The Library

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Cock Riding

Driving into the darkness, I still tingle from our recent encounter. My body desiring your touch. My mind spinning- thinking of when and where we will meet again. For days I check my messages- day and night- my body aching to hear from you. And yet the message never comes.

Weeks later as I sit reading in the library, I feel someone staring at me. I look up from my book to find you gazing at me from across the room. Our eyes lock and everything else fades away. I can feel myself grow wet as I stare into your eyes. Rising from my chair as if in slow motion, I turn and head towards the back of the quiet library- so sure everyone can hear my heart pounding. Without looking back, I know you are following me- yours fixed on my swaying ass.

Finding an empty meeting room, I open the door and step inside- waiting breathlessly – my back to the open door. I hear you enter, shutting and locking the door with a loud click that makes me jump. No words are spoken- the only sound is the rhythmic tick tock of the clock on the wall. My body quivers in anticipation – my breath coming in short, shallow gasps. I feel you close to me- the heat from your body caressing my back- your warm breath on bahis firmaları my neck. The smell of clean soap mingled with aftershave- I inhale deeply taking in the scent of you.

Then your hands are under my dress- pushing it above my hips- your massive, powerful hands squeezing and kneading the soft flesh of my ass. A moan escapes my lips breaking the stillness of the room. My pussy tightens with your touch- my juices trickling down my labia and onto my thighs. In one fluid movement you rip my sheer, lace panties from my quivering body. Feeling the sharp sting as you slap my ass, I shudder in delight!

I hear your pants as they hit the floor. Bending me roughly across the nearest chair, I feel your rock hard cock slap against my ass. Slowly and seductively you rub your manhood across my ass, as your fingers find the wetness between my aching thighs. I break the silence yet again- moaning loudly as your fingers expose my clit- rubbing in small circles until it is throbbing and erect. Inserting your fingers deep – my pussy contracting around them as my desire deepens- in and out you probe deeper and deeper until I cum in an explosive orgasm that sends rivers of hot wet juices down kaçak iddaa your hand.

Abruptly, you enter me from behind – your manhood slamming deep within me. Pulling back, you rest the head of your cock just inside me – teasing me as you make slow circles around my clit. Your hands grasping my hips- you pull me forcefully onto you- driving deeper and harder with each stroke. My pussy gripping your shaft tightly as our rhythm becomes feverish . One hand slapping my ass the other pulling at my hip- pushing your cock deeper still into my wetness. I groan and grip the chair as my legs weaken and I cum yet again-sending a shower of hot wet juices all over your still throbbing cock. I feel you shudder as you pull out of me. Leaning over my body you softly whisper your desires into my ear.

We shift our positions seamlessly- you reclining back into the chair – and me kneeling between your thighs as I remove my dress completely. Slowly I kiss your inner thighs- my hands squeezing your sack and moving up to find your shaft– stroking it.

My kisses trail up your thighs and linger as I kiss and lick your sack- My hands on your stomach and groin making small circles in your pubic hair. I feel kaçak bahis you shudder and hear you gasp as my tongue licks up from your sack and around your throbbing shaft. My tongue claims the head of your shaft licking the precum dripping from it- tasting and licking it all as my tongue circles your head slowly and seductively. You moan in desire as I take your cock fully inside my mouth. Sucking you up and down( the only noises are the steady tick tock of the clock matching the rhythm of your cock thrusting deeper and deeper into my mouth and the low growl coming from deep within you).Up and down my lips caress your shaft as my tongue swirls around it – my hands squeezing and massaging your balls. I feel you spasm within my mouth- your hands grip my head pushing it further onto your throbbing shaft- up and down you guide my mouth on your cock as your fingers become entangled in my hair. With a convulsing shudder you cum in my mouth your fingers gripping my hair- hot, white cum filling my mouth and dripping down my lips as you pull out and shoot the rest of your load across my still lace covered breasts. I lick the cum greedily from your shaft- savoring every drop- relishing the taste of you.

Spent- we lay tangled together – hearing only the steady beat of our pounding hearts keeping rhythm with the tick tock of the clock. Until we are interrupted by a knock on the locked door…………….

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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