Tammy’s Turn

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(Part Two of Red Ribbons)

“Fuck! God damn it!” Karen Jones slammed the phone down, shattering the earpiece.

“What, what’s the matter?” Elliot, her husband, slid into the kitchen still wearing his socks.

“That bitch Kimi just quit, and isn’t coming!” Her glasses started to steam as she ranted. “It’s a good thing no one else could make it,” her rage turned into a sad little pout.

The Joneses were swingers, and Karen had planned quite a kinky little party for Kimi and ten of her most favorite deviants. But her perfectly laid plans for sexual blackmail had just fallen through.

“I still wanted her for myself,” she hugged her husband tightly when he came to console her.

“So what are you going to do, cry about it? That’s not the woman I married. You’ll make lemonade out of this one,” he chuckled and kissed her gently. She kissed back harder, and cupped his balls tightly with her right hand.

“I’m burning up, and need some cooling down.” All day, Karen dwelled on the image of little Kimi Okumura getting her ass stuffed full of hard, black cock. “Think you take me, stud?” She nibbled his jaw line to his ear and kissed his lobe with lightly gnashing teeth. Knowing this always got him more than ready, she made sweet love to his ear with her mouth and stroked his rapidly thickening shaft with her strong, soft hand.

“I can take on two of you, sugar pie,” he hummed, squeezing her muscular ass with both hands. Today he could take on two of her because Tammy, his secretary, was…interrupted by an important client.

“Two of me, what a wonderful idea!” She jumped back elated, dug in her purse and handed her cell phone to Elliot. “Call whatshername…Tammy, and invite her over for drinks.” She knew her husband would do it, and was fairly certain he could talk Tammy into coming. Karen never really wanted to meet her, until now.

After a charged hesitation, Elliot took the phone and dialed. “Hello Tammy, this is Elliot. I’m fine, are you busy? When you’re finished, would you like to come over for drinks? My wife would like to meet you. Oh, don’t worry about her, she’s a pussycat.”

Karen hissed quietly, and scratched the air with claws extended.

Elliot nodded, then said to the phone, “Great, see you…? Eight sounds fine, see you later.” He handed the phone back and smiled.

“Well?” Karen couldn’t hide her excitement.

“She sounded very interested, in her shy way.”

“I didn’t think this girl had a shy way.” Karen teased her husband a lot, and liked to zing him whenever the chance came up.

“She’s shy about everything, but sex,” Elliot found that out the first day he and Tammy met. “You should have quite a time, I always do,” he zinged back. He never told Karen the whole story though.

Tammy only gave blow jobs, never sex. She might have sex with a guy she really cared for, with a condom of course, but even that was rare.

Elliot and Tammy talked a lot, and he was curious about her sexual habits. He discovered quite a lot about her over these past few months. When there is no work to do, she shares her diary entries from her emerging sexuality with him.

Tammy Jorgenson lived with her family in a small lakeside community, with the closest convenience store a mile away. Because they lived half an hour from the nearest city, things got boring and girls experienced sex at a very young age.

Even before she started puberty, she always attracted boys. Although she was quite shy, it didn’t take to long for this curious teen to start wanting to experiment with sex. But she’d seen too many young mothers where she lives, and didn’t want to end up like them. She could rely on herself, and had plans to go to college when she graduated High School.

She excelled in her school work and extracurricular activities, and was sure to get into any college she applied for, but…her one weakness was cock. She thought about it night and day. The pressure was a getting difficult at school, but she got through it with some of her closest friends.

“We have anal sex,” Monica smiled proudly. The Cheerleader Captain was telling the girls around her all about her boyfriend Roger.

“Eeeww,” Tammy and every girl in their respective tents giggled at the revelation. It was a Cheerleader camp out, and the squad were talking about their sex lives over a dying fire. Young hands were busy stroking smouldering pussies inside hot sleeping bags.

Monica felt she had to preach to the heathens, “At least I’m not late, Nancy.” The redhead the remark was aimed at quieted down, and looked away embarrassed.

“It feels…so good you guys. It only hurts for a minute, then…aaahh.” Her fingers coaxed a wave of delight through her spine.

“I like to be spanked,” purred Gretchen, the buxom blond.

“I like girls,” Cindy winked at Jessica.

“I love sucking cock,” Tammy offered shyly.

Everyone nodded and agreed they too liked sucking cock. They had all heard about Tammy’s oral bahis firmaları prowess at the beginning of the school year, and this was the first time she ever talked about it. She opened up.

“I can’t get enough, sometimes I’m afraid of myself,” Tammy quieted to a whisper.

Monica laughed, “Gosh Tammy, don’t be so melodramatic. There is nothing to be afraid of, just be yourself and the world is your oyster.”

That was a year ago, and Tammy was waiting on the front porch of the sorority she was pledging for. Her perfect bubbly ass snuggled tightly into a pair of faded Levi’s, while her petite pointed tits were hugged by a white jersey shirt with short red sleeves. Her long sandy blond hair was french braided into two pigtails in back.

Tammy’s hot pink lips smiled timidly at passers by, while low-top leather Adidas tapped anxiously on the worn wooden porch of the campus’ most notorious dorm.

Monica graduated two years earlier, and made sure her friend made it into her sisterhood. She bent the rules a little, and told Tammy what her initiation task was the day before. It was going to be a “Cum Drive”, and Tammy was dizzily eager about it. She heard someone coming towards the door.

“Tammy! Thanks for coming early,” Monica gave her friend a big hug and showed her in. She led her down a long hallway towards a flight of descending stairs, and went down. The large room was empty, but smelled like stale beer from the last party. The thin walls were made with plywood and painted black. Slogans and curse words were written in spray paint with every color from blood red to lime green.

Monica explained what the holes in the plywood doors were for. “There’s a chair if you want to take a break…here’s a cooler with beer, water or juice…are you hungry?”

“Yes, but I expect to swallow a lot of cum.” Tammy almost danced as she anxiously waited for the evening to begin.

“Oh no you don’t. Why do you think we call it a “Cum Drive” anyway? Dufus,” Monica tugged on one of Tammy’s pig tail playfully.

“All cum goes into this cylinder,” she bent down to pick up a large graduated cylinder, borrowed from a chemistry class. “It is your task to collect as much cum as you can. Don’t worry about technique Tammy, just suck and collect, suck and collect.”

Monica slowed to a whisper, “I want to win this thing, Tam. All the sororities are in on this, and no cock on campus will go unturned, none.” Monica looked at Tammy with all seriousness.

They heard running footsteps and laughter as more pledges filtered in from downstairs. Tammy didn’t recognize anyone, but was friendly enough to them by nodding hi, and giving all the anxious pledges a cordial smile.

Monica shouted, “O.K. bitches, listen up! They’ll be here before you know it.” She switched her evil on, “Then the fun begins. Tammy, tell them what I told you.”

Tammy spoke right up, now was not the time to be shy. “When a cock comes through the hole in the door, suck it, don’t play games. All cum is to be collected in the cylinders you will find in your room. Refreshments are in the cooler.” Tammy turned and asked her friend, “When does it end, Monica?”

“You have till midnight to suck as many cocks as possible. I can’t stress enough how important this is. We’re going to show everyone whose the best sorority on campus, right?!” Monica turned the school spirit up to ten as she cheered.

“Yeah!” They all shouted.

“What are we going to do tonight?!”


“Who’s going to win this?!” Monica closed the cheer with a finishing routine.

“We are!” More girls joined the crowd and started cheering.

“O.K., everyone get to a room. It’ll be starting soon.” When everyone left, Monica whispered, “Good luck, Tam.” She gave her another hug, and made sure she was comfortable in her room.

For nearly a half an hour Tammy stared at the hole in the door, waiting on the edge of her seat. Her pussy was very wet and started to throb, so she took her clothes off to really get in the mood.

As she laid back in her chair, she spread her legs and slid her eager fingers lightly to her moist bush. She closed her eyes and imagined the endless line of cocks she was soon going to meet. Her fingers twiddled and pinched, stroked and probed as she brought herself dangerously close to a fiery orgasm.

Wait a second, I think it’s starting. Tammy heard music start thumping in the room outside. She crawled to the door, and held her breath. She quickly brought the chair over, in case her knees got sore.

She let out her breath when she finally saw a long, fat uncircumcised cock squeeze through the hole. This was her first black cock, and her pussy melted when she saw it.

But Tammy wasted no time in pleasantries, there was a drive to run. And she ran it. This black cock had no chance against her agile sucking mouth. It was clear the recipient was not aware of the danger he was in when he haphazardly picked a hole and got deepest, sloppiest blowjob kaçak iddaa he’s ever had.

On the way into the room Tammy wondered what handles on the outside wall were for. Now she knew. She imagined the owner of this cock thrashing around and screaming, because that’s exactly what it sounded like. Much to Tammy’s dismay, she felt the tell tale signs of his impending orgasm. She reached for the cylinder, and placed it under her chin.

When she felt the first blast hit the back of her throat, she opened her mouth and let it drain into the cylinder, but kept the first mouthful for herself.

No one will notice a little missing, she confided to herself. She jerked the shooting cock into her mouth and onto her face, catching as much in the tube as possible. Tammy knew she could make it up later.

By midnight she made it up and more, by needing a second cylinder. No one had needed a second cylinder before, tonight or ever.

Monica stood in the middle of a huge writhing crowd of drunken college kids satiated with an evening of hedonistic debauchery. It looked like everyone was there. But the evening wasn’t over yet.

“May I have everyone’s attention please?!…Shut up! Thank you. It is my pleasure to present to you, the winner of this year’s “Cum Drive”, Tammy Jorgenson!” Tammy bashfully stepped forward amid an outpouring of shouts and applause.

She noticed a lot of naked females. I didn’t know there would be this many drivers, Tammy could even be shy with herself sometimes.

Monica put her arm around Tammy’s shoulder, “Miss Jorgenson here, not only broke the school record for amount of semen collected, but was also voted “Best Cocksucker” by those who had the balls to go more than once. Thanks for filling in your cards guys…” Monica stopped talking to wave at a consort on the outskirts of the crowd.

“This year, the prize for Cocksucker of the Year is this nifty little plaque.” Monica handed the plaque to a blushing Tammy, and waited for her friends from the outside to bring in a small kiddie pool from the outside.

“And…I would like to add proudly, our new sister Tammy was the only one here who could deep throat Kevin!” A smooth cat in the corner got several pats on the back from his homeys. “Alright Tammy!” Monica roused the group to a stomping applause.

“Quiet down please…Shut up! It is now time for the Anointing of the Queen…” you could almost hear the drum roll. “Kristen please roll in the barrel of donations.”

When Monica said this, Tammy jumped. “A barrel?” How could it be a barrel when I swallowed so much? She didn’t want to take a break during her pledge drive, so whenever she got thirsty, she helped herself to some fresh hot donations.

“Yes, a great big barrel. Remember, all the sororities…campus wide?” She waved expansively. “You kicked everyone’s ass, so you get the donations.” Monica couldn’t hide her devilish smile.

“I’ll get you for this Mon,” Tammy teased. She watched several girls roll in an industrial sized barrel and with a little difficulty, stand it in front of the kiddie pool. Tammy began to get apprehensive, she liked cum, but gallons of it?

Oh well, just get it over with, she decided quickly, it couldn’t be that bad.

“Tammy since you are already naked, would you please stand in the pool? Thank you. Now who has the funnel?”

Let your imaginations wander into this land of perversion for a moment, and picture this sweet young lady standing in the middle of a growing throng of suddenly silent party goers. Many had never seen anything like this, nor will again.

Tammy was ceremoniously handed the house beer bong and without hesitation brought it to her lips. Monica personally poured Tammy’s first container slowly into the funnel. Tammy didn’t need to swallow as the semen flowed straight to her belly.

Growing chants of “Chug, Chug, Chug,” continued until Tammy not only drained her first cylinder, but her second as well. She began to have problems accepting her donation, and the remaining cum spilled messily past her lips and onto her perky tits.

After the boisterous cheers and applause died down, Tammy crouched into a low doggy style pose. Her plump white ass was stuck high into the air. Tammy’s virginal ass and pussy were well lubricated by hot probing fingers, sometimes two.

Then the beer bong was inserted into her pussy. Tammy was so glad she finished her period yesterday. Monica and two other sisters started scooping cum into the funnel with bowls. They topped her off, then moved onto her asshole.

Then bowl by dripping bowl, the three sisters poured the remainder of the semen onto the Queen, now reclining like a true monarch. When they were finished, Tammy was completely white and dripping quietly from head to toe, waiting patiently for the next step.

Monica put down her scooping bowl and stood, then spoke like a true hostess, “Thank you for cumming everyone, and will the members of the losing sororities please kaçak bahis accompany Gretchen to the back room for their spanking?” She waved to the Amazonian blond swinging a sinister looking wooden paddle.

“See you all next weekend for the closing ceremonies of Greek Week, and have a pleasant evening.” Monica waved to the receding crowd, then looked down at the mess she called her friend.

“Sorry Tam, but I knew you could win this for us, thanks. Towel,” she snapped her fingers at a waiting subservient pledge, “wait a second…make that towels.”

At eight o’clock, Tammy found herself again waiting anxiously on a similar wooden porch. But this time, she thought it would be fun to wear her old Cheerleading uniform. Elliot always teased her, and asked her to wear it to work for him, but she wouldn’t.

This evening seemed the perfect chance. While she may be shy, Tammy wasn’t stupid. She figured out quickly why she was invited over, although she had no idea what she was really in for.

After a brief moment, the front door opened in a rush. Karen opened the door and almost gawked at the cute, sweetly chubby little cheerleader on her porch.

“Tammy?” Karen was speechless. She was never a Cheerleader herself, but was always fascinated by them.

She must have dressed up for Elliot, but she doesn’t even have a clue what she’s doing to me. She’s so precious in white and green, like a little mint. And those darling ponytails…I can’t wait.

“Yes. Karen?” Tammy was surprised as well, she never imagined Karen would be so stunningly beautiful. Framed by wild waves of perfectly placed brunette curls, her face could be the wet dream of millions. Deep brown eyes blinked engagingly behind large designer glasses resting seductively on the bridge of her nose.

Karen stood haughtily in a tight pink angora sweater. A short black skirt hugged her athletic buns perfectly. Black sheer pantyhose and patent leather high heels helped the already tall Karen tower over this apple cheeked cutie.

Tammy had never expected to be turned on by a woman before. She’s so dominating, but she looks so soft in that sweater, and smells wonderful…

“Please come in, Tammy. Thank you so much for coming, Elliot has told me so much about you, but he never told me how cute you were.” This was almost true. While Elliot didn’t hide what he did at work, he didn’t tell her all the sordid details. She wanted to know those details, wanted to get off on those details, and it pissed her off that he wouldn’t divulge more.

Karen escorted Tammy to the living room where her husband was fixing drinks at their modest wet bar. He clumsily dropped his ice cubes when he noticed Tammy.

“Wow.” Elliot was always such a talker.

“Sweetie, my plans have changed,” Karen put her arm around Tammy’s shoulder, and smiled seductively at her, “Now I want to do something completely different.”

“Oh really,” Elliot mumbled, shifting his eyes from Tammy to his wife.

“Don’t worry, you’ll love it. Great outfit by the way Tammy, you even got me hard,” she snickered at her husband trying to hide his erection behind his glass. “Could you turn around for me please, sweetie?” Karen watched with great interest as Tammy’s green and white pleated skirt raised up with her generous twirls.

Damn, Karen admired to herself. Tammy’s white panties hugged her ample globes deeply into her crack. “Do you work out?” Karen was in love.

Tammy looked away ashamed, “No. I never really got the hang of it.”

“Good, don’t. Exercising will only ruin it, don’t you agree Elliot?” She turned to her silent partner.

“Absolutely.” He couldn’t count the times he’s fantasized about Tammy’s juicy Georgia peach shaped ass.

“Only ruin what?” Tammy wanted to know.

“Your ass. How do you get such plump fucking buns?” Karen was stumped.

Tammy glanced quickly at Elliot. “I have a high protein diet.” She couldn’t help her blush.

Karen smiled knowingly, “I bet you do. Does he treat your ass as well as he does mine, or is he getting something better?” Karen let slip a little resentment over the only thing Elliot didn’t share with her. But her inner freak was coming out.

“Excuse me?” Tammy blinked innocently.

“My husband is an avid ass man, surely you know this. Doesn’t he treat your beautiful bottom with the respect it deserves?” Karen’s piercing dark brown eyes gazed deeply into Tammy’s baby blues, searching for the answer herself.

Tammy looked bewildered when Elliot coughed politely, “Sugar, Tammy and I don’t have anal sex, or any sex for that matter. She only sucks, and won’t even let me eat her in appreciation.”

Karen’s jaw dropped. “You mean all this time I thought you were banging your secretary, but she was just blowing you? Why didn’t you tell me?”

“I was kind of embarrassed,” stammered Elliot.

“What am I going to do with you, you knucklehead?” Her brow knitted in a mixture of mock confusion and mild disgust. “I still don’t believe it.” She turned sharply to Tammy for a response.

“Honest Karen, I’ve only had sex a few times, and never with your husband. And as for anal sex, well…” Tammy looked down embarrassed.

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