The Hot Spring Adventure

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Bill and Marie Part 1- The Hot Spring Adventure

Her brilliant red hair glistened in the summer sun, shimmering as they pulled into the parking lot for the trail head.

But in Marie’s mind, she was already well down the trail. The adventure in the remote part of the mountains would be an experience to remember, just from what was planned. How right she was and couldn’t wait to get going.

They were headed to a secluded hot spring in the mountains known for being one of the most romantic and sexy camping spots in the area. She and Bill had planned to only be there the day; the summer weather made it warm enough that if they decided to stay overnight a blanket was all they needed.

It didn’t take long to begin up the trail. Marie had worn shorts that were comfortable that were equally great for showing off her smooth legs and perfect hips, making her butt look just perfect. The fabric also revealed the slightest outline of her pussy, which made her think of how much Bill would enjoy the view walking up there. Her sensation with the g-string between her legs made her wet, enhanced by the fabric grazing her clit with each step.

Once they were away from the parking area, Marie became extremely turned on. Bill at 5’11” was muscular. Not the ideal perfect or even toned, but still muscular and fit from working out. Stopping to readjust the hiking pack he was carrying, he pulled off his shirt and had her put sunscreen on him.

As he placed the shirt in the pack, he looked up to see Marie handing him her shirt and sports bra along with a mischievous smile.

This area wasn’t just romantic, but was one of the few places where some public nudity was allowed.

For safety reasons, that didn’t mean full nudity except around the hot spring. But women could go topless. After a year of marriage, Bill was still amazed at the beauty of her B-cup breasts in their perfect shape at the top of her very lean abdomen. Marie was a dream framed by her red hair spilling down to her nipples. She finished rubbing sunscreen on herself while he closed up, smiling when she saw him grow hard even through his loose hiking shorts. Thankfully the hot spring wasn’t too far, just far enough to tease him and have both of them more turned on than either had ever been before.

Even in the heat, they walked closer together and would stop to kiss frequently. She would grab his butt and he’d graze her hip lightly, making her pussy go for a mini orgasm while they hiked.

With that, it still only took about 20 minutes to get there.

As they got there, they decided to set up near a 30 foot rock formation that almost formed a cave on one side. After setting down the pack, he pressed her into the sun-warmed granite for a deep, needing, sexually powered kiss. Bill’s cock ground through the fabric into her letting Marie feel the full length even through what was keeping them apart.

She shuttered as his thumbs looped through the g-string, teasing her skin on the edge above the shorts.

While he caressed her soft skin, she pulled him in tighter to feel the full length of his cock against her. Marie also knew that it would pull her rock hard nipples closer against his tightening chest to press her beautiful breasts against him. She ran her fingers through his hair and scraped her nails lightly along the back of his scalp, making him thrust his hips against her even involuntarily from the intensity of the sensation. Both of them knew they couldn’t wait any longer.

While kissing him deeper, her hand slipped to her shorts and she deftly slipped them and her soaked g-string off her legs while keeping him focused with her hand on the back bahis firmaları of his head.

With her naked except her hiking sandals, she pushed him back slightly. Marie’s passion and hungry look in her eye told Bill that there was nothing else she needed right now. Standing back slightly, he dropped his shorts and boxer briefs. His slightly curved cock slid out into the hot late morning air, pointing up towards her. It was just under 7 inches and about an inch and a half around. Its curve was just perfect for her in how it could grind against her clit and g-spot at the same time. Bill was the only guy who could give her an orgasm during sex.

Like her pussy, his cock was already glistening in the sun from the pre-cum.

He couldn’t resist tasting her again. Leaning in, he licked each nipple gently in turn, before kissing the bottom of her breasts. This led to a string of kisses down her stomach, stopping to tongue he belly button gently. On his knees, he slid a hand between her legs to massage her lips while he let her cum coat his fingers. Bill kissed her where the pelvis and hip join together, slowly kissing back up her side slightly. Both of these actions caused her to have an orgasm right there. While withdrawing his hand from her pussy, he let one finger press in and graze her clit making her jump again.

As Bill stood back up, she turned and pressed her naked skin into the warm rock, which calmed her slightly. She looked over her shoulder and stuck her butt out slightly while winking at him.

Spreading her legs just enough, they found a comfortable position for him to slide into her wet, silky pussy. Her clean waxed lips made it even more enjoyable while his light brown public hair felt good on her butt. His cock swelled slightly to nearly two inches as he entered her tight body.

Neither of them could resist any longer.

She slid up slightly and they slammed together causing her to orgasm immediately. Since he entered her from behind, she used one hand to steady herself against the rock while her other hand went to massaging her clit. He began thrusting deeper and deeper into her, satisfying both of them while intensifying the heat they both felt. Everything around them melted into one singular experience as they thrust into each other.

Her soft skin began to glow from the warmth in the sunlight while he reached around to massage her nipples, making her passion and the electric feeling of her orgasm explode from deep between her legs to the furthest reaches of her hair, fingers, and toes.

His cock exploded deep inside of her over and over, filling her to her max. The warmth of his cum made her orgasm again while she slammed against him a few more times until they were both out of breath.

Sliding apart, he pressed her against the rock again to kiss her deeply.

Just looking into each other’s eyes, they kissed again softly and let themselves come apart. They were still alone and set up a blanket near the water before sliding into the warmth to relax in the clean water.

While talking and relaxing, two more couples about the same age in their mid 20s came up to the other side to enjoy the water and nature the same way. Not being a big hot spring, they all got to talking about random and funny things. Excusing themselves from the conversation, they climbed out of the water to go take a nap on their blanket in the warm sun.

It didn’t take long for them to fall asleep.

Marie enjoyed sleeping next to Bill. Combined with the still warm feeling of his cum inside of her and the gentle breeze on the beautifully sunny day, it was a perfect nap that made her sigh even while sleeping with kaçak iddaa him holding her.

A while later, something stirred Marie. The soft sounds became recognizable as she awoke.

It also drove the realization that she was becoming turned on as the other two couples were making out and making love on the other side of the hot spring. She and Bill had talked about experimenting a little bit to try new things, and now they were just outside of an idea that they had played with.

The idea of having sex in a public place like they had earlier had been one idea, but they hadn’t been ready to really explore the idea of sex in a place where others were doing the same very openly.

Even though both found the idea arousing, they weren’t sure what form that would take. Now they knew and she quietly turned over to hold him while listening to the sounds, letting herself indulge in the love making happening feet away. Neither was interested in swinging at this point, but watching was certainly a way to explore and get ideas.

Her hand slid down to her pussy and using the cum inside of her, she gently began massaging it into her clit and pussy lips. This became an even bigger turn on because of how public it was near people they didn’t know. Looking carefully, she could see even in his sleep Bill was getting turned on by the environment and surroundings.

Taking a chance, she got some of her wetness and his cum on her hand from her pussy, reaching over to massage him to get hard again.

It made him fully erect instantly and he woke up to feeling her soft kisses on the back of his head.

Coming to the same realization his wife had, Bill began responding, rolling over to finger his wife while exploring her chest with his mouth while listening and watching the other couples. At this point, no one was keeping it a secret. Moans began escaping from the tangle of four humans into one erotic mess while Marie gasped in passion while Bill’s actions both intensified and satisfied her growing need.

The other four paused when Marie suddenly grabbed into the pack to pull out a bottle of lube that had been packed just in case. Surprising even herself, Marie kissed Bill deeply as the four took a break to watch them. Breaking the kiss, she said in a normal voice that she wanted to try something new with him.

Not only was she getting into the idea of being watched, she wanted to try anal. The few times he had massaged her there had felt incredible and she wanted this to be something to really remember.

Slathering on generous amounts of lube to his rock hard cock, she mounted him by sliding his cock into her pussy to get warmed up. It only took a few moments as her desire for this overtook the last bits of restraint to show off for others while doing something new left her. After a small orgasm, she rolled off of him and went on all fours, wiggling her butt in the air to get him in her again.

To make it even hotter, she was looking straight at the other couples, checking them all out.

She also wanted to keep watching their responses and activity while her husband massaged lube into her waiting hole. He pressed against her and asked if she was ready. Without thinking twice, she back herself onto him to show how ready she was and finally feel him in her. The sensation drove her to an immediate orgasm causing her to yell out in pleasure. The other four took that as their cue to resume.

The foursome went back to being an intense tangle of pussy, boobs, butts, and cock while watching Bill and Marie across the hot spring.

Bill couldn’t believe the intense pleasure the tightness and public experience brought kaçak bahis him. He came once but kept going from how amazing it felt not losing any strength in his cock.

Moments later through everyone’s heavy breathing everyone began to orgasm, with all three women moaning nearly at once from how sexy and hot it had gotten. There was almost no restraint left as all six expended their last ounce of desire. Bill came deeply yet again in Marie causing a massive orgasm from her. She leaked cum from her ass and pussy as he pulled out and spurted a couple of more times on her back, letting it run off of her.

The women though weren’t done across the spring. Coming off of their last orgasms, they pulled away from their partners to join each other. Marie watched with lust as the other two went into a classic 69 to suck the cum out of the other. Her interest in women had only been mere curiosity prior to this, but now it had her attention. She laid back and massaged her clit while the other two ate each other out.

They watched Marie’s dripping pussy, which the two guys on the other side did too. Bill divided his attention between watching the two women and his wife pleasuring each other with the view.

His cock hard again, Bill started working himself back into being hard again. The moaning was louder than anything else around them as everyone was getting pleasure.

Not sure where it came from, his balls tightened and he moved to cum on Marie’s face, which caused her to orgasm again while she got herself off.

Breathing heavy, Marie and Bill got up and headed to the water to wash off while relaxing in the hot water. The other two couples quietly joined them while keeping some distance. Everyone was satisfied going into the late afternoon.

Marie kissed Bill and smiled.

Sliding out of the water, the dry mountain air meant she was nearly dry as soon as she got out. Bill followed and they began getting dressed. The men of the other two couples got out and went to set up a tent for the night while the two women made out in the water for a moment. They eventually joined their partners to help set up camp for the night.

As Marie slid into her g-string, the other four paused to watch as the sheer fabric hugged the skin around her pelvis and the strings sat neatly on her hips. Bending over to give them a good view, she winked at the women, pulling her shorts back on.

Bill started to pull the hiking pack back on his bare back that was exposed from his waist up.

The two women walked over silently and moved in close to Marie. The three of them kissed and one of them offered for them to join over night. Marie politely declined, but one of the women handed her a card with her cell phone on it. It was hand written on a small scrap of paper and said: feel free to call, we’d like to explore more with you both.

With that, they kissed Marie once more, pressing their breasts against hers. Marie and Bill started back down the trail.

They walked quietly until they got to the point where they had to put their shirts back on and the sun was starting to sink in the sky. Sunbeams slicing through the trees in orange and gold make a great backdrop for one more deep kiss.

Getting into the car quietly, they both smiled as they headed back home. No words needed to be said.

Marie looked at the piece of paper and typed the number into her phone looking towards the next step of their experience with a new side of life for both of them.

Her pussy tingled on the road home thinking of what she would do to Bill tonight before bed and what she wanted to have happen very soon. Neither of them had been too adventurous before this, but there was no going back after this. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw Bill adjust around his erection.

They wouldn’t be getting much sleep tonight with everything they wanted to talk about.

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