Taylor’s Taboo Treat

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Bouncing Tits

“Well fuck you too!” Grant Jenkins cursed as he slammed down the receiver. That was the second time in the week he had been bluntly told he was ‘too old’ when he had made enquiries about a new job and his eyes drifted desolately around the cubicle sized area that was his office. How the hell he had stuck it out so long in his job as an Insurance Portfolio Administrator he didn’t know. But the one thing he did know was that it frustrated the piss out of him and that the only sane thing to do now was to get out. He had just passed his forty sixth birthday and it was now or never if he intended to change his career. He grabbed his jacket, pulled his door shut and walked into the adjoining open plan claims office where a couple of frustrated consultants were still talking urgently into telephones trying to pacify irate clients.

“See ya tomorrow,” he called out at no one in particular as he made his exit.

Christ, he thought as he hit the elevator button, listening to those consultants made him feel that he should be grateful. At least he had progressed past all that soul destroying business of eating clients shit and he had what was considered, a more cushy job. Even if it wasn’t terribly exciting or mentally challenging, it did pay relatively well, and the company had been accommodating when his mother had died and he’d needed time off to attend to Taylor and her school activities.

The scent of impending rain hung thickly in the air as he stepped out of the building into the parking area. He glanced up at the sky and grimaced as the heavy clouds swirled around ominously. It matched his mood perfectly and he hesitated between driving straight home before the storm broke or going into the hotel bar across the street for a quick drink first. There was nothing much to go home to he contemplated cynically. Taylor was staying over at her girlfriend’s place and the idea of a quiet night alone with his miserable thoughts didn’t seem very appealing.

He shouldered his way into the already crowded bar and ordered a drink before joining a group of guys from the company’s marketing department. The talk was about work and sex and he joined in the fun of ragging a newly wed man who was downing his beer quickly so he could get home to his wife.

Grant laughed loudly with the others but between their shoulders he caught his reflection in the mirror above the bar. Today’s face looked no different from yesterday’s face, short dark hair with a few flecks of grey and steely blue eyes. Taylor had persuaded him to grow a goatee which he was still trying to get used to, but she said it was sexy, and there was very little that he wouldn’t do for his eighteen year old daughter. Still, he thought as his tired eyes gazed stoically back at him among the reflections of colored bottles and the bright glitter of the bar, he did feel older. Older and disillusioned. It wasn’t just the disappointment of the job rejections but the woman that he had been dating on and off for the past while had called him earlier in the day to break it off because, as she put it, ‘she was bored with the relationship’. ‘Old’ and ‘boring,’ you couldn’t be called much worse in one day, he grimaced tipping back his drink and ordering another.

The insistent tone of his cell phone ringing pierced through the noise and tore him from his thoughts.

“Daddy, can you hear me?”

“Yeah honey what’s up?”

“When are you going to be home?”

“Home? Why? I thought you were spending the night at Liz’s place.”

“Yeah, well my plans have changed, but I need to talk to you about it daddy and we can’t do it on the phone. Can you come home soon? Please, pretty please with a cherry on the top.”

Grant shook his head wryly in resignation. He knew that tone of voice; it meant he was about to get worked over. “Ok, I’ll be home soon.”


“Trick or Treat Mister,” two young children dressed as a vampire and wizard shouted as Grant approached his car. They rushed towards him, their eyes sparkling with excitement as they extended their bags in eager anticipation.

Jesus, he was getting old! He hadn’t even remembered that it was Halloween. He shrugged his shoulders at the eager faces and gave them a weary smile. “Sorry guys, guess it’ll have to be a trick this time.”

“C’mon, kids, stop bothering the man,” a woman called out. She trotted up breathlessly and smiled apologetically at Grant as she took the children firmly by their hands to lead them away. “It’s time to go home now, enough treats for today.”

“Happy Halloween,” the vampire-clad boy called back, baring his fake fangs and shivering against the wind and chill of the approaching darkness as his mother dragged him away.

The blur of the passing lights and traffic merged with the images that were playing through Grant’s mind as he drove home. The caring and watchful mother with her children out for some Halloween fun made him reminisce about his own situation.

“There was no fun in that,” he muttered angrily to himself.

Taylor escort bostancı was three when her mother walked out on them. It seemed that motherhood was at the bottom of her list of priorities and her boss at the top. When they had crashed and died in his little red sports car while on the way to some exotic place, Grant couldn’t help but feel a sense of justice and peace. He’d never told Taylor the truth about her mother, allowing the memories of her to remain untainted. But his life had changed drastically, with him devoting all of his time to raising Taylor, almost to the exclusion of everyone else.

A social life was what other people had. Instead, he was more used to school functions, homework help-out and juggling his time to drive her from one extra-mural activity to another. In-between, he managed to get an occasional work-out at the gym and even less frequently, one with a call girl. Before she passed away, his mother helped out where she could with Taylor, but she was a handful and by the time she was seven she had worked out how to get around him most of the time. As she grew up, her interests turned to things other than dolls and Grant found himself having to put his foot down on more than one occasion where boys were concerned. There was no doubt in his mind that tonight’s discussion that was so urgent, would also be about a boy.

Brightly lit pumpkin lanterns decorated the lawn of the house at the corner of the street and teenagers, dressed in an array of ghoulish costumes, lolled about outside as the wind gusted and swirled leaves up against their legs. From inside came the blast of music which Grant could still hear filtering through as he pulled into his driveway. The owners of the corner house were new to the neighborhood and he hadn’t met them but he liked it that way. Nosy and invasive neighbors got on his nerves.


“Happy Halloween, daddy,” Taylor’s voice rang out as he opened the door and stepped into the living room. A beautiful nun dressed from head to foot in black stood before him like a sainted vision. Grant could barely see his daughter’s angelic face peeking out from the very modest uniform.

“You like?’ she giggled.

He laughed in surprise at her choice of costume. “Well you are going through your black clothes phase now, so I guess it’s perfect. You planning to wear it somewhere tonight?”

“Yeah,” she said shrugging her shoulders nonchalantly.

But when she casually turned around, everything changed and the smile slid off his face.

The outfit was completely see-through from her neck all the way down to the hem.

Grant felt his heart constrict in his chest with shock as he absorbed the sight before him. She was obviously braless as there were no indications of bra straps and the costume framed Taylor’s creamy white skin and slender body like a picture of decadence against an inky sea of black material. A black garter belt and a scrap of red flimsy lace that was supposed to be a thong nestled between her butt cheeks and highlighted her perfectly shaped ass. Black seamed stockings with lace tops and very high heels completed the outfit and left Grant with no doubt whatsoever that virtue was the last thing on his daughter’s mind.

“Forget it,” Grant barked, “You’re not going anywhere dressed like that young lady, now go and get changed!”

“But daddy, its Halloween and –”

“You heard me Taylor, end of subject. Now, go change before I really get mad!”

With trembling hands Grant splashed some whiskey over ice and drank deeply from the glass while he struggled to get his breathing under control. Taylor had picked the wrong fucking day for her little tricks. Over the past six months, he had noticed that she’d added this latest trick to her arsenal. It involved wearing skimpy clothes that were designed to show off her lusciously developed body to the maximum while she wheedled him for something. It was fast becoming her favorite method of ‘persuading’ him to let her have her way and Grant reflected wryly that while it was damn frustrating for him, it normally worked. However, after the crappy day he’d had, he was in no mood for her little games tonight.


He’d just finished a sandwich and was onto his second whisky when she reappeared wearing a pleated skirt similar to those he recalled seeing the girls at the Catholic school wear. It looked very authentic except it was shamelessly short. For a second Grant caught himself wondering if it even covered her butt. The white silk blouse she wore with it was loose enough to show him the bounce and jiggle of her braless tits as she walked into the room and once again, the cute long white socks and red ribbons holding her blonde hair in pigtails did nothing to convince him that her intentions for the evening were innocent. Christ, she looked like a sex fantasy for a child molester. No fucking way was she going out in that either.

She perched on the couch across from him and demurely crossed her legs as the impossibly short ümraniye escort skirt inched dangerously up her thighs.

“Is this better daddy?” she said cheekily.

“Hardly,” Grant muttered trying not to notice the way her nipples were poking against the smooth texture of her blouse. “Now what was so important that you wanted to talk about?”

“Well,” she said flashing him a wide-eyed innocent smile, there’s a Halloween party over at Jake’s place. Everyone is going to be there and I want-”

“Jake? You mean that lazy good-for- nothing shithead who the police think might be dealing drugs?” Grant glared at his daughter. “No way Taylor.”

“Daddy!” she exclaimed, jumping up and stamping her foot in frustration. “He doesn’t do drugs and besides that, his parents will probably be there. I’ll be good, I promise I will.”

“I said no, and I mean no!” Grant snapped. Despite his anger it amazed him that at eighteen, his daughter still asked him permission to go places and even stranger that she generally acceded to his decisions. In truth though, she normally always got her own way but it seemed to be a little game she liked to play.

“Is poor old daddykins in a bad mood then?” she pouted, resting her hands on her hips in a seductive pose

“You’re not too old for a good spanking young lady,” Grant replied sharply. ” And any more of your cheek and you’ll get one.”

“Ohhh daddy,” she giggled naughtily, “I’m so, so very scared, terrified actually.”

It was too much for Grant. Her childish taunt and the exaggerated way she fluttered her eyelashes made something inside him snap and he flew across the room in two steps. He dropped onto the couch and pulled Taylor over his knee.

“Ohh!” she squealed as she fell forward. She wriggled like a snake and pressed her breasts against her father’s thighs while her ass poked up in the air. Grant raised the scrap of skirt material covering her butt and sucked in his breath sharply.

Shit! The little minx was not wearing panties.

The perfectly rounded cheeks of her bottom and a hint of her pouting pussy lips were exposed to Grant’s disbelieving eyes. His hand hovered in mid air and Taylor abruptly stopped wriggling as he stared at her ass. A sense of horror washed over him as he felt his anger melt away to be replaced by something even worse.


His cock stirred in his trousers and he tried desperately to fight his growing arousal by willing his mind to go someplace other than the stillness of the room and the bizarre sexually-charged situation he’d found himself in.

Nothing but silence and the sound of her father’s heavy breathing filled Taylor’s ears. Dammit, did he have any idea of how agonizing it was for her to endure the long silence and wonder what he was thinking? She blushed and swallowed hard as she imagined the sight she was presenting, her ass naked as the cool air swirled around it. She had never feel more exposed, more vulnerable, more nervous. Her nipples poked hard against the soft silk of her blouse. The back of her neck was tingling; every pore of her skin seemed to be waiting. Waiting for him to move, to say something. She clenched her abdominal muscles hard and her butt cheeks jiggled. Instinctively she pushed her ass out, just a little more.

The movement triggered something deep and primal in Grant’s brain. He flexed his foot, raising his left thigh a few inches and his hand flashed down delivering a firm smack to her right cheek. The skin reddened slightly and he smacked the left cheek.

Taylor turned her head to face him. Her cheeks were flushed and her eyes wide. “Daddy,” she said breathlessly, “I’m sorry, I’ve been a naughty girl.”

“I know!” he growled as his hand made contact with her ass again in a stinging slap. She was smooth and firm under his palm and between his legs he could feel his cock growing to full erectness. It strained uncomfortably against the fabric of his pants.

“Ow!” she yelped. Her ass stung, it felt hot and tingly and she wriggled again pushing her hip in a small circle against him trapping his cock between them hard.

Grant hissed, breath whooshing out. “Naughty little tease.” Driven by the demonic force that had possessed him, his hand left the warm blush of her ass and slid down to her pussy tracing the outline of her lips. He let his finger dip slightly into her soft moistness while she squirmed in protest. The instant he touched her slick flesh he was overcome with a maelstrom of emotions and shock. Jesus, what was he doing? This was his daughter and punishing her was one thing, but this was entirely different. Despite his mind being in tormented debate his body raged with unbridled lust. He seemed unable to control himself and his lewd actions.

“Mmmmmahhhh!” Taylor cried breathlessly. He kept his finger inside the entrance to her cunt and let his thumb find her clit. Her body bucked suddenly and then she stopped wriggling as a small sigh escaped her lips. She raised her ass, almost as though trying kartal escort bayan to make things easier for him and he took immediate advantage working the swollen nub of her clit while his palm pressed across the wet flesh of her slit. He grimaced with satisfaction as he felt her juice slide over his skin and he roughly forced two long fingers deep inside her and began thrusting. A groan ripped from his throat as he felt his daughter’s tight young pussy grip his invading fingers. She was so soft and so incredibly wet. He thought he might come in his trousers from the feel of her and the scent of her sweet pussy. She squirmed again, almost driving him insane. Each time she moved she would rub against his throbbing cock. Her body seemed to rise to meet each one of his finger thrusts yet at the same time he could feel her trying to move away from him.

“Daddy, please… oh nooo,” she cried out struggling against him. Overcome now with crazed lust, Grant pressed her down over his legs with increased pressure and continued to finger fuck her forcing her to come. Her body trembled and spasmed as her pussy convulsed hard around her father’s fingers.

Feeling Taylor climax had pushed Grant’s arousal to a dangerous level. His rampant lust threatened to overwhelm him and despite being dimly aware that what he was doing was morally wrong, his self control had slipped away completely. He wanted more, he wanted to bury himself in her tight young pussy, teach her a lesson and pour his anguish into her. Deep within his subconscious mind he knew that unless Taylor managed to escape from his grip he was going to take her. He was going to fuck his own daughter.

Taylor scrambled off his lap to her feet and tried to pull down her skirt. She was wild eyed and disheveled with her cheeks flaming brightly but Grant thought he had never seen her look more beautiful. During their struggle on his lap most of the buttons on her blouse had come undone and a full round breast poked out enticingly at him. He rose to his feet and grabbed her preventing her from escaping and then his hand moved with a will of it’s own to rip the silky fabric from her body.

The harsh sound of the material tearing brought a look of alarm to Taylor’s eyes.

“Oh my God, daddy, please…” she gasped as he tossed the tatters of her blouse aside and reached for the waistband of her skirt to rip it from her body.

Her pleas fell on deaf ears as Grant took in the beauty of her body naked, except for the silly white socks and shoes. Her skin was smooth and flawless and the soft patch of honey blond pubic hair between her thighs was matted and wet against her puffy labia. His hand cupped the swell of her soft breast and he pinched the nipple roughly making her moan and gasp while he struggled with his own clothing, pulling and tugging until he was naked.

Taylor stared wide-eyed at her father’s cock as it sprung from his underwear. She’d never seen anything quite so thick and imposing. It jutted out angrily from beneath a thick bush of dark pubic hair, and in the muted light of the living room she could see the big head, swollen and glistening with a drop of precum at the tip. Grant wrapped one hand around the thick shaft and stroked it while he watched his daughter’s eyes. A whimper tore from her throat when he pushed her down onto the thickly carpeted floor and knelt beside her. His fingers found their way back to her leaking pussy and he leaned in to kiss her full on the mouth. Taylor kept her lips firmly together for a second as her father’s tongue played across them, but as his passion rose and he became more insistent, she opened her mouth almost in welcome to let him in.

His pulled his lips from her and snaked his way down to her breasts sucking her pointy dusky pink nipples into his mouth as she groaned and squirmed on the floor.

“Oh God,” she yelped as his tongue continued its downward path over her flat belly to the wet juncture between her thighs. Grant knelt between his daughter’s legs and spread open her pussy lips savoring the delicious sight of her wet young flesh engorged with excitement and opening to him. He stared at her like a starving man before a feast and then licked his lips lecherously before leaned forward to thrust his tongue into her steaming hole. Taylor screamed and thrashed her head from side to side as her father lapped at her pussy and sucked her clit into his mouth.

The sweet taste of her young cunt filled Grant with insatiable desire. He lost himself in her pussy as he licked and sucked her relentlessly. Despite her pleas Taylor ground her pussy upwards against his mouth and beard, not stopping until an intense orgasm rocked her and she gushed juice all over her father’s tongue.

‘Oh, oh God,” Taylor gasped. She tried to wriggle away but Grant was on top of her before she could move. She tugged at his shoulders in an effort to get away but his strength was no match for her.

‘Daddy, please!” she whimpered.

Her urgent words made Grant hesitate, but only for a second because the beast that had woken within him would not let him stop. He had overcome his sickening feeling of shame and for now Taylor was nothing more than a nubile young woman who he was about to fuck. All he wanted was to quench his burning lust in her.

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