The Maid Pt. 06

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When the maid entered their bedroom she found it empty. She wasn’t surprised. In the couple of weeks she had been working for them, she never knew from day to day whether they would be there or not. She liked it that way. It kept things exciting. One day they would be up and dressed and gone, the next, they could all be having a full on romp in their bed.

As she walked past the window tidying the room, she noticed the two of them down by the pool. She was sitting near the edge, completely naked, her legs open, leaning back on her hands while he was standing in the pool, presumably naked too, his arms resting on the edge between her open legs. They seemed to be deep in conversation.

“Should we tell her about the camera?” he asked, looking at his wife and admiring her firm breasts and the nice shaved slit nestled between her thighs right in front of his face.

“Not yet.” she replied, tilting her head back to get the full force of the sun on her face. She was enjoying watching the unsuspecting maid too much. Especially when she thought she was alone in her room and was seeking relief with one of her several toys.

Right then, the butler walked across the lawn carrying a tray of drinks for them.

“Come, sit and join us.” said the wife, taking one of the drinks off the tray. With the husbands put on the edge of the pool, the butler made to sit down next to her.

“Not with your clothes on you idiot.” she told him, rolling her eyes.

He smiled. He knew exactly what she meant by ‘join us’ but he loved to wind her up. Slowly, he disrobed folding his clothes neatly before sitting naked next to her. His long flaccid cock drew her immediate attention. It was one of the reasons she had hired him in the first place. The maid had been her husband’s choice. Casually, she reached over and took a hold of him, her hand slowly stroking the soft shaft, feeling it start to harden and swell in her grasp.

“Mmmmm, my lovely big cock likes being pulled.” she said to know one particular, her practiced hand awakening his arousal and swelling his manhood.

In the pool, her husband couldn’t take his eyes off her hand. He watched transfixed at the sight of the butlers cock growing and growing with her touch till it was fully erect, curving upwards in readiness for a wet pussy to satisfy. His own cock was also rigid in the water. Every stroke she gave the butlers cock was like one on his own. Reaching under the water, he touched himself, his hand pulling his cock in time with hers. He groaned when she leant over and sucked the massive head, her hand working the huge shaft hard at the same time.

“I want this lovely big thing up my wet cunt and you to do me just like the wild animal you are” she told him in a husky voice, her pussy throbbing and dripping with arousal.

Releasing his cock she rolled over onto all fours crawling a few steps onto the lawn and waited for him like a cat on heat, her legs spread and her wet glistening pussy open and waiting for him. His lust inflamed, he rounded on his knees and like a bull in a paddock with his long quivering cock sticking out in front, he covered her from behind. Plunging his cock inside her, his hips jerked back and forth fast like a rutting animal intent on filling her with his seed. She almost screamed at the pain of his massive cock and tried to pull forward to ease the depths of its thrusting madness. He gripped her shoulder and pulled her back onto him, his thrusts into her unrelenting, grunting bahis firmaları hard with each one of them, a wild look of lust in his eyes.

“Oh fuck! Stop! Fuck, fuck!” she cried out, her eyes rolling in her head as his cock drove her to orgasm, her legs shaking uncontrollably, He gave one last massive thrust into her and groaned loudly his balls emptying and his lustful desires fulfilled with each hard squirt of thick cum deep inside her body. His chest heaving and his animal lust satisfied, he pulled out of her, his cock smeared and glistening with her juices and his thick white cum. She could only remain still, gasping of air, her head drooped and a stream of thick cum flowing from her ravaged pussy, dripping onto the grass between her legs.

Up at the bedroom window, the maid stood, half bent over, trembling, her hand trapped between her clenched thighs. She had never witnessed such brutal and exciting sex and watching it had made her cum in seconds, rubbing herself through her panties which she knew were wet through. “Fuck!” she said to herself, her head still spinning and a strange feeling of desire throbbing between her legs. She knew exactly what the feeling was. She wanted to be fucked just like that, to be taken hard and feel the power of the rampant cock forcefully filling her completely inside.

Still panting, the wife turned her head and looked at her husband standing in the pool. He had that strange look on his face she knew so well.

“You came in the pool didn’t you, you dirty little bugger.” she said. He just nodded back, a cheeky boyish grin on his face, his hand still massaging his satisfied cock under the water. He liked to watch sometimes too. The sight of his wife being taken like that was breathtaking.

As the butler silently got dressed, his job done, she staggered to her feet and walked to the pool and got in next to her husband, the cool water soothing her sore pussy. Her hand under the water brushed his aside and took over massaging his cock. He reached up and fondled her breast as the touch of her hand aroused him again. She was going to make him a ‘dirty little bugger’ for a second time. Fully dressed again, and immaculate as ever, the butler walked off towards the house to prepare them some more drinks smiling to himself. He love this job. The duties were minimal and he loved fucking the wife, she was so dirty and liked nothing more than a good hard fuck, the harder the better, it didn’t have to last long, just as long as she felt violated and sore at the end.

Back in their room, the maid was finishing cleaning when she noticed a door in the wall slightly ajar. Peeriing inside she saw a TV screen, a recorder and dozens of tapes with dates written on the covers. A tape was in the machine and she noticed that the empty cover had the same date that she started work with them written on it. Her curiosity peaked, she crossed back to the window to make sure they were still in the pool. It looked like they would be for a while. Quickly, she returned to the machine, picked up the remote and pressed play. She couldn’t believe it. There she was, on her bed being fucked by the butler, moaning as he pushed his cock deep inside her. “Those sneaky bastards.” she thought to herself stopping the tape. It didn’t surprise her knowing what they were like, it didn’t make her angry either. In fact, now she knew there was a camera in her room, maybe she could have some fun with them. With one last look around the room to make sure all kaçak iddaa was in order, she walked out closing the door behind her.

With her duties done for the day, her head still full of visions of the animals fucking on the lawn and her pussy throbbing with a suppressed need to cum, the maid returned to her room and got changed into her civvies. Venturing into the town, she sought out the nearest adult shop, Surveying all the dildos on display, she picked out the one that best represented the butlers hard cock. It was hard and long with a suction pad on the bottom. She could stick it to a chair and ride it or stick it to the wall and back herself onto it, fucking herself from behind. With a thrill running through her entire body at the thought of trying it out, she returned home.

That night, remembering the camera, and with a sly smile, she turned away from it to get undressed. Even so, she did it slowly, bit by bit revealing herself but keeping her tits and pussy hidden from view. She knew they would be watching, time for the show. She reached into the bag and pulled out her new huge dildo, careful to make sure they could see it and see the size of it. Slowly she ran her hand over it, just like a real cock and then opened her mouth wide and took its head,

In the room above, they both held their breath, waiting for her to use it, their anticipation palpable.

Fondling the dildo. She moved to a chair by the wall under the camera and stretched out on it, her open feet resting on the bed. That was all they could see, her feet and shins, parted, resting on the bed. Recalling the events of the morning, she slumped back in the chair and stroked between her lips with a fingertip. Fuck she was horny. Her hips gyrated and bucked as she rubbed her clit thinking of the butler destroying his mistress’s cunt. She wanted it now, that big fat long hard dildo. Reaching down beside her chair, she picked it up and with both hands pushed the swollen head of it against her opening. With a moan, she forced it inside herself and then cried out in pain and pleasure as she pushed it as deep as she could. Gripping the base of it, she thrust it in and out as hard as she could, trying to brutally fuck her aching cunt. She came in the end but it wasn’t the same, no hands holding her, no grunting from behind or the slap of a man’s torso against her ass. Her new toy was great but she needed the butler.

Upstairs in bed, they lay in frustration. They could see her feet and legs, hear her moans but not a sight of her fucking her pussy or the expression on her face when she came.

“Go down and fuck her, I want to see you in her cunt.” ordered his wife.

He went downstairs, his hard cock waving before him, Without knocking, he entered her room. Slumped on the chair, she looked up at him and looked at his cock, hard and straining and smiled. She wanted him, wanted any hard cock, wanted to fuck so bad. She beckoned to him and he knelt between her legs, his mouth covering her wet pussy. Greedily, he licked at it, stroked it with his tongue, lapped at her opening and drank her wetness, Inflamed and aroused, she pulled him up over herself, kissing him hard as he pushed his hard cock inside her wet opening. She grabbed him around the waist as he thrust into her hard, her legs wrapping around him, pulling him into her, pushing her aching wet cunt up to meet each of his hard thrusts, ramming her cunt against his cock, desperate to cum. Gasping, he pulled out of her, filled kaçak bahis with an overwhelming desire to spray his cum all over her. Grasping his rigid cock, he yanked it hard, arching his back at the last minute as he came in warm squirts all over her tummy.

Upstairs in the bedroom she cried out in frustration. She wanted to see the maid being fucked, see her cumming, see her pussy. As much as she tried to adjust the camera angle with the remote, all she could see was her husbands ass moving up and down between the maid’s spread legs. Totally frustrated and wanting to cum, she reached for ther phone and dialed her resident stallion..

“Get up here and fuck me.” she ordered him down the phone.

Minutes later. He was on her bed, naked, his big hard cock at her command, Rising up on all fours like earlier, she tempted him with both holes and said panting “Fuck my ass.” Stroking his long hard cock, he pressed it to her anus and pushed it inside. Yelping with the pain, she froze, waiting for the pain to subside and then started pushing back slowly at first, fucking his cock, then faster as her arousal grew, Reaching under herself, she rubbed her aching clit as he reamed her ass, his hands on her hips, the front of him slapping hard against her nice round cheeks. Gasping, his chest heaving and close to cumming, he slipped out of her ass and slid himself deep inside her other eager hole. She let out a loud groan, tearing at her clit with her fingers as she came, her hips jerking upwards, impaling herself on the wonderful swollen thick cock buried so deep in her clenching pussy. Pulling out, he quickly moved up beside her, stroking his quivering cock as he pulled her onto her back. Her mouth opened and he thrust his giant cock inside it. She started to gag and her eyes watered as he thrust into her mouth and down her throat. With a loud roar of release he wrenched his cock from her mouth and sprayed her face with warm thick strands of cum.

As she lay on the bed looking at the screen, she saw the maid and her husband come into view. She watched as the maid sat him on the bed, crouch between his open thighs and proceed to suck her juices and his cum off his cock. She watched them both stand and her kiss him goodnight and her husband leave. She then climbed into bed a switched the light out. The show for as little as it was, was over.

The next two nights, the maid masturbated in the dark, making sure she was very vocal, letting them hear her cumming but that was all. Their frustration was her excitement, knowing how much they desired to watch her, see her naked body and what she did to herself thinking she was alone. On the third night, she masturbated with the lights on, laying on her bed. Aroused and wet she fucked herself hard with her new huge dildo, stabbing herself with it, thrusting it deep until she came. When she was done, she sat up and slid off the bed. Walking over to where she knew the camera was hidden, she looked up smiling and blew them a kiss.

Laying in bed, the wife burst out laughing.

“She knew all along, the cunning little witch.” she laughed, using the remote to turn off the screen. It obviously didn’t worry her it was there, and that in itself excited the wife. As much as she loved a good hard fuck, she also loved women, loved the nice soft curves, their pussies and how they tasted and smelled. The thought of it made her reach down under the covers and drag her finger between her own pussy lips. Putting it to her nose, she inhaled deeply, savouring the smell of herself and then put her finger in her mouth. Fuck that tastes so good.

Maybe their new maid was ready for the cellar she thought as she closed her eyes, rolled over and fell asleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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