The Break Up

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Things hadn’t been going well between them, for quite a while actually. Yes they loved each other, but somehow that love had changed over the years of their turbulent, long distance relationship. The relationship was extremely passionate but scarred with misunderstandings and hurt feelings.

The two of them were sharing the last day of a weekend together in Jan’s new city. Having moved to the big apple recently, she had invited Walt to visit for the weekend, not unlike many other weekends from their past in Jan’s previous city.

As they lay on Jan’s bed together, hardly talking, just looking into each other’s eyes thoughts raced though their heads. How will this relationship work? Why can’t we make any progress? Is this the last time we will be together?

Walt’s hand slowly caressed Jan’s body. She felt his touch, reassuring and sensual, just like the first time he touched her, just like every time he touches her. His hand begins to rove her body, following every curve. He can feel her warmth on his finger tips. The fine hairs on the back of her arm stand on top of goose bumps as his tips pass over them. Walt loved Jan’s body. She was the most sexual woman he had ever been with. Jan was not the super model type. Instead she was a heavier woman, rubenesque, some might describe in slang as a BBW. Jan carried herself well, with a funky flair. Ample 44 DD breasts exhibited cleavage that no one could miss. But was really got to Walt was Jan’s big, stunning green eyes and heart shaped smile, which melted him every time he looked at her. A sharp wit, sometimes too sharp for Walt, and an awesome personality completed Jan’s package.

Walt had a unique appearance. Salt and pepper hair, brown eyes, and a smile that could kill. Coupling quiet demeanor with a lean athletic body and dark complexion he had a look of mystery that either drew women to him or sparked no interest whatsoever. Walt had no problem attracting women though, having turned down many opportunities during his time with Jan. In fact, his friends were amazed that he would be with someone like Jan when he could have the pick of many ‘perfect’ women.

The warm afternoon light cast rays through the bedroom window and landed upon their bodies. As always, they lay on their sides, facing each other, faces only and inch apart when separating to whisper, otherwise kissing. Each had full lips, a quality they appreciated in each other. Walt’s hand circled the small of Jan’s back and then under her shirt. God, he loved touching her. He gently bahis firmaları rolled Jan onto her stomach and straddled her from behind as he gave her a back and neck massage. Jan loved this. No one had ever touched her like Walt. The rubs always started out relaxing and soothing, easing out the stress of everyday life. And, they always ended with Jan being aroused — this time being no different. Walt leaned forward, lying onto Jan. She loved his body weight on her. She could feel his warm breath next to her ear, and could feel herself starting to moisten.

Walt mimicked her body position, his arms on top of hers, feeling the softness of her form. Gentle kisses on her neck and cheek. He loved her taste. Jan’s lips drew up in to a smile of pleasure, parting with small gasps and whimpers. She could feel Walt’s growing bulge pressing between her lower cheeks. She knew that she was wet now, probably seeping through her pants. Walt’s light touch between her legs confirmed the dampness. He could feel Jan pressing into his fingers as he gently teased her from outside her clothing.

Quickly, Jan shifted, lifting her body onto all fours and pushing Walt behind her. His fingers continued to stroke her drenched crotch. He knew this was the signal to pull off Jan’s pants, which he did on cue, leaving her panties in place. He could see the darkness of her full bush behind the wet panties, and the overflow hair coming around the edges. Walt had always kept himself neatly, closely trimmed while Jan maintained an all natural appearance. Walt next helped Jan remove her shirt and she immediately returned to her submissive position. Walt stood and removed his shirt as Jan turned her head to look behind her and watch. She adored his ripped body, watching every muscle as it flexed with his movements.

Next Walt dropped his jeans. He then moved back up onto the bed pressing his bulging crotch, still contained in his underwear, into the space between her legs. She could feel his warm presence and thrust herself into him. His hands gently clutched her hips and pulled her into him. Jan started to gasp and whisper “oh my god.” Walt knew this was a sign that Jan was really turned on. Walt’s hands moved over Jan’s hips and across her soft hanging belly and grasped each of Jan’s breasts. His fingers pinched her nipples through the fabric of her bra. She moaned with pleasure. She loved her nipples, as they were very sensitive and Walt knew exactly how to make her come just by touching them.

He continued to gently kaçak iddaa tug on each nipple and then slipped his fingers under the material to feel the fleshiness of each fat nipple. He then pulled the material down over each breast so the nipples would be exposed. Walt kissed a trail down Jan’s back as he started to lift up. Again his hands clutched her hips. Now he pulled down on Jan’s panties over her buttocks and down to her knees, Jan lifted on leg to allow Walt to pull the panty over her foot.

Walt could smell Jan’s pungent pussy. Jan had always had a very strong scent and Walt thoroughly enjoyed the smell as it filled the air. He quickly pulled his underwear off and moved back behind her. This time it was flesh against flesh. Hot bodies, Jan’s wetness literally dripping out of her. Walt’s own precum was oozing out of his penis and he pressed his hard cock against Jan’s wet folds. He reached around her waist and pulled his erection against her pussy and clit. Jan’s moans were continuous now. He massaged his cock into her folds and clit. Jan reached up and clutched her breast as she gently bit down on her lower lip. She could feel his circumcised head pressing onto her swollen, large clit. She knew Walt’s cock like the back of her hand. She could feel his entire shaft against her pussy. Walt’s dick was coated with Jan’s slippery juices. He pulled back and then guided the tip of his cock in between Jan’s pussy lips. They parted so easily. He knew this drove Jan crazy and he could barely hang on himself whenever he did this. The moved in and out ever so slightly. Then in one sudden stroke plunged his entire cock into Jan’s deep pussy. He could felt he familiar fire burning inside her. Withdrawing until just the tip was inserted he could see his glistening, veined cock.

This time Jan pushed backward and took Walt’s cock in one stroke, taking the entire cock up to the hilt. She loved his cock. Although he was only seven inches, he always felt so big to her. Jan was starting to lose control, beginning to rock her pussy on Walt’s cock as he held firmly onto Jan’s hips. The wet slapping sounds of their sex mixed in with Walt’s grunts and Jan’s begs of “fuck me.”

At this point, Jan’s pussy was so slippery and loose that Walt could barely feel anything, but it is obviously that Jan could. They continued their piston action, driving harder each time. Walt is holding off cumming but he can see that Jan is about to by the arch in her back as she drives her breasts into her hands. She thrust into kaçak bahis Walt at a spasmodic pace that he could not match and then with a final push back Jan let out a loud moan. Then gently her body starts to collapse onto the bed and Walt follows her keeping his cock inside her. He can feel her juices as gush out around his cock.

Jan’s clit is hypersensitive after cumming. Walt is always careful to not cause her pain. His favorite part is yet to come though. He can feel the coolness of their sweat as they rest for a few minutes, his cock still inside her, he lying on her back. Slowly he starts to move his cock. She knows this move. She knows she will cum again shortly. Walt props himself up on his arms and in a slow methodical manner lengthens each stroke. He can feel Jan shift to receive maximum pleasure from each movement. Walt looks down at his cock moving in and out of Jan’s pussy. He admires the way his own body looks against Jan’s. Chest and triceps well defined, with bulging veins as he supports himself.

He can feel himself shift into primal instinct. Animal like, he starts to fuck Jan. She starts screaming “yes, yes, oh fuck me Walt.” Hearing that drives him further into his aggressive motions. Jan reaches up behind her and touches Walt’s pectoral muscle, finding his nipple. Walt’s nipples are sensitive and Jan knows it. She pinches the nipple hard. Walt shouts “oh fuck, I’m going to cum. I’m going to fill your pussy.” Jan is on the verge and has been holding off cumming so that she can cum with Walt. In the next second she can feel the uncontrolled familiar hard thrust as Walt shoots his cum inside Jan. He can feel his spurts as they coat the inside of her pussy. Likewise, Jan can feel Walt’s spurts and responds as she clamps her pussy tight around his cock and the thrusting motion on her clit takes her into her second orgasm.

This time, Walt collapses on top of Jan, his face against her cheek. He can feel her smile. His cock starts to shrink, slowly moving out of Jan. He rolls off onto his side. Exchanging those loving stares, Jan’s eyes begin to fill with tears.

She thinks to herself, “Why can’t I make this relationship work?”

Walt’s eyes begin to tear up, knowing Jan’s thoughts. He knows this relationship won’t work. She knows it too. Why does making love to each other have to be so perfect?

Jan says, “I love you, Walt.”

Walt says, “I love you too, Jan.”

They clutched each other tightly for the next several minutes, crying the tears that needed to be let out.

They whispered to each other. “I’ll miss you.”

Walt dressed himself, walked to the subway, and took the train to the airport, his heart breaking every step of the way.

Jan cried herself to sleep.

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