The Kiddie Pool

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A couple of weeks ago, Gary wrote a story for Literotica about the afternoon he caught me lying in my toddler’s kiddie pool.

Well, he sort of wrote about it: he told a version that wouldn’t get him in a lot of trouble, being married to my best friend and all — and it didn’t get very high ratings, which served him right.

This is what really happened…

The day was a scorcher, and I was looking after Gary and Cyn’s kid Andy. He and my Nik had been playing in the pool most of the afternoon, but finally conked out around 4:30. I half-walked, half-carried them upstairs to Nik’s room, where they would probably sleep for a couple of hours at least.

I switched on the air conditioning, but the house still wouldn’t be comfortable for a while. I changed out of my sweaty clothing, turned on the baby monitor in Niks’s room, and went back outside, where at least I might be able to catch a breeze.

No luck there, so I pulled a chair over to the side of Nik’s 6-foot wading pool, kicked off my sandals,and dipped my feet into the water. It was still nice and cool, because I’d been refreshing it using the garden hose throughout the day.

I reached down to cup some water in my hand, then brought it up to my forehead and let it drip down my face. Then I took another handful of water, pulled my t-shirt away from my body a bit, and spilled the water underneath the shirt. It felt delicious as it made its way down between my breasts. I wished we had a regular pool, so I could change into a bathing suit and dive in.

But in the meantime… any pool in a heat wave…

Well, why not? I had almost an hour before Cyn came to pick up Andy. I had the monitor in case one of the kids wakes up.

I looked around, just to be safe — even though nobody can see our back yard from either the street or the adjacent yards — then slipped off my shorts. I’d just put them on a few minutes ago, and I didn’t want them to get all wet, because I planned to wear them again tomorrow. I climbed into the wading pool and my entire body sank under the cool water, except for my head propped up against one side of the pool, and my feet resting against the other side. My t-shirt was plastered against my body, so I lifted it away from my chest for just a moment, to all the cool water to rush in.

Then I pulled my panties away from my body for a moment as well.

I glanced down at myself as I watched the water fill my panties. Even underwater, I could see that my pussy hair was getting a bit out of control. When I was married, bahis firmaları I’d kept it shaven clean: but since The Shit walked out on me a few months earlier, leaving me a single mom with a two-year-old… well, who was going to see?

My tits still looked good, anyway: that was pretty apparent, wearing a thin t-shirt in cool water. My nipples had probably never looked better in my life. If I were so inclined, I’d have no trouble at all picking up guys at a wet t-shirt contest.

I’d never been so fixated on my own nipples before: they weren’t poking out through my t-shirt like pencil erasers, more like small thumbs. I’d never had anybody touch me sexually outdoors before — let alone touched myself — but I reached down and pinched my own left nipple.

I gasped. I can’t say that made me cum, that’s a bit much to expect from a single pinch, but it was better than anything I’d felt in weeks.

I brought my other hand to my other nipple, and began lightly pinching both of them under the water. I actually thought about pulling off my t-shirt — mmm, maybe I’d come back out here and do that tonight,

when it’s dark — but what if Cyn showed up early to pick up Andy?

Besides, the wet cotton of the t-shirt felt so good rubbing hard against my swollen nipples.

I began playing with my nipples more roughly. I’ve rarely been able to cum without something or somebody touching my pussy or clit, and never just from playing with my breasts myself, but I thought it might happen this time.

I lifted up my t-shirt just enough to expose my nipples, and began pinching them hard. I could feel the heat rising in my body — seriously, it felt as if I were starting to make the cool water boil — and then I heard “Are you back here?”

It was Gary. What the fuck, Gary??

He’d changed into a t-shirt and shorts after work, and was walking toward me. I quickly pulled down my t-shirt to cover my sensitive breasts and my tummy — but a lot of good that did, underwater wearing a thin t-shirt.

And my nipples as hard as ever.

He told me Cyn had had a late meeting, so she asked him to pick up Andy. I sunk my body as deep into the pool as possible as he came closer. I draped an arm over my breasts. Could I have been more obvious?

“Um…” I said. “Clearly I wasn’t expecting you.”

“Clearly,” he said with a grin.

“I was hot.”

“You sure are,” he said.

Oh, I did not need his playful flirting right now. What I did need was to get him and Andy out of here with a minimum kaçak iddaa of further embarrassment, and then grab my hairbrush and sink its handle deep inside my pussy.

“Okay,” I said, “this is the part where you turn your back so I can run into the house and change.”

And I think he was about to give me a break and do that, when he noticed my shorts by the side of the pool. “You got very comfortable in there, huh?”

He glanced straight down at me now, looking right at my panties. I knew he could see my hair through the wet cotton. Well, better that then seeing my swollen pussy lips “Gary,” I said, trying to sound stern.

He reached out a hand to me. “Actually, I think it would be more polite if I helped you out.”

“In your dreams, buddy.”

“Could be.”

“You’re really not going to turn around and let me get up, are you?”


“You really want to see your wife’s best friend naked?”

“Um… why wouldn’t I?” A bit more tentative now. I think he was wondering whether he’s taken this teasing too far.

I took my arm off my breasts, and I knew he could see everything now. “I have to warn you about something, Gary.”

“What’s that?”

“I haven’t been laid in more than three months.”


“So I’m giving you one last chance: are you going to turn around?”

“No way,” he said. He seemed a bit unsure now, worried he’s gone too far teasing me, but unwilling to back down.

I took his hand, and let him start to pull me to my feet. As the water dripped form my body, I knew that my yellow t-shirt and white panties were both transparent. His shorts were doing nothing to hide his


Just before I was completely upright, I let myself fall back into the pool, taking Gary down with me. He landed right on top of me, knocking the breath out of me for a moment, and for a few seconds my head

went under the water. I had a fleeting thought that if I drowned, he was going have a lot of splainin’ to do.

He put his hand in back of my head to pull me up above the surface, and I started coughing up water as he tried to stand up. And lost his footing and and fell again, fortunately not on me this time. He was thoroughly soaked, and his cock showed through his shorts… well, not quite as clearly as my tits were showing through my shirt, but pretty damn clearly.

I yanked at the waistband of his shorts as he tried to get up again. I’d only intended to pull his shorts down, so I could get a look at his hard cock inside his wet kaçak bahis underwear, but both the shorts and his briefs came down to his knees. “Suzanne,” he said, grabbing at his shorts and losing his balance again — not many things are as slippery as the wet bottom of a wading pool — “what the hell are you doing?”

“What the fuck do you think?” I said, pulling my t-shirt over my head and tossing it to the side.

“We can’t do this,” he said.

“Yes we can,” pulling his body against mine, “and we both want to.”

He could hardly deny it: his bare cock was almost impaling me through my panties. “You’ve wanted to see my tits for years.”

“Yes!” he said.

“And you’ve wanted to fuck me.”

“No. I don’t know. You’re my wife’s best friend.”

I pulled him closer, grinding my pussy against his cock. “You’ve wanted to shove your hard cock into my hot, wet pussy, right?”

“Oh god yes, yes I have.”

I reached down between us and pulled my panties off. I was naked now, naked in my own backyard on a bright August evening.

Gary pulled his shorts and briefs the rest of the way off, yanking of his socks and sneakers at the same time, pulled his wet shirt over his head, then turned me on my back and pushed my legs apart. I wanted to just grab him and pull him into me, but it had to be his decision. He hesitated for a few seconds, then plunged his cock into me hard.

I’d only ever been with Mike before, and he’d never filled me like this.

Gary’s body slapped against the water as he fucked me hard and fast, splashing water all over the place. I was moaning and panting, and I almost think if my head had gone underwater again, I wouldn’t even

have noticed.

“Gonna cum,” Gary said suddenly, trying to ease his cock out of me.

“I never went off the Pill,” I gasped. “Keep fucking me, fuck, fuck…”

“Aaaaaaaah” he groaned, as he came inside of me. And came. God, I thought he was never going to stop cumming. Even before he slipped out of me, there were gobs of cum floating on the surface of the pool.

“Gary, I needed that so much,” I said.

“I don’t regret it,” he told me. “It was great. But this was just a one-time thing, right? Because if Cyn ever found out, she’d never forgive either of us.”

“Agreed,” I said. And he climbed out of the pool, got dressed, then went inside the house, carried Andy to the car, and left.

Gary has his own version of this story, where he was tempted when he saw me in the pool but nothing happened. Not quite the truth.

Well, you might think, who’s to say my version is accurate and his isn’t? A fair question: nobody else was there, after all.

But remember when I told him I was still on the Pill? Not quite the truth.

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