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The Little Exhibitionist

🏳️‍🌈 A story by Josh Terrence 🏳️‍🌈


Author”s note: This short story depicts sexual acts between males of various ages. If you are offended by sex between men, teenage boys, boys or between males of any age, why are you here? If you are not a legal adult or if this content is illegal in your locale, leave now.

This story is a work of pure fiction. The taboo acts depicted in this story are not condoned by the author, this is fantasy only. All Characters in this story are portrayed by actors 18 years of age or older. This disclaimer applies to all installments of this story, past and present.

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Chapter Three — The Naked Truth 🏳️‍🌈

I was frozen for a moment when dad approached my opened door. My shirttail had just unfurled down far enough to cover my rock hard boy bits, but I was still a little panicked as he peaked his head into my room and locked eyes with me.

“Hey kiddo,” he said with a smile on his face when he spotted me standing by my bed.

“Hey dad,” I said, feeling a rush of nervousness and excitement as he entered my room and approached me. “I thought you were already gone.”

“I”m going in a little later,” he said, taking a seat on my bed and kissing me on top of the head.

I felt my anus contract around my dildo and was sure I was going to expel it in front of him. Acting quickly, I took a seat beside him on my bed and snuggled into his side. I felt the huge dong moving down my rectum, then the base bumped against the mattress and I knew it was secure for now.

“How long have you been up?” I asked him, trying to mask the panic in my voice and regain my composure.

“Probably no more than about 5 or 10 minutes,” he revealed, and I breathed a sigh of relief. “Everything okay, buddy?”

“Yeah, I”m just glad I got to see you this morning,” I told him with a sweet smile, feeling a huge wave of excitement wash over me as the dildo in my ass shifted against the mattress.

“I”m glad I got to see you too, babe,” he told me, giving my shoulders a little squeeze as I contemplated running around the house with no pants on under my nightshirt and a dildo in my ass while dad was home. “Are you up now, or are you going back to bed?”

“I was planning on going back to bed, but I think I want to stay up now,” I told him.

“Okay, kiddo,” he said, then he gave me a whiff. “When was the last time you took a shower, son?”

I smiled shyly and shrugged, then I said, “I think I took one yesterday.”

“It doesn”t smell that way,” he said, taking another whiff and making a face at me. “Try to hop in the shower today, okay?”

“I will,” I promised him. “Dad?”

“Yeah babe?”

“What time do you have to leave today?” I asked.

“Not for a couple hours,” he assured me. “I”ve missed you, son.”

“I”ve missed you too,” I declared, then I wrapped my arms around his torso and hugged him tight while my cum sopped hole opened and closed around my dildo.

As soon as dad felt my arms around him, he ran his fingers through my hair and hugged me back, sending another thrill through me.

“Tell you what, pal,” he said, rubbing my back with his flat palm. “How about if we hang out this morning?”

“Okay,” I said, resting my head against his chest. “Can we get donuts this morning?”

“You want to go with me?” he offered, and I nodded up at him with a smile. “Then let”s hit the drive thru.”

“Thanks daddy,” I cooed, feeling my little frame erupt with pleasure as I contemplated going out in public with my dildo up my ass.

“You planning to get dressed?” he asked me, raising an eyebrow. “Or are you just gonna run around in your nightshirt and undies?”

“It”s not that far,” I bargained, then I felt him ruffle my hair.

“That”s fine, champ,” he said, then he got up. “I”m gonna go throw something on. At least put your slippers on so you don”t catch a cold.”

With that, he walked out of my room and I excitedly got up from my bed so I could ride in the truck with no pants or underwear.

I tried to step into my slippers and felt the dildo fighting to get out of my ass, so I relented and expelled it. Then, with a naughty feeling washing over me, I reached under my covers and found a longer, skinnier dildo that was shaped like a missile and vibrated. I slid it up my butt and felt the end pressing almost all the way inside. In a daring move, I turned it on, then pressed on the end with my finger and slid it past my anal ring. With a vibrating dildo all the way up my ass, I went out to the garage and waited for dad. The vibrator felt amazing inside me, and I wasn”t worried about not being able to get it out. I”d pushed it all the way in so many times before, and was always able to push it out with a nice, hard strain. I”d even kept it up my ass while I went to school, knowing that nobody would figure out that it was vibrating against the walls of my pooper and sending shivers through me.

On our way to the donut shop, dad turned the heater on full blast. As soon as we turned off of our street, the sensations against my rectal walls started to feel intense. My tiny boner was straining so hard that it felt like it was going to break off. And just when I thought I couldn”t feel any naughtier or more shameless, dad reached out to rub my bare thighs while he asked me, “Aren”t you cold, buddy?”

Shaking my head no, I managed to tell him, “I feel really good.”

“The heater feels okay?” he asked me with a concerned voice just as I started to feel like I was being overwhelmed by the vibrator that was humming inside me.

I swallowed hard, trying to suppress a moan, then I hissed, “Yeah, it feels nice, daddy.”

He gave me a curious look but didn”t say anything else. Another torrent of pleasure swept over me and I started to feel light headed, so I reached for his hand and gave it a squeeze. He gave my little paw a tight squeeze, then he brought my hand up to his lips and kissed it while I tried to process diyarbak─▒r escort the feelings that were gripping my body.

“Everything okay, babe?” I heard him ask, and that”s when I realized that we were pulling into the parking lot and that I”d somehow missed the entire trip. I inhaled and nodded my answer, earning me a warm smile that put me at ease as we pulled into the drive thru.

When we made it to the window, dad asked me what I wanted and I found myself struggling to verbalize anything. The pleasure signals that were cascading down my body felt like bands of rain, pouring down my back and legs with relentless force. I gave dad”s hand another tight squeeze, then I managed to look over at the menu with half opened eyes and sing, “I just want a chocolate donut with sprinkles, please.”

“Are you sure you”re okay, son?” dad asked, reaching out to caress my cheek with his thumb. I gulped and nodded, then I sat still with a euphoric smile as dad ordered.

Once we ordered, the wait to get to the pickup window was about five minutes. That”s because there were two cars in front of us that seemed to be taking forever. While we were waiting, dad rubbed my back with a look of concern on his face while orgasmic tremors rocked my small frame. At some point, he unbuckled my seatbelt and told me to scoot over, then he wrapped his arm around me and held me tight while we waited our turn.

And that”s when it happened.

He was rubbing my back and I was still climbing the mountain of anal ecstasy. I nuzzled my face into his chest, and he tightened his arm around me, then he let his hand roam further down my back to my bottom. I felt him give the small of my back a rub, then he curiously looked down at me while his hand roamed around my hips, where he was expecting to feel the waistband of my underwear. When he didn”t find it, he rested his chin on top of my head and asked me, “Did you come out with no undies?”

With that, he lifted the skirt of my shirt and my rock hard boner came into view. Realizing that he already had the answer to his question, I still responded by looking up at him through bedroom eyes and nodding my confession.

At that point, it was all down hill.

It might have been the fact that I had a vibrator humming in my ass. It might have been the thrill of being naked under my nightshirt. It might have been the thrill of being totally exposed, my naked crotch still on full display. It might have even been because I was still nodding my confession.

Or it might have been a combination of all of those things.

But as I sat next to dad with my arms around him, looking at him and admitting that I”d come out with no clothes on, my 4″10″ body was consumed with an inferno that I was powerless to stop. My anus was opening and closing around my vibrator, making it move around while my tiny, exposed dick pulsed and throbbed. A torrent of heat encapsulated my face and my legs shook violently while dad watched, seeming to not know what to do. The moans that I”d been suppressing all rang out at once, echoing off the cab of his truck while my rear end climaxed with unchecked fury.

Almost as if he came back to consciousness, he let go of my shirt tail and exhaled, then he wrapped his arms around me and held me close while my orgasm continued to grip me.

“Shh, it”s okay son,” he said in a soothing voice. “Hold on to daddy. We”ll be home in a flash.”

With that, I buried my face in his torso and let my ecstasy run its course while he paid for our donuts and drove us home. When we got caught at a red light, he spat “shit!” and rubbed my back protectively while my anal glands expressed themselves around my vibrator. I tightened my arms around his torso and held on for dear life as we started to move again, and for a moment I thought it was over. But as we turned left onto our street, my pleasure peaked again.

When we got home, he sat with me in the driveway and held me while the vibrator in my ass continued to plague my pleasure centers. He ran his fingers through my messy hair and talked in soothing tones to me, but my body betrayed me and I anally ejaculated in his arms. I could feel the vibrator fighting to get out of my butt as my orgasm raged, but my rectal muscles had a tight grip on it while my juices flowed heavily.

When dad realized that I wasn”t calming down, he relented and carried me inside. I wrapped my legs around his waist and felt the dildo shifting inside me, making me moan femininely as we scaled the porch steps and went inside. He laid me on the couch, then went back out to the truck to retrieve our donuts. While he was outside, I used my rectal muscles to expel the end of the vibrator and turn it off, then I laid still and felt my body roar with pleasure as the aftershocks rocked my frame.

When dad came back inside, he sat on the side of the couch and petted my face while the tremors slowed down and the orgasmic heat turned into a powerful afterglow. I laid there in silence for a few minutes while dad stroked my hair and rubbed my heaving chest, then he leaned down and kissed me on the forehead.

“You doing okay?” he asked me, and I nodded silently. “That was quite a scene, buddy.”

“I”m sorry daddy,” I whispered. “I didn”t think that was going to happen.”

“Were you thinking about a boy?” he asked, and I shrugged. “Did it happen because you weren”t wearing any undies under your shirt?”

Once again, I shrugged while he helped me sit up and kissed the crown of my head.

“I know you enjoy being naked, son,” dad said. “But you need to have something on when we go places. We”ve talked about this before.”

“Okay,” I said in a small voice. When dad used his forefinger to bop the end of my nose, I smiled at him and he gave me a warm smile of his own.

“I hope you aren”t running around outside with no clothes on when mommy and daddy aren”t here,” he said, handing me a donut.

“I only do it in the backyard sometimes,” I fibbed. He raised an eyebrow and I blushed, then I said, “I”m always careful.”

“Mommy and daddy”s little nudist,” he sighed.

“It feels nice,” I countered, d├╝zce escort scooting over so he could sit with me. “I wish I could do it all the time.”

“I know you do, babe,” dad assured me. “It”s fine when you”re having private time at home.”

With that, dad picked up a chocolate donut with sprinkles and held it up to my mouth so I could take a bite. With a mouthful of raised chocolate goodness, I leaned into his side and curled my skinny legs under my shivering body while he picked up a maple bar and took a big bite. He chewed it up, then he gave me a mischievous smile and opened wide to show off his half chewed food, then he sealed his lips and finished chewing while he opened a carton of milk and offered me a drink. I washed down my bite of donut, then dad took a swig of milk from the carton and belched loudly. He winked at me and fed me another bite while I grinned and thought about how lucky I was to have my mom and dad. 🏳️‍🌈

My obsession with being naked started when I was in third grade and learning about Lewis and Clark. I was 8 years old and taken with the thought of exploring new lands and making discoveries and promptly told mom and dad, “When I grow up, I want to be an exhibitionist.”

With that, they both chuckled.

“Do you mean an expeditioner, son?” dad asked me, and I shrugged.

“Honey, an exhibitionist is something you might not want to be,” mom explained.

“You never know,” dad countered, and mom smacked him on the arm with a disapproving look while they shared another chuckle.

“What”s the difference?” I asked, not understanding why they were so amused.

“An expeditioner is someone like Lewis and Clark,” dad said, gesturing to my book. “An exhibitionist is someone who streaks.”

I made a face and asked, “What”s streaking?”

Mom shook her head and placed her fingertips up to her forehead, then she said, “You can find out when you”re a little older.”

“Is it naughty?” I asked, feeling intrigued.

Instead of answering, dad patted me on the head and said, “When you”re older, son.”

That night, I decided to figure it out for myself. One google search later, I found myself staring at my iPad with eyes the size of saucers. I read the first result that came up, then I looked at thumbnails for clips of naked men and women running across football fields that came up in the search results. With a daring smile, I opened one of the clips and watched as a bare assed 19 year old was chased by a group of security guards and cops as he trotted at full speed down a soccer field in Brazil.

With a naughty feeling washing over me, I stealthily peaked at several more clips that held my attention until it was time for supper.

That night, while mom and dad were tucking me in, I announced, “I know what an exhibitionist is now.”

“Oh yeah,” dad said with an amused smile.

I nodded and proudly said, “I looked it up.”

Mom cut her eyes at me while dad smiled and egged me on by tickling my ribs and saying, “What did you figure out?”

“It”s someone who runs around with no clothes,” I said with a silly giggle while I squirmed. Then with a mocking tone, I declared, “I still want to be one.”

“Okay silly boy,” mom said, leaning down and kissing me on the cheek. “I love you.”

“I love you too,” I said, then they got up and turned my light off before they walked out of my room. When the coast was clear, I pulled my iPad out from under the covers so I could watch more clips of guys streaking.

After that, I started testing the waters at home by “forgetting” to get dressed after my bath. Then I found another way to get naked by taking my pants all the way off while I sat on the toilet to go 2 after school. When I was done, I”d just leave my pants and undies on the bathroom floor and carry on as if nothing were out of the ordinary. Then I just stopped wearing clothes altogether at home, despite mom and dad”s constant but gentle reminders to put some pants on.

It was always exciting for me to be naked, and my little dick always got hard as steel from it. Mom and dad never mentioned my boners so I didn”t feel ashamed to have them, even as I got older and started noticing boys. One Saturday morning when I was 10, I got up early and watched cartoons while mom and dad slept in. Every commercial with a cute boy in it made my body tremble and took my breath away while my tiny erection raged between my short, skinny legs. When mom and dad got up, they noticed how I was gushing at the boys in every commercial and shared a knowing look, then they sat with me and asked me to tell them what I was feeling.

Not long after that, I came out to them and my proclivity for being naked remained in tact. My parents finally had a talk with me about privacy when they walked in on me fingering my asshole in the kitchen while I watched a clip on YouTube with a super cute guy that I had a crush on. They didn”t shame me, but dad said, “It”s okay to do things that make you feel good, buddy. But those are things you need to do in private, okay?”

I nodded my head yes, but the yearning to be naughty out in the open was still raging in my little body. So I dared myself to anally masturbate in the backyard when I knew my mom and dad were watching out the window. When I came inside, they confronted me and I told them I was sorry. The next day I brought a set of 11 year old twin brothers over after school. With a naughty thrill running through me, I snuck them through the side gate, then stripped naked and strutted around the backyard while they gawked and watched with eyes as big as saucers.

After my mom got off the phone with their mom, I was once again counseled by my embarrassed parents about my lack of modesty. A week later, I sauntered into the front yard with no pants or underwear on to fetch dad”s newspaper at 7am and “accidentally” locked myself out of the house. A few days after that, I rolled the trash can out to the alley with no clothes on at all and a little, hairless erection that was standing straight up for all to see.

Finally, mom and dad made a deal with me. I”d been begging edirne escort them for some butt toys for a while but they said I wasn”t old enough. After the incident in the alley, they promised that if I could go a week without streaking outside, they”d let me pick anything I wanted and they”d buy it for me.

“Even a toy for my butthole?” I bargained, and they reluctantly nodded.

The next week was rough on me, but I managed to get through them without any major transgressions. I got caught finger fucking myself in the garage one evening, but I argued that it wasn”t outside and they let it slide. Then I was discovered grinding my bare ass against the corner of my nightstand while I sniffed the seat of my dirty undies after school, but mom didn”t count it against me.

That Friday night, I became the proud owner of a set of three anal training plugs and two dildos. Mom and dad made me promise to use them in my room and not to tell anyone about them or they”d be confiscated, and I swore I”d behave. Then for my 11th birthday, I got an even bigger dildo and a premium membership to a site with a massive trove of gay porn clips.

I tried to keep my clothes on outside, but it wasn”t long before I was caught sneaking out the back gate with no pants on by my dad. He stopped me in my tracks and brought me inside, then gave me a knowing look that I read as resignation to my exhibitionist proclivities. 🏳️‍🌈

“One more bite,” dad said, holding what was left of my donut up to my mouth. I opened wide and he pushed it in, then I sealed my lips and chewed while he took a sip of his milk. He offered me another drink so I could wash down my bite of donut, then he killed off the carton and set it down.

With that, he went upstairs to finish getting ready for work. While he was upstairs, I hopped on grindr and cruised for gay sex until I heard him making his way towards the staircase. I quickly exited the app and muted my phone, then smiled at him as he descended the stairs.

“I want you to take a shower today, Dylan,” dad told me before he left for work. “Mom”s going to have a fit if she comes home and you”re still stinking up the joint.”

“I promise, dad,” I said. “Will you be home before I go to bed tonight?”

“I”ll try, buddy,” he said, kissing me on top of the head. “We”re a little short staffed right now.”

When dad left for work, I took my phone out to engage a few tops. As he was backing out of the driveway, I got my first reply and felt my ass shiver around the dildo that was lodged in it. We messaged back and forth and agreed to meet in the mens room of a nearby gas station.

With another cock date lined up, I bore down and expelled the dildo from my pooper. I examined it closely, taking note of the thick sheen of ass juice that coated it while the hot aroma poured into my nose. Feeling a naughty shiver wash over me, I sucked it clean with a lust filled smile. With the delicious flavor dancing on my palate, I hopped in the shower, anxious to clean up so I could get laid again.

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