The Garcia Family Adventures Ch. 03

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Big Tits

This is a work of fiction. All characters are over eighteen years of age.

Hola, I’m Max. Or as my sexy daughters call me, Papi. Seems they got it into their thick little skulls that Papi was going to take his littlest daughter’s virginity! With her big sister’s help no less!

I’m in my late forties, fit enough I suppose. My hair is still mostly dark with just some gray at the temples. Thick dark mustache, dark eyes. More laugh lines than frown lines. I run a private security firm. My usual day is a mix of desk and field work so I stay in pretty good shape.

I’ve done very well and I’ve kept myself and mi familia very comfortable. The girls have wanted for nothing. Hmph, perhaps I’ve spoiled them? The night I became aware of the whole mess, they had been pestering me all night. Coming to me with trivial things while dressed like… well, like putas, like whores! I didn’t know what to think was going on until I overheard them talking in the hall.

When I confronted them about it, when I brought them in and sat them down I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Maria telling me she’s still a virgin, she wants me to take her cherry! I had always known my daughters were beautiful, both of them. Now they wanted to be seen as sexy as well. I was just not sure I could make that leap. Until Carmen, my oldest, the headstrong one, took off her shirt, sat in my lap and kissed me like a lover!

Carmen I should tell you is smoking hot. Yes, I can say this as her Papi having seen how she effects other men. Shoulder length dark hair, smooth brown skin, huge dark eyes. Big breasts with a little waist and big hips, like her madre. Still in her early twenties everything was firm and high. She was looking at me like she was starving and I was the last enchilada.

When she kissed me her tongue invaded my mouth and started wrestling with mine. Lord, it had been too long. I kissed her back. So she was my daughter, she was also grinding that gorgeous ass of hers down onto my lap. And I was getting hard! In the heat grandbetting yeni giriş of the moment my good sense flew out the window, god help me.

When Maria saw I was kissing Carmen she jumped out of her chair and ran over to us. She dropped to her knees in front of us and began unbuttoning her blouse while she was trying her best to kiss us both at once. I was drunk on the thoughts running through my head, the taboo nature of it all, how much the girls resembled their mother when younger, mostly how much they wanted me.

It had been too long since someone had wanted me, to be honest. The putas I paid were in it for the money. My beautiful daughters were offering me the compliment of their naked desire and it was maddening! I spread my arms and did my best to embrace them both.

Three mouths licked, sucked and kissed. Three throats moaned, sometimes in unison. Six nipples were nipped and bitten playfully. Six busy hands stroked soft brown skin, caressed, teased. Four of those hands sought to free my cock from it’s confines in my slacks. Two pussies leaked juices into my lap as my cock leaked pre-cum onto the girl’s busy fingers.

I came up for air, saying “Girls, girls, whoa for a second! You’ve thought this through? Maria, you sure? No young stud caught your eye? Carmen? Can you keep those… those lips of yours shut?” My eldest smiled at the implied compliment.

“Well, we are all adults, but there are still issues here we will discuss later, okay? But for now…” I said with a smile, “for now, to the bedroom!”

Oh dios mio, I had forgotten how much fun young people can be in the bedroom!

Their Mama never did like sex, so the girls must take after me! They almost pulled me to the bedroom, chattering all the way about how this had all started with some of Carmen’s panties? And how they had been practicing anal sex with each other?!

The more I heard the harder my cock grew. These girls had such filthy minds!

Carmen hit the bed first and motioned grandbetting giriş Maria up, told her to put her head right into her lap, face up this time. Carmen wanted to watch me deflower her little sister. Both the girls were starting to breathe heavy and their eyes grew bright with lust.

I climbed onto the bed, in between my baby girl’s legs. They were spread wide for me, waiting for me. Maria looked so sexy, sitting between Carmen’s legs waiting for her Papi’s dick.

Both my girls looking so gorgeous, waiting for their Papi. My cock was spitting pre-cum and I was hard as steel. Maria had shaved all but one little strip over her cunt, it looked so sexy. Her flower was open, petals moist with her dew. It was intoxicating! I was drawn to her like a magnet. My cock-head met her inner lips and she gasped, then relaxed as I rubbed the head in circles around her opening, mixing our wetness. Her clit was large and throbbing, standing proud at her entrance.

I looked up into the faces of my daughters. Big sister Carmen smoldering, her little sister Maria excited but a little scared. Such beautiful girls I have. I pushed my cock forward, slowly, into my little girls hot cunt.

She was arching her back, Carmen began kissing her neck. Her pussy was a hot velvet vise around me, tighter than any I had known in years and I stopped for a moment, afraid I would shoot right away. She was incredible! She was moaning as her sister cupped her small breasts and twisted and pulled her nipples.

“Oh Papi don’t stop! Oh it’s so good, it’s better than any toy, oh my god I love it, I love your cock Papi! Oh, yes! Mmm, it’s filling me up so good!” Maria was turning me on even more with her dirty talk but I was more in control now. I pushed further in, a little at a time until I was balls deep in my daughter’s tight cunny. She was squeezing me hard, milking my dick as I throbbed inside her.

Carmen was not to be left out. Once I was firmly inside Maria she leaned forward and kissed me passionately, grandbetting güvenilirmi arms around my neck, moaning into my mouth. I kissed her back as I was beginning to pump into her sister, slowly at first as to not hurt her virgin pussy. Carmen broke our clinch to shove a nipple into my mouth.

“Oh god yes! That’s so good Papi! Maria, how does his cock feel?”

Maria was beyond words. I was now giving it to her nice and steady, getting her used to the rhythm. She was panting underneath me, eyes closed in bliss. I pumped a little faster and began stroking her clit and her pussy suddenly got hotter and wetter. Oh yes. Carmen was back to kissing her little sis and playing with her nipples as I railed her. Together we were bringing her closer and closer to the edge.

I pulled my cock almost all the way out and held it there. Maria slowly focused and looked up at me. I smiled at my little one, my baby girl, and then I fucked into her, hard, and kept it up, hard and fast as I flicked her clit with a finger. I was going to make her cum for her Papi, and her sister Carmen was going to help.

Carmen got my plan right away. She took care of Maria’s top half, twisting and pulling her hard brown nipples, kissing and sucking her sister’s throat. A flush was creeping up Maria’s chest as her legs began shaking. Her cunt was going crazy around my dick as I pummeled her virgin pussy. Both my girls were so hot, it was more than I could stand.

I roared as I shot my load into my little girl’s pussy. Her sister was chanting, “Yes, cum! Yes, cum! Yes, cum!” over and over to us both as we came together. Maria, my beauty, she was radiant as she orgasmed, my heart swelled with love for both my girls.

We collapsed on the bed together. Maria and Carmen were kissing and murmuring to each other, it was becoming clear that they did these sorts of things pretty often. Dios mio, any man with two daughters will tell you, they usually end up getting their way. Well for now I was happy that their Papi-trap worked.

Carmen spoke up first. “We hope you’re not tired Papi. You haven’t fucked my pussy yet you know.”

To which Maria added “And we know you like butt stuff, so Car-car and I, well, we want you to fuck us in the ass too!”

Oh Lord, what have I started here?

To Be Continued…

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