young face was worth it.

I turned around and sat back on my seat. I was really horny now and needed some attention. Dave said “my turn” and indicated that he didn’t think he should do me in the plane while we were flying. He mentioned a small grass strip not far from here we could go. Then he remembered that it was Saturday, and that there would be glider activity there.

I was so frustrated. I pulled off my shorts and panties, turned around and straddled his still erect penis. I thought “What the hell, I have to get off”. I slid his penis into my awaiting vagina. This felt heavenly. There wasn’t really much room to move, so I just stayed there while Dave started rubbing my clit with his thumb. “Hey, this kid is talented” I said under my breath. He fumbled with my blouse and bra, which made me rescind my last statement. I unhooked my bra and let him kiss and fondle my breasts.

We did this for a minute until I realized that no one was flying the plane. Dave looked out to find that our altitude and heading were unchanged. I guess these Cessnas were designed so that even an idiot could keep them flying.

I could feel my vaginal muscles tightening as I was close to orgasm. I started humping him with the little room available and started to quiver as I reached the pivotal point of our love-making. I just collapsed from all of the sexual release and held Dave. He didn’t come inside me. I suppose he was concentrating on flying too much. Can’t say I blame him, I could just see the accident reports.

We got dressed again and headed back to the airport. I landed the airplane (not a graceful one, but we lived) taxied up to the gas pumps and shut the engine down. We got out of the plane, and tried to make it look like we didn’t just join the mile-high club. We returned the keys to the front desk at the club and Dave said his good-bye since his next student was waiting for him. She was a good looking, stary-eyed young blond who was looking at Dave lustfully. I thought to myself “good luck sister, he’s already had the best he’s going to get today”. I got in my car and left the club contented.

I now make regular bookings with Dave when Linda is unavailable. By the way, we did check out that grass strip one fine Wednesday morning. That event will have to wait for another story.


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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