That Sweet White Ass

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I had met Ryan through a friend; another fuck buddy actually. I was recently divorced and after years of sexual repression, I was finally at thirty-five sowing the wild oats that most people do in their twenties. The last fifteen years had been about being the good Christian wife; a role which I found stifling and unfulfilling. But fifteen years married to a depressed religious zealot had left me feeling rather low myself.

But since the divorce, I had lost over fifty pounds going from a size 16 to 10. I had also changed my hair style and gotten a very nice Southern California tan. All in all, I was a mature woman at her sexual peak and I was not intending to waste any more time feeling guilty about, who I was. I readily admit I used sex to build my battered self-esteem; each time a man desired me my opinion of myself grew. Especially a man like Ryan.

Ryan was a personal trainer; and had the body to show for it. He stood well over six foot three; while not the bulk of a body-builder, he boasted well-defined musculature. His dark coffee coloured skin was a perfect compliment to my much paler tones. He wore his hair in neatly plaited corn rows. He was also a decade younger than me. The fact that this young man, for whom any woman (and some men) would lust, desired me and enjoyed our times together was a real high.

He had my triad of favourites too; a thick uncut cock, a smattering of springy chest hair and tattoos, three of them. I liked to say that those things gave me something to play with; while my lovers recovered. I could lay my blonde head on his nice solid chest and run my fingers through the chest hair. If I was feeling especially naughty I might ever tug gently at them. The tattoos; well, I loved to trace them with my fingers or tongue. My favourite on him was the ying and yang symbol over his right hip bone. Of course, if my tongue outlined that it soon lead to my other favourite blowing that beautiful nine inch uncut black cock, which then lead to the next round of great fucking.

I had first met Ryan at a small party at my friend’s house on Seal Beach. Ryan was markedly different from my friends with their aging surfer boy good looks and Peter Pan syndrome, which made them reluctant to grow up. Ryan was for his age a remarkably driven young man. We spent a great deal of time that night just talking. One of the things, besides great sex which we shared, was our jobs. Although he worked for the competition, we were both personal trainers by profession.

By one o’clock, the crowd was beginning to thin out. I had brought an overnight bag and was planning to stay with my friend Tom that night. In the end, it was me, Tom, his brother Terry and Ryan. Now one of my favourite games had recently become the brothers; both of them. Sometimes they would blindfold me and take turns; if I guessed which brother then I got to cum. If I guessed wrong, then they would get whatever they wanted; usually my ass. This game was especially convenient since Terry lived in a studio apartment attached to Tom’s house. It was basically like having two fuck buddies for the price of one. So I think that Terry might have been hanging out hoping this would be another night of games.

But I had caught Ryan’s attention; and one thing I was to discover about my friend over the next couple of months was that when he wanted something, he got it. So Tom and Terry were both shocked when Ryan simply said, ‘It’s getting late. Why don’t we leave these guys to clean up? Perhaps we could take a walk along the beach or grab a drink somewhere.’

I had to laugh. I am not certain if it was from the look on the brothers’ faces or the boldness of this younger man. I explained, ‘Actually the plan was for me to spend the night here.’

Now it was my new friend, who looked shocked. ‘But you and Tom don’t act like a couple.’

I explained of course that we were not a couple, but merely friends with benefits. I chose that term simply because it seemed so much more polite than fuck buddies. Ryan looked both relieved and a tad confused still.

Then Tom, who knew more than a couple of my unfulfilled fantasies, piped up. ‘Actually Ryan, Maggie has this unfulfilled fantasy to be with a black guy.’ Looking over at me for approval, ‘So if you want to stay that’s fine with us.’

That night the little game was not quite so difficult. Ryan’s hard black cock was bahis firmaları substantially thicker and longer than Tom and Terry’s very decent ones. So while Tom and Terry would on occasion fool me and reap the reward of a few strokes in my ass, Ryan never did. By the sun rise the next morning, it was a litany; ‘I need your sweet white ass.’ To be honest though, the idea of that particular cock going anywhere near my ass was more than a bit frightening.

We exchanged numbers the following morning before I left for an almost full day of clients. When I checked my phone that afternoon between clients I had three voice mails and a text message, I need that sweet white ass. After my last client, I called him back. We met for dinner that night; and began to see one another as fuck buddies as well.

It had been over two months now of seeing one another once, twice and sometimes even more each week. We were good friends as well; we shared a passion for helping others to achieve their fitness goals. Yet in all that time, I had never actually worked up the guts to allow Ryan the one thing he wanted most, my sweet white ass. He asked…begged…almost every time we saw one another, on the phone and texts too.

I was not though a selfish lover. Ryan’s twenty-sixth birthday was coming up. He had also recently been promoted to fitness manager at work. As his friend as well as his lover, I thought that he deserved a special celebration. I called him and asked if he would like to spend the night over on Saturday. That alone was a major event in its own right; having never actually allowed one of my fuck buddies to spend the whole night at my apartment.

I asked my landlady, whose husband worked at a local porn video store, if he could bring me home a few things. I gave him my shopping list and money. I went shopping for a special outfit. It was the classic debate: red, white or black. In the end though, I choose a nice bright purple lace confection that featured an underwire bra for my 38DD breasts, but hung loose beneath them. The matching thong was little more than a triangle and string.

That Saturday, I cooked dinner: steak of course with all the sides. I set the table before climbing into a tub of warm bubbles to relax for a bit. As I stepped from the tub freshly bathed and shaved, I took out the rather impressive looking butt plug and lubricant. Slathering the soft plastic and my ass with a generous amount of the warm oil, I hesitated a moment before sliding it deep into my ass. I admit I flinched when the largest part of the circumference passed through my sphincter. I felt full; very full. I knew though that as large as the plug was, Ryan was larger. That thought was daunting.

I dressed in my new negligee and went out to wait for my guest. Ryan arrived right on time, as usual. I could tell from the look in his dark eyes that he was pleased with my choice of lingerie for this special celebration. I was sure he would equally love the other surprises this night held. I am sure that he would not have minded if we skipped dinner, but I had worked too hard on it. Standing in the kitchen over the grill with a butt plug deep in your ass is no easy feat. We enjoyed both the conversation and the food as we caught up on that week’s events. Ryan even helped me clear the dishes from the table and leave them to soak in the kitchen.

It was a good thing too, because by this point my tender bottom was beginning to sting quite a bit. The plug had been in my ass for over an hour now; stretching my hole for my lover’s use. I smiled as I took Ryan’s dark hand and led him into my bedroom, where I had set up a few candles which filled the room with a deep musky smell. I kissed his full lips deeply and whispered, ‘I have a surprise for you.’

When Ryan reached around and grabbed the round twin globes of my untanned white ass squeezing as he drew me to him, I winced. I could feel the butt plug shift inside me as he rhythmically squeezed my ass; while not painful, it was definitely uncomfortable. Ryan noticed my odd behaviour and asked what he did that was wrong; that was so much like my gentle giant.

I smiled and led him to the bed. I knelt on the edge of the bed and swayed my ‘sweet white ass’ as he called it at him. I knew that the tiny string from my thong was not sufficient cover for the black plastic end of the plug; my little secret was now completely kaçak iddaa revealed to my fuck toy. Ryan’s large hands moved in circular massaging motions over my round cheeks as I heard him exhale deeply.

Then I felt him shift and those full lips were working in tandem with his hands as he kissed and massaged my white flesh. I felt his hand moving lower until those thick fingers were brushing in slow circles over my love button. I was so close to an orgasm, but Ryan kept me there; refusing to allow me the release I needed.

‘You know I have wanted that sweet white ass since the first time I saw you,’ he whispered against my warm flesh. Then his hand between my legs shifted; his thumb continued to torment my clit as two of his thick fingers plunged into my wet cunt. He knew just where my g-spot was and immediately sent me into a powerful orgasm from the twin simulation on my clit and g-spot. I could feel my sphincter grasping and clamping around the soft plastic of the plug; making my tender ass feel even fuller. ‘You know I’m going to tear that sweet ass up,’ he growled against my skin as the orgasm continued to pulse through my prostate body.

I collapsed forward onto my elbows as I felt him rise up. I tensed up, thinking that he would follow through on that promise; remove the plug and pound my ass. Instead I felt that magnificent hard black cock slip into my wet and still throbbing cunt. With the butt plug still filling my ass, the fit was tight; very tight. There was an almost delicious edge of pain to his penetration. He sawed slowly in and out of my hot pussy as we both moaned and groaned at those wild sensations.

‘Fuckin’ A, your pussy is tight,’ he groaned breathlessly.

I was beyond words as I mounted one orgasmic cliff after another. I was unbelievably full; a large butt plug and nine inches of black cock meat where stretching both my holes. In this new position, my light brown nipples were brushing back and forth against the cool cotton of my sheets; only heightening the rush of emotions. I was nothing more than a mindless set of nerve endings at this point.

Then I felt a rush of cool air invading my bottom as Ryan popped the plug out of my ass. His hands on my ass cheeks kept my little hole open as he continued to pound my pussy. Then those same fingers that had played with and manipulated my g-spot repeated the same action in my other hole. It was as if he had found my g-spot…from the other side.

‘I’m gonna cum in this tight pussy,’ Ryan pronounced.

His words breaking the spell a bit as I realised that I had allowed him a present that I had not planned; bareback. I was religious about using condoms with all my lovers, because in addition to the obvious prevention of sexually transmitted disease I also used them as birth control. I wasn’t too worried about the birth control thing though, since in fifteen years of marriage I had never succeeded in conceiving. I assumed that I was simply infertile. So while I might have been a tad apprehensive of this surprise gift, I was not manic about it. It might actually be erotic to once again enjoy the feeling of cum flooding my pussy; a luxury I had not allowed myself in the year and a half since the separation.

Both his thick fingers and even thicker cock slammed into my holes at the same time as I felt him erupt into me. Erupt was the only word I could think of to describe it too. The volume of hot cum he deposited into me seemed to be more than my ex-husband would in a week. As he often did Ryan continued to fuck into me; I knew from experience that he could cum twice, sometimes even three times before he went soft. With each thrust of his cock, I felt him pushing his huge load deeper inside of me. I could feel the soft head of that uncut black cock massaging my cervix on each thrust as if trying to open me fully to him.

‘Baby, you feel so fuckin’ good,’ he moaned as I came again; my cunt pulsating around that thick cock as he kept my ass hole open with those dark fingers.

I whimpered as I felt his fingers slip from my ass. After over an hour with the plug and then those fingers buried inside of me, it felt so empty…too empty; but not for long as he withdrew that amazing cock from my soaking wet pussy. I really whimpered then as both of my holes were left open and gapping, where moments before they had been full.

Then his cock kaçak bahis was pressing into my ass hole that he had coveted for so long. Those strong black hands were firm on my ass cheeks holding me still as he pressed deeper into me. I was grateful then for the generous amount of warm oil I had used on the plug and my ass earlier. I was thankful too for the large load; the remains of which coated his black cock with its slimy white film.

I knew he was trying to go slow and be gentle as he pushed deeper into me. I felt and I would swear I even heard an audible pop as the huge head of his cock fully invaded my ass. My fingers gripped the sheets beneath me as I moaned in pain. He held there for a couple of moments; not attempting to go any further. A part of my mind rebelled at the burning and painful fullness in my tight ass. I almost wanted to beg him to stop, but I was equally determined to give him this gift. I forced my breathing into a slow and rhythmic pattern as I consciously tried to relax my muscles; especially the small ring of them which gripped the head of his cock.

I had barely half succeeded when I felt him begin to move deeper into me then back out slowly. His deep voice was husky as he said, ‘I’m sorry, sweetie, but I can’t wait. I have waited too long for this sweet white ass.’ With that simple pronouncement he began in earnest to pound into my ass, just as he did my pussy. In a moment he was fucking me madly; pounding into my ass. His hands on my cheeks were so strong and firm as to almost be bruising then.

The pain was intense, but still there was a surprising edge of pleasure to it as well. I was very thankful that I knew from previous experience he could not last long before his second orgasm. I only prayed that it would be so powerful that it would be a complete enough release that he would go soft, because I knew that as fast as his second orgasm was, if he did not go soft then he could last almost forever before his third. One thing was sure, if he did not go soft; I had to find a way to get his mind off my ass because I could not take a fucking like I knew he would be primed for then.

The funny thing though was that the more and harder he pounded into my tight ass hole the better it felt. I was beginning to be accustomed to the fullness again, even though I was fuller than I had ever been before. I could feel his large black balls slapping against my swollen clit with each deep thrust. It was a teasing stimulation. Then almost without warning as he plunged all the way into my ass, burying all nine inches into my bowels; I felt myself cumming again. I was shocked to say the least; how could I be cumming with the burning pain in my ass so strong in my mind?

Then I felt his cock begin to swell inside of me. I knew that the strong contractions of my ass around his cock as I orgasmed was triggering his own. You would think after the huge load he had already deposited in my womb that this one would be smaller and less powerful, but it was not; it seemed to be even larger if that were possible. ‘Fuck…’ he practically screamed as he pounded into me with small fast thrusts as if to insure that his seed would be as deep as possible in me.

He collapsed forward onto me then. His warm lips pressed against my neck as he inquired, ‘Are you ok? Sorry I got carried away, but I have never felt anything like that.’ I reassured him that despite the edge of pain I was more than alright.

Oh, Ryan was not done yet. But he too was mindful of my tolerances. With his cock still hard and buried inside my ass, he carried me the short distance to the bathroom. He turned the shower on hot. Together we lathered and played for a bit. I fell to my knees in the shower; carefully soaping and wash his hard cock as he leaned against the cool tiles. Then we dried each other and enjoyed a leisurely fuck between the cool sheets of my bed.

Turns out that the fertility issues must have lain with my ex-husband, because two weeks later I missed my period. I was worried how Ryan would react to the news; but at thirty-five and having long since given up all hope of having a child of my own, there was no doubt about what I would do. I was ecstatic at the news. Turns out so was Ryan. He picked our daughter’s name: Adora, meaning adored and beloved gift in Latin. She was too; this beautiful light brown skinned little angel with dark hairs and a head of soft curls to frame her round face.

My husband did though insist that I drop my other fuck buddies once we were happily married. Not that I minded. He had more than enough hot black cock…for both my holes.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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