The Bartender and His Cougar

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She used to be subtle but now she didn’t care anymore. Another 12 hour day of negotiations had fried her brain thoroughly and the Grey Goose dirty martini sitting in front of her was just what the doctor ordered. The new bartender was easy on the eye and she was too tired to care if he noticed her stare.

Once again she glanced down at him working at the end of the bar. Dressed in tight jeans and a black tee showing off his nicely chiseled upper body he quickly dipped the glasses…first in the soapy water, then in the clean. There was a rhythm to his work and she mindlessly tapped her shiny black fingernails in time.

It had been a couple of weeks since he started working there and not coincidentally it was her new favorite happy hour spot. He was 25…maybe. Tall with long black hair tied back in a ponytail and blue eyes, always a bit unshaven, full lips that broke into a big smile whenever she came in.

At times she was sure he knew she was watching. She couldn’t help herself, eyes pawing at him shamelessly as fantasies about what he looked like bare chested floated through her mind. It had been a long time since she felt anything like this.

She felt the vibration of her cell phone, took a look at the caller ID and rolled her eyes. Would this day ever finish? “Yes?” She said. “Sorry to bother you,” the male voice began. “No problem,” she said with a barely perceptible sigh. Grabbing her notebook, she began to take notes.

Twenty minutes later a fresh chilled martini glass appeared in front of her. She glanced down to the end of the bar and caught his eye. She raised her glass and mouthed, “Thanks.” Another eye roll and a grin in his direction and it was back to her note taking.

“Anything else you need me to know?” She asked closing her Macbook and clicking her pen shut. “Great, I will get the proposal wrapped up and in your hands by midweek.” Hanging up her phone, she tucked it and the notebook back into her designer bag.

She startled to feel a hand slide across her back. Two strong hands gripped her tight shoulder muscles and squeezed knowingly. Before she could turn, his cheek pressed against her, his lips whispering against the back of her ear, she heard him say, “You look absolutely delicious.”

His strong thumbs released the day’s worries and she felt herself melt. She glanced back to see the familiar intense blue eyes looking down at her. Lost in sensation, his hand found hers and lifted her to her feet. She turned and smiled as she looked up at the man who she has watched for weeks. He pulled her close and held her with clear intention. “Got plans for the night?” He whispered with his face buried in her hair.

Tingling bahis firmaları from head to toe, she stuttered, “Now I do!” A little tipsy from the martinis and exhausted from the week, her resistance was zero and it felt right to be in his arms. “I think a massage is just what you need.” He said as he released her back to her bar stool. “I get off in an hour. Let me replenish that drink for you.”

Her thoughts ran chaotic in her busy mind. Who was he? How old was he? What was she thinking? Who cares? All she knew is that he had melted her with a simple touch on the shoulders. She hadn’t had a man touch her with such confidence since, well, it might even be since before law school.

Heart pounding, she watched him taking care of the other bar patrons. Occasionally he glanced her way with a knowing smile and a nod or wink. Biting her lip, she knew his thoughts were pure lust, an unquenchable wanting and she didn’t care. She was hot and tingly and work, clients and office politics were blissfully knocked right out of her mind. Boom. All she could think about was his mouth on her, her hands in his hair.

Heart pounding she felt her cheeks flush as he cleaned the bar glasses getting ready to finish his shift. Another bartender was now on duty and she knew her massage was next on his agenda. She sipped the last of her martini and popped a vodka soaked olive into her mouth. “Hi, Drew asked me to give you this.” The pretty female bartender said sliding a piece of paper her way.

She unfolded the note and read, “Watching you put that olive in your mouth only makes me want to taste u.” Her mouth got dry and she tried to swallow. She looked up and caught his eye, an unmistakeable glint of pure desire flashed between them. She felt heat hit her between her legs. God he was hot.

Flustered, she grabbed her bag and retreated to the restroom. A little tipsy, she held the bar to steady herself. Was it the alcohol or was it him? Trying to settle herself, she took a deep breath and walked down the hall. “Don’t look, don’t look,” she whispered to herself as she turned around ignoring her insistent command.

He was looking right at her. “Shit.” She said, only pretending to be upset. She used the bathroom, splashed a little cold water on her face, applied her kissable lip gloss and headed back to the bar.

When she go back to her stool, he was nowhere to be seen. There was a folded up piece of paper under her glass. “Meet me in the parking lot.” It said. “Drew got your tab,” said the bartender with a wink. Liquid courage surging through her veins, she gathered her things and headed out the door.

It only took her a minute to find him. He was kaçak iddaa leaning up against his car, cigarette dangling out of his mouth. She walked right up to him. “Thanks for taking care of my tab.” He smiled. “I plan to take care of a lot more than that.”

Pulling her in close he held her and kissed the top of her head. It was as if he sensed her resistance. Backing up and letting her simmer a little bit in expectation, he was rewarded as she softened and let herself be held.

“I’m, well, I’m……” She tried to speak. “Shhhh baby.” He whispered covering her protests with gentle kisses. Barely touching her lips with his, she shivered and opened her mouth in response. She melted under his spell. All she could think about was her pounding heart and throbbing lady bits.

He broke the hug and took her hand. “I know a place we can go for a little privacy.” Feeling her hesitation, he turned back to her, “It’s ok baby, I want to take care of you.” He looked at her with a promise of what was to come and raised her hand to his lips and kissed it.

Excited and turned on, she willingly followed him around the corner of the bar. Situated on the beach, there were several cabanas set up for tomorrow’s massage clients. Perfect. He led her into the cabana closest to the water. “We should have lots of privacy down here.” He said as he pulled her inside.

He wrapped his arms around her and any remaining resistance melted away. She opened up to him and met his tongue in a passionate kiss. Hungry for each other they tasted, nibbled and probed each other. Fast then slow, he controlled the pace, drawing her arousal into a frenzy.

Hugging her tight he led her to the massage table. Slipping out of her black pumps, she sat on the edge of the table as he unzipped the back of her dress. His fingers skimmed the smooth skin between her shoulder blades raising goose bumps and sending a shiver through her body.

She reached up to wrap her arms around his neck hungering for another round of kissing. “Just a minute, sweetheart.” He said as he unhooked her bra and dropped it on the floor near his feet. Shivering in the late night air, she felt her nipples get hard. Noticing her response, he gently helped her lay down on the table. Laying a hand on the center of her chest and the other on her lower belly, he matched her breathing.

“Where are you hurting, baby?”

“My back and shoulders are killing me.”

“I will take care of you, roll over for me and let me show you.”

Once she was laying on her belly, he laid the silk sheet over her lower body and began to squeeze and work the tense muscles in her back and shoulders. He was an excellent masseuse and kaçak bahis the repetitive motions were deeply soothing.

He ran his hand down the sides of her spine and then over the soft flesh of her bum. She shivered again and unconsciously opened her legs on the table. In perfect rhythm, he reached down and started stroking her legs. Starting at her ankle, he gently stroked, first one hand then the other up to the soft skin behind her knee and then back to her ankle.

She began moving her body anticipating his touch. He responded by starting up her thighs running his fingers from the back of her knees to the crease below her bum. She shivered and squealed her delight. Trying to turn over and reach for him, he laughed, “Oh no you don’t.”

Climbing on to the massage table and sitting on her thighs, he began to work her upper back and shoulders again. Hands sweeping down the sides of her ribcage, fingers delicately touching the sides of her breasts, he felt her breath speed up. He leaned forward and breathed on the back of her neck.

Moans escaped in her excitement. Everytime he exhaled against the soft skin behind her ear, she squirmed and tried to lift herself closer to him. He was good. He whispered to her and she whimpered her ok. “Yes, please, please,” she pleaded with him.

He climbed off the table and turned her over. Placing her right calf against his chest, he began to massage her upper thigh. She was open to his touch and her body was writhing with pleasure. Lifting her other leg, he gently pulled and situated her at the end of the table before placing her leg on his other shoulder.

Watching her eyes roll back in her head, he began kissing her inner thighs. Up one leg and down the other, licking, tasting and nibbling the tender white skin. Up, up to her outer lips and yet not touching, only teasing, blowing on them. “I am in no hurry, baby.” He growled.

Laying back in ecstacy, she let go and let herself open even more. Animal sounds came from her as she let him take control of her pleasure. Running her fingers in his hair she held on tight as he covered her with kisses. Nibbling, tasting, stroking, sucking, he worked his magic and made her mad with pleasure.

The first orgasm hit her hard and her body bucked up against him. Pulling his hair she cried out until he put his fingers into her mouth to muffle her voice. Again and again her body rocked in passion. Again and again he would not let her escape his grip.

“Are you trying to kill me?” She finally said with an exhausted laugh. “That’s just round 1!” He said crawling up to lay next to her on the table. Wrapping his arms around her, she felt echoes of pleasure continue to rock her as he held her close. Waves of pleasure rose again and she melted back into him. “Fuck.” She whispered hoarsely. “Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.” He laughed and kissed her forehead, “Tell me how you really feel.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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