Tease of the Sheer Chiffon

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Soft pink lips, courtesy of my favorite gloss, accented my blue eyes perfectly. My coffee-colored locks fell in waves around my shoulders. The black skirt I shimmed into fit like a damn glove, but the centerpiece of my look was an emerald-green chiffon top that was sheer enough you could see my bra-less chest if you looked intently.

“What do you think?” I asked my brother who was busy shoveling cereal into his mouth and staring at the paper on the kitchen table. “I’ve got a date with Andy and I want the look to convey the fact I need to get laid without looking like a hooker.”

“Don’t you have a friend who can help you with this sorta shit?”

“Lex, please just tell me if I look a prostitute,” I huffed, putting my hands on my hips.

He looked up from his paper mumbling something about being busy. His eyes trailed over me and the look of annoyance melted from his face, turning to wide-eye wonder before he pulled the paper in front of his face. “It gets the message across.”

“Oh, quit being a baby. We are both adults now. I can’t count how many times I heard you and that empty-headed cheerleader humping.” Lex looked slightly affronted. “Your room is right next to mine, remember? You’re lucky mom and dad were so oblivious. Thankfully, now we’re in college, they don’t give a shit.”

The memory of some stereotypical perky blonde moaning out my brother’s name came to the forefront of my mind. She’d have secret sleepovers after every football game my brother scored a touchdown for our small-town team. I hated her and her panting over every orgasm I suspected she faked.

“Her name was Daisy, and she wasn’t bright, but the empty-headed mate was that guy you were having obnoxiously loud sex with during your freshman year. You came home for winter break, and mom and dad were in Colorado, so you brought home that oaf.”

“His name was Reggie, and he was stupid, but knew how to curl make my toes curl.” I didn’t really like Reggie, honestly, but I knew Lex was going to be bringing some moron home to hump during the break. Finding someone to have a short-term relationship over the holidays at college was incredibly easy, but choices were slim. I checked my teeth for lipstick in my compact mirror and caught sight of Lex staring at me in the reflection of the mirror. “What?”

“Nothing,” he growled, returning to the paper.

Andy honked the horn from the driveway, and I rolled my eyes. I found that the men I dated had the mannerisms of a highly functioning caveman, and Lex often teased me for it. This was just another example of a loser I picked up, again.

“Well, I guess I’m off.”

“Hell, no!” Lex said, as I grabbed the door handle. “You are going to let him treat you like that?”

The horn blasted again and I winced. “It’s no big deal.”

“Wait here,” he instructed with ferocity before stomping out to the driveway. “Hey, asshole! If you want to take my sister anywhere, and leave with all your limbs, you better walk your ass to the door, knock, and ask her if she is ready, like a man instead of some fool douchebag who needs his ass kicked.”

I was slightly appalled, but something in my stomach flipped, cheering. Suddenly, my nipples were very sensitive to the sheer chiffon rubbing against them in their unsheathed glory. It tickled in a way that was so delicious, making my skin tingle.

Andy begrudging got out of the car with his hands in the air, following Lex up the driveway. My brother walked in the door and slammed it shut, Andy cut off in his wake.

“Where do you find these pricks?” he asked, returning to the kitchen counter and munching on his cereal dinner.

“Kate, are you ready to go or not?” Andy asked after a knock prompted me to open the door mechanically.

I nodded, taking a look at my brother as his hand ran through his thick loose curly head of hair. “Yes,” I finally answered. “This is my big brother, Lex. He’s a junior at- “

“Yeah, I met him in the driveway.” Andy scoffed, interrupting me. “Got a full ride scholarship and thinks he’s some kinda god.”

“Hey,” I snapped. “That is my brother and he worked really hard for everything he has. One more comment and you can forget tonight.”

“Fine, sorry. Let’s just go.”

The dinner was painfully boring. Andy talked about his parent’s beach house in Key West, the Porsche his dad promised to buy him as a graduation present if he went on to medical school, and how tight his uncle was with the Dean of Admissions. The tingle of anticipation that triggered my body into wild response had dissolved, and I was chewing my nails with boredom before our entrees arrived.

“Your brother is a piece of work,” Andy said, switching topics as he poked at his steak. “Does he always treat other people with that much disrespect? Your tits look amazing in that top by the way.”

I sat my fork down and narrowed my eyes. “I think you were the disrespectful one. It’s good manners to at least walk to your date’s door.”

“It’s also good manners to put out after your date kartal escort bayan buys you a steak dinner,” Andy smiled, taking a sip of his wine. “Is your piece of shit brother aware of that?”

“Enough,” I sneered, waving to the waiter and beckoning him over. “Can we get these boxed up to go?”

The waiter nodded, and scurried off with our plates. Andy had a creepy smile etched on his face. “You didn’t even take a bite yet, but if you want a piece of me now let’s just slip off to the bathroom.”

My first reaction was to slap some sense into him, but an evil idea crept in, taking over the feeling. “Oh, that’s a great idea. You go sneak in the women’s restroom now, and take your pants off. I’ll be in as soon as the waiter gets back.

Andy tossed some cash on the table and practically sprinted to the bathroom. Sending a text message to Lex, I begged him to pick me up. A few minutes later, the waiter returned with our to-go meals. Handing him the cash, I grabbed the bags and walked to the front of the restaurant. Putting on a concerned face, I hurried to the manager at the hostess desk.

“There is a strange man in the ladies bathroom. He has his pants off. You might want to call security.”

The manager’s eyes widened with shock, and he took off to the bathrooms. I strode out feeling somewhat guilty, but knowing he deserved it. Walking outside, I stood in the awning where Lex pulled up a few minutes later, rain pouring down from the sky illuminated by lightening.

“What happened?” Lex asked, pulling away from the restaurant, buckets of water practically making it impossible to see.

“He’s a jerk, but I did get us a steak dinner.”

I filled the car ride home with every detail of my short evening, down to Andy being pant-less in the women’s bathroom. We laughed, and enjoyed our ill-gotten dinner in the living room the moment we arrived home. It wasn’t the night I had in mind, but still good. Lex and I had grown apart since we both entered college this time together refreshed our sibling status.

The lights flickered after a long roll of thunder practically shook the walls. They attempted to stay on, but lost the fight, sending the house into darkness. Using the lights from our cell phones, we managed to round up some candles and flashlights.

“This is actually really, great,” I confessed, finishing my beer. “How long has it been since we had dinner and a beer together without mom ushering us off to some adventure?”

“I dunno,” Lex said, scrunching up his face and looking at the ceiling in his thoughts. “A long time. You know mom can’t sit still. Hence, why she and dad are off on some themed cruise. Want another beer?”

“One is my limit,” I said, putting the empty bottle on the coffee table with our cleaned plates. “I’ve got to get up early tomorrow for work.”

He nodded and began peeling away the label from his beer. “I’m sorry about your evening. I hope I didn’t ruin it.”

“It’s not your fault Andy was a douche canoe. I didn’t like him, really. I more or less wanted some company and a few orgasms that I didn’t come from a vibrator.” I laughed, stretching my arms over my head. The sheer fabric once again teasing my skin, my nipples poking up in answer, creating two bumps in the chiffon covering my chest. I felt Lex shift, pulling away from me on the sofa. “I should change out of this.”

“You don’t have to,” he offered, successfully pulling the label off his half-drank bottle.

I didn’t know what the comment was supposed to mean. Maybe he didn’t notice how the soft material made my body respond. Or maybe he did. The thought of it sent a pleasant shiver down my back. “What?”

“Nothing,” he exhaled, taking a drink from the bottle. “I just want you to be happy.”

Something inside me knew it wasn’t “nothing” and wanted to know more. I stared at him as he focused on a candle burning in the darkness. The sound of rain beat down on the roof, and he was not letting his gaze move from the light.

I put my hand on his cheek and moved his face so it had to meet mine. His chocolate brown eyes were soft, but burning like the candle in front us. Something pulled me to him, and feelings I pushed back for years came bursting into my head.

Slowly, I leaned forward, gauging his reaction to my intrusive move. His eyes shut slightly, but he didn’t pull away. My chest was practically heaving forward; my heart beating in rapid thumps I couldn’t ignore. My hand still on his cheek, my lips touched his in a way that wasn’t innocent, but gave him a chance to retreat or surrender to the feelings.

Moving his mouth with mine, we crossed a line that was blurry for years, but ignored because he was my brother, and I was his sister. Something fell into place with the slow kissing that grew into a rapid hunger. His hand climbed up my leg, along my hips, and up to my neck. He pulled me closer with a gentle force that would let me easily escape. He kissed me with a deep and even pressure.

For a moment, we broke escort maltepe apart. “Do you want me to stop?” Lex asked, letting me go.

“No, please don’t stop,” I panted.

“Should we pause, and think about this?”

“Why?” I asked, shifting toward him. “Do you want me to stop?”

“No, but I don’t want you to regret anything. I know I won’t, but you might.” He inhaled and exhaled slowly.

“Why are you so sure?”

“I’ve been rock hard for you all damn day thanks to this top,” he said gently yanking on the chiffon. “But I’ve been wanting this since we were in high school, honestly. Every time you brought some guy home, I’ve always been jealous. I’ve thought about this a million times, but once we go there, there is no going back.”

“I know,” I answered. “I don’t think I realized any of it until now. I mean, I was always so annoyed when you brought Daisy back to your room after games, and I think it’s because I was jealous, really.”

He smiled. “You’ve got to be sure, Kate.”

“Lex, I want you to touch me. If I want to stop, I promise I will tell you to stop.”

His breathing was heavy, but he looked at me, gauging my honesty. “Maybe you should take more than a few seconds to make this decision.”

I nodded, falling down from the high of feeling so good. I sat beside him on the sofa, my nipples feeling the pain of disappointment and the ache between my legs. Crossing my arms, I pouted and perched my feet on the coffee table in front of us.

It felt like eternity passed, but it couldn’t have been more than a few rumbles of thunder. Lex balled his hands up into fists and relaxed them a few times. Lightening illuminated the room for a moment and a crack of thunder made me jump.

Lex put his hand on my leg, and didn’t say anything but gave me a look of concern.

“I’m fine,” I offered, taking a deep breath.

His hand stayed on my leg, making my skin come alive. The heat of his touch spread down my thighs. I felt myself breathing harder, closing my eyes letting my imagination take over the moment of wanting. His fingers pressed into my skin and released with a twitch. A tiny whine escaped my mouth and his hand slid to my inner thigh. It traveled to my panties, and he slid a finger across the silk making me instantly wet.

I opened my eyes to ensure I wasn’t dreaming. My brother’s hand was up my skirt and toying with my thighs, daring to tease my swelling pussy. Looking him in the eyes, I begged, “Please, Lex.”

His lips met mine, and his fingers teased the silk as it dampened with my growing wetness. I could have cum just from the touch of his fingers sliding across the delicate folds of my lips, but he stopped, running his hand gently across my thighs. I was practically panting with the desire of him and I grabbed his arm, pushing his hand back between my legs.

Smiling, he slid his fingers down the front of my panties, and his flesh met my skin and the hunger of my clit. Some kind of moan, that sounded more like a whimper, passed through my lips.

“Fuck, you are so wet, Kate,” Lex breathed.

“Don’t stop,” I pleaded, rocking my hips with his fingers running across my clit, teasing circles around my opening. “Please don’t stop, Lex.”

His teeth sank into my neck, sliding two fingers inside me, sending me over the edge. My nipples peaked like little mountains as my back arched with the pleasure. Riding the waves of each thrill, Lex kissed my neck, trailing down my collar bone.

“Did that feel good?” he asked, his fingers still inside me. “What about this?” I could feel his fingers curling around a part of me I never knew even existed, like he was motioning to come to him.

“Oh, yes,” I panted. “Yes, more, please!”

He bit at my breasts through the chiffon. “I love this top. I can see through it and I’ve been thinking about getting your nipples into my mouth since you made me look at you.”

I looked down at myself. My brother’s head of loose curls was sliding down my chest, my pink nipples protruding through the top, wanting to be released. Lex’s hand was up my skirt, planted between my thighs, and making me cum with little effort.

I began unbuttoning my top, releasing my body from the confines of clothing. Lex took off his shirt, and I feasted my eyes on small treasure trail of hair that disappeared beneath his jeans. His chest was well-sculpted thanks to the campus weight room and demand of playing football.

Pressing his chest to mine, our skin met and a shiver was set loose across my body that caught my breath in the moment. His lips met mine again, and he kissed me like no man had ever kissed me. Hands ran feverishly across each other’s bodies, exploring places that were taboo for brother and sister to be touching.

My hand brushed across hips, and found his zipper. He paused his pursuit of kissing every inch of my skin and looked at me. “Are you sure?”

“Whatever this is, I know I want it more than anything.”

He nodded and took my hand, running across pendik escort the bump in the denim. Slowly, my fingers felt inch after inch of a bulge I was hungry for. My pussy swelled at the thought of my brother’s dick inside me. My opening pulsed with anticipation that sent little shocks of thrills straight to my nipples, fingers, and toes.

Lex was practically panting as I unzipped the jeans, an eager cock burst out with a tiny dot of precum forming at the tip. Leaning forward, I licked the liquid from the tip of his dick and Lex let out a groan that was primal and deep. I loved the sound and licked him again, grabbing the base of his length and letting my tongue slide across the shaft slowly.

“Oh, fuck,” my brother panted, his hands tangling in my hair. “You don’t have to-“

I interrupted him, taking as much of his length into my mouth as I could. His fingers clutched at my skin, holding my head and hair gently while trying to maintain control. Sliding his cock in out of my mouth, he panted and grunted my name. The sound of my brother enjoying my lips around his dick sent another wave of pleasure across my skin.

Warm, sweet liquid filled my mouth and I knew I had made my brother cum. Feeling a mixture of pride and thirst for more, I continued sucking him, and licking the pearly orgasm from him as he manhood pulsed with each wave of pleasure I had given him.

Looking down at me, he cradled my face and I kissed the skin just above his dick.

“That was incredible.”

Bending down, he scooped me up, lifting me to his chest. My legs wrapped around him and he carried me to his room, kissing my neck and lips along the way. Playfully, he tossed me to his bed and pulled my skirt off. We were both completely naked, completely exposed; our bodies fully aroused. My brother’s cock was full and swinging with each step he took, his eyes feasting on the sight of my tits and my shaved pussy swelling at the thought of him inside me.

“Damn, you are gorgeous,” he said, looking at me spread eagle on his bed. His erection grew harder as he stared.

“Come here,” I laughed, pulling him toward me by the back of his neck. My mouth lunged to his, like two polar magnets finding each other. He hovered over me, holding himself up with one hand, while the other roamed across my body.

His ran his lips across my chin, down my neck, over my chest, and to my nipples standing at attention, begging for his. He gave each one long, slow lick and then gently blew on them sending a chilling thrill through my body. Running each lip across my moistened tit, I clawed at the bed.

“Relax,” he hummed. “I want to savor this.”

“And I want you buried balls deep inside me,” I whined.

Pushing me back down to the bed, he closed my eyes with his fingers and kissed my lips. “After I taste you.”

His teeth gently plunged into my inner thighs, and my eyes shot open. I felt my pussy lips open in anticipation, my slit wet with desire. Lex planted teasing kissing around my thighs and on each lip. Finally, his kisses turned into long, slow licks that nearly brought me to climax with each deliberate movement. His tongue found my clit and encircled it several times before taking it into his mouth and sucking it until I moaned his name and melted into the bed with sensation I had never felt before.

“Now, I will fuck you,” he whispered, giving my belly a kiss and running his nose across my ribs.

My body instantly snapped back into attention. My hips pushed toward his, enjoying the feeling of his hard dick against my hip and stomach. Lex’s mouth returned to mine before parting from it for a moment. “I’ll get a condom.”

“Don’t,” I said, stopping him. “I’m on birth control and I want to fill you fill me up with your cum.”

Lex’s eyes widened and his breathing sped up. His lips abandoned attempts at pleasing me and went hungrily to my mouth. His hands pulled me from the bed onto his lap. My legs, bent on each side of his thighs, were practically shaking with excitement.

“Look at me, please,” he breathed, barely holding onto to restrain. “I want to see your eyes.”

I did as he asked and took his face in my hands. Slowly, I sank into him, my brother’s cock siding past my pussy lips and into my slit with ease. My puss responded with thankful and hungry pulses, squeezing his dick as it entered me, as if it were trying to pull it deeper inside me.

We both moaned with the pleasure of it. His eyes, focused on mine, slowly closed for a second before they opened. “You feel amazing,” he whispered, holding me in his lap with his cock buried inside my sex. “I could bust inside you right now.”

I began rocking my hips, sliding his girth around inside of my sopping wet pussy. “I want to feel you fucking me. Don’t hold back, I want it.”

Lex kissed me, taking my bottom lip between his teeth and gently sucking on it. His hands grabbed two handfuls of my ass, and he began kissing my chest, taking my nipples into his mouth. I felt myself climaxing as his dick moved inside of me. I called out his name and held his arms. The sensation moved across my entire body.

Placing his hand around my back, he pushed me to the bed and took his throbbing dick from my still hungry pussy. “I want to feel myself enter you, again.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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