The Commute

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Rose rushed down the stairs to the subway platform, having heard the train coming in. She squeezed onto the packed commuter train knowing there was no use in waiting for another as they would all be packed. On days like these she was glad she was tall, she couldn’t imagine being on such a packed train and not being able to see any further than the suit of the person squished up against her. She was also glad she had pulled her long auburn hair up into a high ponytail, otherwise she risked it getting caught on someone’s buttons.

Mentally going over her to-do list for the day she tried to zone out on the cramped conditions when the train jolted and the person behind her pressed against her for a moment. It didn’t really register until a low, deep voice in her ear apologized.

“Sorry about that,” he murmured.

Turning her head, she intended to only give a polite smile but was drawn into the most startlingly blue eyes she had ever seen. Tipping her head back to gaze up at him, she could only murmur back, “It’s okay.” Her large green eyes scanned his face, taking in the full lips, sculpted cheekbones and square jaw, the slightly tousled black hair and thick black lashes surrounding his mesmerizing eyes.

Finally tearing her gaze away, she turned around and let out deep sigh, not even realizing she had been holding her breath. The train was running rough and he pressed against her several more times. Each time seemed to last a little longer, the full length of his body pressing against her.

They were underground passing through a long twisting tunnel when the lights began to flicker and the train slowed and eventually stopped. A collective groan spread through the cars and heightened when the lights finally gave out altogether. A crackling, barely decipherable voice came on through the speakers announcing that there were technical difficulties and their train was going to be completely without power for at least twenty minutes. They were thanked for their patience and cooperation before, with another burst of static, the message ended.

Rose saw small squares of light suddenly appear as people flipped open their cell phones. The squares all disappeared amid mumbles of, “no service.”

She stood patiently, hoping that her eyes would adjust to the darkness and see something but they were in complete blackness. Nervous conversations started up, people talking loudly to cover their anxiety.

She felt him press up against her again, his hands gently squeezing her thighs. He began slowly gathering her skirt in his hands until he touched her nylon covered legs. She sucked in a shaky breath as his fingers trailed up the outsides of her thighs. His breath tickled the side of her neck and she heard his soft gasp as he came to the tops of her stockings. Pulling back from her a bit, his hands slid up to her ass and gently squeezed her soft cheeks.

Rose’s mind was spinning, she couldn’t believe this was happening. Not only was a complete stranger on a train squeezing her bare ass, but she was letting it happen and was enjoying it. Her heart was racing, she couldn’t catch her breath and her pussy was suddenly soaked. She gripped the pole she was holding onto with both hands as his fingers trailed lower, between her thighs. Without thinking, she spread them for him and he slid his hand over her wet thong.

He chuckled softly in her ear as he discovered her arousal. “Yes?” he whispered as he stroked her.

“Oh yes,” she breathed back.

His lips nuzzled her neck as his fingers slid inside her thong, slipping between her pussy lips, finding her entrance. A finger gently slid up inside her and it was all she could do to remain quiet. He added a second finger and a whisper of a moan slid through her lips as he began to slowly pump them in and out of her.

A third finger was added and she had to hold onto the pole tightly but it was quickly withdrawn. She momentarily stiffened when she felt his wet finger pressing against her asshole. Throwing caution to the wind she relaxed and had to clamp her hand over her mouth as he pushed inside. Pressing her ass back, she helped his finger inside her and he was soon in to the last knuckle. He began to pump it in and out before dipping back into her pussy, wetting a second finger and then a third, plunging deeply into her ass.

Rose was stunned by her behavior. She was on a crowded commuter train, surrounded by people and a complete stranger had her skirt up around her hips and was finger fucking her ass. And it wasn’t even 8:00am yet. But God damn it felt good, so good. Her breath was coming fast as his fingers plundered her willing body. Squeezing her eyes shut and biting her knuckle, her body tensed and trembled as an orgasm overtook her, squeezing his fingers inside her.

The fingers gently slid out of her and even though she had cum, she was disappointed; she wanted more. The soft sound of a zipper lowering caught her ears and before she knew it, he was back, pulling up her skirt and she kaçak iddaa felt his hard cock pressing against her.

Oh God, he wasn’t actually going to fuck her here on the train was he, she wondered. Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God, she thought as she felt him pulling her thong aside and stroking her pussy with his cock. The head of his dick was pressing against her wet entrance, almost being sucked in by her need for him when he again whispered in her ear. “I want to fuck you,” he stated simply.

Recklessly she replied, “Yes, oh yes. Fuck me,” her own voice barely a whisper.

“Say please,” he purred against her ear, still stroking her with just the head of his cock.

“Please, oh please” she breathed, willing to beg however much he wanted if he would only stop teasing her.

He was obviously convinced of her desire as his cock plunged into her. A small squeak escaped her lips but went unnoticed in the hubbub of the conversations going on around them.

Clinging to her pole, she met his thrusts, hoping her wetness wouldn’t make any noise. The scent of her arousal was strong in her nose and she knew that other people must be able to smell it, but she was too far gone to care.

“Oh yes, you feel good,” he whispered to her, his lips brushing her ear as he drove into her.

He felt big inside her, and she knew he wasn’t even in as deep as he could go, otherwise the sound of their skin slapping would be heard. Oh how she loved that sound, that brief, sharp connection of hips and ass during a good, hard fucking.

Suddenly he was drawing out of her and she was again disappointed, but then his hands were spreading her ass cheeks, pulling them apart and his wet cock was pressing against her asshole, pushing inside of her.

Oh God no, she thought, but it was too late, the head of his cock was inside her. Again, she had to clamp her hand over her mouth as he began to inch his way into her. It hurt, but in such a good way as his thick cock began to spread her ass. Slowly he pushed forward, his breath fast on her neck, his hands tightly gripping her hips.

Tipping her head back, she coasted on the waves of pleasure and pain, loving the combination. The fact that they were surrounded by countless strangers was only increasing her arousal and she knew she was about to cum again. His cock hit bottom, his hips grinding against her ass as she again tensed and trembled, another squeak passing her lips as she climaxed.

He again chuckled in her ear as he slowly pulled back, sliding his cock out of her until just the head remained and then slowly pushed back in. He fucked her deeply and slowly at first and then building in speed until he was driving into her.

“Christ, you’ve got a fucking nice ass,” he softly grunted in her ear. “So hot and tight. I wish I could see it, your tight hole stretched wide around me. You like this baby, you like getting ass fucked by a stranger on a train full of people?”

“Oh yes, oh yes,” she softly murmured in response. Another climax was building and she bit her lip, pressing her hand over her mouth as it exploded inside her, coils of ecstasy unfurling though her limbs as her ass clenched tightly around him.

“Oh fuck yes,” he growled, the sound muffled against her neck as he came himself, ramming deep inside her ass, pumping his cum into her.

She sagged against the bar she was holding onto and he kept holding her hips, resting his forehead against her shoulder as they both waited for their pulses and breathing to return to normal. Slowly, he straightened and pulled his cock from her. Clenching her ass to keep the cum in she felt him pull her thong back into place before letting her skirt fall back around her knees.

Standing in the darkness, rational thought began to filter back into her brain and she tried to make sense of what had just happened. She tensed as she felt her skirt again being lifted but he just slid something inside the top of her stocking before letting the hem drop again.

She was about to retrieve what he had given her when the lights finally flickered back on and the train began to move. The other commuters laughed and cheered as she shyly peered over her shoulder at him. He gave her a devastating smile and a wink as the train pulled into the next station and the doors opened. With a small wave he disembarked and was gone.

Rose hurried into a bathroom stall in her office building and sat, finally able to release his cum from her. She also pulled a business card from the top of her stocking. Staring at it, she couldn’t decide if she was happy that he wanted her to call him or not. He probably just wants more of the same, she thought. The lingering pain in her ass reminded her of how good it had felt, and as she tucked the card into her purse, she thought that more of that might not be so bad.

Sitting outside with her lunch she called his office number from her cell and felt a chill run through her as she heard his recorded voice asking her to leave a message. kaçak bahis “Hi, this is Rose, from the train this morning,” she said nervously. She left her cell phone number and ended the call. This is crazy she thought to herself. I shouldn’t have called him. Shaking her head, she gathered up her trash and returned to her office.

She had to force herself to concentrate on her work and not check her phone every fifteen minutes for messages and eventually she calmed down and managed to forget about the morning. Finally the end of the day came and retrieving her phone she checked and found a message from him.

Later that evening at eight o’clock she nervously stood outside a luxurious apartment building in an expensive area of town. She recalled having read about this building as being super lush and modern but didn’t think she would have the chance to be inside it. Ever since getting his message she had told herself she wouldn’t meet him, wouldn’t accept his invitation to dinner but here she was. I only want to see what it’s like inside, she rationalized as she buzzed his apartment.

Her nervousness grew the higher the elevator went. Smoothing down the black cocktail dress she was wearing she checked her appearance in the mirrored wall of the car. Maybe I shouldn’t have worn something so low cut she thought, gazing at her exposed cleavage. And maybe not such high heels, she thought twisting one leg and examining her sheer black stockings and four inch heels.

I only want to see his place and then I’ll leave she told herself, however, the wetness between her thighs was telling her something else entirely. The lift stopped and she stepped into the hallway. A door was ajar at the end of the hallway and seeing that the number on it was his she turned that way.

The most delicious smells were coming from inside. Maybe I will stay for dinner she thought to herself, after all, it does seem like he’s gone to the trouble of cooking.

Knocking on the door she peered inside. Wow, she thought, looking around his marbled entrance, this place is huge. All thoughts of the décor suddenly left her head as she saw him walking towards her. He was casually dressed in jeans and a funky button up shirt and was again flashing that devastatingly sexy smile.

His dark blue eyes roamed over her, taking in her revealing dress and high heels, her loose hair and sexy makeup. “You look gorgeous,” he complimented, gathering her in his arms. Without warning, his lips were on hers and she was lost. She knew she wouldn’t be leaving there any time soon, if at all tonight. His hands reached down and squeezed her ass, pulling her against him as the kiss deepened. She could feel his hardness and reached down a hand to squeeze him though his jeans.

Breaking the kiss, his head tipped back with a groan as she caressed his cock. “Oh yes,” he breathed.

He abruptly spun her around and pressed her against the wall. With her cheek pressed to the wall she felt him pulling up her skirt and her pussy surged with wetness. Her tiny black thong was pulled down to her knees where it fell to the floor. Kicking it aside, he spread her legs with his knee. She heard the sound of his zipper lowering and suddenly his cock plunged into her slick pussy. With a deep groan he slid in to the hilt, filling her completely. Gripping her hips, he began to fuck her, his thrusts hard and deep, the sound of their flesh slapping filling the air.

“Oh God, you feel so fucking good,” he grunted as he drove into her wetness.

Rose could scarcely believe this was happening. She had been here less than a minute and he was already pounding her with his cock. Being fucked by a man who all she knew of was his name, address, and the feel of him inside her. The fact that he was little more than a complete stranger somehow turned her on even more.

“Oh God, yes,” she cried, flinging her hair back, pressing back against him, drawing him even more deeply into her. “Fuck me, fuck me,” she urged, loving the sound and feel of their skin slapping as he drove into her.

“Christ, you’re so hot, so tight, so wet,” he growled in her ear.

“Oh yes, oh yes, oh fuck yes!” she cried, again pressing back against him as her climax washed over her, her pussy clenching tightly around his cock.

Her spasming pussy was more than he could take and with a guttural cry he came as well, spewing his cum deep inside her.

They stood for a moment, catching their breath as his cock slipped from her pussy and she could feel his cum running down her thigh. A timer went off in the kitchen and he chuckled. “Perfect timing,” he laughed. Pulling away from her, he bent and picked up her panties, tucking them into his pocket with a wicked smile. He pointed out the washroom down the hall as he turned to the kitchen.

They enjoyed a magnificent dinner, lit by candles out on his terrace. Afterwards, he put on some slow music and drew her into his arms, dancing with her. The soft breeze picked up her hair and snuck up beneath illegal bahis her dress, whispering around her thighs and over her bare pussy. She could feel his hardness pressing against her and slid her hand between them to gently squeeze him.

Gently pushing on her shoulders, he urged her to her knees where she quickly set about unbuckling him, undoing the button and pulling down the zipper. She tugged his jeans down his hips along with his boxers and his cock sprang out at her.

Licking her lips, she slid him into her mouth, sucking him in deeply. She loved sucking a big cock and took him down her throat, pressing her nose against his stomach. His deep groan of pleasure reached her ears and she began pumping him in and out of her mouth, sucking and slurping at his length.

His fingers coiled in her hair and suddenly tightened, holding her in place as he pushed in deep. With a rough growl he came hard, pouring his cum down her throat. She sucked him clean and gazed up at him, a small smile on her wet lips. He’s fucked me in all my holes, she thought, and I only met him this morning.

Pulling her up, he again kissed her deeply, tasting himself on her tongue. His hands rose to her shoulders, pushing down the straps of her dress, revealing her breasts. Breaking the kiss, he gazed down at her, his hands caressing and squeezing her lush flesh, her nipples hardening in the cool night air.

“God, you have gorgeous tits,” he breathed, tweaking her nipples.

Her breath was coming fast as he played with the hardened pink nubs and gasped with pleasure as he bent his head, sucking one into his mouth. He sucked hard, nipping it with his teeth and Rose held his head to her, enjoying the sensations.

Releasing the nipple he stared down at her, squeezing her tits in his large hands, the flesh bulging between his fingers. Glancing up at her, he saw her head was tipped back, her eyes closed, mouth open, breathing heavily. With a wicked smile, he raised one hand and slapped her breast. Her back arched and a small cry escaped her lips. Encouraged by this reaction, he slapped the other watching the firm mound jiggle.

He alternated between roughly squeezing her tits and slapping them and she thoroughly enjoyed the rough treatment. Being out on his terrace, where any number of people could see them, see the way he was treating her and how much she was loving it, surprisingly excited her. Her pussy was soaked and aching for him but she didn’t want this exquisite punishment to end.

“Oh yes, oh God yes,” she whimpered, her head hanging back, letting him do what he would with her tits.

“Yeah, you like this, don’t you?” he growled, twisting her nipples.

“Oh yes, yes,” she gasped.

“You like it rough? You like a little pain mixed with your pleasure?” he sneered in her ear, pulling on her nipples, pinching them tightly.

“Yes, yes…oh yes,” she breathed.

Gripping her nipples tightly he pulled her across the terrace to a gardening table. Yanking on the zipper of her dress, it fell to her feet, leaving her in nothing but her shoes and stockings. He abruptly spun her around pushing her down on the dirty table. Gripping her hips he pulled them up, pressing on her back to keep her bent over.

Rose gasped as her tender breasts pressed against the rough table, her nipples sore from his delightful torture. His hands squeezed and caressed her ass causing her pussy to surge again with wetness, trickling down her thigh.

“You were so hot this morning on the train,” he whispered in her ear. “But you were also such a dirty girl for letting a complete stranger fuck you like that.” His hands continued squeezing her, getting a bit rough, squeezing harder.

“Are you a dirty girl?” he hissed.

Her heart was pounding madly and she was barely able to catch her breath. The menace in his voice was driving her wild and she was praying he would spank her.

“Yes, I’m a dirty girl,” she answered in a small voice.

“And dirty girls should be punished, shouldn’t they?” he growled, gazing down at the soft, ivory skin of her ass, already begin to redden from his rough handling.

“Yes,” she whimpered.

She cried out softly as the first slap hit her ass, the warmth spreading through her. “Oh yes,” she breathed. “Spank me, spank your dirty girl.”

He chuckled and began to give her a thorough spanking until Rose was begging him to stop. Her ass was dark red and he stopped spanking but began to pinch her, harsh pinches all over her tender backside.

Suddenly he stopped and rammed his cock into her dripping wet pussy causing her to cry out loudly.

“God damn, you feel good!” he snarled, grinding into her.

Holding onto her hips he pulled back and drove in deeply again, picking up speed, slamming deeply into her, his hips slapping against her sore ass.

Her orgasm was almost instantaneous as she tensed and trembled, crying out her pleasure. He continued plunging into her, driving his cock in deep, causing another climax to claim her.

“Oh God, yes, fuck yes!” she cried, bucking against him, wanting every inch of him inside her. “Oh yes, you bastard, fuck me, fuck me,” she urged. “Fuck me hard.”

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