The Comfort of Auntie Sue Ch. 02

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Kyle didn’t sleep much that night.

Nor did his beloved Auntie Sue, a marvelously sexy 66-year-old woman with whom he’d taken refuge, after fighting with his grandmother, Sue’s sister, about misplaced money. The pair had a lovely evening of conversation, food, cocktails and even a little dancing.

And that’s where the trouble began, trouble neither saw coming, trouble defined as a closeness between aunt and nephew bordering on the sexual. A tight embrace in dancing led to an unexpected stolen kiss, leading to confusion, and unrelenting want, on both sides of their generational divide.

They’d gone to bed in their rooms, but with shame and lust gripping them both separately, had found each other’s soiled under-things in the bathroom, had their way with them, experiencing shatteringly wonderful orgasms as they lay in their own darkness.

It all led to a restless night for both, uncertain what the new day would bring.

Kyle woke to the smell of coffee, and slight clattering in the kitchen, where Sue set about making pancakes, the boy’s favorite breakfast. He listened and wondered and questioned himself. They’d both had a good deal to drink the night before. He hoped she’d forgotten what happened. And at the same time prayed she had not.

Sue had woken earlier, quietly looking in on her handsome nephew, the taste of his cum still in her mouth from the sock, her sock, one she’d sucked clean of his sperm hours earlier, a sock the boy had used to relieve himself in. He lay peacefully, the thin sheet covering him and clinging to his muscular young body, outlining his form and between his thighs, the cock she’d dreamed about during her fitful slumber.

“What am I doing, what the hell am I doing?” she thought to herself, closing the door and trying to ignore the tingling in her loins.

She went into the kitchen, still in her non-descript, age-appropriate frilly negligee that revealed a hint of wrinkled cleavage at the top, and covered most of her long, solid, tanned legs below, shuffling along in flip flops she’d slipped into. It was nothing that could possibly excite a young man, she thought, but then again, never in a million years had she thought her dirty panties and sweat socks would either.

She walked back to her room as the coffee burbled and slipped into a mid-thigh pair of white shorts and a tight white t-shirt, all that white offsetting her marvelous tan, feeling naughty and energized as she did.

Kyle pulled on a pair of sweat pants, and on top a shirt bearing the logo of the local college his parents had hoped he would attend after high school, not quietly expressing their disappointment that he did not. He took a deep breath and stepped into the hall, walking to the kitchen.

At that precise moment, Sue bent over to pick up a fork she’d dropped, and the first thing Kyle’s wide eyes saw were the backs of his aunt’s long, supple legs. The tanned skin had pulled tight, her usually somewhat saggy hamstring muscles taut and sinewy, her calves solid and shapely, and above it all, just the tiniest hint of a curvy white ass peeking out from her panties just below the hem of her shorts gone shorter as she stooped at the waist.

His dick ached at the sight, despite the ball-wrenching orgasms he had the night before, smelling her, tasting her by proxy through panties and socks. She straightened up, legs now relaxed and loose, returning to their slightly sagging state but no less sexy state. She saw him, turned and smiled.

“Just in time!” she said brightly, pouring him a coffee on the counter in the kitchen’s middle that separated it from a cozy little breakfast nook. “Made you pancakes, your favorite!”

“Thanks Auntie Sue,” he said with a weak smile, shuffling to her to give her a loving kiss on her silver-haired head, the hair pulled back in a ponytail, revealing the sexiest neck Kyle had ever seen on an older woman, a fold of wrinkled, succulent flesh. “Thanks…”

They sat and ate, making mindless small talk of the weather, of the beach visit she’d promised the night before, anything but the elephant in the room. Then, with a sudden surge toward maturity, Kyle brought it out into the open, stomach churning with doubt.

“About last night, Auntie Sue…the dancing…the, uh…” he said nervously, sitting across from her at the counter, trying not to look into her soft brown eyes.

Her hands stretched out to cover his. He looked down at the old fingers, the tops of her hand delicately marked with age spots that somehow looked so alluring to him, fingers that he imagined wrapped around the cock now in full flower hidden below the counter.

“Kyle, Kyle, don’t worry, it was nothing!” she laughed, trying to believe her words. “A kiss, a little kiss, you made me feel so good, so young, so alive, but it was nothing, nothing at all…please, don’t worry about it. You love your old aunt and I love you, a sign of affection, that’s all, that’s all…”

He looked up to those warm eyes, crow’s feet crinkling kızılay escort the corners, that soft pucker of wrinkles around her lips, that gloriously sagging flesh of her neck below her chin. He wanted to kiss her again, with meaning, deep and wet, lick and suck at her weathered flesh, and prayed the longing in his eyes wouldn’t give him away.

And Sue thought the same thing as she gently worked her fingers on his hands, massaging them, marveling at the soft feel of his young flesh. There was awkward silence that went on too long, and, both feared, betrayed their true feelings.

“OK, OK, whatever you say, Auntie Sue,” Kyle finally said, shattering the awful stillness, using a little-boy-caught voice that made her giggle.

“More pancakes?” she said, taking his plate and going to the stove, Kyle’s eyes glued to that little butt outlined in her shorts, those thin but very shapely legs below, calves knotting in freckled balls of tanned flesh as she walked.

“Sure, you know me and pancakes,” he laughed.

They ate, chatted some more, made plans. Together they made sandwiches for the beach a short walk down the road from Sue’s house. Kyle went to change, pulling on a long, baggy bathing suit and t-shirt, and Sue into a bright yellow one piece, with requisite little granny skirt in front, befitting a woman of 66 years.

Sixty-six years. She thought of her age as she dressed, looking into her mirror. Sixty-six years. She thought of how long in those later years she’d gone without sex, her husband long gone, whatever semblance of a sex life they’d had drying up years before. There hadn’t been a need, she thought, nor opportunity. Looking at her body, she smiled. It was a good body, she thought, well preserved, lean, fit. She worked at keeping it that way but never noticed anyone noticing it.

Until last night. Until the kiss. Until she felt a flush of excitement she hadn’t felt in too many years. Kyle noticed, she thought, and now almost without thinking about it, she tugged off her suit and found another, a revealing and tight white one piece, cut low atop and high on her solid thighs, offering a teasing glimpse of her ass. She looked down and saw the tiniest curls of her unshaven pubic area peeking out from the snug crotch. She tucked them in, felt wetness within as she did, and thought of Kyle. She smiled, almost unwittingly.

She pulled a modest cover-up over her suit, short, gauzy, revealing, and stepped into the kitchen, where Kyle waited, wearing sunglasses. That was a good thing, he thought, as his eyes popped wide as she turned the corner, a vision of elderly sexiness he never thought possible, or thought of at all until last night.

“How do I look?” she said brightly, spinning around in a girlish pose.

“Amazing,” he said with too much enthusiasm, reining it in a bit and adding, “Uh, you look great, Auntie Sue, you really do…”

They gathered up the cooler and towels, picked up beach chairs in her garage, and walked, laughing, to the beach a quarter mile or so away. Every so often Kyle would lag a bit, just to catch a glimpse of his aunt’s muscular old legs, getting more muscular with the walk, her flip flops slapping at the soles of feet he suddenly had the urge to lick.

They took a place at the far end of the small beach in the small town where everyone knew everyone else. Today was no exception. As they lounged in the sand, people, all of them Sue’s age, would wander over to say hello, catch up on things. They’d marvel at how big her nephew had become. Sue drank it in proudly, marveling at the same thing.

They splashed in the water when it got hot, enjoyed snacks and drink back in the sand. About 100 yards off shore was a raft, popular with local youth. It was a quiet day for a Saturday, and no one was lounging on the raft.

“Think I may take a swim out there,” Kyle said, nodding to the raft.

“I may go with you,” Sue said impulsively, standing beside him stretching, Kyle’s sidelong glance drawn to the slender woman’s body pulled tight.

“Seriously?” he laughed. “Auntie Sue, it’s a haul out there. I mean, I don’t mean…”

“That I’m too old?” she laughed, waltzing backwards toward the water, bouncing up and down as she did, that wrinkled cleavage jiggling.

“No, no, it’s not that, it’s just…”

“Race ya!” she laughed. “You forget I was on my school swim team, oh about 100 years ago!”

She knifed into the water and came up, silver hair slick against her head, and took off. Kyle shrugged and dove in, swimming effortlessly under water, eyes open, watching those amazing legs scissor kick their way toward the raft. He pulled up beside her and they kept up with each other as they neared the raft. Kyle slowed, letting her get ahead and she reached the raft, pulling herself onto it, body glistening. The seat of her one piece rode up, revealing a generous patch of white fleshy ass. Kyle tread water, willing his cock to deflate.

“No fair kızılay escort bayan letting me win!!” she laughed. “C’mon up.”

He did, slowly, bent over and quickly sitting, legs over the side, his stiff cock running down one thigh, hidden in the baggy suit. She sat next to him, and they talked and laughed, watching the people on the beach far away.

“Hey, remember when you were little and I’d bring you out to the raft, and give you a shoulder ride?” she suddenly said, voice warming to the fond recollection. “Remember that?”

“Yeah, I do,” he smiled. “You’d walk me around on the raft and then jump in the water! God, that was scary for a little kid.”

Without realizing she was saying it, she said, “Let’s do it again! For old time’s sake!”

“Auntie Sue, I’m a little too big for that, doncha think?” Kyle laughed.

“No, silly, I meant me on you!” she said, slapping him on the thigh down which ran his cock, which was deflating until the moment her wet hand touched him. “Me, I ride your shoulders, then you jump us in!”

The thought hit Kyle the second she said it. Shoulder riding him would put her crotch against the back of his head, her soft thighs brushing his face as she sat astride him. His cock showed no signs of going anywhere but up at the thought it.

“No, c’mon, Auntie Sue, that’s just silly,” he said, gulping, looking away and laughing weakly.

She sensed his discomfort and couldn’t stop feeding it.

“Chicken?” she teased, leaning over to bump shoulders with him and then standing up next to him, her hands under her armpits and making wing motions with her arms. “Chicken? Cluck-cluck-cluck? Chicken?”

He looked to the side, at the sexy old thigh inches from his face, wondering what it would feel like against his face. He looked down, his aunt’s gnarled foot wiggling as she stood, tendons dancing under the skin, wondering what those slender sexy toes would taste like in his mouth.

And suddenly, her feet were in front of him, her thighs around his face. Like a small child eager to get her way, his sexy elderly aunt had straddled his shoulders, bending his head forward. Her feet were planted on either side of his legs and she laughed, grabbing his head in both hands.

“Auntie Sue!” he cried, eyes darting left to right, drinking in the sight of those incredibly sexy, tanned thighs now brushing his cheeks. “What the hell?”

“Stand up,” she found herself saying a touch darkly. “C’mon, chicken boy, stand up! S’matter, little old Auntie Sue too heavy for ya?”

He could have scrambled out of her legs, dove into the water, laughed it off. But he didn’t. He stood up, struggling at first, tilting backwards and then getting to his feet, Auntie Sue firmly on his shoulders, her feet hooked behind his slender middle, the motion bringing her thighs that much tighter on the sides of his face.

“Giddyap!” she laughed, twisting her hips.

He obliged, riding her around the raft, marveling at the sweet softness of those thighs around his face, flared out as they flattened on his shoulders. He was thankful she was above him, unable to see the raging hard on her thighs were causing him.

He trotted her around the raft, his hands now cupping the tops of those thighs for balance, the flesh warm and wet and silky, feeling her woman heat embracing the back of his head. She enjoyed the ride, laughing, until she realized how incredibly good it felt. Slowly, she moved a bit forward, her crotch now firm on the back of his skull. She got wet from the contact and didn’t want it to end, but decorum won out.

“Uh…into the water, my horsey, my noble steed!” she weakly warbled, trying to ignore the mounting moistness in her long-neglected pussy.

He happily obliged, hoping the chilly water would soften his cock, and leaped in feet first. They plunged under and came back up. With his aunt’s thighs still on his shoulders. She leaned back against the raft, tilting her legs out, allowing Kyle’s sputtering head to surface.

“Auntie Sue, lemme go!” he cried.

Almost instinctively, she closed her thighs around his face, locking her calves together, feet entwined, and squeezed. All those years of running and working out were in clear evidence now as she looked down the length of her legs, watching her thighs bulge and ripple with muscle beneath the tanned skin. With a mischievous giggle, she squeezed harder making Kyle moan. Neither were certain if it was a moan of pain or pleasure.

“C’mon Auntie Sue, enough’s enough,” he said weakly, pawing at the thighs clamped around his ears and face, putting up token resistance, not wanting her to stop at all.

“Gotcha now, sunshine,” she said, that darkness returning to her voice, intensifying into a dominance she didn’t know she possessed. “This old lady’s got some pretty strong legs, doesn’t she?”

Kyle groaned, hands gliding over the slippery scissoring flesh of his sexy aunt’s shiny thighs.

“I said,” she snarled, escort kızlay squeezing harder, the inner thighs slowing the blood to Kyle’s brain, making him dizzy, “Doesn’t she?”

“Yes…oh God yes…Auntie, please!”

She laughed and let him go, pulling herself up to sit on the top rung of the raft’s ladder, playfully kicking her feet, splashing Kyle as he tried to come close. She laughed, and he slapped at her feet, and they were like two little kids doing what kids do best, torment each other.

“Oh, God, I need a new pedicure, my toes are awful!” she said suddenly, striking her legs out straight and right in front of Kyle’s face as he tread water before her.

He’d never had a thing for feet. But neither he a thing for older women relatives until the other night. Now, staring at the deliciously wrinkled soles of Auntie Sue, as she extended her legs and curled her toes down to show him, soles crinkling into a wet, inviting patchwork of flesh, his cock was on the verge of exploding in his suit. He was so glad he was in the water.

“Uh, OK, if you say so,” he responded with a weak smile, spitting a mouthful of water at those feet and wanting nothing more than to swim up and suckle them and each delightful bony old toe.

He didn’t know what possessed him to do it, but he suddenly grabbed her feet in both hands, fingers cupped over the insteps, thumbs on those sexy wrinkled soles, and tried to pull her off the ladder. She yelped and resisted, and he laughed and tried just hard enough to make it interesting, and to keep his hands on her feet.

“Kyle, you stop that right now!” she laughed with mock anger.

He surged forward, holding onto her feet, his face now less than in inch away. He had no plan B. He just stared at them as she giggled and wiggled her toes. She held her heels together, and spread the tops apart, looking at his goofy face through the V.

“Bad boy!” she said, suddenly slapping his face with each wet foot, stinging one cheek and then the other, back and forth, as the boy just stayed there, unmoving, the smile that was on his face now gone, replaced by a faraway, dreamy look.

He couldn’t believe his luck. First, he was sandwiched between his aunt’s amazing thighs and squeezed, now she was slapping playfully at his face with those sexy old, wrinkled feet. His cock positively ached in the cold water. He watched them come at him, eyes fixed on her soles, waiting for it, wanting more, wanting those feet around him, devouring him.

And magically, his wish was realized. With a mischievous smile, Sue stopped slapping and now stretched her legs out further, scooting her feet around the sides of Kyle’s neck, crossing the toes behind his head, squeezing him in her ankles. Kyle moaned and impossibly, felt his cock stiffen all the more.

“Gotcha again!” she hissed with that dark smile. “Let’s see if I can hold you up, and test my abdominals! I work out a lot, I’m in pretty good shape for an old broad!”

Kyle could only groan and revel in the feel of her slender ankles compressing his neck, making him dizzy as her thighs had before. And then it got better, as Auntie Sue slowly, almost gently, worked her legs back, Kyle’s head coming forward, until his neck was locked in the embrace of his sexy aunt’s meaty old calves.

“Wow…Aunt Sue…your legs are pretty damn strong!” Kyle said with a weak laugh, weak not because of the squeezing calves scissoring his neck but the sensation of flesh on flesh, old on young, and looking up the swell of her thighs to her crotch.

That’s when he saw them. The tiniest of pubic hairs, curling outward of the sides of her suit, the ones she’d tucked in earlier and were now poking free again. He cupped his trembling hands up over her shins as she held him up in the water, smiling down at him.

“Yeah, this is easy!” she laughed, pulsating her fleshy calves, tensing the muscle under the glistening skin.

He couldn’t stand it anymore. One hand slipped off her shin, underwater into his suit.

He worked his cock as quickly as possible, staring up the length of his aunt’s powerful thighs and into her crotch, where wet strands of pussy hair poked from her suit and plastered to her legs. He smiled at her smiling at him, now pulling his cock out of the leg of his shorts and stroking it, hoping she wouldn’t notice.

And she wouldn’t have, had it not been for the sexual tension between them. She looked at his right shoulder, muscular and sinewy, and noticed the slight tensing and flexing of it. She knew he was jerking off, had to be, setting her mind racing at the thought, her pussy going wetter still.

“My calves are pretty strong, huh?” she heard herself saying, playfully tensing them harder, squeezing his neck, loving his moaned response. “Can ya take it, Kyle? Can ya take the pressure?”

“Not…not that bad…” he groaned, hand stroking his cock faster, harder, more urgently, trying not to give himself away.

“Oh really?” she said, impulsively working his neck up higher in her squeezing old legs until she’d worked her lower thighs around him, her body tilted back, hands gripping the raft’s ladder, folding her locked calves down on his back, drawing his astonished face closer to her loins. “My thighs are pretty strong too, aren’t they?”

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