The Calcium Club Ch. 02

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Chapter 2 – Club Life

Dan looked at the couple in front of him disapprovingly. The girl was pretty enough, and he was expert enough to assess her beneath the superficial appearance, but she was skinny and undernourished. She looked underage. The man was a type well known to him, lean and rangy and scruffy in his appearance, although he had some expensive cowboy boots under his dirty jeans. At least ten years older than the girl and she was obviously besotted with his attentions.

“I’m not sure you understand the function of the Calcium Club miss,” Dan addressed her in preference to the man, obviously annoying him considerably.

“Sure we do mister,” the man interjected, “you look after girls and they can get money if’n they give you the milk from their titties.”

Dan winced at the crude directness. It was of course the basic truth, but he liked to think of the Calcium Club as more sophisticated than that.

“Joe tells me that if I have a baby then I’ll make milk and you have gentlemen here who will pay us well to have it Mister.” the girl blushed.

“Well my dear, that might be possible but it is not as straightforward as that. How old are you Kylie?”

“She’s eighteen, and she wants to have a baby too.” Joe answered for her.

“You’re not pregnant then?” Dan questioned, “that might be a problem. Most of the women that come here are usually well already pregnant.”

“I was eighteen last week an’ I can prove it,” Kylie spoke defiantly.

“Yes, I’m sure you are my dear, but I’m more concerned as to why you are here if you are not pregnant.” Dan questioned.

“I want to have a baby and Joe wants to give me one, but he tells me that I have to find a way of making some money so’s I can bring it up.” Kylie admitted.

So, we reach the truth now thought Dan. This rangy low life fancies getting his new girl knocked up while she is still besotted with him, but can’t be bothered to find any way himself to support his offspring. Probably thinks he can even live off what she can earn here too. Dan looked at Kylie afresh. Yes, she was actually quite pretty in a trailer trash way. He could see from the way she was sitting that she had good hips although at present they were a little bony. A few good meals and some more comfortable living would soon put a little needed flesh on her. Her breasts were small but quite firm looking under her cotton top. She didn’t look as if she needed to wear a bra. He made a decision about her, but this Joe would have to go!

“Kylie. We don’t just take girls in off the street as you might put it. The women that come here are sensible and responsible mothers who know what they are doing. Some of them in a bit straightened circumstances, but all are anxious to do the best for their babies and bring them up well. If we can help in that in exchange then everybody is happy.” Dan told her.

“What I want to know is if she has a baby, can she come here and get some money.” Joe pursued roughly.

“Kylie, you can come into the club now if you like. We need to give you a full medical examination and then wait for the results. That might take a day or two, but you can come in and stay while we assess that.” Dan ignored Joe, who glowered.

“She don’t want that.” he said.

“Well, it’s the only way really. The examination is very thorough and we have to have Kylie in a controlled environment while our Doctor checks her over. What do you think Kylie?” Dan asked her simply.

“But what about having a baby?” Kylie asked.

“The tests will tell us if we can take you Kylie. Then when you have your baby then we will know all about you when you come back in nine months time. Otherwise you could just have your baby and come to us to find that we can’t offer you anything.” Dan answered her, not entirely truthfully.

“I think I might like that. When could I do that?” Kylie asked.

“Well my dear, let me check.” Dan checked his files while Joe glowered darkly. This wasn’t what he’d expected. “We do have a room at the moment, and I can get the Doctor to see you tomorrow. Why don’t you just move in right now?”


“Don’t worry about your things Kylie. The Calcium Club is well equipped. We can send for anything you need, I’m sure Joe will sort them out for you, won’t you Joe?” Dan rubbed the salt in.

Dan picked up the telephone and spoke a few words. A few minutes later a largish man knocked and entered. Kylie and Joe stood and Dan took the chance to look over Kylie again as she moved. He hummed with satisfaction, yes he thought, he’d made the right decision. Kylie was a fine female with a good figure. She was small but nicely formed and she’d be very attractive to several of the club members that he could think of. She’d be a good addition to the club herd and if she needed a little working on then, well that was his job as club manager.

“Hello Clint,” he greeted the newcomer, “Kylie is going to stay with us for a few days, and Joe here is just leaving. Perhaps you’d see him out while I show Kylie her apartment.”

“I’m escort izmir very pleased to meet you Kylie.” Clint smiled at her as he quickly looked her over. He took her hand and kissed it. “I’m sure you’ll enjoy your stay with us. Joe, let me show you the way out.”

Kylie blushed at Clint’s touch. She was totally unused to this courteous treatment and not unaffected by Clint’s powerful physique. When Dan took her by the elbow and led her she was halfway out of the door before she realised it.

“Bye Joe, see you later.” she called.

“Now look here,” Joe protested.

“This way Joe,” Clint insisted, “Kylie will be fine.”

Joe still protested but Clint took his arm and by way of a demonstration gripped it to hurt him considerably as he propelled him towards the club entrance. Joe didn’t really have much of a chance and Clint only wanted him gone for now. After all, it might not work out with Kylie, and if it did and Joe became a nuisance it was time enough then to frighten him off. Dan guided Kylie out of the room so that she did not see any unpleasantness and led her through the main hallway where he took a key from the board and then they went up to the second floors. He opened a door and invited Kylie to enter. Her breath was taken away with the simple luxury, she had never been in a room like this before. Dan showed her the layout. A large patio window took up the whole of one end of the room, opening up onto a small balcony. There was enough room besides the twin beds for a sitting area inside the window with a sofa and low coffee table. Dan told her that the TV had all the satellite channels and then showed her the walk-in wardrobe and the well appointed bathroom complete with its show-biz style mirror and make up station. Kylie could see that the room was equipped too. There were clothes hanging and stocks of cosmetics in the bathroom.

“Make yourself comfortable Kylie,” Dan smiled at her, “I’ll send someone along in an hour or so to show you around and make sure you don’t get lost.

Sure enough, a while later there was a gentle rap on the door and a female voice called. “Kylie? Let me in please its Angela here. I’m your room-mate.”

Angela was a young woman not much older than herself. About 5′ 4″ with long blonde hair and looking a perfect size 8 they could have almost been sisters. Angela came over the threshold and kissed Kylie on the cheek.

“I’ve been so looking forward to meeting you,” she enthused, ” ever since Dan told me you were going to stay for a few days.”

“Do you live here too,” Kylie asked.

“I’m one of the house girls here yes. I live here all the time.” Angela told her.

“What does being a house girl mean?”

“Well, look, I’ll tell you everything. Dan wants me to. I’m going to be your house sister so you’ll pick it all up, but now we got a coupla hours and then we can go downstairs and meet people and get something to eat. You’re going to love it here Kylie, but we gotta make sure they love you. I’ll run your bath.”

Slowly the two girls got to know each other as women do. Kylie bathed in luxurious foam. Angela hoisted her skirt and took a piss. Angela helped Kylie wither her hair. Angela helped Kylie with her make-up applying a little and subtle colour unlike Kylie’s natural habit of overdoing it. And they talked.

“I don’t really understand Angie,” questioned Kylie, “when I came here today it was because Joe wanted to give me a baby and thought I could come here with my milk. But Dan got rid of Joe and I’m not pregnant so I dunno why Dan thinks he wants me here.”

“Thing you need to know Kylie is that the men that run the club are experts about women.” Angie laughed. “most men think they are don’t they though! But these guys, especially Dan, can size a girl up real quick. He lookin’ deeper than just your pretty little tits baby, so I guess he decided you had something. Must say honey, I think he must be right, you a pretty little girl.”

“Yes but, I’m not pregnant nor nothing, so I don’t really understand.” Kylie persisted.

“Well maybe they call your Joe back over when they decided on you honey, so’s you can see if you wanna carry out his plan?” Angie offered, “Anyway, lets go down and get something to eat, I’m starving. Look, we have a little house uniform here for normal everyday, lets get you dressed.”

The girls went to the wardrobe and Angela explained that most of the clothes there could be worn in the evening for special times, but on normal evenings like this and during the day, the house girls wore a simple short pleated skirt and a white shirt with soft flattie shoes. There was a good stock of these hanging and Kylie had to admit that it was very comfortable and quite sexy too in its simplicity.

“Hello ladies.” A voice greeted the two women.

Kylie recognised Clint from earlier. Her tummy churned unexpectedly as Clint took her hand and kissed her cheek. She really fancied him she thought and the patch between her legs went gooey. Angela had picked up on it too and escort izmir gave her a wry smile.

“Oh, we all fancy Clint, don’t we honey.” Angie smiled at him.

Kylie blushed to her roots that her reaction had been so transparent, but Clint just smiled and put his arm around her. The three of them went into a small serving area like a works canteen where they were served with a meal. Kylie found it surprisingly good and the meal was a happy affair. Clint was most attentive of her and she was flattered by this and found herself admiring his powerful arms and well toned physique.

“I hope you’ll like it here well enough to think of staying Kylie,” he told her and added meaningfully, “I’d certainly like the opportunity of getting to know you better. A whole lot better. You make sure your show her all the best bits Angie.”

“I’m going to show Kylie some of the rest of the place later,” Angela agreed, “we’ll be back in the girl’s lounge after to watch some TV I guess. Maybe we can hook up again later?”

Clint told the women that he’d look forward to it, and as they finished their meal Kylie felt really satisfied. It was the best full meal she’d had for ages and the sense of the atmosphere in this club just felt right to her. Angie showed her the small but beautifully appointed gymnasium and introduced her to a couple of other girls that were working out there, before moving up to the top floor. Here they were met with a solid door where Angie rang for attention. An attractive young brunette girl opened it to them and with a broad smile let them in.

“You must be Kylie my dear,” she said kissing her, “I’m Sara, I was told you might be coming round. I hope Angie’s looking after you?”

Sara showed them over the creche.

“The house girls all work here in shifts looking after the babies,” she explained, “and on the floor below we have the nursery where the toddlers live. After that they go off to school, all at the Club’s expense of course.”

Angie had disappeared but returned carrying an year old baby boy. The three women all clucked and made of fuss of it and Angela told Kylie that it was her son.

“Oh, I see,” Kylie said, “so when you were pregnant you turned to here?”

“Well yes Kylie, but not quite like that, I already had a baby girl at sixteen and I was struggling to survive but I couldn’t come here until I was eighteen but then they took me in.” Angie explained.

Kylie looked puzzled.

“I still had some milk, so there wasn’t too much of a problem, but I needed to increase my yield. I mean the club needed me to stay in milk, so I had this little delight here last year.” Angie cuddled the baby lovingly.

“Oh, I see. Then… ” Kylie probed.

“Clint is the father Kylie.” Angie stated in a matter of fact way.

“I didn’t realise Angie. Oh I’m sorry, when Clint was coming on to me just now, I wouldn’t have…”

Angie and Sara laughed, a bit to Kylie’s surprise. Perhaps their relationship was quite open she thought?

“The club decided that Angie would need to have another baby Kylie, and they arranged for Clint to serve her.” Sara explained with a smile. “It could have been any of the men here, or even one of the members. It depends on what the governors decide. Of course they are guided by Dan a lot. It happens that Clint is the father of my last baby too.”

Kylie went to bed that night with her mind in a whirl, but the room was so nice, and the bed was so comfortable, and she’d eaten better than she could remember for many months, that she quickly fell asleep. Angie and she talked a bit, about life in the club, the men there and some of the members. Angie told Kylie all the details of Clint’s physique and how she’d enjoyed being inseminated by him. Lovely girl talk, and then slept until the dawn.

“Ah Kylie! Come in my dear.” The doctor took her in to his examination room when she arrived, ” Dan told me you were here. Now we have to do a complete physical examination and I’ll need to do some blood tests as well.”

He busied himself with that and as he did so, the door opened and Dan entered. He was accompanied by a distinguished looking older man. Kylie startled, she expected that her consultation with the doctor would be private.

“This is the girl Stephen. Her name is Kylie.” Dan spoke.

The senior looking man turned to Kylie and motioned her to stand. She didn’t know who he was but she knew instinctively that she shouldn’t disobey this man. He put his fingers under her chin and tilted her face upwards staring into her eyes and then turning her face on each side in minute examination.

“Pretty enough Dan,” he agreed, “what is your first thought Dr Bradshaw?”

“I think Dan’s right Mr Cooper, I’ve only started my examination, but she seems to be basically healthy. Her bone structure is good too, nice firm hips, widely spaced.”

Stephen Cooper turned Kylie on the spot in front of him and ran his eye down the curve of her back and the jut of her arse, before looking at the swell of her young breasts.

“Your judgement is always spot on Dan. What would we do without you? Nothing a little nourishment and grooming won’t sort out. Have her strip please Dr Bradshaw.”

The doctor gestured to Kylie who shyly removed her skirt and blouse and followed these items by removing the simple white bra and panties that Angie had found for her. The men looked on as she did so and finally she stood quite naked as Stephen Cooper appraised her once more. He had her turn and pose in every direction. This time the swell of her breast was not hidden from his gaze and he cupped one experimentally.

“Her breasts are firm Stephen, don’t you think? The backside is nicely set too. I see it properly now, a lovely backward thrust to it and a sweet cut in at the front. Her vagina will be perfectly positioned.” Dan commented.

“Nice wide gap between her legs too Dan. Good breeding stock certainly. Bend over that table girl.” The last instruction given directly to Kylie for the first time.

Kylie hesitated.

“Over the table girl. Now!” Mr Cooper snapped at her, “I don’t expect to have to repeat myself. Spread your legs wide.”

Kylie obeyed. She could feel the men’s gaze as she knew her vagina was on full display to them.

“Now let’s have a look at her pudenda. Doctor?”

Dr Bradshaw had put on disposable gloves and reaching between Kylie’s legs, parted the outer lips gently revealing her inner labia. They showed moist and pink and quite crinkly. He slid his finger up until he reached her vaginal and with two fingers opened her right up. The men could see right up into her body.

“Good,” commented Stephen Cooper, “she is nice and full formed. Ah yes, lovely large clitoris too.”

The doctor had used some lubrication from Kylie’s vagina to moisten her clitoral hood and release the little nubbin from its cowl. It stood firm and Kylie squirmed under his touch. Especially when Stephen Cooper inserted his own finger deep into her and sniffed at the silky secretion from deep inside her. His hand rested on the cheek of Kylie’s bottom.

“I’ll report your recommendation to the board then Dan, with my own observations.” Stephen Cooper instructed, “although she’s a bit of flesh put on here. Look, you can see her hip bones. Pass me that tape please doctor.

He ran the tape around Kylie’s waist. It measured 22″ and then around her hips it showed only 34″.

“She should be at least 38″ here,” he commented, “but I don’t want her waist increased over 24″. Have her fattened a little Dan. What size are your breasts girl?”

Kylie stood and he measured her.

“A good C-cup,” he grunted with satisfaction, “they’ll enlarge too when she gets pregnant.”

“Any recommendation on who we should put her with Stephen?” Dan asked.

“When is you next period girl?” Stephen Cooper snapped at her.

“Next week sir,” Kylie stuttered.

“Benjamin is back with us in a few weeks isn’t he? Let’s use him. We’ll have her inseminated at her next ovulation.” He added finally.

Dan and Stephen Cooper left her with Dr Bradshaw then. She wasn’t finished with him and the examination went on for another hour with the doctor assembling a complete dossier on her for the consideration of the executive board of the club. Over the next few days, Kylie felt both investigated and pampered as she attended the beauty salon for facials and manicure, and the club’s top hairdresser, and the beautician where she had her legs waxed and also underwent, at Dan’s insistence, a complete Brazilian waxing. Every hair on her vulva and between her legs was whisked away and Dan told her that she would undergo laser treatment shortly to ensure that she remained that way. Over the next week she enjoyed a comfortable lifestyle mostly in the company of Angie and sometimes Sara and ate well, attended the gymnasium and was instructed by another girl, June, who took the role of being her personal trainer. When Kylie’s period hit her eight days in, she was almost a different girl. Dan had kept his eye on her throughout and only yesterday as he ran his hand over her bottom had commented on how she was filling out and how the curve of her arse was emphasised even more now by her narrow waist.

“I think even your breasts have filled out a little my dear. The nipples certainly look very dark and brown. We are very satisfied with you.” Dan told her.

Kylie flushed with pleasure, she was enjoying her stay and she certainly felt healthier than she had ever been. After her period had finished, Dan ordered her to work in the crèche. Kylie didn’t realise the strategy here but after a couple of weeks as she approached her ovulation, the work alongside Sara looking after a number of very young babies had its effect on her hormones. She became increasingly broody and even at her tender age of eighteen felt an increasing desire for fulfilment as a woman. When Dan was advised that she was ready for he’d had Sara keep a close on her, he called for her to be brought down to his office.

Dan took her through to an area of the club where she’d never been before. A stark white tiled room with a shower cubicle just off it and only a large marble topped table in the middle.

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