The House Of Robles Ch. 17

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Chapter 17

New Beginnings

In the encompassing darkness of the early night, Pablo Robles took in the magnificence of the Hotel Del Coronado. The renowned structure loomed before him like a white palace topped with red spires, with bright lights and lavish accents that were as showy as the make-up of a queen. The large pool sparkled in aqua from submerged illumination, serving as the queen’s centerpiece of jewelry, while the many winding and ornate walkways and footpaths represented showy necklaces and bracelets.

People frequently strolled by Pablo’s side. Of these, only a very few were casually dressed. The majority of the men wore sporty coats over expensive button-down shirts and fancy slacks. The women wore stylish evening gowns, carried tiny purses and wore resplendent gold or silver ornaments. Additionally, the women had put on colorful shawls or light jackets around their shoulders.

The forty-four year old Pablo understood that the steady ocean breeze could be construed as being a tad chilly to some, but it didn’t bother him too much. The oblivious man found himself completely at ease in a short-sleeve button shirt, hued in blue and white plaid, over loosely cut denim shorts and sneakers.

A pair of affluent old hens paused to ogle his robust frame. One wore a fuzzy form-fitting beige dress, while the second was more conservatively attired.

“You’re not the pool boy, are you?” The more brazen of the two asked him.

Pablo couldn’t resist a smile, his handsome Hispanic features charming the women even further.

“Shirley, he’s wearing a wedding band.” The second elder gal mentioned to her girlfriend, before she addressed him directly. “I’m sorry, but she might have had one glass of champagne too many.”

“Yes, I’m tipsy!” Her partner declared, before she covered her mouth and snickered.

“I’m really sorry.” The quieter woman repeated, before she shuffled away with the other woman in tow.

“You ladies have a good night.” Pablo waved them off.

Perhaps this wasn’t such a good meeting place after all, Pablo considered, as he strode away from the pleasant ambience of the famous hotel.

He noticed he was fidgeting with his wedding ring. For a moment, he wondered what it would be like to be married to a woman such as the two he’d just come across. Big social gatherings, live theater, tennis matches and wine tasting, he assumed. How often did rich people argue? How much money did they spend when they went on vacation?

Pablo contrasted this with his own life. He hadn’t gone on vacation in years. When he had taken one, all he’d really done was loaf around the house, unless his wife prodded him into painting a room or fixing up the yard. Lorena was nothing like those soft, purring felines he’d just left behind. She was a bad-tempered hellcat who couldn’t wait to sink her claws into him whenever the mood struck her, and who watched him like a warden so that she could reprimand his slightest misstep.

It hadn’t always been this way, Pablo recalled, for he remembered having plenty of good times with his wife in the past. Those were all back when his offspring had been younger, when he’d taken his children out to all the amusement parks, museums and zoos in southern California. Was Lorena subconsciously blaming him because his children had all grown up, and all those fun times were now over?

Pablo walked across a very dark street. He ended up on a long sidewalk that showed off a row of two-story, ridiculously overpriced homes with either extravagant shrubbery adorning their lawns, or posh and unique walls lining their edges. These people could see the inspiring ocean from their front windows, he noted. From his own house, Pablo could only see his dilapidated wooden fence, and past that, the neighbor’s brick wall that always seemed to have new graffiti stained on it.

Before he got any more peeved, Pablo trotted across the black street and onto the opposite sidewalk. Here, a great wall of giant, jagged rocks had been strewn along the edge of the walk. Every so often, a small outcrop of cement broke up this long stretch of monotony. Perched on these little artificial islands were cement benches staring out at the water. Past the large, broken rocks and darkened sand, lay the great expanse of Coronado Beach. A solitary jogger passed him, only a minute or two later. The man was bare-chested and well built, prompting Pablo to suspect that he was a Navy Seal out for a night run, from the nearby military base.

Pablo’s phone rang. He pulled it out of his pocket and flipped it open. A new text message waited for him, reading, Where are you?

In irritation, Pablo wondered why people couldn’t just call and ask such a simple question. ataşehir escort bayan He was not about to waste the next five minutes of his life typing in a reply. Instead, he simply pushed send. It took nearly five rings before he got an answer.

“Hi, dad.” The cheery voice of his oldest daughter Victoria came though from the other end. “I just got on the bridge right now. Tell me where you are so I can come and find you.”

She’d been taking a very friendly tone with him in public, Pablo had noticed, ever since… Ever since they’d started being intimate. Everyone living in his house, which his family had termed The House Of Robles a long time ago, was starting to notice this as well. That was one of the main reasons why he’d asked his daughter to meet him in such an out of the way place.

Pablo scanned the landscape. “I’m about a block north of the Hotel Del, on the beach side. I’m just past the letters.”

Along the beach, the word CORONADO had been spelled out using great piles of sand. Supposedly, those letters could be seen from space, but he’d never been up there to confirm this for himself.

“Which way is north?” Vicky asked. “Just kidding. I know where you are. I’ll see you in about five, okay?”

His daughter didn’t give Pablo enough time to answer. She just blew a loud kiss at him and hung up.

Pablo slid the phone back into his pocket. This was the kind of thing Vicky had been doing to him back home: blowing kisses at him, giving him long raspberries, rubbing her arms on his and wiggling her butt against his thighs. His daughter was treating him as if he was her boyfriend. In her eyes, the look of infatuation and love were unmistakable. All of this had to stop, Pablo decided a few days prior.

Within a few minutes, he saw Vicky’s sporty white Corolla cruising down the wide avenue. His daughter had plenty of parking options open on both sides of the street, due to how late it was. After whipping around in a quick u-turn, she halted directly underneath a bright lamppost.

After exiting and locking her car, Vicky stepped out and sauntered toward him. She wore a black tube dress with no shoulder straps. It was tight enough to show off every curve of her body. Around her shoulders she carried a trendy denim jack, which she’d already stuffed her car keys into. Last, came her footwear; a pair of black and tan sandals.

Vicky walked directly up to her father, throwing her arms around his neck and planting a long and juicy one right on his lips. Her right leg even lifted up slightly, from the fervor already sweeping through her voluptuous body.

“That’s a nice way to say hi to my daddy, isn’t it?” Vicky asked, once the sensual contact had been broken.

A moment later, they were holding hands and taking a stroll together. When Pablo spotted a bench that was comfortably bathed in shadows, he directed them to it.

They had a seat on the cool cement surface of the bench. For the next few moments, father and daughter merely sat together, taking in the ocean breeze and listening to the gentle lapping of the waves against the shore.

“It’s so peaceful here.” Vicky commented, her arm softly entwined with her father’s, and their thighs close enough to touch.

“I used to bring your mother to this beach, back when we first got married.” Pablo lamented. “We haven’t come out here together in years.”

“And now, you’re bringing me here.” Vicky replied, happily and conclusively.

His oldest daughter had fallen in love with him, Pablo realized. Of course, the older man already suspected this. Now, while having Vicky at his side, he heard her tone of voice and observed her blatant affection for him. Now, he was one hundred percent certain of it.

Pablo rolled this confirmation over in his head for a few moments, as he considered how he felt about Vicky. When he’d first approached her, he was hoping to be rebuked, for he was having thoughts and desires that no father should be having for his oldest daughter. Instead of pushing Pablo away, Vicky had allowed him to seduce her, to ravage her body, before she turned the tables on him and began taking the sexual lead herself. That had been the first time. The second time, his daughter had come on to him, in her old room back at the house, and with her infant sleeping in the nearby crib. It was Vicky who had instigated their carnal union then. Pablo’s willpower and inhibitions had crumbled before her obvious sensual yearning for him.

Pablo no longer loved his wife; of that much he was sure. Still, he was guarded toward his daughter. He had a father’s love for her; he could readily admit that much. Emotionally, Pablo felt that he should keep Vicky at arm’s length. What would happen between them, he wondered, if he no longer saw Vicky as his daughter, but as the grown and attractive woman that she now was?

“You got quiet on me.” Vicky squeezed his hand.

“Oh, I was just thinking.”

“About me?”

“Yes.” He escort kadıköy nodded.

“I hope it’s good things.” She purred back.

“I was just thinking about what you and me have been doing, and how it’s going to affect me and your mother.”

Vicky’s voice suddenly turned bitter. “I can’t believe that mom was so stupid, that she let Melinda talk her into thinking that you were cheating on her! If mom can’t see how faithful you’ve been to her, and everything else you’ve done for her for the last twenty-plus years, then she doesn’t deserve a man like you!” Angrily, she let Pablo go and crossed her arms. “Don’t wait for her to change, either, because she’s not going to! She’s just like one of those evil women on the soaps. As soon as you leave the house, she starts talking her little shit about you. Mom starts blaming you for every little thing that goes wrong. It’s like she’s never made a mistake in her entire life! If your marriage is screwed up, it’s not because of you; it’s because of her! And it’s Melinda’s fault too, for starting shit up against you every chance she gets!”

Pablo hadn’t expected such a vehement outburst. He waited a few moments for Vicky’s hostility to dissipate into the cool night air. “Let’s talk about something else.” He said. “Tell me how your day went.”

When Vicky didn’t answer, he raised his arm and set it around her shoulders. After a moment, she leaned over and nuzzled against his chest.

“Anything exciting happen today?” He persisted.

Vicky sighed. “Yes. I found a new place to live. It’s a single room up in University City, and it’s pretty close to where I work. The lady that’s renting it is in her fifties. She seems nice. She said she needed help to pay her bills, and the mortgage and everything else. When I first started talking to her, she was going to charge me five-seventy-five a month, utilities included. When she saw my baby, she said it was too much rent for a young mother like me. She was so nice that she lowered the rent to four-seventy-five, all because of little Vero (short for Veronica). Oh, there’s a daycare center only two blocks away from the house, so that will work out. And, since this lady’s house is an older one, I happened to tell her about how my dad is a really good handyman. I told her how my dad wouldn’t mind at all coming over to fix up a few things that need to get fixed up.”

“Thanks for that.” Pablo feigned a grumble. “Because I always need extra work.”

“I have a new boyfriend, too.” Vicky lilted her voice coquettishly.

This revelation caught Pablo by surprise. “Is that right? Who’s the lucky guy?”

“He’s an older man.” She admitted, still using a flirty voice. “He’s handsome and he’s strong. He treats me like I want to be treated. He’s always been very kind to me, ever since I was a little girl. Do you want to know what his name is?”

Vicky took a moment to shuffle around. Her thigh ended up against Pablo’s lap, her chest close to his, and her face even closer than that. The warm woman brought her lips up close to her father’s. “You know what else? He can come over to my new place and visit me any time he wants to.”

What does it mean, Pablo wondered, when a man begins to fall in love with his own daughter?

Vicky’s lips fell over his, soft yet insistent, like the harmonious melody of good music. After a dozen gentle kisses, her mouth withdrew slightly, while her tongue emerged and traced around the curve of Pablo’s lips. She moved her head back by a few inches, taking in the silhouette of her father’s head. Pablo could see her wanting eyes, and feel the warm breaths fleeing from her slightly open mouth.

In the blink of an eye, she became passionate and aggressive, shoving her mouth forward and clasping her lips onto his. Vicky enveloped them both with a new and profound erotic heat. Pablo shivered pleasantly as his daughter began to nibble and pull at his lips with her teeth.

Vicky pulled back again, leaning heavily on his lap as her two hands reached to his chest. Quickly, she unbuttoned several of the buttons on his shirt, running and rubbing her hands over the cool flesh underneath, but this was only momentary. In a brazen move, Vicky pulled the top of her tube dress down, exposing her healthy D cups to the night breeze, before she pressed her chest tight against her father’s. The brash contact of their skin was electric, as both parties gasped from it, before their mouths returned to their hot union.

One of Pablo’s hands rested firmly against Vicky’s hip. He slid it lower until it came to her exposed thigh. On a whim, that same hand crept under her tight dress, feeling her meaty thigh before he explored higher. His reaching fingers were rewarded by curve of her bare ass. His daughter moaned into his mouth, and all around it, as Pablo groped her.

What a sight they must have made, Pablo assumed, with his daughter pressed up against his body like that. Her breasts and butt were both fully exposed now. bostancı escort All that remained was for some unwitting stranger to come by and denounce them for the illicit act they were committing.

His daughter meant to go all the way with him, Pablo suddenly realized. Just as quickly, the father realized he had to put a stop to it. Vicky was prone to screaming out loud during their bouts of lovemaking. If she did so now, her voice was bound to carry all over the neighborhood, maybe even all over the island.

Panting, Vicky pulled away slightly and allowed Pablo to fondle her body further, before she might have come to this same conclusion herself. His daughter slipped away from Pablo’s lap. In a rapid motion she removed her denim jacket and dropped it on the cement slab before him. A moment later, she’d gone down on her knees.

Her fingers reached under the bottom ends of his shorts, tracing past the thickness and the hair of his manly thighs. She found the warmth of his groin, tickling the waves of pubic hair with the tips of her fingers. Her fingers coursed over the fabric of his boxers, discovering the extra large bulge hiding there.

Vicky’s hands emerged from within Pablo’s shorts, and slowly glided over the denim barrier until they found the single button at the waistband. This obstacle was soon rendered ineffective. Then, gradually, carefully, she slid apart the zipper.

Pablo’s cock was nearly demanding to be released, as Vicky positioned his boxers so the fly would rest directly over it. She reached within that breach of material, but the girth of that hidden thing would not allow an easy escape. Pablo raised his hips, adjusting his boxers. A moment later the monster was out in the open.

His daughter made as if to capture the thing with her mouth. Her lips took as much of his extra large length as they could, but it was a hopeless venture. In the end, Vicky resorted to attacking only the top of it, sucking and licking away at it hungrily, as if she was in a hurry to get the job done.

Anybody could come by and see what she was doing, Pablo surmised, as he drew his hips forward on the bench, and his upper half sunk lower against the backrest. What kind of trouble could they expect if that happened? His daughter began to energetically bob back and forth on him, while Pablo let free only the barest of groans, until he froze completely.

Voices were approaching, Pablo grasped, as he quickly set a hand on Vicky’s head to halt her motions. Pablo glanced first to one side of the street and then to the next. He spotted a couple of women out for a walk, both pushing baby strollers and jabbering away without paying any real attention to him. Who the hell went out for a walk at half past eight at night, and with their babies to boot? Pablo knew the answer well enough. It was people who didn’t have to worry about getting mugged by drug addicts or gang members, like the miscreants who infested his neighborhood.

Pablo watched as the two young moms come closer. The structure of the bench wouldn’t allow them to see anything more than the top of his head, and his arms stretched out along the backrest. Vicky was safe as long as she didn’t utter a sound, or stand up all of a sudden.

A few moments later, the late-night walkers were close enough that they’d noticed him sitting there. Both women cut their conversation short to glance at him. Pablo waved and gave them a half-grin. One woman had on a red blouse and black shorts, while the second wore a white blouse and blue sweats. They both waved back at him in a friendly, happy way.

At the same moment, Vicky began sucking on his cock again. She was stroking his length with both her mouth and her hands this time. Pablo felt his fervor increasing with every passing movement. He barely held back a gasp, forcing his mouth to stay mostly shut, as the two walkers and their strollers slowly faded into the distance.

Pablo convulsed, giving Vicky enough advance warning to orally release his member, yet her hands were still working on it furiously. A split second after, he started erupting into her hands like a tiny geyser. Pablo grasped hard at the top edge of the bench, as his body trembled with orgasm and drained itself of his seed. His contorted mouth threatened to explode in a torrent of noise, until he battled against his kneeling daughter for the letting loose of his cock.

Vicky slowly came to her feet, bringing her jacket along and setting it back on her shoulders. She grinned at her father, before looking down both sides of the street. After taking a brief moment to straighten her clothes, Vicky grabbed one of Pablo’s arms and made to pull him up after her.

“Come on!” His daughter urged him.

Pablo pulled away from her hold, long enough to shove his spent cock back into his boxers. Then he had to corral his shorts together. Right after he finished, Vicky led him away from the bench and down the deserted sidewalk.

A few minutes later, the lovers discovered a short set of stairs. They descended these to find themselves beside a set of his and hers public restrooms. The restrooms were both still open, despite the late hour.

“Go and clean yourself up.” Vicky pushed him into the men’s restroom.

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