The Lancaster Twins Pt. 07

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If you haven’t read the first six parts of this saga, read those first in order to put this offering in context.


Winter – in early December the cold temperatures hit. No snow yet, but it was cold. The twins had to either scrape the frost from their windshields, or let their cars run awhile before leaving for college. Finals were upon them and they couldn’t afford to miss. They were finding out that college teachers were not nearly as flexible as high school teachers had been. Excuses weren’t readily accepted. They couldn’t be late and had been told that exams would occur no matter what the weather was.

Jackson had met a girl and had started dating. She was in one of his classes at school and had flirted with him so much that he finally asked her if he could buy her a coffee at the campus grill. She had readily accepted and Josh quickly discovered that Renee was a very interesting, smart, and nice girl. They had gone out several times, to movies and football games. Jackson was relieved that she seemed to just want to have a good time and, beyond a few sessions of kissing, she had shown no signs that she wanted sex. Jackson was unsure what he would do if the opportunity came to have sex with her. She was a very attractive green-eyed, slender redhead, but he was unsure that he wanted to have sex with anyone but his sister.

The twins had talked much more about dating. They both had agreed (although Jackson was reluctant to do so) that they would approach dating as if they were not engaged in an incestuous relationship. This meant, they agreed, that even sex with others was not off the table. The most important thing, they both agreed, was that they be honest with each other. If one of them had sex with someone else, they would inform the other, no matter how much it hurt.

Jennifer was still dating Josh and was liking him more and more. They had still not done anything remotely sexual, but had gone “parking” several times and enjoyed kissing each other, even tongue kissing, very much. Jennifer had returned home several times with wet panties and found release with her brother. This bothered Jackson the first couple of times, but he then found that it was a turn on that his sister would get sexually excited with another boy, but come to him to satisfy her needs.

He knew deep down, however, that it was just a matter of time before his sister would spread her long, shapely legs and allow some other boy to enjoy the treasures that, at present, belonged only to her brother. His sister was hot-blooded and loved sex. She had never made it a secret that she was turned on by many other boys and men, although she only loved Jackson.

One night Jennifer and Jackson had made love and were lying in bed together, talking about random things. Jackson had remarked that no girl on Jennifer’s basketball team had been built as well as her and that those girls were probably jealous of her. Jennifer said that was ridiculous but wanted to know if any of the boys on Jackson’s sports teams were as hung as he was. Jackson told her, honestly, that he didn’t think any of them were as big as him.

Jennifer smiled. “I love that,” she said. “I like knowing that I’ve had the most hung man around.” She paused, then smiled again. “Except Dad, of course.”

Jackson’s expression made her laugh out loud. “What? How? Have you seen it?” he asked, incredulously.

“Not hard, no. But I’ve seen him pee. It is BIG!” she exclaimed. “And I’ve sat in his lap and it feels like fence post!”

Jackson was flabbergasted. “He was hard when you were in his lap?” he gasped.

Jennifer was enjoying this immensely. “You’ve told me, many times, that I could make any man hard. Dad is a man,” she deadpanned.

“But…Jen…well…did you like that? And how did you see him peeing?”

“Well of course I liked it. It’s flattering to know you can turn someone on, right?” she teased. “I used to hide in the barn and peek on him peeing. I was just curious. I’m not perverted…” she laughed. “Well, strike that… I am perverted. So are you, so don’t judge. Don’t even tell me you’ve never looked at Mom’s boobs. She looks like a college girl and is built better than anyone!”

“I saw her naked once,” he admitted. He told her about the time that he had seen her undress and get into the shower, and then how he had watched her exit the shower and dry herself off. “It was almost like she was showing off for me. You’re right, she is built like a brick shithouse.”

“We really ARE perverted, Jackson,” she giggled as she noticed his cock had hardened. “Siblings that fuck each other – pretty perverted. But it’s not going to EVER stop me,” she said as she moved on top of her brother and took his newly stiffened cock into her recently fucked pussy. “Mmmmmm, oh this is so good! Why is it so good the second time?” she moaned.

Jackson held her huge, perfectly round, orbs in his hands as she rode up and down his thick cock. “Poor old Josh,” he panted. “You know he’s at home bostancı escort bayan masturbating about doing this with you right now!”

“Do you ever think about Mom when you fuck me?” she asked, grinning.

“No, I don’t, but I used to think about her when I masturbated. I assure you that nobody would ever think about anyone else when they’re fucking YOU! Do you even have any fucking idea how hot you are?”

“I love when you tell me stuff like that. I don’t even care if it’s true,” she said as she rode up and down his engorged shaft. The fact that he had cum not 15 minutes previously meant that she could fuck him as aggressively as she wanted. “I love you looking at my body, too. This body is yours – forever… I am cummingggggggggg!!”

She lay on him, kissing his mouth, mashing her breasts into his chest. His cock was still inside her, hard as a rock. “You think about Dad when I do you?” he asked.

She sat up and smiled, then playfully hit him in the chest. “No! He’s sexy though. And I wasn’t kidding about his cock. It is MONSTROUS!”

“You slutty little pervert,” he said as he expertly flipped her over on her back and started fucking his cock in and out of her sex-slickened pussy. He reached and grasped her ankles and spread her long legs wide as he began to fuck her fast and hard.

“Fuck me, Daddy!” she laughed. “Oh fuck me hard and deep, Jackson. Fuck you’re so good. I can’t EVER get enough of you! Make me cum again, please,” she begged.

Jackson paused and leaned forward to bite her nipple. She yipped with pain as he moved to the other one and bit it, as well. He then returned to the first one and licked where he had bitten. He gave the second one the same treatment. He knew his sister loved it.

“You’re going to make your own sister cum!” she announced, panting. “You should be ashamed of yourself!” She tossed her ponytail and fucked her hips toward him. “Oh yes,” she groaned. “I’m cummmmmmmming! Ohhhhh fuckkkk, Jackson, fuckkkkkkkkkkk!” she moaned as she twisted her body upward on his deliciously impaling cock.

Jackson was nearing his own release and decided to do something a bit different. He suddenly withdrew and quickly kneeled over his sister’s body and blew his load on her face, neck and breasts. He had already cum, but there was still a great amount of spewing, warm cum that covered his sister’s face.

“Mmmmm,” she moaned. “Oh I love that stuff. I wish I could bathe in it! Mmmmm, more please?”


The last day of semester exams, it snowed. The weatherman was calling for 8 -10 inches. Jennifer rode with Jackson, in his Jeep, to classes. They agreed to meet at the campus grill at noon. Classes would be over and they would have nearly a month to enjoy the holidays. The both expected 4.0 GPA’s, but were ready to relax from studying for awhile.

By the time they had finished their exams, snow had covered the ground and the temperature had dropped. The streets were icy and slick. Jackson had some experience driving in snow and his Jeep was a 4 wheel drive, so he was confident that they could make it home if he drove slowly.

As they drove toward home, Shana called to tell them that Bill, their grandfather, had been thrown by a horse that morning and had a broken leg. He needed Shana to come and take care of him for a few days and she wanted Jackson to take her to the hospital to get Bill and then on to the ranch, when the twins arrived home. Tom had far too much to tend to on the farm to take her. They also were afraid that they might get stranded and couldn’t get back home.

When the twins arrived, Shana was almost in a panic and was ready to go. She had packed Jackson and herself an overnight bag, just in case. Jackson threw their stuff in the back of the Jeep and they slowly crept down the country road toward the hospital where Bill was, some 40 miles away.

Upon arriving at the hospital, they were relieved to find that the break was minor and that Bill was about to be dismissed from the hospital. He would have to be on crutches for a few weeks, but he was okay. They managed to get him in the front seat of the Jeep and, with the snow continuing to come down, headed for his ranch.

By the time the trio arrived at the ranch, the roads were almost impassable. Jackson had never seen snow like this. He didn’t let them know it, but he was very nervous as they drove. It was not difficult to persuade him that he would need to spend the night. Shana had already determined that she would spend a few days, regardless, but did not want Jackson to attempt driving all the way home in the storm.


“Well, Jenny, looks like we’re on our own tonight. Jackson is not going to try to come home tonight, and your mother is probably going to be staying with Grampa a few days. The way it’s snowed, I’ll be surprised if Jackson can get back here tomorrow,” Tom informed Jennifer.

“I’m glad he isn’t going to try to drive home. I was worried,” she admitted. ümraniye escort “We can have pizza and watch a movie, if you want! We never get to have a daddy-daughter night,” she said, giggling to herself. She found a frozen pizza and popped it in the oven.

They ate their pizza and Tom found Seinfeld on TV. They both enjoyed watching it and the program guide said that it would be on all evening. They were both laughing at Kramer’s antics and George’s selfishness. Jennifer was so happy that she had her dad to herself. She enjoyed having him to herself so much, but that rarely happened.

After they finished eating she rinsed the dishes, told Tom she would be right back, and went upstairs. Ever since the night that she had sat in Tom’s lap, dressed in her short nightie, she had looked forward to an opportunity to tease him again. She knew it was naughty, but she knew that her father enjoyed it and that there were unspoken boundaries that neither of them would cross. Her body tingled just thinking about her handsome father gawking at her body and, perhaps, just perhaps sitting in his lap. She knew that his cock would get hard. She knew that would turn her on and that, afterward, she would masturbate imagining her well-hung Dad.

She put on her short nightie, the same one that she had worn on the previous occasion. It was translucent and as she glanced down she could see the hint of her nipples through the material. It was also low cut, showing the tops of her gorgeous breasts. It was fastened by a cord underneath her breasts. She cinched it together, the nightie overlapping, pulled it tight, and tied it in a bow. Untying the bow would allow the nightie to open for easy removal. She put on white, bikini panties and white, thigh-high leggings. She was so tall that the nightie only came to her crotch. Her legs were long and, even though it was winter, they still were tanned from summer. She pulled the nightie up to display her tiny panties and looked at herself in the mirror and knew that she looked sexy. She knew that if Jackson was there that he couldn’t resist her and that he would insist that she leave the thigh-high leggings on as he fucked her. She tingled all over, as she always did when she thought of how she loved sex with her twin brother.

The Lancasters rarely used their fireplace, but Tom had decided that he would build a fire. The temperature was going to dip to single digits; Tom reasoned that the central heat could use all the assistance he could provide. It might save a few bucks, plus fire was always nice on a cold, winter night. He knew that Jenny liked to have a fire in the fireplace. Unless he missed his guess, his daughter would be in teasing mode tonight. He didn’t know what she got out of displaying her young body to him, but he loved it. It was innocent fun, after all. Besides, Shana knew about it and had given her permission for him to look – she would take care of the rest. Tom thought that Jenny was probably still a virgin – he doubted that the new boyfriend had managed to get past first base with her.

He got the fire blazing then changed into some loose fitting cotton pajamas. They were very soft and, if he were fortunate enough that Jenny sat in his lap, he could feel her body through the pajamas much better than if he were wearing shorts or jeans.

When Jennifer bounded down the stairs, her magnificent young breasts bouncing noticeably, her long legs clad in sexy knee-high leggings and her tiny white panties visible with every step, Tom’s cock began to harden immediately. It was so obvious that she had chosen this outfit just for him.

“Wow, honey, I love that outfit,” he gushed. Why not? She wanted him to notice her. “Those leggings are a nice touch on a cold night!”

“Thank you, Daddy!” she giggled. She was a little taken aback that he had called attention to her outfit, but she had certainly asked for it. “Hey, you built a fire! Let’s turn out the lights and light some candles!”

“To watch TV?” he laughed.

“Sure, why not?” She found some scented candles, lit them, and turned out all of the lights except for the television. Tom had chosen to lay on the couch to watch, so Jennifer lay down in front of him so that he could spoon her. They had not done that since she was a little girl, but it looked like fun to her.

When she scooted back from the edge of the couch she could feel that Tom was already hard. His cock felt massive. She already knew that he was bigger than Jackson, even though Jackson was hung like a horse. Her dad was even bigger and that made her pussy drool with lust. She knew she could not have sex with him, for all kinds of reasons, but that didn’t keep her from wanting it. She often fantasized about making love with her father. She could almost cum from just thinking about how it would feel to have him stretch her hot teen pussy with his massive column of man-meat.

Tom almost gasped with pleasure when her firm teen ass pushed against his swollen cock. He reached around escort kartal her and, discovering that her short nightie had ridden up past her tummy, lay his hand on her bare stomach. Her flesh was so warm and sexy. He knew that it would be so easy to just move his hand upward and touch her mouth-watering breasts. What he wouldn’t give to be able to suck and lick them like he did her mother’s!

He stroked her stomach, amazed at how smooth and tight it was. He could easily feel her sexy, well-defined, abdominal muscles. All that farm work and playing basketball in high school had kept her in perfect shape, he reflected. He ran his fingertips across her navel and inserted the tip of one finger inside, rubbing it around the circumference.

She giggled. “Daddy, that tickles just TOO much!” she said as she rolled over to face him.

When she turned he caught a glimpse of one of her nipples. Her huge, firm breasts were almost totally exposed to his lecherous eyes. Even her mother’s breasts had never looked this sexy and delicious, he thought. He wondered what she would do if he suddenly touched one or even kissed the top of one of them. It would be so easy to do in this position. Her breasts seemed to be beckoning him to give them attention and he was dying to do so. He was afraid that his common sense and self-control were abandoning him. He had known that his luscious young daughter would tease him tonight, but he hadn’t counted on THIS. His cock was so swollen with need that the cock head was underneath the elastic of the pajamas. Another inch and the tip would be visible. And he was sure that pre-cum was leaking out.

Jennifer put her hands at the back of Tom’s neck and looked in his eyes. She knew he was staring at her boobs and that he probably could see her nipples. This nightie was really too revealing. She probably should have been just a tad more conservative, even if she was going to tease him. She didn’t want to look like a slut, but she did long for her dad to see everything she had – to enjoy what he was responsible for creating. Even if they didn’t touch, even if nothing happened at all, she loved her daddy to gaze at her ripe teen body. She knew she looked good to him and she wanted him to enjoy it. She wished that she could think of an excuse to show him her full nakedness. She was once so reticent about showing her body, but since her sexuality had been awakened, she was extremely turned on by the thought of revealing it. She now loved for men to look at her, and the more forbidden, the more taboo, the better. She fantasized about stripping, but she knew she would never do that. Still, what was wrong with fantasizing? She knew it would totally turn her own to slowly remove her clothing in front of a room full of lecherous, yet appreciative, men. After all, there would be no touching!

Her father was so fucking handsome, she thought. He was strong from working on the farm all his life. His body was muscular, much more muscular than Jackson, even though Jackson had a very nice body. She quickly glanced down at her bosom and saw that her nipples were covered, but just barely. Her breasts were bunched together as if she were offering them to her father. She didn’t know how she would react if he actually touched them, but she was dying for him to do just that! Wouldn’t it be heaven to just lay back and let him feast on her young tits? Oh she wanted that so badly!

Tom was unsure what to do, so he tickled her tummy, barely sliding his fingers across her flesh, knowing that she was extremely ticklish. Involuntarily, her knee came up into his crotch. Not hard, not enough to hurt, but enough for Jennifer to feel just how desperately hard her father’s cock was. She stopped just in time for her knee to rest against his incredibly engorged cock. She stayed in that position and looked into his face to see if there would be a reaction.

“Whoa, careful there!” he groaned, although she had stopped just short of kneeing him in the balls.

“I’m sorry!” she laughed. “I am so ticklish! No fair!” she said in an adorable, pouty voice.

Tom put an arm around her to hold her still, then ran his finger across the bare flesh of her tummy again, eliciting more laughter. She wriggled, trying to get free from his grasp and, in doing so, her incredible breasts were pushed upward, within inches of his face. One nipple was now uncovered. It was stiff; Tom knew that she was just as turned on as he was. It was, however, his responsibility to make sure this didn’t get out of hand. He gazed at her breasts. He couldn’t help it. He couldn’t make himself even pretend that he wasn’t staring. One tit was almost totally exposed and the other one was covered just enough to be infinitely enticing. Tom was at his breaking point.

“Watch the show,” he croaked, motioning for her to turn back over. She did so and pushed her ass onto his swollen cock. She didn’t care that he knew she was doing it on purpose. If she couldn’t have him inside her – and she certainly could not! – She intended to at least feel of him as best she could with her ass. She wriggled her butt, as if to remove all doubt that she knew what she was doing. But two could play that game. He pushed himself forward so that his pajama-clad cock was lodged between her ass-cheeks.

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