Target Acquired – #01 Allison

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In a world where we are limited by social etiquette and behavioral expectations, I always thought it would be a great idea to break the rules and see what happened. I think that every man always wonders what it would be like to be able to try and seduce his female friends, and what it would be like in bed with each of them. What is each one like – loud or soft, lazy or eager, and fun or boring? What did each one look like naked? Did they have perfect boobs? Did they shave regularly or not? Were they rampant or ragdolls in bed? What if I could do this, no strings attached?

Target acquired: Allison.


I’ve known Allison for a long time — since middle school, in fact. We talked and shared the occasional bus ride together and generally, we connected pretty well. However, there was one problem — she was simply not that interesting. I would never pursue her as a girlfriend, because she never actually made me laugh. But flirting wasn’t so bad — she seemed to really like the company of guys. It was just too bad that she was a clubber and seemed to like all the wrong guys.

This wasn’t a problem for me, however. The question was — do I do this romantically or do I jump into the horny end? I decided that this was the girl I could go for a one-night stand in. Money was no object: I had set aside plenty of that from my savings to accomplish my thrilling goals. I had to come up with a master plan. From the past, I realized that the longer I planned for something, the greater my anticipation for the actual event became and the more satisfying achieving the final goal was.

First, I decided that my approach would be jumping into the horny end. I hadn’t gotten laid in quite a while, so I was pretty horny by that point. How would I get a quiet, boring girl to get into bed with me? I schemed for about an hour using my extremely intelligent brain and came up with The Strategy

. I gave Allison a call.

“Hey Allison, I was thinking, you have pretty long lunch breaks on Fridays right? Want to have lunch with me?”

“Sure thing, Jack. Where do you want to go?” I discussed details for a few minutes, chatted for a while (come on, this girl just had to add some humor to her repertoire!!!), and then hung up the phone. I was quite literally bouncing on my heels with eagerness to get this thing started. I then set up the other aspects for The Strategy


The next day, I met her at a nice, fancy Italian restaurant for lunch. I was already waiting by the time she came in and found me waving at her from a nice window table for two. If anyone else was watching, we looked like the ideal couple with her coming in and giving me a tight hug. I could feel her breasts pressing into me and I had to end the hug quickly to avoid sprouting a boner into her petite body.

She was dressed in typical businesswoman attire, with a tight skirt that accentuated her decent curves and a top with two buttons undone. She sat down and leaned over to pick up one of two menus placed near me, giving me a great view of her — I suspected barely B cup — breasts. My cock grew even harder with the thrill of adventure.

We made conversation and talked about work as I listened to her bitch about her crazy boss. I told her a bit about my life but didn’t expose too much, other than the bare minimum required to keep her interested. At the end of lunch, I ordered a nice dessert for her, showing off my class. Then, I dropped the bombshell.

“Allison, there’s one thing that you’ve never known about me. Let’s get it on tonight and I’ll make you so hot that the bed roasts.”

Her immediate reaction was exactly what I thought it’d be: shock, and then indignancy. She sat back in her chair for a second, clearly stunned, and then grabbed her purse and stood up. “You sick bastard, Jake,” she said sharply, rummaging for her wallet. “You’re unbelievable.”

“I know, Allison,” I said suggestively. “I got the bill, dear.” She stomped off, her ass swaying nicely on her way out. I think I played the cards just right. I took the afternoon off from work and went to an adult shop, preparing for what should be an interesting night.

That night, I came back with a box full of toys and gadgets that I could use not only that night but also fun filled nights. I set up my bedroom, placing a few candles here and there to set up the romantic atmosphere. Then, I waited.

At about 9 PM, I heard a knock on the door. Opening the door, there was Allison, wrapped in a full length trench coat, looking nervous. She couldn’t stop fidgeting, touching her hair, adjusting her purse, shifting her weight from foot to foot.

“What a nice surprise, Allie,” I said, obviously faking surprise. “Seems like you decided to turn up after all.” I smirked, sure that my confidence was well-placed.

“Hi Jake. Can I come in?” she asked, in a somewhat hesitant voice.

“Sure thing,” I said, opening the door wider for her. I made sure I stood in the door frame so she would güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri have to brush against me slightly as she went in. She smelled of some rosy perfume, which only served to heighten my senses.

We entered the kitchen and I pulled out a chair, gesturing for her to sit. “Would you like a drink, Allie?” I pulled a bottle of Malibu white coconut rum out of my liquor cabinet, pouring a healthy measure into two champagne glasses and handing it to her. I sat on a chair backward, leaning forward and looking her in the eyes. I smirked teasingly, finding her awkward, embarrassed shyness amusing. I waited for her to speak.

“So, um, Jake… I thought of what you said at lunch today, and I’m sorry for having such a dramatic reaction to it. I thought about you all day, until I couldn’t concentrate on my work.” She took a breath. “I’ve been out clubbing a lot and despite all the guy attention, I really haven’t been getting any quality from the guys out there.” She took a sip of her Malibu, clearly contemplating her next words.

“I want a guy to make me feel like I’ve never felt before. It was so wrong but for some reason, I felt so turned on after I left the restaurant. You’re so hot and handsome under that tight suit. Jake, you got me so horny. Take me tonight until I collapse. Fuck me till I can’t take it anymore, Jake.”

She drained the rest of her Malibu and stood up, taking off her trench coat. Underneath was a scintillating black minidress with a tight tube top, leaving no more than a teasing segment of valley and mountains (well, more like hills) covered. If my flag wasn’t flying strong before, it certainly was then. She put her hands on her head and turned around, showing off her cutely outlined ass.

For some reason, I found girls of whom I knew personally far hotter than any supermodel, despite any inequalities in body shape. Allison sure wasn’t supermodel quality, or even model quality, but that minidress made her the hottest girl in the world right then for me. I couldn’t wait to rub my hands all over that petite body, but I knew the longer I made her wait, the better the sex would be.

She stepped closer to me, her rosy perfume tranquilizing me and drawing me further and further into her allure. Her small but definitely noticeable breasts were perfectly proportional to her body, outlined sluttily in her skimpy dress.

I stood up and circled her like a shark, looking her up and down. She stood there nervously, meeting my eyes when I looked into them. Her eyeliner eyes had a tint of hunger about them, ready for her handsome knight to take her for a ride. I stopped behind her and breathed on her neck, sending a shiver down her spine. I pressed myself into her back, my hard-on pressed in to her ass. She turned her had back and I kissed her deeply, feeling the warm sensation of her lips upon mine. I slowly slid my hands up and down her front, gently cupping her breasts and rubbing her underwear under her dress.

She twisted in my arms and kissed me back hard, her tongue pressing against mine as our crotches gently grinded together. Her hands were all over my front, unbuttoning my shirt, sliding down and feeling the hardness of my cock. I firmly molded her ass in my hands, drawing a small gasp out of her otherwise occupied mouth.

I picked her up by the butt and making sure she grinded hard against me, walked quickly to the bedroom. She fiddled with my belt as she tried to undress me. I took pity on her and helped her remove my pants and shirt, leaving me standing in nothing but a pair of boxers that looked like they were about to rip open. I pushed her against the wall and roughly grabbed her ass and her left breast at the same time, squeezing them and kneading them in my hands. She moaned into my mouth and wrapped her arms around my neck, giving in to the exquisite pleasures. I pressed my lips against her neck and tenderly licked her from collarbone to ear, causing her to tremor in delight. I whispered dirty thoughts into her ears.

“Allison, you’re a dirty girl… you’ve been wanting to fuck me since day one haven’t you, naughty naughty?”

“Yes, Jake, you’re so fucking h-h-hot, it feels so gooooood!” I lifted her dress, revealing a thin, red g-string that barely covered her pussy.

“Damn, girl, you really came looking for a good time didn’t you?” I smacked her butt and she grinded even harder against me. I could feel her horniness in the damp material at her crotch. “Let’s get this dress off you.”

I pulled her top down and dragged it down to her feet. Above, she was braless, her dress having provided the support for her white, pale breasts. I pushed her against the wall and then got on my knees and breathed on her crotch, causing her to moan in anticipation. I stroked very lightly where her clit would be and then moved up to her breasts. I circled both her nipples with my fingers and licked the valley between her breasts, leaving a wet trail in my wake.

“Oh, güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri Jaaaaaake…” She cradled my head, trying to push me toward her nipples but I resisted, continuing to lightly stroke her but never touching what had to be aching nipples. I brought my lips across one quickly, delighting in her reaction as she grasped my head and tilted her own backward. I continued to tease her like this mercilessly for several minutes, making her wait for her reward.

Finally, I enveloped her right breast in a full-mouth embrace, licking her nipple and sucking firmly on it, while pinching and rolling the other in my right hand. She moaned and gasped several times, reveling in the pleasure. I stood up and kissed her again, stroking her pussy over and over again. I felt her rise into me at the contact. She kept letting out little gasps and moans every time I brushed against her clit, holding on tighter and tighter to me.

I whispered in her ear, “Get on your knees and suck my cock, Allie…” She complied eagerly, pushing me slightly against the wall and bending over to first grind against my cock, letting out a loud moan. She pulled off my boxers quickly and audibly gasped at the size of my tool. At ten inches, I had a pretty good-sized cock, one that filled out girls to the max and then some. She grasped it gingerly in her hand, as if afraid that it was going to break. She stroked it softly up and down, feeling its hard rigid length. She softly cupped my balls, massaging them lightly as she grasped me strongly and began jerking me off, one stroke at a time. I closed my eyes and put my head back, enjoying the show.

Then I felt a warm, wet feeling at the end of my dick and opened my eyes as I watched her mouth slide down a few inches of my dick, enveloping it in a warm, slippery cocoon. I groaned out as she took me in, barely getting down halfway before hitting the back of her throat. She began sliding her mouth up and down my cock, making me feel like I was going to explode any time. I held back and let her do her work, enjoying the sensual feeling of having my dick sucked. Her hand worked the base of my dick, adding to my pleasure, while her other hand played with my balls. It wasn’t the best blowjob in the world, but it was good, and I was on a high from having conquered her.

I let her go on for a few more minutes and then grabbed her by the boobs and gently pulled her up. I pulled off her red thong, revealing a nicely shaved pink pussy. “Allie, I’m going to fuck you so hard that you’re going to pass out in pleasure now.” She positively whimpered at this, not being able to wait for that big cock of mine. I pushed her down onto the bed and gave her a few licks in the pussy, causing her to cry out in pleasure.

I lay down on top of her and lay my dick at the entrance of her pussy, working it in and out of her pussy lips and grinding it against her clit. Allie wasn’t the loudest in bed and in fact, was somewhat quiet, but she certainly was audible as I grinded my dick against her wet pussy. In fact, she was so wet that I could probably slide in with very little force.

I pushed my way inside her tight, tight pussy and she almost squealed in delight, my long hard rod pulsating into her tight canal. Sliding that tool in was the best feeling in the world, going all the way in until I must have hit her cervix and she couldn’t take in any more. I slid it out and nearly came right there inside her, pausing to control myself, then sliding myself back in, inch by inch.

I leaned over and necked her passionately, stopping to nibble on her earlobe and then whisper into her ear, “Allie, are you on birth control?”

“Oh my goodnessssss, Jake…. Yes, I’m on birth control, now fuck me hard and then cum inside me!”

That was all the incentive I needed. I slid myself back into her, thrusting at a slow but deliberate pace. The feeling was of pure pleasure — her pussy was a hot channel of pleasure that only made me harder that longer I fucked her. All this time, she held on to my neck, gasping in my ear, telling me how good I made her feel. Inside, I grinned, thinking of how I had transformed the defensive, indignant girl at the end of lunch to the horny, delighted girl that I was banging right now.

“Come on, Jake, give it to me!” I increased my pace, pumping my cock into her, propping myself up on both arms. Her hands pulled me toward her, drawing me lips in for a brief kiss before she let out another stream of pleasure-induced words.

I lay her on her side and positioned myself behind her, rubbing my dick against her clit several times for good measure. This time, instead of steadily pushing in, I rammed my cock into her, burying it inside her pussy. She positively squealed with pleasure as I turned up the heat on her g-spot.

I reached my arm over her and grabbed her breasts, kneading them in my hand as I whispered dirty things into her ear. I stopped thrusting momentarily, whispering into güvenilir bahis şirketleri her ear, “You want more, you slut? Come on. Beg for it, you dirty whore.”

“Stick that thing back in me, Jake; I want your big hard cock in me!”

“You have got to do better than that, Allie,” I chuckled, switching my attentions to her other breast. She moaned in desire, putting her hands on my ass and trying to push me into her as she grinded backward. I grabbed her ass and kept my dick at the entrance of her pussy. “You were so affronted at lunch, Allie. You couldn’t stand not having me and my giant penis, could you, you dirty whore? You’d do anything for sex, wouldn’t you?”

“Yesss, Jake, I’m your slut! Make me your whore, Jake; put your big cock back inside me!” She was nearly begging by now, rubbing her clit in her licentious craze. She grabbed my cock and tried to jack me off as I kneaded her breast, teasing her as I licked her slowly from neck to ear. I flipped her onto her front and shoved my dick inside her, causing her to sigh in bliss.

“Jake, I love your cock, don’t stop fucking me you big stud! I’m about to come, ohhh, ohhhhhhh!!!!” I kept pounding away as she rode out the waves of her orgasm, her pussy clenching my dick harder than ever. I plugged away until I felt my own orgasm creeping up on me. I waited until Allison began crying out that she was approaching a second one. Multiple orgasms for women must have been so great. She thrusted back at me as we both felt the pleasure build up within us.

Within seconds, I felt my balls contract as the waves of delight ran through my groin, my dick pulsating as I shot loads of hot semen into her pussy. She moaned even louder as she felt this, her pussy overflowing with the hot liquid as she moaned out her own orgasm. Both of our eyes were closed as we felt the blissful ecstasy race through our bodies, her vagina leaking my cum as she fell to the bed and I lay on top her of her, her pussy still plugged by my flaccid yet still large cock. She breathed heavily.

“Jake, that was the best sex I’ve ever had in my life…” She tried to twist her head around far enough to kiss me but failed. I slid out of her and she rolled onto her side, giving me another great view of her pale, perfectly-proportional tits. I slid my hand between her legs and let it rest teasingly on her thighs, no more than a centimeter away from her pussy. I could still feel the heat from our furious lovemaking. She put her hand on my semi-rigid penis, grasping it in her hand.

“I think this is my new best friend, Jake…” She toyed with it, sometimes grasping it firmly, sometimes bending it from side to side as a few droplets of cum leaked out the top. “Here, let me get that.” She rolled me onto my back, pulled her hair back, and licked the last few drops off. “You taste good…”

“That’s my magic sperm right there. They’re like supermen sperm — I don’t know if your birth control will even be strong enough,” I joked, causing her to laugh with a mouthful of cock. I certainly wasn’t done with her, just waiting a few minutes to recuperate. It wasn’t hard — both of us were so horny that once was never enough for either of us. After just five minutes of slow sucking, I was hard again. Sitting up, I decided a play a bit with her ego. “Damn Allie, is that your best? Took you five whole minutes to get it up again? I’ve had better…”

That lit a fire under her. She shoved me down onto my back and impaled herself upon my spear, her hands remaining on my chest. “You want good sex? You’re going to get sex.” She began riding me like I was her racehorse (I was certainly hung like one) gyrating her hips on my thick pole. She moaned every time my dick hit her g-spot, sending a wave of pleasure through her body. I myself was enjoying this immensely, especially as she started lifting her pelvis up and slamming herself down on me repeatedly, her inner sex monster taking over her senses completely.

I began thrusting back up at her, overwhelming her senses so much that she had to stop after every thrust to let the jolt of ecstasy travel through her. I refused to let that deter me, though, as I thrusted from below and pushed her down by the hips. She had her eyes closed and head back, letting out little “Ohhh!”s every time she bottomed out. Her tits were bouncing marvelously, and I grabbed both with my long arms, twisting her nipples lightly and groping her all over. She came right there, alternating between moaning and gasping as she did.

I couldn’t believe how rigid my cock was — it felt like it had actually grown another half inch inside this horny girl’s love tunnel. The slip and slide motion on my tool had me completely captivated as I closed my eyes to enjoy the immense sensations. I picked her up and pushed her front into the wall, her breasts smashed between my hands and my chest as I rammed my rod home from behind.

“You horny little bitch, I bet you didn’t know I was this good when you rejected me earlier, did you?” She cried aloud, unable to even draw enough breadth to reply me as I slammed my hips into her from behind. “You think you’re all uptight and righteous in that tight little businesswoman suit? Well think again, because you’re getting dominated right now and you’re loving it, aren’t you, Allie?”

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