The Humiliation Game

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Part I: My Turn

Amanda was bent across the mattress.

I grabbed a fistful of hair and yanked hard, forcing my hot wife to stare at our reflection in the dresser mirror beside our bed. Then I leaned near her ear and hissed, “Watch as I fuck you like a dog.”

The dull thud of skin slapping skin was rapid as I brutally penetrated Amanda from behind. But her pussy was already so wet that my cock easily sawed in and out like a knife through butter. I grunted with exertion as Amanda moaned. But I as fucked her, I continued to pull her hair… not too hard, but with enough force to maintain pretense.

And through it all, my wife held my lustful gaze.

Amanda and I had been married for 10 years, and yalova escort she was even more beautiful— and sexier— than the day I first laid eyes on her. Standing at 5’6, she possessed long straight black silky hair that ran to her hips and constantly smelled like freshly cut flowers. Her naturally tan skin was smooth and flawless. Yoga, regular workouts at the gym, and running 10+ miles every week may have bestowed onto Amanda an athletic physique, including a V-shaped upper torso, toned arms and legs, and killer abs, but it didn’t detract from her feminine curves. Any man—and many women— within eyesight couldn’t help but be mesmerized by her perfect 34C tits and incredible, sculpted ass. Her brown, slightly almond-shaped eyes yalova escort bayan gave her a decidedly exotic countenance, and always seemed to be twinkling with some sort of naughtiness or inside joke that only she was aware of. However, Amanda’s adorable freckles were perhaps her sexiest physical trait of all.

But all of that paled in comparison to her intelligence, generosity, he was taunting her, and it made me very excited.

My wife, who was too innocent to recognize the items, regarded us in confusion.

“They’re nipple weights,” I informed her casually.

Amanda’s eyes widened. We had dabbled with sex toys— vibrators, dildoes, and anal beads— before, but not nipple weights. And never anything with Chase.

It escort yalova was time to expand our horizons again.

I smirked at Chase. “Would you be so kind as to put them on her?”

The young man intentionally didn’t acknowledge Amanda. “With pleasure.”

Amanda suddenly became rigid as I slid into her from behind. The underside of my stiff manhood pressed along the vertical crease of her ass, and it was an exquisite sensation as I grinded against it. Then, encircling her with my arms, I cupped her breasts to protrude her nipples, which were already as erect as Chase and I were.

Chase, very delicately, attached the clamps to those very pert nipples.

She winced and bit her lower lip, but didn’t resist.

“Good girl.” I patted Amanda’s head condescendingly then scampered over the nightstand where I hastily retrieved an object from the top drawer. I returned with her lipstick in hand. “Time to pretty you up so more.”

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