The Lonely Wife

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Double Penetration

Nancy was almost old enough to be my mother. Almost 20 years older than I was. At the time I was 40 and she was in her late 50’s. She didn’t look it though. She had long red hair, hazel eyes, small c cups, and a great looking ass to hold onto.

Even though she was married, Nancy was a lonely woman. Her husband stopped paying attention to her a long time ago and even though she was miserable, a divorce was not an option for her, fearing the financial outcome of all of it.

She always went to the bar alone or with her female friends but never with her husband. Even though I couldn’t say for sure, but there was a pretty good chance she’s had a few affairs over the years with a few of the older regular that hang out down there.

The two of us always got a long really well. We sang karaoke together, got drunk together and even went out dancing together a few time. Even though I found her somewhat physically attractive, I always felt that me and Nancy had more of an emotional attraction towards each other. We often consoled each other during difficult times and celebrated during the good times. We overall held the same religious beliefs and shared the same morals.

Yes, there was always some kind of sexual tension between the two of us. I think it more had to do with curiosity than anything else. To me, she was untouchable because she was married and I was untouchable to her because she thought I was too young for her but she always would ask me ‘How old are you again?” whenever we would slow dance.

There were always rumors about the two of us. Up until recently, the stories were all false. There was no affair of any kind between the two of us. We respected each other’s status and boundaries and we felt pretty safe whenever we were around each other. We spent a lot of time together but we never got intimate. Until now.

I never intended to have sex with her. Sure I often wondered what it would be like when I was alone and jerking off before bedtime but even if I wanted to really, truly have sex with her I couldn’t imagine it ever happening. I also couldn’t imagine it being enjoyable simply for the fact it would probably be awkward for me being that she is married.

For years we were planning on going to the Casino together. She went often and had perks such as free room and meals. We had planned that one of these days we’d go, drink, eat, gamble and share a room. It’s possible she was hinting at something sexual would happen but I never really processed that in my mind. bahis firmaları She was simply off limits.

Well the time was right and we were finally able to plan the Casino trip together. She already had the room the day prior and spent the night and I had met her the following day after work. I met her at the hotel lobby and she took me to her room so I could put my stuff down.

I was so exhausted from a long day at work, I took a shower and we headed out to the gambling floor. Whenever I go to the Casino (Which is rarely) I am strictly a slot person. She must have been a good luck charm because within 20 minutes and $10 into gambling I had to stop because I scored a $1000 win on of all things, a penny slot.

The night went on, I watched her gamble and blow more money than she should. We ate at a nice restaurant before going to a bar/nightclub inside the Casino for the rest of the night. We tore the place up with our dancing and drinking. We had a great time.

We left the club earlier than we normally would because we were pretty exhausted. I must admit that I wasn’t as fucked up as I could get whenever I go out with her and she wasn’t as bad either. We were a little ‘Tipsy’ but we were having a blast.

We went back to the room to retire for the night. I brought a box of wine to the room earlier that day and I wasn’t exactly ready like I thought I was to go to sleep so I began having a few glasses of wine. She had a few herself. She got changed into a nightgown when I was in the bathroom and was getting ready to call it a night. Seeing her in her nightgown was something I wasn’t quite expecting. Not that I’m prudish and never seen a woman in her bed clothes it was just that it was her, being almost 60 years old and feeling like I’m rooming with my mother or great aunt.

She brought her tablet along so she could kill time if she had to before falling asleep and she took it out and began messing around with it. I was on my bed (We had separate beds) drinking my wine and watching TV.

“Mike your good with tablets, can you come here and help me with something” she asked me.

It seems she was having some problems with apps crashing on her, so I climbed on the bed and laid down on my stomach next to her (She was laying on hers) as I was trying to help her with the tablet. I was in a t-shirt and boxers.

In the course of helping her with the tablet she started to ask me some personal questions about my love life.

“Mike hows it going between you and Sarah? kaçak iddaa Are you together? Not together? What’s the deal with that?” she asked.

“Good question. I really don’t know. We’re on again, off again friends with benefits kind of thing, whatever the hell that means.” I said to her. “What about you? Whats happening between you and your husband? Will you guys ever get a divorce?”

“Yeah, if I could be so lucky.” she laughed “Nothing…nothing is happening. He ignores me, let’s me do what I want but we don’t even sit down at the kitchen table and eat together…he tells me he loves me every now and then but we never talk, never fuck…shit I haven’t had sex in a very very long time…shit I probably would forget what to do” she said in a sarcastic type laugh.

“That really sucks Nanc, I bet you must get yourself off when your alone right? I mean, c’mon..everyone does it” I said to her.

“Oh! You have no idea! But there’s nothing like the real thing! I need dick so bad!” She said still laughing.

“Believe me, If I could help you out in that department I certainly would, I mean, were friends and I love you and all but I don’t fuck married women”. I told her.

“Yeah and as much as I haven’t gotten any in a very long time I wouldn’t cheat either no matter what the circumstances are between him and I…it’s just..just that…well, I don’t know the last few times we went dancing and we were rubbing up against each other..well…umm..I can feel something poking at me” she said with a nervous laugh.

“Well, what do you expect? I’m a guy! The two of us are practically all up on each other and …well it’s bound to happen” I said to her in a playful kind of voice.

“That’s not my point” she continued to say “When you haven’t had any in a long time like me and you have some young guy against you and…well you can feel his hard on against you..”

“Well dancing is sexual, it does happen in those circumstances, especially when your dancing with someone your friends with and’s kind of a taboo thing” I said.

“Bet you anything it’s hard now!” she said while looking me in the eyes.

I stood up and faced her at the end of the bed.

“Well..” looking down at my crotch “Yeah it is”

“Mike, those boxers are loose and I can see the outline of your thingy” she pointed out to me.

“Well ok if you insist” I said as I took a harmless chance at becoming playful and pulled out my stiff cock.

“Oh. My. God” she said cupping her hand over her mouth. kaçak bahis “I can’t believe you just took out your dick”. she said to me.

“You can touch it if you want.” I said to her moving it closer to her as her head hanged over the edge of the bed while she still layed on her stomach staring endlessly at it.

“You must be kidding” she said.

“No, go ahead, it’s alright, I know you want to. Just for the sake of it” I said.

She then reached over and took my cock in her hand and began to feel it.

“Oh My God! I forgot what this feels like” she said while rubbing it gently. “Can I kiss it?” she asked me.

“Sure” I said with a smile on my face.

She then sat up on the edge of the bed with her face looking right at my cock and put her lips up against it. She kissed up and down the shaft with small quick pecks.

“I can’t help it!” she screamed and she took it all the way in her mouth while she was staring up at me.

I said nothing. I let her do whatever she wanted to with it. She sucked it slowly at first. I can feel her tongue slowly slide up and down my shaft as I grabbed her head and guided her mouth back and forth.

Then she stood up and removed her nightgown. I took a brief glimpse at her perky c cup tits and semi-shaved beaver. It didn’t look too bad for an older woman. She motioned to me to follow her, lifted up the covers of her bed and we crawled under the covers.

She then went under the covers and began blowing me some more. She worked it slow but smoothly. It was getting very wet from her mouth. She gave a very long, detailed blow job.

After awhile she crawled up in between my legs and sat on my cock. We kissed each other gently and she slowly began to ride me. She was very wet and tight. She bounced faster and faster, gripping the nightstand. I just let her take full control. This was a woman who hasn’t been fucked in years.

We worked up a momentum I was getting ready to cum. She was breathing very heavily and moaning very softly.

“Oh my God!” She screamed. As the thrusting got faster and faster.

“Ugh!” I said in a moaning voice right before I came inside her. She slowly came to a crawl and let herself off me and laid next to me.

“Thank you so much. I needed that really bad.” she said to me after kissing me on the lips.

We fell asleep next to each other and the next morning we woke up in each other’s arms. She was fairly insistent with me not telling anyone about what we did to the point where she was ranting. I broke her rant by slowly moving down her body under the blankets and I proceeded to go down on her until she came.

“Thank you again!” she said laughing.

We got up, showered and went about our day.

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