Tennis Match Rained Off

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Dave and I played tennis as the third pairing in a team, effectively being the makeweights. To improve ourselves, we decided to practice.

Dave took the initiative, saying that he had access to court bookings at his apartments and suggested Tuesday. As I didn’t have anything planned, I agreed and took directions.

At 6 foot 3, Dave was half a foot taller than me with a good physique. I struggled with weight and actually had man boobs as a result of being an obese child.

Tuesday came and I wore the traditional tennis whites – shorts and polo shirt, I arrived at 5:00 so that we could make the appointment at 5:15.

Dave greeted me in immaculate whites and led the way; we got there a few minutes early and started to warm up with a few back and forth strokes.

I won the toss and served first, winning the first game after a deuce.

Dave had a good service game winning to love and then broke me to 15.

The next two games, he won easily without me registering a point and went ahead 4-1. He then went 5-1 up to 15, by which time the sky had darkened and started to rain. At 15-40, it got too wet and I double faulted to lose the set 1-6 before we ran for cover.

The rain didn’t let up so we decided to collect the balls and reschedule.

“Do you want to come upstairs for a drink?” Dave asked.

I accepted. As we’d intended playing for another couple of hours anyway if it wasn’t for the rain, I didn’t have a logical reason not to.

Dave had a Coke and I accepted a budweiser. He also put out some cashews and put a video on in the background as he sat half facing me on the settee.

“It’s kind of a sex horror I borrowed” he said.

We made small talk in between as well as talking tennis. I discovered he’d come from a privileged background and was 7 years older than me at 26.

I was watching more intently and actually enjoying the movie. It was of ‘ripper’ genre. With the main actor meeting girls of dubious character and going back to their place where he’d kill them after sex.

I became aroused by the explicit sex scenes and couldn’t avoid a slight tenting in my shorts. I snacked on the cashews and drank.

“You’re enjoying the movie I see, it’s not my scene as I’m gay top but it is a turn on watching him screw those bitches.” Dave said. “Have you been with a man before?” He asked as an afterthought.

I was shy and a total virgin so hadn’t any relationships. My exposure had been limited to watched porn. Anything actually and after I’d strayed to gay sex, went to a couple bahis şirketleri of pubs with a gay clientele. I wasn’t averse to the idea.

“Variety is the spice of life, although I have no experience whatsoever.” I replied.

He took that my answer as an invitation and touched above my knee. When I didn’t stop him, he went higher, and then stroked my inner thighs, causing my breathing to increase.

He leaned in and kissed my cheek. I turned away but didn’t move so he kept stroking me. His cock grew and protruded down the side of his shorts still covered by his briefs, his manhood still excited me.

I nervously grabbed a handful of cashews and gulped down some lager.

“You like my nuts.” He laughed to relieve the tension. I got the pun and let out a short timid laugh of my own.

“It’s interesting that although you’re quite coy, you are enjoying the attention, you’ve noticed my cock too so I’m confident enough to straight out say I’m going to fuck you.” He said confidently.

I said nothing but thought about my answer which would’ve encouraged him. He was right that I was interested in exploring further.

Undoing his shorts, he pulled them down exposing the big hard on through his briefs.

He pushed me against the back of the sofa and kissed my mouth, before I could say or do anything; his tongue went inside my mouth.

I wasn’t keen on the kissing but did want to experience more so when he tested my resolve and told me to take his briefs off, I bent across to oblige. He made me work for it, not helping, he remained sat firmly.

Taking the challenge, I knelt to get a better grip on his underwear and wrestled his briefs down so his stiff cock recoiled directly in front of my face.

“That’s a good boy and while you’re down there…” He joked, leaving the sentence hanging.

I’d been intrigued about tasting cock since I watched my first gay movie, not thinking it would actually happen.

I licked the end and pulled the foreskin back to begin sucking on the tip like a lollipop. Careful not to use my teeth, I opened wide and took the 5 inches I could manage into my mouth. It was rock hard and I liked the taste of his meat.

“That’s right, get that cock nice and wet, and lube it up ready for fucking. You must’ve paid attention when receiving a blow job from girls without a doubt “He flattered me.

I felt excited and anticipated his cock being inside my arse.

“Let me fuck you now, you can suck me afterwards.” He said.

I think you’re too big and it’ll hurt me, I’m bahis firmaları a virgin and your cock is over 7 inches. You’re the first person I’ve ever been intimate with.” I said.

“I’ll take it slow; it’s a privilege to be the person to take your cherry as your first man.” He said.

“First anything actually.” I conceded, “I’m a total virgin and never even been with a girl. You’ve had the first French kiss, first oral with your cock in my mouth, first everything, you make me feel so wanted, I’d let you do whatever you want if you promise to be considerate” I confessed.

“Let’s go to my bedroom, it’ll be more comfortable, it turns me on that I am going to defile you.” He suggested and led the way with me in tow.

I stripped completely and joined Dave on the bed.

“I’ll take it slow as I want this to be the first of many, I don’t want to put you off being a gay bottom. See how it goes and this massage lotion will be on standby, if needed. Now lie sideways.” He said.

With no lube, he didn’t get much in before, I winced and cried out. “It hurts.” I said.

“It will to start with, trust me there’s not even an inch in yet, let me continue.”

Easing a bit further into me, it hurt more. I tightened and whimpered like a girl or dog would do.

“Stay still, I’m a couple of inches in and you’ll adjust, ready for more?” He asked.

A minute or so later, I gave him the green light. “It feels better, carry on please.”

He pulled out half an inch and then smoothly forced more in until I reacted again. “Ouch, it hurts, I think you should lube up.”

“At least a couple more inches maybe. OK, I’ll coat the rest of my cock as it’s your first time.” He said, pulling out just a bit. “Here we go.”

This time, he made a smooth stroke and it didn’t hurt any more than before. “Ooh, mmm” I mustered.

He adjusted his stance and took hold of my hips in the doggy position then pulled out slowly almost all the way, giving me an enjoyable sensation that I’d never felt before. In to the hilt again and held then repeated. His cock was now fully coated as the pain in my hole subsided and my hole was actually gripping his cock in me.

“How’s that, I’ll pick up the tempo when you’re ready.” He said.

“Do it, you’ve been so gentle and I’m feeling like I’m ready now.” I answered quickly.

As he increased the tempo I met each thrust as the 7 inches of steel cock went in and out ever faster until he shortened his strokes and started to grunt through heavy breath. “Oomph, nnhh, oh yes, you’re no kaçak bahis siteleri longer a virgin now, I’ve popped your cherry.” He added triumphantly.

I was turned on by those words and responded encouragingly. “Thank you, you’re cock feels so good and natural making love to me. Fuck that’s good.”

“I’m going to fill your arse with my cream. Fucking hell, take my cock, you bitch.”

“Yes, I’m your bitch, fuck me harder, I’m opened now and it’s total pleasure. Fuck me hard, please breed me.” I begged.

He slapped my arse cheeks as he sawed in and out, and then slowed his strokes as he held his cock inside me with shorter and harder strokes. Grunting more until I felt wetness and knew that he’d emptied into me. I was well and truly fucked. When he stopped, he stayed inside me and we both relaxed.

“That was so good.” He said.

“Yes, I feel so dirty but so satisfied.” I said.

He pulled out with a little plop and lay back. I turned to see his cock glistening and went down on the bed to take it in my mouth. I tasted the smell of my arse blended with his cum, licking the shaft in between putting it in my mouth. He was still semi hard and started to grow again as I continued.

Looking up at his approving face, as he held my head with his cock in my mouth, he bobbed my head controlling proceedings.

He was rock hard again and told me to ride his cock.

Opening up as I held his cock at the opening, I lowered myself easily down his shaft and rocked up and down, impaling myself and feeling him thrust upwards to meet me, he lasted 5 minutes before I felt the ejaculation hitting my anal wall and filling me.

We rested for maybe 20 minutes before he said. “I’m ready to go again, lie down and open your legs; I want to fuck you like a girl and watch your face as I screw you senseless

Excited, I did exactly that and watched him as he fucked me fir a third time.

“Oh yes, you’re such a slut aren’t you. You’ve literally gone from virgin to whore in less than two hours.” He said as I lay there taking a missionary fucking.

“Fuck me hard; don’t hold back, my arse is permanently opened now. I’m glad and think you’ve convinced me that I’m gay forever.”

His animal noises grew louder as he really laid into me, nailing my poor arse. “Aah yes, take that, ooh, yes I’ve spoilt you forever. Oh fuck. Here it comes.” He warned as he exploded into my hole.

After he’d finished, I asked if I could be his boyfriend.

“I’ll fuck you for sure. You’ll be my fuck toy to use but don’t know if I want anything longer term with you.”

That deflated me, knowing I’d just been defiled and fucked three times, yet I was like an unpaid whore.

I dressed and left once the rain abated, confused about what had happened.

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