Tara’s Been a Bad Girl

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I was late again. As usual. My boss, a hairy, pot-bellied guy in his fifties, had a scowl waiting for me in the middle of his thick black eyebrows. I could never pronounce his full name, so I called him Jan like everyone else did.

“You have to take this job more seriously, Tara,” he said in his thick voice, wagging an equally thick, hairy finger. I nodded, and he sighed. “Business has been slow of late. I’m thinking of letting go of some people.”

I sighed heavily. We had this kind of conversation almost once every two weeks or so. I kind of knew what was coming, but played along anyway like I always did.

“I understand, Jan. But hopefully, I’m not one of them, am I?”

He shrugged, viewing his stubby fingernails critically, not meeting my eyes. “You’re one of my most valuable workers, Tara. A pretty face always brings customers into the shop. But you’re almost always late and always the first to leave. I don’t know whether I can stand for that for much longer.”

“Okay Jan. I’ll try to improve. Just please, give me one last chance.”

He grunted, meeting my eyes with a narrowed gaze. “I’ll think about it. Now go change into your uniform.”

I hid a sigh, then walked through the shop to the employee changing room. It was empty, since only I and one other guy worked the evening shift. I quickly pulled off my top and was kicking out of my skirt when I heard the door open behind me. All I had on was my bra and black thongs, and when a hot, meaty hand grabbed one ass cheek, I didn’t have to guess who it was. His heavy breathing and unmistakable sweaty scent filled my nostrils.

“You really need to do better if you want to keep working here, Tara,” he said huskily, rubbing my ass all the while. “Good jobs are hard to find these days.”

I rolled my eyes. Same dialogue. I told him meekly that yes, I knew. I turned to face him and saw him licking his lips as he viewed my semi-nude body in the tiny thongs and lacy black bra. One hand still on my ass, he squeezed a tit with the other. After a few moments, he told me gruffly, “Take my dick out and suck me.”

Without a word, I went on my knees and undid his fly. His fat, meaty and short cock popped out from his obscenely hairy pubic area. The hot musky scent from him was almost overpowering, but I ignored that and opened my mouth to cover his bobbing member. He growled with pleasure as I started to blow him, his fat cock disappearing in my mouth. He was squeezing both my tits now with both hands, and I held on to his hips for support, closing my eyes and losing myself in my task. I’d sucked him off several times, in these exact same conditions. I was used to it by now but I still got a little kick from blowing that short fat cock of his with its tight, hairy balls. My nose was sort of immersed now in his curly black bush and I started to get turned on by the taste and feel of his meat.

“Ah, this is one job you do very well,” he sighed, laughing softly at his own humour. He tugged at my hair, shoving my face even closer into his groin. He made up what he lacked in length in thickness, and I felt him widen all the more as I sucked diligently on his hot cock. My fingers dug into the flesh of his hairy thighs and I began to actually enjoy what I was doing. Needless to say, I was a sucker for a dick and a blow — pun intended!

“Oh yes, yes,” he cooed, throwing his head back. I looked up to see him lifting his shirt higher so he could better see me blowing on his hairy cock. He had an even hairier belly, which protruded low, and I really thought he was disgusting but I couldn’t help myself.

It was five minutes gone now and knowing him, he wasn’t going to last much longer. He began to fuck my face in quick, frantic thrusts and I increased pressure with my tongue and throat, practically engulfing his whole meat in my mouth as it throbbed and vibrated in readiness to spout.

“Uuurggggh,” he said in a long-drawn groan as he finally erupted in my mouth, spilling almost a cupful of cum down my throat. I savoured the salty taste for a moment before swallowing quickly. He withdrew, and, with me still kneeling there, he shoved his now shrivelled cock back into his trousers and zipped up. “Good girl,” he told me, patting my cheek. “You keep your job. Girls with your skills are quite valuable to my establishment.” He grinned, winked, and went to open the door. In the doorway, he brushed past Hank, who’d just come in for his own shift. I was quickly buttoning up my uniform by now.

He looked at me, and I wondered if he knew escort bostancı what had just taken place. I avoided his eyes and shoved my bag in my locker. “Hi, Hank,” I said breezily, turning and making to walk past him. He took my arm in a gentle grip, and I had to look up into his brown eyes.

Hank was a nice kind of guy. He had chocolate dark skin, and was the bookish type, judging by the volumes I always saw him reading during breaks in the coffee room. I knew he was some kind of computer whiz cos he was always talking about stuff like that. He was a good looking black guy, slim built, with a warm and friendly personality. But he wasn’t my type. Something told me I wasn’t his type either. Freaky white girls like me wouldn’t be his thing I reckoned. We were friends though and got along okay.

“What’s up?” I asked curiously when he kept holding on to my arm.

He was shaking his head at me. “Why do you keep doing this to yourself?” he asked quietly.

I tipped my head. “I don’t know what you mean.”

Releasing me, he sighed. “Never mind. None of my business. But Tara, believe me, you’re worth far more than you think you are.”

“Yeah. . .okay,” I said slowly, making a comical face to myself as I shrugged and walked out of the changing room. I felt in a way, that he was judging me somehow. And what the heck did he know about me or what I “thought I was worth”? Gosh, he was such a prick.

I chuckled to myself as I wondered about that part of his anatomy. Despite my wild ways I’d never managed to get it on with a black guy. Guess I was never curious about such things, unlike some of my friends who’d dated or fucked black guys just to find out if the myths were true. For some, they actually were. With a fleeting curiosity, I wondered how it would be for the goody-goody Hank. But then I shoved the idea from my mind and got to work.

I was through by eight pm, and was of course, already out the door by 8.02pm. Jan my boss could go off himself for all I cared. I was never going to win “employee of the month” but at least, in one way, I made him happy. But as I walked to the bus stop, I wondered to myself why I was letting it happen. Apart from my weakness for a hard cock, I was also pretty dumb it seemed, to be letting Jan get away with it. I wasn’t even earning that much — but it was something to do. Maybe it was Hank’s words getting to me, or maybe I was finally growing some sense. But would I just let it go on, or will I finally take a stand? I wasn’t sure.

It was with this mindset that I took the bus straight back home. I was supposed to meet my boyfriend for drinks like I usually did, but for the first time, I wanted to be home on time. I guess after all that had gone on in the last 24 hours with my uncle, cousin and aunt, I was feeling more like part of the family and everything.

I let myself in and was surprised that no one seemed to be home yet. But then going up the stairs, I strode past my cousin Felicia’s room and saw the light on beneath the door and heard loud music playing. I knocked and stuck my head in.

“Hi, babes,” I said with a friendly smile. Felicia, or Felice like everyone called her, was a cute-faced eighteen year old, with the same tendency to be chubby like her brother Anthony. I thought she was pretty cool though kind of withdrawn. We didn’t really talk much since I felt we didn’t have much in common. I felt however that it was time to break the ice a bit more and get chummy.

She looked surprised to see me back so soon; she was folding up some newly washed items into their drawers. “Hi, Tara. Come on in.”

I obliged, my eyes roving roud the teenager’s neat room. Not many knick-knacks, and pretty pristine for a young teen. Like I said, I really didn’t know how to relate with her but for some reason, I felt like trying harder tonight. I reached for a sleeveless top. “Here, let me help,” I offered, and began to fold it up neatly.

“Thanks,” she said, glancing my way a little shyly. I sent her a curious look, remembering my moments with aunt Sheila and how she’d mentioned showering with her daughter. But had showering been all they got down to?

We made small talk about music as we worked, and I asked her about school. She seemed like a bright kid, and though she was never going to be a beauty queen, she had wholesome, appealing looks and nice skin like her mom. My curiosity deepened.

“Where do you want these?” I asked, a pile of folded shirts in my hands.

“Top drawer,” she said, nodding to ümraniye escort her right. I went over and nudged it open, and found it was full.

“Oh, then just stick them in the bottom one,” she said, busy sorting out socks.

I tugged the bottom one open with my foot and found it half full with clothes. I noticed she was quite organised and color-coordinated and everything, so I was careful to place the stuff in neatly. I was trying to rearrange everything properly when my hands struck something hard and rubbery. Curious, I shoved my hands in deeper and they closed around a long, strange object. Curious, I unearthed it, saw what it was, and gasped.

She turned to me in surprise. “What is it?”

I twisted on my heels and held up the longest, fattest dildo I’d ever seen. It was coloured a very dark brown, almost like mahogany, and it looked really gross with veins and ridges and an enormous cap at one end and a pair of humongous balls at the other end, which I was holding somewhat daintily. “What-the-fuck? Felice?!”

I was flabbergasted to say the least. But she only went pink and shrugged, going to snatch it from me. “It’s not mine, I promise you. And I can explain.”

I was spluttering. “Not yours? But it’s in your bottom drawer? Come on, babes I’m not dumb.”

“Look, I found it in my mom’s old trunk ok?” she said impatiently, shoving it under a pillow. “I can’t remember what I was looking for and I just managed to find it buried underneath some stuff. I don’t even know why I took it and brought it here. I was just curious, I guess.”

I smiled to let her know I thought it was all okay. She could hardly look at me which I thought was cute. “I guess at eighteen, it’s more than healthy to be curious. “So. . .you’ve never used it?”

She definitely couldn’t look at me now as she turned to start gathering up the rest of her clothes. “Well. . .I wouldn’t lie and say I didn’t try,” she blustered defensively. “But I guess it was pretty clumsy trying to um. . .fuck myself.”

Her words sounded funny, and I chuckled deeply, glad when she laughed too, glancing at me with a grin. I was pleased to see she wasn’t so pink any more. “Yeah, most people find that hard to do,” I said between guffaws. “Look, Felice, you don’t have anything to be ashamed of. I think it’s cool to know you’re well, human.” I flashed a grin. “I used to think you were some sort of prudish goody-two shoes.”

“I don’t blame you,” she sighed. “I guess. . .I always felt deep down you are so pretty and cool that you wouldn’t find me much fun to be around.”

“So you think I’m pretty?” I said softly, coming to stand close to her.

“Yeah,” she said with a shrug, going shy again. “While I’m just a girl who looks like a really cute boy with a few extra pounds thrown in.”

I shook my head at her, placing a gentle hand on her soft cheek. She looked so fresh-faced and sweet that I wanted to kiss her pretty lips. “Trust me, Felice, you’re lovely. Inside. . .and out.” As I spoke, I trailed my fingers down her face to skim across the front of her shirt, and scraped across what had to be a nipple. I heard her draw in a breath. My eyes held hers lingeringly. “Want me to show you how to really use that dildo?”

Her eyes darted in an endearing mix of confusion and arousal. I could see her nostrils flaring as sexual tension rose in the air. “I. . .I don’t know, Tara. . .”

I shushed her with my lips, as I swiftly covered her mouth in a moist, tasting kiss. She seemed shocked, and stood rigid for some moments. I slipped my hands underneath her shirt to her unbound breasts, which felt reassuringly firm and heavy. I hummed in delight. I was becoming a great fan of boobs. I squeezed gently yet firmly, and heard her breath catch. I rubbed over her nipples and stroked the full undersides of her breasts with tender enjoyment. “You feel delicious, Felice,” I breathed against her lips, drawing away slightly to look down into her dazed eyes. “I want to see you. Can I?” But she seemed too shocked to respond, so I took the initiative of unbuttoning her shirt and pushing it aside. Her unbound breasts were gorgeous, not as large as mine but with bigger, darker nipples. She could do with loosing a few inches round the waist but she was still exquisite with all that baby fat. I was enchanted. “You know what, you’re beautiful,” I told her decisively, right before I bent and drew one juicy nipple into my mouth. I felt her hands grip my shoulders for support as the sensation seemed to rock her on her feet, and I kartal escort bayan heard her moan softly. Knowing she was weakening in resolve, I latched on to the second nipple, lapping hungrily with my tongue while my hand caressed the other breast.

“N.n.no, Tara, p. . please, this is. . this is wrong. . ,” she whimpered, even as she seemed to thrust herself more into my mouth. In reply, I slid a hand down and into her shorts to stroke at her pussy, which felt smooth and soft. Poking one finger in told me she was already dripping wet. I moaned with pleasure at the thought.

Lifting my head, I gazed at her reassuringly. “I could never hurt you, Felice, trust me.” I stroked her face gently with my fingers, before, very deliberately and slowly, pulling off my own shirt and unhooking my bra. At least, with both of us topless she might not feel so unnerved.

“You can touch them if you like,” I told her softly, when she just stared open-mouthed at my high, melon-sized boobs. She was still in frozen mode, so I took her hands and placed them up against my mounds, right on the curvy underswell. I roved them round and round and let her have a good feel. Her breath was coming out in short gasps now and I knew she was as turned on as I was. No one had ever been able to resist me or my boobs, I’m proud to acknowledge. I bent to kiss her again, more wetly and deeply. When she started to kiss me back, first awkwardly, then with mounting pressure, I knew I had her. It was then, our lips still locked, that I began to slowly back her towards the bed till she was stumbling backwards unto the mattress. I was quickly on top of her, caressing and suckling her all over, her neck, her breasts, her belly. She was moaning all the time, her eyes watching me half-lidded as I deftly unbuttoned her shorts and drew them off. Her white cotton panties followed and my eyes fell on her sweet-looking pussy, smooth and swollen somewhat. I wanted to taste her so bad my heart was pounding and I could hardly think of anything else. But then I regained enough presence of mind to waste a few precious moments quickly going to the door and locking it carefully. I wanted no surprises this time.

Before joining her on the bed, I took off the rest of my clothes too. Now we were both naked and it felt like the most natural thing in the world. I loved it that she seemed to trust me implicitly, as she waited quietly for me on the bed. Without much ado, I lowered myself to her thighs and spread them wide, exposing her enticing cunt to my hungry gaze. I began to understand what aunt Sheila had meant about being a “pussy woman”. It was a thing of beauty and just looking at it would make even a fellow woman’s mouth water. Especially if it looked as juicy as Felice’s did.

I asked her tenderly if anyone had ever sucked her there before. She gave a shy nod and I wondered who it had been. I wondered too if she was a virgin, and when I asked about that too, she shook her head “no”. I cocked a surprised brow at her, and she bit on her lip. “It was this guy in school I had a crush on,” she explained in a quiet voice. “Just a few weeks after my eighteenth birthday, we were making out in his car and well. . . I let him do it.”

I stroked her thigh comfortingly, and said we’d talk about that later. But that I was dying to put my mouth on her. She nodded silently, and that was all the go-ahead I needed. My tongue unfurled over her pussy in one long, wet stroke, and felt her shudder with pleasure. My fingers parted her pinkish lips for me to have better access to the honeypot beneath. I lapped and I nibbled at her hungrily, the taste of her like nothing I’d ever experienced. Cocks would always be my first love but I was getting to realise that pussy was coming up a close second. I licked and sucked her till she was a trashing heap on the bed, her cunt so dripping wet that her juice, mixed with my saliva, was dripping down to her tight little crack. Mesmerized, I dipped my tongue there too, and felt her hips quiver and shoot into the air. I knew I was getting so hot myself, and even without checking, was sure my pussy was soaked too. But I promised myself this was all for her.

My fingers were now pushing gently into her hot, pulsing little pussy, one the two, and I stroked in and out to the sounds of juicy wet cunt which were like music to my ears. I glanced up to see that her head was tossing from side to side, her eyes tightly shut as she trembled with the force of pleasure overtaking her body. Moan after moan poured from her lips and I knew she was close to the edge. Just then, I reached underneath the pillow for the dildo, found it, then stroked it against the slick, sopping entrance of her fuckhole. Her eyes flew open and she sat up, but my hand on her belly urged her to lay back down. “Relax. I’ll be gentle…”

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