The Inner Message Ch. 2

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Betty couldn’t believe how she felt. She had absolutely no strength. Sarah had just sucked her pussy into the most fantastic climaxes she had had in so long. Now her friend was lying next to her, slowly sucking on her big nipples. Betty turned and looked at Sarah. “That was wonderful! I don’t know what happened? Lately, all I’ve been able to think about is you and John. Last night when you heard me moaning, I was playing with my pussy. But all I could think about was watching John fuck you, or him fucking me. I even thought about you doing exactly what you just did.”

Sarah’s face lit in a big grin. The CDs had done their job, again. But that’s not what she told Betty. “Oh Betty! You’ve been so frustrated lately, it’s natural for your mind to seek some release.” Sarah looked into Betty’s eyes as she kissed her. And to Betty’s surprise, she kissed Sarah back. They lay next to each other kissing. Slowly, Betty slid her arms around her friend. Sarah slid her hand down to Betty’s still wet pussy. “You really do have a sweet tasting pussy. I bet John is gonna love eating you.”

Betty let the woman go. “Sarah! You can’t tell John what we did? I’d be so embarrassed if he knew.” Sarah laughed as she slid her fingers into Betty’s cunt. Betty moaned and opened her thighs wider. “Honey! More than once, John has shoved his big dick up my cunt or ass and told me how he’d like to fuck you. When I told him about the moaning last night, he smiled and said you were probably working a dildo in and out of your cunt. He said he wished he was there to suck you after you came.”

Sarah had two fingers working smoothly in and out of Betty. The woman lay there, her big tits lying on her chest. “Did he really say that?” Sarah sucked one of Betty’s nipples into her mouth. “Mmmm, hummm!” Betty closed her eyes and thought about John’s long dick. She could almost see the way it would look fucking her. She moaned as Sarah bit softly on her nipples. “I have to tell you, Betty! John likes to spank me! And if he fucks you, he’ll want to spank you to. Would you let John slap you across this big ass?”

Betty couldn’t believe what she was hearing. It had been years since she had been given a proper spanking. Her mind went back to the last spanking that she had been given. The way her ass stung for days afterward. Betty’s hands slid over Sarah’s body and she reached the woman’s cunt. That was when Betty realized that Sarah was still dressed in her halter and shorts. “Can I, can I undress you, Sarah?” Sarah laughed as she got up off the bed. With shaking hands, Betty undressed her. When Sarah stood naked, all the woman could do was stare at her. “Now I know why John loves to fuck you so much. Sarah, you’re absolutely gorgeous. Can I suck your nipples?”

Sarah cupped her hands beneath her nipples and held her tits up for Betty. With a moan, Betty bent her head down and sucked one of Sarah’s brown nubs between her lips. Sarah cupped the woman’s head and drew her in even more. “Harder, Betty! John sucks them so hard I have to scream.” Betty sucked on the nub even hard and Sarah moaned against her. “Do you want John to fuck you, Betty? He wants to, you know.” Betty was enjoying sucking the woman’s tit and could only nod her head yes. Sarah slid her hand between their pressed bodies and found Betty’s nipples.

Sarah pulled and twisted the nipples softly. “Will you let me fuck you too?” Betty lifted her head from Sarah’s tit and looked at the woman. Sarah smiled at the dreamy look on her friend’s face. “The way you make me feel, I’ll let you do anything to me you like.” Sarah smiled as she pulled Betty’s lips to hers. As they kissed, she steered the woman back to the bed. Betty lay on her back. Her massive tits heaving as she pulled lung filling air into her trembling body. Sarah gently parted her legs until they were open wide. Then with a smile, she picked up one of her vibrators.

She played the buzzing instrument over Betty’s nipples. Then, slowly worked it down to her hairy slit. As she rubbed it up and down Betty’s wet hole, Sarah she licked Betty’s big creamy brown thigh. “You’ve never been with another woman, have you betty?” with eyes closed, feeling the sensations coursing thru her body, betty could only moan as she shook her head, no. “Open your eyes and look at me.” betty opened her eyes and studied Sarah. She watched as her friend took the vibrator and worked it over her own slit. Then she pushed it halfway in and worked it slowly. Betty had never seen another woman pleasure herself and the sight fascinated her.

With slow deliberate strokes, Sarah worked the buzzing vibrator halfway up her cunt. When she took it out, it was covered with her thick crème. “Taste it Betty!” she held it up to her friend’s eyes. Almost hypnotized, Betty stuck her tongue out and touched the tip. She closed her eyes, as she tasted her first woman. Finding that it did not taste unpleasant, she licked it again. Sarah smiled as Betty opened her lips and illegal bahis began to slowly suck it. “Both John and I will fuck you Betty. I have a nice strapon dick that I love to use. I can fuck you just the same way a man does. Would you like me to fuck you, Betty?”

Betty’s mind was whirling. Never had she felt so alive. Her whole body was tingling as she worked her mouth up and down the plastic dick. Her lips were covered with Sarah’s crème. And she wanted more. She pushed Sarah over onto her back. Spreading her thighs, she sucked one of Sarah’s nipples in her mouth. Then slowly she worked her way down Sarah’s body. When she got to her navel, she tongue fucked the little hole. Sarah smiled as she stroked Betty’s head. Then slowly she eased the woman’s head lower. Betty moved to get between Sarah’s thighs. Then she looked up at her friend.

“I’ve never done this before, so you have to tell me if I’m doing it wrong.” Sarah smiled as she felt her pussy throb. “Oh Betty! Just do the same things to me that I did to you. Don’t worry, you won’t hurt me. John sucks this pussy so hard it takes days for the swelling and throbbing to do down sometimes.” Betty dropped her head and took a deep sniff. The heated aroma of Sarah’s cunt intoxicated her. She stuck her tongue out and touched the gaping hole. The taste was stronger than what was on the vibrator but still pleasant.

Then taking a deep breath, she began to lick the red slit. Slowly at first, she just licked up and down Sarah’s outer lips. But Sarah held her head and directed her to lick directly into her. Betty scooped her tongue and began to lick up and down the slit. Sarah moaned and opened her legs wider as she bent her knees. “Oh Betty! That feels so good.” Spurred on by her friends, encouragement, Betty licked deeper. The wetter that Sarah’s pussy got, the more eager Betty’s tongue licking grew. When Sarah began moaning and shoving her pussy up to Betty’s face. The big woman groaned.

“Oh Betty! I’m gonna cum! Oh shit! Use your tongue on my pussy. Oh fuck! I can’t wait to let john fuck you. I want to fuck you so bad. I’ve wanted to fuck you for a long time. I’m cumming! Oh you big bitch! I’m cumming in your hot mouth.” Then with a shudder, Betty’s mouth was filled with her first woman’s climax. She sucked and swallowed the thick crème. It wasn’t that different than a man’s thick cum. And Betty had drunk a lot of man cum in her time. She lifted her head up from Sarah’s thighs and watched her friend shake and shudder.

When Sarah stopped cumming, she looked dreamily at her girlfriend. Oh yes, Betty was gonna work out just fine. She looked up into Betty’s face. The woman’s whole face was smeared with her crème. She laughed as she sat up. Then she slowly licked Betty’s face clean. Betty sighed as her friend licked and kissed her face. Then Sarah eased her down to the bed. She got up and opened her night table. Betty stared at the strange arrangement of straps. Then she gasped as Sarah put it on. Sarah smiled at Betty as she pulled a medium sized dildo from the drawer and put it on her contraption.

Sarah stroked it like a man strokes his dick. In fact, it was a smaller replica of john’s dick. “I told you, that I wanted to fuck you, Betty! Move to the edge of the bed.” Betty did as her friend directed her to. Then Sarah moved between her thighs. Holding the dick, she directed it to Betty’s pussy. Sarah slowly worked the pliable dick up into Betty’s sopping cunt. Betty tensed up as the head pushed her lips apart. Then slowly, she felt Sarah fuck the dildo deeper into her. Sarah’s face was screwed up in concentration.

Sarah was right. She knew just how to fuck a pussy. In fact, as she worked her hips back and forth slowly, she was fucking Betty the same way her ex-boyfriend used to. The thought of him made her pause. “Fuck him!” Betty didn’t realize that she had said that out loud. “Oh yes, Betty! I’ll fuck you.” Betty started laughing. Sarah opened her eyes and looked at her friend. “Well I’ve never been laughed at when I fuck a woman.” Betty laughed even harder and Sarah pulled out. Betty could see the hurt on her face.

“Oh Sarah! I wasn’t laughing at you. That felt just like a real dick fucking me. I thought about my old boyfriend fucking me. That’s what made me laugh. He’s not gonna be fuckin anyone for a long time. I don’t want you to stop. Please keep fucking me?” Betty’s plea sounded like a whine. Sarah stood there looking at her. But Betty made up her mind for her. She sat up and began to suck the dildo like she would have sucked a dick. Sarah smiled as her hands held Betty’s head and fucked it back and forth.

Sarah eased Betty’s mouth off the fake dick. Betty lay back and reached down to spread her pussy lips open. “Don’t leave my hungry pussy like this, baby. You had it feeling so good. Fuck me, Sarah! Show me how John is gonna fuck me with his monster dick.” Sarah smiled as she guided the fake dick back into Betty’s cunt. This time illegal bahis siteleri her strokes were longer and deeper. Betty moaned and grunted as her girlfriend fucked her. Suddenly, Sarah pulled the dick free. Before Betty could protest, Sarah dropped to her knees. She sucked and licked Betty’s throbbing pussy, until with a scream, Betty’s cunt pumped her mouth full of thick hot crème.

The two women lay across the big bed. Both of them were breathing hard. Sarah lay on her back staring up at the ceiling. Betty had turned out to be even better than Sarah had ever imagined. Betty rolled over and was lying on her stomach. Sarah began t rub her hand across Betty’s back and along her butt. Then she sat up. When Betty started to move she placed her hand on the woman’s back and told her to lie still. Betty didn’t have the strength to argue. With a sigh, she pillowed her head on her arms.

Sarah sat looking down at Betty’s wide ass and big thighs. Betty was by no means an ugly woman. Even for her size, she was a good-looking piece of ass. Sarah saw the ripples of cellulite that pimpled Betty’s ass and thighs. John would definitely love to fuck this fat ass. Betty had enough cushions to allow him to really ram his fat dick in without hurting her too much. Sarah had kept her hand in the middle of Betty’s back. Her other hand was busy rubbing and stroking Betty’s ass and thighs. “You know, you really do have a very sweet looking ass.”

Betty smiled, and turned her head to look back at this woman who had opened a whole new world for her. When suddenly, her ass seemed to explode in pain. The loud SMACK! as Sarah’s palm came down on her cheek filled the room. Betty tried to get up but Sarah pushed her back to the bed and held her there. “You have been a bad girl, Betty.” SMACK! “All these months you have neglected your sweet pussy. SMACK! When John and me were right here to help you.” SMACK! SMACK!, SMACK!, SMACK! Betty, her ass feeling like someone was pouring fire on it, struggled to get up. But Sarah had the leverage.

“Stop struggling! You said you have been spanked before. And John is gonna spank you a lot harder than this.” SMACK! SMACK! Sarah loved the way Betty’s ass jiggled when she spanked it. “Did you like my finger up this fat ass?” SMACK! SMACK! Betty had grabbed the pillow and was screaming and crying into it. “Yes!” Sarah ran her fingers up and down Betty’s ass crack. “Have you ever been ass fucked, Betty?” Sarah dipped her fingers into Betty’s pussy. She couldn’t believe how thick and wet the woman’s cunt juice was.

Rubbing the thick juice around Betty’s asshole, Sarah pushed her finger into Betty’s asshole. “Oh Betty! John’s dick is gonna spread this asshole open. The same way he first spread my asshole open long ago. Sarah slowly worked her finger deeper and deeper into Betty’s asshole. “Have you ever been assfucked, Betty? You know you have to answer me?” Betty moaned as she lifted her ass off the bed. “Only, only one time. The same boyfriend that used to spank me had tried once. But he was rough and it hurt too much. I screamed but he wouldn’t stop. I got up and kicked him out. That was when we broke up.”

Sarah watched her finger disappear between Betty’s cheeks. “Does this hurt, Betty?” Betty moaned under Sarah’s expert fingering. “Oh no! It feels so good. You’re not hurting me. But John’s dick is so much bigger! He’ll tear me open.” Sarah laughed. “No he won’t! We’ll be very slow and gentle. I’ll make sure that he gets you ready. Let me get you ready for me to fuck you now?” Betty nodded her head as she pushed her ass higher in the air. “Pull your cheeks apart, Betty. I want to look directly at your asshole as I get it ready.”

Betty struggled to her knees. She reached behind her and pulled her big cheeks apart. Sarah could see her ponderous tits hanging down. Then she got behind Betty. Pulling her finger free, she began to lick the big woman’s ass. When her tongue began to push and probe into the puckered hole, Betty moaned and pushed her ass back harder. Sarah smiled as she picked up the tube of anal cream. This tube had a soothing, mild painkiller in it. It would soften the pain as Betty received the dick up her ass. Sarah worked it up into Betty’s tight hole.

Sarah got up on the bed behind Betty. Then she took the fake dick and smeared it with the crème. Then she slowly pushed it against the tight muscles of Betty’s asshole. “Relax! I’m not gonna hurt you. Besides, if he can’t fuck your ass, John may not want to fuck you at all.” It felt like she wanted to shit. She was breathing fast when the head slipped in. “Ahh! Oh Sarah! It feels so big!” Sarah laughed. “This is only half as big as John’s dick. He used it on me before I was able to take all his dick up my ass. Now, it’s just like he’s fucking my pussy.”

Sarah was slow and patient. She was trying to go as slow and gentle as she could. It would take a few moments for the painkiller to take effect. She let Betty canlı bahis siteleri get used to having her ass full. Then she began to slowly rock her hips. “Oh Betty! I wish I could feel what John feels when he fucks me in the ass. I wish I had a real dick.” Betty gave a nervous chuckle. “I wish you had a real dick too. I’d love to have a drink of nice thick cum. It’s feeling better now. It doesn’t hurt.” Sarah smiled as she pushed in a bit more. She was soon rocking about 5 inches up Betty’s ass.

“Oh Sarah! I can feel it now. It feels good! Fuck me a little harder.” Sarah smiled as she gripped Betty’s hips. “Did it bother you when I talked about your fat ass?” Betty laughed. “I know that you say things while you’re fuckin that you don’t mean. You should have heard some of the things my boyfriend used to say to me.” Sarah smiled as she held Betty’s ass tighter. “Good! Cause we’re gonna fuck this fat ass till you beg us for more. I can’t wait for John to fuck you. You big juicy cow! Fuck that ass back to me.” Betty groaned, as her body picked up the rhythm Sarah had set. SMACK! “Fuck back you big black bitch! Give me that ass!”

Betty was feeling it now. And it felt good. She had always looked at the porno films of girls getting fucked in the ass and wanted it. “Yes, Sarah! Fuck my big ass! Show me how John’s gonna rape my ass. Fuck me you skinny slut! When you were sucking my pussy, I couldn’t stop cumming. I’m gonna let the two of you fuck me whenever you want. Harder! Oh yes! I’m gonna fuck your husband. I’m gonna take his big black dick all the way up my ass. Oh you slut! Fuck me! Fuck me! Harder! Shove it in! Fuck me you nasty, cunt suckin slut!”

Betty was rambling but she couldn’t help it. She was getting things she had never thought she would ever get. And John would give her even more. Suddenly she felt her whole body shake. She was cumming. Her neighbor, a woman, was fucking her in the ass with a strapon dick. And her pussy was cumming in floods. She threw her head back, opened her mouth and screamed as her climax wracked her body. And with her scream, Sarah pulled back and rammed the dick all the way up her ass. The scream of pleasure quickly turned into a scream of pain. Then back to pleasure as Sarah continued to ram her ass.

Betty woke up an hour later. Her asshole felt like it still had something lodged within it. But her hand only found her stretched asshole when she felt it. She heard soft music in the kitchen. Struggling to her feet, Betty felt washed out. She had never been so fucked in her life. And this was just letting Sarah fuck her. What would it be like when Sarah and John fucked her? She smiled at the thought. She went to the bathroom, then washed up. Putting on a robe, she walked into the kitchen. Betty was naked as she prepared dinner. She turned when she heard Betty come in.

“Oh! Are we dressing for dinner? Take that robe off. I want to get hot looking at your body all night. Did you enjoy your nap?” Betty walked into the kitchen and walked up to Sarah. She slid her hands around the woman’s waist and kissed her long and hard. “That was like nothing I’ve ever felt before.” Sarah laughed as she took the robe off her friend. “Wait until both John and I work on you. I guarantee that this is nothing. I once had to take care of John and another guy. I couldn’t walk for days and wanted to sleep for a week.” Betty stared at her friend. She couldn’t believe that Sarah could be involved in a threesome.

“Close your mouth Betty! What? Did you think that I only fuck other women with John? No! We have had some threesomes and even once had an orgy with four couples. You would have loved that. There was more pussy and ass licking and sucking than you would believe! And getting your pussy fucked by four men, one after another can wear you out real fast. Not to mention getting it in all three holes at once.” Betty couldn’t stop staring at her friend. “Sarah, you didn’t? Three other men?” Sarah laughed. “Don’t forget the three other women. I can’t tell you how many times I had to clean out a dripping pussy.”

Betty’s mind was still whirling as they sat down and enjoyed a meal of chicken and salad. But they ate it in a strange way. Sarah had Betty shove a strip of chicken up her cunt. It came out dripping with cum juice. Then, Betty fed it to Sarah. Sarah did the same thing and fed it to Betty. They giggled like two little schoolgirls as they did it. “Sarah, I swear! Staying around you, I’m gonna be so perverted.” Sarah stopped with the dripping piece of chicken inches from Betty’s lips. Then her face grew real serious and she dropped the chicken on her plate.

“Betty! I know that all this is real sudden. And I know that sometimes it can get scary how your feelings and emotions can take control. But if you don’t feel comfortable with all this, we can stop right now. I mean it! I won’t even tell John what we did today.” Sarah tried to keep her face as serious as she could. Knowing all the time that she was lying thru her teeth. She couldn’t wait to tell John how Betty had reacted and the things they had done. Betty, feeling warm at the concern and consideration of her girlfriend, got up and walked around the table to Sarah.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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