The Landscaper

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This is a continuation of the adventures of Brad and Valerie. Their first adventure is in my story ‘Extra Credit’. -DB

Brad and Val — Part 2: The Landscaper

Chapter 1

Brad was running late. Dropping Lucy and Daniel off at their Uncle Jack and Auntie Sally’s house was never a quick event. Hugs and kisses turned into demonstrations of dance moves and home run swings which made for a long greeting. Adding to the chaos was the addition of his brother Jack’s kids, Abby and Neil. The girls were of an age, Lucy ten and Abby nine. They were like sisters, sharing an interest in dance and gymnastics. The two boys, Daniel eight and Neil six, were close enough in age that a soccer ball, roughhousing, and video games would keep them busy for hours. They laughed and ran, disappearing around a corner. With the kids distracted, Brad turned to Sally.

“Hey Sally, how’s things?” Brad gave her a quick hug.

The kids appeared in a bustle then went screaming down the hall and out of sight.

“Oh, you know, living a nice quiet life. You?”

Brad laughed. “We’re good. Final exams are are officially over, so summer break is here. Lucy and Danny are in summer camp three days a week and Val has lined up a bunch of day trips.”

“Sounds fun. Jack and I have the next few Friday’s off so we’ll be hitting the beach as much as we can. Fun in the sand is what the kids say they want this summer. Abby’s got it in her head that we should sell the house and buy a cabana in the Bahamas.”

“Can’t fault her there. That sounds awesome,” Brad nodded.

Sally agreed as Brad’s brother Jack walked over. “Hey Brodo. Ditching your spawn here for the evening? Did you bring your tranquilizer gun? We’re going to need it.”

Brad smiled at the jest. “Hey, I know payback is inevitable.”

“You know it. So where are you guys going tonight?”

“We’re meeting Mindy and Sam for Sushi.”

“Yama’s? That place is horrible; you know I hate sushi.”

Brad knew Jack loved sushi and Yama’s was his favorite. “Sorry dude. Mindy chose the place; I found out an hour ago.”

“Seriously, it’s cool. I’m making some killer rav’s, of the frozen variety, and pizza rolls, made somewhere and stored fresh in the freezer. Oh, and Mindy is making strawberry shortcake for dessert. Sushi can’t beat that.”

“Very nice. I’m almost jealous,” Brad chuckled.

Sally chimed in, “Boys, play nice.” She looked at Jack and winked. “You’ve got something to look forward to. I booked our cruise to the Caribbean.”

“Is this your anniversary get away, or a need to get away?” Brad asked.

Jack spoke first, “Can I say both?”

Looking over at Brad, she smirked, “You know Brad, Jack acts like he’s got it rough around here. In truth he’s worse than Abby and Neil.”

“That I believe.”

Sally continued, “We leave a week before our 12th anniversary, so it will be a bit of both.”

Jack looked astonished. “Holy crap! I’ve been married for 12 years?”

Sally gave Brad a level look. “He might not make 13.”

Jack slowly nodded acknowledging his wife. “Probable.”

Brad gave his brother a glum look. “Well, at least we had some laughs.”

Chapter 2

Brad pulled into Yama’s and grimaced. It was a typical Saturday evening. The small parking lot was packed. However, Lady Luck was with him. Just then a young couple came out the front door and walked towards where he waited. He put on his blinker and waited for them to leave.

He stepped into chaos. Patrons were crammed all around the hostess station. The bar area was packed with people trying to catch the attention of one of the bartenders. A steady drone of conversation and silverware clanking on plates filled his ears. For a moment he watched the bustle of activity before scanning the room.

“Hey Brad!” called a familiar voice. It was Sheila, the young hostess who always seemed to be working when he came in. A month back she had overheard a private moment between he and his wife. Sheila’s phone call to confirm their reservation at Yama’s that evening had been ill timed, which she realized when Brad’s wife decided to moan and talk dirty towards the phone as he fucked her. He had tried to cover it up with a weak laugh but knew he had failed miserably. Now she knew his name and for reasons he didn’t know, they were on a first name basis. Brad suspected Val wasn’t exactly cool with it, but she knew she had herself to blame for the situation.

Brad gave her a warm smile. “Hi Sheila. Everything good with you?”

She came around the hostess station and gave him a quick hug, much to the annoyance of the customers trying to get her attention.

“Yea, things are great! School break is here, work is giving me hours, but not too many. I get plenty of chill time with my friends. No complaints.”

“Great. Pack in as much fun as you can before classes start up again.”

“That’s the plan. Oh, I’ve joined the local Shakespeare troupe. Your performance of bahis firmaları Macbeth last month inspired me to get back into theater.” She leaned in and looked around cautiously to see if anyone was close, then whispered, “And there is always tons of sex involved.”

Brad nearly choked then barked out a laugh. “That’s great Sheila. Um, I hope your performance blows them away.”

“I’m working hard on that part! Lots of practice,” she winked and licked her lips. “I’m even trying to convince them to put on a private performance of your version of Macbeth.” She gave him a quick up and down with her dark eyes and said, “Maybe you can come.” She said it more as a statement than a question.

Brad knew the conversation had just veered way off the track and he scrambled for a way out without hurting Sheila’s feelings. Not quite knowing what to say he blurted, “Ah, yes. My version. Um, I’m married,” he gave a weak grin before finishing with, “Sheila, I think I need to find my wife now.”

“Yea, saw her. She’s very beautiful, by the way.” Sheila gestured toward the far corner.
“Yes. Yes she is,” he said as he turned and fled into the crowd.

He heard Sheila call to him. “She can come too!”

He grimaced and did not look back. He wondered how much of Sheila’s super active sex drive was being fed from the five seconds she heard of Val being over dramatic while they were fucking. There was nothing he could do now except try and dodge Sheila whenever he could or at least try and guide the conversation into safe territory when he could not. She was a good kid and he didn’t want to crush her enthusiasm. Then he scolded himself. She wasn’t a kid, she was a young woman, beautiful and passionate. She was full of energy, with a healthy sexual appetite and she knows what she likes. Whatever lucky men cross her path are going to have one heck of a good time.

Chapter 3

Val stood and waved when she saw him navigating his way through the packed tables. He couldn’t help but smile as their eyes connected; he still saw a mysterious glint there. He was in love with that. She looked gorgeous in a form hugging dress that showed off her hips and toned runners’ legs. It was multi-hued with black and purple bands. The neckline was wide and came down to a ‘V’ revealing a nice bit of cleavage.

He gave her a quick peck on the lips before sitting down opposite her.

“Brad, Sam was just talking about their secret trip.”

He smiled “Ah, finally we get some details?”

Mindy took a sip of wine. “It was never a secret,” she said. “We just hadn’t settled on where we were going. Now we have. Portsmouth. Nothing too grand, but the perfect place to relax for a few days.”

Mindy was Val’s sister, equally beautiful, with a matching smile. She could be the more serious of the two if one was looking for a difference.

“Sounds nice!” Brad said. “We’ve stopped downtown there a few times for lunch on the way to Maine. There are some great restaurants overlooking the water by the bridge.”

Sam chimed in. “We found a place just a couple minute walk from where you’re talking about.”

Brad gave them a warm smile. “I’m happy for you guys. It’s been too long since you’ve had a get-away. What are you doing with the kids?”

Mindy looked quickly to Val, concern on her face.

“He’s just kidding, Min,” Val reassured her as she glared at Brad. “We’d be happy to watch them for a few days. Uncle Brad and I will make sure they have lots of fun. Isn’t that right, Uncle Brad?” The last part came out noticeably stern.

Sam laughed out loud. “Brad, you better just roll with this one.”

“Yes, I think that is how I roll.”

Sam and Brad traded a fist bump under the table. Min and Val’s eyebrows raised simultaneously.

“Boys…” Min started.

At that moment a server arrived at their table. She was Asian, as was most of the staff at Yama’s, with jet black hair and pretty in an exotic way. Her smile revealed a set of perfect white teeth framed by red lipstick. She wore black slacks and a black t-shirt that hugged her breasts nicely.

She looked at Brad, her smile showing at the corners of her dark eyes. “Hello. Can I start you with a drink?”

Brad smiled. “Yes, please. I’ll have a cocktail; something fruity.”

“I know just the thing. I’ll be back in just a moment to take your order.” She turned and headed for the bar.

“So, Brad.” Min said, “How’s the summer project list going? Val mentioned the water damage in the basement.”

A leaking pipe in the kitchen had caused damage to the wall underneath. Insulation, sheet rock and painting, among other cosmetics, were needed to clean up the mess.

“Yes. The work took longer than expected, but it came out nice.”

Val rolled her eyes.

“I saw that,” Brad said, not looking at his wife.

“You were meant to, my love,” Val smiled at him sweetly. “I’ll concede it did come out nice.”

“She likes it because I’ve got my exercise room back.”

“Of course she does,” Min kaçak iddaa said, “She’s been using you for your body for years. If you let yourself go you never know where you’ll end up.”

“I suspected it was something like that,” Brad grimaced dramatically.

“Brad,” Val said, “it’s not like that. I need your paycheck too.”

Brad turned to Sam. “Is it the same with you and Mindy?”

“I’ve known for some time now,” Sam responded then took a sip of his beer.

The girls looked at them levelly, sipping their wine. They looked so similar it was eerie.

The server returned and placed Brad’s drink down in front of him. The glass was chilled and contained a pale red liquid with small bits of ice floating in it.

“This is the house special, the Red Lotus. Lychee, cranberry vodka and a couple of other things. Delicious and refreshing,” she smiled.

“Perfect, thank you,” Brad smiled.

For dinner they ordered gyoza, several sushi rolls for the table and more drinks.

“Up next is fixing the yard,” Brad said. “The grass is looking good, but we’re in serious need of some character; flowers, bushes, some mulch, a couple of decorative trees.”

Val smiled excitedly. “We already picked up a Japanese Maple that we loved the shape of!”

Sam looked sideways at Brad, a small smile on his lips.

“It’s nice,” Brad whispered.

“Of course it is,” Sam replied.

“We have landscapers coming next weekend to do the work, and when it’s all finished we’ll have a pool party!”

“Ooh, that sounds fun!” Mindy smiled, showing her perfect teeth. “Lucy’s birthday is coming up. Let’s have a bunch of the kids friends over and have a party!”

Sam and Brad both raised their eyebrows as their internal wife alarms went off.

Sam turned to Brad, “Brad, you and I can plan the whole thing. We’ll have a bouncy house, an evil clown, and we’ll get Hooters to cater!”

Brad’s face lit up in mock excitement. “Yes!”

“Alright, alright,” Val said. “Don’t think you’re off Scot-free. You two will be helping somehow. Mindy and I will make the arrangements.”

Ignoring them, the girls started chatting about the party. Sam and Brad fist bumped under the table.

Chapter 4

Brad was sitting on the couch when the phone rang. He picked it up on the second ring.


“Hi, I’m looking for Valerie. This is Gary from Dicks Landscapers.”

“Yea, hi. This is Brad, Val’s husband. She is indisposed.”

“Hi Brad. I’m sorry to say we need to reschedule the work we have lined up on Saturday.”

“OK, when can you pencil us back in?”

“I can have a crew there on Wednesday.”

“That’s fine, Gary,” Brad said, “Thanks for the call.”

“Thank you for understanding.” With that Gary hung up.

Brad sat, thinking. Ever since Val had surprised him a month back at the university he had been looking for an opportunity to repay her. The role-playing scenario she had initiated in his office was unbelievably hot, and something he had never imagined. He was still amazed she had done it. She had acted out a scenario where she was a student willing to do anything for a good grade, and together they relied on their imagination, sense of adventure and just went with it. He thought he did quite well, considering he had never taken drama or theater.

The sex had been perhaps the most amazing they had ever had, or at least he had ever had. She never mentioned where it fell on her personal scale, though he felt sure it must be up there. How could it not? She did have a personal scale, right?

For him, all of his buttons had been pushed. A beauty with dark eyes, with a mildly slutty attitude, dressed in a combo Goth-schoolgirl outfit had brought his internal temperature to frothy heights in no time.

Now he thought the opportunity to repay her had presented itself. All he really needed was some beat up clothes for yard work, and a pickup truck or something to make it look like he was delivering stuff for the yard. He had access to both of those things.

Valerie appeared at the top of the stairs drying her hair with a thick towel. “Who was that?”

“That was the landscapers calling to confirm our Saturday appointment.”

“Yay! I can’t wait to see how it comes out!”

“I think it’s going to be great!”

Val turned and went back to their bedroom.

Brad took his cell and IM’d his friend Carl: [C, can I borrow your pickup Saturday morning? I need to get some yard stuff and run it to the house. Couple hrs maybe.]

Carl responded a few seconds later: [Sure. Taking fam to beach. Key under floor mat. Don’t break it, she’s in tip-top shape.]

Brad smiled. He could feel things taking shape.

Chapter 5

Saturday morning was beautiful. The meteorologist was calling for 80’s and partially cloudy. He was glad it would be somewhat overcast because he was hoping for lots of skin being exposed. He didn’t want anyone’s sensitive spots to get sunburned. His thoughts turned kaçak bahis to wondering how the day would go. Would Val appreciate the surprise? Would she go along with a little fun in the sun? Or the shade, whatever the case may be.

It was 8 A.M.. Val slid scrambled eggs onto two plates to join buttered English muffins. She sat across from him at the breakfast nook, placing the plates down.

“Thanks babe.” He flipped his iPad case closed and pushed it to one side. He took a bite from the muffin.

“Hon, what time will they be here?”

“They said around 10.” Brad glanced across the table at her. He hoped his excitement was not noticeable. He actually felt a little giddy, like a kid on Christmas morning. He took a slow breath to calm himself before digging into his eggs.

“Can’t you stay? I’d rather you be here when they’re here,” Val said.

Brad looked her in the eye and smiled. “I’ll only be gone a couple hours. I’ll be home by noon, promise. Besides, I trust your opinion, if you want the flowers or bushes arranged a certain way, just tell them. I’m sure it will look great.”

“I thought you finished that work for Kevin. Civil Engineering course material, if I remember right,” she smiled sweetly at batted her lashes at him.

His cock stirred as memories of events from a month ago flashed in his mind.

He smiled. “Yes, I did get through that. But now he’s asking for help on another course.”

“I think he’s asking too much. This is your summer break,” Val said.

Brad shrugged. “I can’t complain. He hasn’t asked for too much. Don’t worry, the yard will look great by evening, and you and Mindy will have a fantastic place for the party.”

“Get back as soon as you can.”

“I’ll be back before you know it.”

Chapter 6

An hour later Brad was at Carl’s fishing around under the floor mat of the old pickup. It was a late 70’s model Dodge with dents, scratched up maroon paint and heavy wood side racks. Brad thought it had the look of a landscaper truck. He chuckled when he noticed the wheelbarrow in the back. That was a perfect touch. There was no way Val would suspect anything when he pulled into the driveway.

Key in hand he started the truck to a belch of dark smoke from the exhaust pipe. The engine quickly settled into a slightly unsteady rumble.

He muttered to himself, his mind racing with ideas on how the next couple of hours would go. He was ready, or at least he thought so. He hoped his nerves wouldn’t make him freeze up. All he had to do was drive to his house and seduce his wife. For some reason doing it this way seemed so daunting.

He knew something wasn’t right, but he had trouble pinpointing it. Then it dawned on him; what he thought was a case of the jitters was more like terror. His hand went to his chest where he felt his heart racing.

Frantic, he wondered if he was having a heart attack. Closing his eyes he forced himself to calm down and think this through. Why should he worry about having sex with his wife? He had sex with her countless times and he never felt like this, not even when they were first dating. No, something else was eating at him.

Reciprocating the role-play scenario for her had been on his mind for weeks now. She had been so into playing the naughty student that she practically led him by the hand through the scene. When they had finished that evening four weeks ago she had glanced over her shoulder as the door was closing. He could see her smile and the sparkle in her eye; she was happy and content, pleased with herself and how well that evening had turned out.

Now he understood. He was scared of botching the scenario and letting her down, of letting them both down. This is what his subconscious has been stewing over since the events of this Saturday were cast in stone with that little white lie early in the week, ‘…the landscapers calling to confirm their Saturday appointment’.

He knew he was worrying over nothing. He simply needed to roll with it and let his imagination take over. He had a great imagination, and a quick wit that would write the scene as it unfolded. She would eat it up, from the initial surprise to the final conclusion. There was nothing for him to worry over.

He took a deep breath and whispered, “What is wrong with me? This is going to be fantastic. Stop being a dumb-ass, you’ve got some landscaping to do.”

He put the truck in gear and pulled out of the driveway.

Chapter 7

Val poured lemon syrup into a glass pitcher, added a measure of sugar, fresh lemon juice, some ice cubes and finished by filling with water about three-quarters of the way up. She stirred with a long wooden spoon until the sugar swirled around in the bottom of the container. Homemade lemonade was the perfect drink on a beautiful day.

She heard a truck engine laboring as it trundled down the road. The sound carried through the window, an uneven chugging growing louder as it approached. She paused and listened to see if it would just pass by. Then the engine wound down to be replaced by a high pitch whine as it started to turn.

Val sighed, knowing it must be the landscapers. “What kind of shit box are they driving?”

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