Tasting Wine and Mom Pt. 02

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Alexis Texas

Aaron opened the car door for his mom. She lowered herself in gracefully and by habit she tried to show off her pretty legs as much as possible. He was mesmerized by his mothers nylon clad legs, slowly, artfully swinging into the car. For added effect she put her hands on skirt and pulled the hem higher up her thighs.

Aaron was adsorbed by the pretty leg tease and half blurted out, “You look awesome tonight mom!” Then he added, “You’re a definite in contention for MILF of the year Mom.”

God why did he bring that up again? He needed to get laid.

Felicia was envisioning her son slapping the pert ass of her best friend and felt more than a little turned on. Then she heard the sweet compliment about MILF of the year and noticed the slight stress in his voice. Was he nervous about all this? Her heart swelled and with out thinking pulled the hem of her skirt even higher showing the tops of her pantyhose. A few of the men in her life had a weakness for pretty legs in stockings. She became well versed in showing off her legs in stockings. She enjoyed watching what it could do to a man. She noticed a long time ago that it had the effect even on Aaron’s friends and it also made Aaron bulge sometimes. Over the years she developed a decent collection and came to enjoy wearing nylon and

The milf of the year comment tickled her. “I’m such a lucky mother. I love you Honey, even if you are almost as improper as your father.”

She laughed and continued. “Thank you baby, I try to look good but it’s more of a challenge every year. And I am joking about being as improper as your father. I have never met anyone that lacking in self control.”

“Maybe the way we kid each other is improper for Sundays and the PTA, but I think it’s healthy and honest.”

Then she thought to herself, God where am I going with this? Then added, “I’m just trying to say thank you for your attention Aaron. And you do know what the f in milf means don’t you?”

Aaron turned 3 shades of red admitting to himself the naughty desires in his mind. “Aaaa of course I do mom, I mean you know it’s kind of like a phase and I don’t mean I want to do it with you mom, aaa I mean any guy would but… Geeeze I should shut up while I’m a head.”

This made both of them a little nervous. They often hinted around the edges of such things in many conversations but never spoke directly about it. Aaron even confessed once that all of his friend thought she was so hot they had fantasies. And Felicia once asked if Aaron found brunettes like her sexually attractive. But they never delved deeper into forbidden desires with conversation. But they did often tease each other with suggestive comments, much like good friends do.

Felicia felt flush kind of turned on and kind of uncomfortable. Maybe it’s crossing a line talking about milf and pointing out the innuendo of fucking your mother. She proceeded to chat on for a minute or two then three then four, trying to ease her own nervousness. She had mixed feelings of being a proud mom and feeling sexy escort bostancı and feeling immoral and perverted. She was turned on by the thoughts of sons and moms doing improper things. By shear will she managed to keep such thoughts out of her chatter. At the end of her chatter she failed to keep her inner thoughts quiet.

“I think Bethany has a nice bum. Is mine as tight as hers? Do you think I am as sexy and Doinkable.”

OMG she thought, what am I saying? I’ve only had two glasses of wine so far tonight.

Aaron was kind of surprised by his mother talking nonstop She only did this when really excited or happy or really mad or really nervous. Did his comments make her nervous? He did not mean to broach the topic of her being a milf and did not want to talk about the fucking mother part even though it was his favorite fantasy.

A few minutes into her nonstop chatter he blocked her out and did not hear much of what she was saying. Then her last works grabbed his attention. What? Do I think she has a tight ass? Doinkable? Fuck I can’t answer that honestly! Doinkable that’s something he talked about with his sister Stephanie. That was supposed to be a secret with Stephanie, He seldom used that word around his mother.

Being purely analytical at times Aaron started looking for factual answers then he realized who asked the questions and how taboo it was. His face turned a little red. He was backing into a parking spot and was turned towards his mother with his arm around the head rest of her seat.

Felicia saw Aarons eyes narrow as if in deep thought then widen as his face turned red. She tried covering the tracks of her perverted thoughts and said.

“I mean we are both adults and have thoughts, I was just wondering if I still have it going on. If I wasn’t your mother would you think of doinking me too? I remember you once told me your friends thought so.”

Her voice was almost shaky but it was the best she could do. And she realized it wasn’t covering her tracks it was digging a deeper hole. Aaron took a deep breath put the car in park and weighed his answer. It was an awkward pause in the conversation.

He could tell his mother she had a tight ass, but and he could not tell her that he would love to have sex with her if she wasn’t his mother. You can’t just say that… Can you?

So instead he said, “Yeay we’re here, lets pop some corks!”

“Are you ignoring me Aaron or did I embarrass you or were you even listening. ” Felicia asked automatically.

Wow she gave me a way out he thought, “I’m sorry mom what did you say I was trying to put it in a tight spot.” He cringed a little at the double entendre.

“Oh God as you get older the more you become a typical man.” Felicia huffed back she was miffed and relieved at the same time. She thought, maybe he really wasn’t listening, god!, just like a man.

Still searching for a correct response Aaron walked around and opened the car door for his mother. He noticed her skirt rode way up and he could see ümraniye escort the tops of her pantyhose. When she swung her pretty legs around a gust of wind lifted her skirt. Aaron saw a pretty swollen mound glistening. His mother was trimmed and shaved to a landing strip. Just one second to view her pretty pussy. It instantly intoxicated him. Wow was mom wearing crotchless pantyhose and no panties? He knew she had a variety of stockings including crotchless pantyhose but never thought he would actually see her kitty like that. Her pretty legs were gift wrapped in expensive silky nylon and the opening in the nylon was puffing her mons out like a present. He pussy lips were almost begging to be explored. As a fun gift it needed to be felt, then shaken and unwrapped.

Animal instincts kicked in. Here was this sensual woman this pretty pussy just arms length away. Blood rushed to his cock and his smaller head took over his thinking. At this moment Felicia wasn’t his mother she was a hot babe to be seduced. A milf wearing crotchless pantyhose, maybe she was a kinky lady.

Felicia saw her son looking at her legs and thought she grabbed her skirt in time to not reveal her swollen mons. But when the gust of wind blew her skirt up she saw her son stare directly at her private parts. He had lazer focus and a second felt like a minute. She saw an intense lust blaze in his eyes. Even his manner felt more intense. She held out her hand as Aaron helped her out. They hooked arms as he escorted her to the garden gate. She could feel the fresh air under her skirt cooling her hot wet love mound. She had a few fantasies of a young male escort very similar to this moment.

Thinking with his cock and getting in seduction mode Aaron felt brave enough to answer his mother’s questions now.

“OK.” he said then paused. He stopped walking and turned to look at her. They were standing in the middle of the street.

Testosterone filled his blood and his voice deepened. “I was listening. Yes and Yes. You have a tight ass and like I told my sister you are very Doinkable. If you weren’t my mother I would give you a ride on the Aaron love machine.”

Wow, they both thought. This conversation has gone places they have not gone before.

Aaron quickly added, “Steph said she wouldn’t tell anyone what I said. Did she tell you?”

Felicia felt a rush of lust and beauty. Her pussy was very moist now and her nipples started poking thru her thin bra and thin blouse.

Trying to normalize the conversation she replied, “Why Thank you honey I did not mean to be so direct and I know most moms never ask such silly questions even though they think about it. You might be surprised how many mothers think naughty thoughts.” She did not laugh but her words were spoken with obvious delight.

“And your sister did not break her promise I just over heard your conversation with you.”

She ignored the ramifications of this conversation, maybe it is just a conversation gone astray. But she kept hearing her son say he would kartal escort bayan give her a ride on his cock. She leaned in to kiss him on the cheek. He turned his head the wrong way and her kiss landed on his lips. They were both very sensitive at the moment and they both enjoyed the feeling of lips on lips. It lasted maybe longer than a mother son kiss should but they did not want to break away. Aaron felt moms lips open up while pressed against his. He pressed his tongue between her lips. Felicia broke off the kiss, they were still standing in the middle of the street.

They were both very turned on and they both knew it. She smoothed her skirt cleared her throat and tried to compose herself. He pulled his shirt out, using the shirt tails to cover the erection his mother had given him. They walked to the garden gate he slapped her ass quick and hard before they walked through. She giggled. They were greeted with clamor and laughter of a dozen happy people. Aaron knew most everyone quite well and a few he did not. Felicia walked him around and introduced him to new co-worker and a married couple that were new to the group. They acted like any happy mother and son. Everyone had a glow so theirs did not seem out of place. But every man took in an eyeful of Felicia’s hard nipples. They looked delicious in the taffeta fabric.

Most of Felicia’s friends were very fond of Aaron. She did a good job raising him and he was a handsome young man. Some of their children went to school with him. A couple of their daughters had dated him or had affection for him over the years. Aaron was buff and that scored points with some of her friends. A few of her friends were obvious about the attraction. Bethany, Tammy and Charlotte to name a few.

Tammy and Charlotte were both married but liked to fool around. They also hung out together frequently. They were inseparable most of the night. Tammy’s husband made an appearance before going bowling with his friends. Tammy hosted a very nice laid back party with great food, and a nice mix of music from several genera’s. The real wine aficionados graced the table with a variety of very good wines. Everyone felt comfortable and loosened up as the wine poured.

Felicia and Aaron made a round together chatting with many of her friends. Felicia told them that she had to pay extra to have such a studly escort from the escort service. It garnered a laugh each time. After awhile they drifted different directions. Then Bethany took up a majority of Aaron’s social time.

As the evening went on half the people left and Aaron was the only male there. Much to his delight Beth and a few others were getting a little too loose as the wine poured. The ladies that remained were all capable women. Capable of being the type of cougar Felicia referred to earlier, claws out ready to pounce. Aaron felt like prey and loved it.

As the party wound down Felicia came over to Beth and Aaron and Charlotte. Charlotte called it a night and kissed everyone good bye. She told the hostess, Tammy, that she would pick up her car early tomorrow and left with her Uber driver. Tammy was exhausted it was a long week and long day. She picked up what few remaining food dishes were left and turned in for the night parting with hugs and kisses.

End part two Tasting Wine and Mom

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