Tennis Lessons

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Tamara has never been a tennis fan. The fact that she has never been able to master the sport was a major contributor to her dislike. Nevertheless, here she sits, watching Mike play tennis. If Mike were not such a good friend, there is no way she would be wasting her Saturday watching tennis. She and Mike have been friends for years. They had been lovers for about six months; but despite the fact that the sex was fantastic, they decided that they preferred being friends instead of lovers. At least it was nice and sunny today and Tamara could work on her tan, while pretending to watch.

However, when Tamara sees Mike’s opponent, she is instantly interested in this match and also incredibly aroused. Tamara’s insanely high sex drive was one of the main reasons that she and Mike decided it would be best for them to remain friends instead of lovers. Mike simply could not keep up with Tamara’s need for sex. Therefore, it was not unheard of for Tamara to be instantly aroused by something, someone, or simply a random thought.

This time it was different. As Tamara watches Mike’s opponent, she is captivated by this man. He is several years older than Tamara and Mike. Yet he easily keeps pace with Mike without seeming at all winded and without even sweating, despite the intensity of the match and the heat of the day. His hair shows a fair amount of gray, but his body could only be described as hard. He moves with the grace and power of a tiger and there is something incredibly sensual about his movements. Tamara finds herself watching him intently but does not realize that she is practically panting and licking her lips. As the match comes to an end, Tamara has made her decision, she will have this man. And she knows just where to start.

As Mike and his opponent walk off of the court, Tamara walks over to meet them. She is aware of the looks that she is receiving. Her legs may not be long but they are shapely and well toned. When she is wearing shorts, as she is today, men always notice and admire her legs. Tamara runs her fingers quickly through her long chestnut hair and tosses it over her shoulders. From the back, the mixture of her shapely legs and her long dark hair receives many appreciative glances and also causes several men to receive an elbow in the ribs from a jealous wife or girlfriend. However, Tamara knows that her best feature is her breasts and the v-neck tank top she is wearing today displays her breasts and cleavage perfectly. As she walks over to Mike and his opponent, she is intent on meeting the man who has effortlessly beaten Mike in tennis and has also equally effortlessly made Tamara extremely horny.

Tamara walks right past Mike to his opponent. “Hi, I am Tamara. I thoroughly enjoyed watching you defeat Mike this morning. He has been getting a little cocky lately and needed to be taken down a notch or two.” As Tamara says this, she leans forward to shake his hand and to allow him a slight peek down her shirt. For Tamara’s plan to be a success, she needs to know if this sexy man is at all interested in her.

Mike smiles to himself. This was the sole reason that he insisted that Tamara come to watch his tennis match with Adam this morning. He knew about Adam’s reputation with the ladies and had heard specifics from Jill, a lady whom he met the at the tennis club the other day. According to Jill, Adam was practically insatiable sexually. Mike also knew that it had been a while since Tamara’s last lover, and knew from his friendship with Adam that the same was true for him. So, Mike thought that his two friends needed to meet and he could tell from Tamara’s actions and Adam’s reaction to Tamara that the two of them would be enjoying a great deal of much needed sex soon.

“Adam, this is my friend Tamara.” Mike speaks up when he notices that Adam and Tamara are still shaking hands and eyeing each other hungrily. “I am going to go change since I seem to have worked up quite a sweat. Tamara, why don’t you and Adam go have a drink and I will join you shortly?”

“Hello, Tamara. I must say, it is a pleasure meeting you. Do you play tennis?” Adam asks. He has already decided that he must find a way to have this woman. He ponders trying to get her to walk to his car with him, thinking that she might be receptive to a little backseat fun.

“No, I do not play. However, I have always wanted to learn. Do you ever teach tennis lessons?” Tamara purposely brushes her breasts against Adam’s arm as they turn to walk toward the club bar. As she does this, her nipples become instantly hard and a tremor passes through her body. She wanted this man before, now she knows that she must have him.

“I do not normally offer tennis lessons, but in your case, I will gladly make an exception. So, are you and Mike involved?” Adam has already decided that even if Tamara and Mike are an item, he will have this woman. If they are an item, he knows that he might have to include Mike and make it a threesome. He has shared güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri a woman with his friends before, but the thought of including anyone else does not appeal to him. He wants Tamara all to himself.

Tamara laughs. “Oh, Mike and I are just friends. We fucked each other for about six months or so, but Mike could not keep up with me sexually, so we decided that it would be better if we were just friends.”

Adam is relieved. “Would tomorrow morning work for you? I happen to be on vacation for the next week so that would give me plenty of time to work on you. Umm I mean work on teaching you to play. Tennis, to play tennis.”

While he was talking, Tamara had leaned forward and had casually shifted her arms to pull her top down low and pushed her breast up so that Adam could practically see her nipples. The sight of Tamara’s tits practically falling out of her tank top has Adam so hard that he can barely complete a sentence. It takes all of his self control to keep from reaching out and sliding Tamara’s very large tits out of her tank and bra and right into his mouth.

Once Mike arrives, the three enjoy a drink and say goodbye. Adam and Tamara set a time to meet the next morning. Tamara leaves quickly, jumping into her classic sports car and drives to the nearest mall. She intends to move quickly with Adam and needs to find the perfect outfit for tomorrow morning as well as the perfect lingerie for the next few days. If she is successful in persuading Adam to come back to her apartment, she plans to make him want to stay for several days, if not the entire week of his vacation.

Since Tamara owns her own business, she easily makes arrangements to have her assistant manager handle things for as long as needed. As Tamara finishes these arrangements, she decides that a quick visit to her shop might be a nice idea. The beauty of owning a sex toy shop is that Tamara gets to preview all of the new toys at the conventions and there are a couple of items that arrived with the new shipment that she wants to try out. That is, if Adam is willing to experiment.

Tamara chooses a tennis skirt that is shorter than most tennis skirts, and barely covers her ass. Next she chooses a matching white tank top. Now it is time for a visit to her favorite lingerie shop. Tamara takes her purchases, stops by her shop and then quickly goes by the grocery store for items that can be enjoyed with minimal preparation.

The next morning finally arrives. Tamara slowly dresses for her tennis lesson with Adam. First she slides on the white sheer thong that she purchased. She normally does not like white underwear but this material will be completely transparent when it becomes damp. And Tamara knows that given the fact that her pussy is practically dripping wet, it will not take long at all for her bare pussy to be completely visible. Next she puts on the matching sheer bra.

Tamara briefly wonders what it would be like to be one of those cute little blondes at the tennis club who do not need to wear a bra under their top and can let their nipples show through when they get cold or wet. Tamara’s breasts are way too big to be able to not wear a bra. However, even wearing a DDD cup bra, Tamara always finds sexy bras to wear. This particular bra is made of the same sheer white material of the thong, so when it gets wet, it too will be transparent. But Tamara’s favorite feature of this bra is that it is a cupless bra. The bra has a three inch opening in the nipple area, so when her top becomes wet, her nipples will be completely visible. Likewise, the material of her top rubbing against her bare nipples will make her nipples hard and they will show through her top as well.

Tamara assesses herself in the mirror to ensure that everything is in place then pulls on her top and the tennis skirt. She moves to pick up her socks and shoes, smiling when she sees in the mirror that bending over places her bare ass nicely on display, with the thong wedged tightly in between the cheeks of her ass. The v-neck of her top shows plenty of cleavage, when she moves, her top rides up to show her belly, and when she stretches, the top barely covers the bottom of her breasts.

Adam sees Tamara drive up and walk to the court to join him. Based on her walk and her dress, Adam is pretty sure that she is as interested in fucking him as he is in fucking her. He is disappointed that Tamara has her long dark hair in a ponytail but knows that it would be impossible for her to play tennis with it down. Normally he enjoys watching the cute little blondes which are in abundance at the tennis club. And their tight little bodies are so enjoyable to fuck in the back seat of his car. He remembers the last one he enjoyed many months ago. He had his cock buried in her throat when his buddy joined them and pulled off her panties and fucked her while she sucked Adam off.

But the way that this brunette is built makes him wonder güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri what he had seen in those little blondes. He wonders to himself if he would be able to fit her large tits in his hands and he cannot wait to try. He knows from experience that the best way to assess a woman’s eagerness for sex is to find out what kind of panties she chose to wear under her tennis skirt.

Tamara decides to keep this lesson very informal and instead of greeting Adam with a handshake, she walks right up to him and hugs him. “Thank you so much for agreeing to teach me to play tennis. I am clueless as to how to even hold the racket; so I am sure that I will need a great deal of assistance.”

As she hugs Adam, she arches her back to press her breasts against Adam’s chest and to give him an up close view down her top. “So, where do we start?” Tamara asks, stretching her arms up above her head.

Adam is now positive that Tamara wants him. However, he decides to play along knowing that Tamara’s embrace was the beginning of foreplay for the two of them. “We really need to stretch well to prevent damage to muscles and joints.” While saying this, he moves slightly to provide enough room for the two of them to stretch but to remain close enough to see exactly what Tamara is wearing under that skirt.

Stretching is exactly what Tamara was hoping that Adam would say. Since she plays several sports as well as running, Tamara is extremely limber and plans to use this to her advantage today. She spreads her legs apart and leans forward to stretch her legs. Tamara is well aware of the fact that when she does this, her skirt is going to pull up to display her entire ass and when she reaches behind her legs and pulls her head down between her knees, her bare pussy will also be on display since her panties are now soaked and transparent.

Adam leans forward as if to stretch his legs as well; however, when he sees the way that Tamara is bent over with her bare ass on display, and the fact that he can clearly see her clean shaven pussy through her panties, he considers grabbing her hips and burying his face in her pussy right there on the court. It has been so long since he has had the opportunity to eat a clean shaven pussy. Too many women today have decided to quit shaving their pussy and to go all natural. Adam loves licking a woman’s pussy but when he has to battle a jungle to do so, it takes some of the enjoyment out of it. When he notices that Tamara has stood up, he realizes that he has been fantasizing a second too long.

As Adam is completing his stretches, Tamara walks over to the cooler and grabs them both a bottle of water. She gives one to Adam and opens her bottle. “It is awful hot to be this early in the morning. Sorry, but I need to cool off just a bit.” Tamara states as she takes a drink of her water and then pours a stream of water down her cleavage and down her breasts. She is well aware of the fact that it is not hot enough outside to make her sweat, so she decided to help things along by making her nipples even harder because of the cold water and to also make the front of her white shirt wet to cause her hard nipples to become visible through her wet shirt.

Adam swallows hard. Tamara’s underwear is by far the sexiest and skimpiest he has ever seen on the tennis court, or practically anywhere else. It is becoming impossible to hide his rock hard cock under his tight white shorts. He decides that the only way to attempt to make this lesson look legit and to hide his bulging shorts is to teach Tamara to hold a tennis racket. He tries to show her, but she seems to not understand.

“Adam, maybe if you stand behind me and help me hold it, I will be able to do it properly.” Tamara practically purrs these words. In fact, the way she said it, she sounded as if she were saying, “Adam, maybe you should stand behind me and shove that big hard cock into my wet pussy.”

Adam moves behind Tamara and all he can think of is pulling down those sexy panties and pounding his cock into her pussy. Instead, he puts his arms around her to show her the proper technique to hold a tennis racket.

Once Adam’s arms are around her, Tamara can smell his cologne and moans softly in his throat. While Adam is attempting to teach her to hold a racket, all Tamara can think of is Adam pulling down her panties bending her over and pushing his hard cock into her. With this in mind, Tamara moves back against Adam and begins grinding her ass against his hard cock.

This time her moans are audible and Adam can hear them. He growls in Tamara’s ear, “Hold tight to my racket and do not drop it.”

After doing this, Adam releases his hold on the racket. He moves his right hand under Tamara’s skirt and begins stroking her pussy through her panties, wanting to drive her wild with desire. With his left hand, he first lifts the back of her skirt to allow him to rub his still clothed cock against her güvenilir bahis şirketleri bare ass. Then he slides that hand under the front of Tamara’s top and begins pinching and pulling her hard, bare nipples.

“Why don’t we take a walk to my car at the end of the parking lot?” Adam asks, and then suddenly remembers that he rode to the club with a friend since car was in the shop for some routine maintenance. “Oh shit, my car is in the shop.”

“That is not a problem. My car is in the parking lot.” Tamara states.

“Honey, I do not think we will fit well in the back seat of your sports car.” Adam says, thinking that this might not end the way he had hoped.

Tamara chuckles, “I did not mean my back seat. I meant we could drive to my apartment. I live alone. Besides, I believe that we will be much more comfortable there. And since you are on vacation and I have arranged for someone to take care of things at my store, we have all the time that we want and need.”

Adam and Tamara quickly walk to her car, and drive to her apartment. Once inside the apartment, Adam and Tamara turn to each other and begin to kiss. As they kiss, each is trying to tear the other’s clothes off. Adam walks them over so that Tamara’s back is against the wall, then pulls back, grabs Tamara’s hands and holds them over her head, knowing that if she continues touching him the way she has been, he just might cum in his shorts. It has been a long time since a woman has aroused him so much that he has been in any danger of cumming before he chooses to do so. However, Tamara is like no other woman that he has met in a very long time.

While holding Tamara’s hands above her head, Adam takes control over the kiss, arousing her with his mouth and his hands. Kissing and nibbling her throat and collarbone, pushing her top up to allow him access to her tits, he begins sucking and biting Tamara’s nipples. As Adam sucks and bites her nipples, Tamara feels an orgasm begin to build. She pushes her tits against Adam’s mouth. She tries to pull her hands loose to pull his mouth firmer against her tits, but Adam is much too strong and she cannot get her hands loose. The fact that she is powerless to struggle against Adam’s hold should have made Tamara nervous. Instead, it makes her even more aroused.

Adam notices Tamara’s struggle and hears the changes in her breathing, and thinks, “hot damn, she is about to cum and all I have done is suck her tits.” At this thought, Adam begins to suck and bite Tamara’s nipples even harder. He considers stroking her pussy but decides that he wants to find out if he can make her cum without it.

As Adam begins to suck and bite harder, Tamara comes even closer to cumming. “Oh yes Adam. Suck my tits. Bite my nipples. Oh Fuck!!!! Yes!!! Yes!! Yeeessssss!” Tamara cries out as she begins to cum, her body shaking, and her cries becoming louder and incoherent.

Once Tamara calms down slightly, Adam releases her hands and pulls her shirt over her head, the reaches behind her and unclasps her bra to free her breasts. Next he unzips her skirt and allows it to fall to the floor. Now Tamara is standing in front of him wearing a soaking wet thong. Tamara reaches down to remove the thong and Adam stops her, telling her that he will be the one to undress her.

Adam picks Tamara up and carries her to the bed, which she had turned down before she left this morning. Adam places Tamara in the middle of the bed and removes her socks and shoes. Then he spreads Tamara’s legs wide, and begins licking her pussy through the sheer thong.

Tamara whimpers desperate to feel his tongue directly on her pussy. She begs Adam to remove her panties, and eat her pussy. She promises to do anything that he wants if he will just lick her pussy. This is exactly what Adam wants to hear. After seeing Tamara’s ass displayed under her short skirt, with the thong wedged tightly in her ass cheeks, all Adam has been able to think about is ultimately burying his cock deep in her tight ass.

However, Adam has only found a couple of women who would ever allow him to fuck their ass once they saw his big hard cock. Not only is Adam’s cock almost 9 inches long, it is extremely thick, as thick as his wrist. And although women would gladly line up to have Adam fuck their pussy, few would consider allowing him to attempt to fuck their ass and he had only met one who could actually take his entire cock in her ass and she was not willing to do so but once, after that she claimed that it made her too sore. But from what Mike had told him last night about Tamara, he thought she just might be exactly what he had been looking for.

“So, you will do anything I want, if I will yank off your panties and eat your cunt?” Adam asked.

“Yes, Yes, anything you want.” Tamara replied. She had also done her homework, so she had a good idea about what Adam wanted.

He did not know it but Tamara loved anal sex, and although she had never had a cock as big as his in her ass, she had also stopped by to pick up vibrating butt plug which expanded to stretch your ass. This was the newest technology in anal toys, but it was ridiculously expensive. So Tamara was eager to try it out to see how well it worked so she could personally recommend it in her store.

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