Tammy’s Tale Ch. 01

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Tammy was cute, sexy and fun. She kept herself well-maintained, constantly working out and getting her nails manicured and pedicured. She got her flaming red hair cut and styled nicely and neatly on a regular basis and she kept her makeup on flawlessly. She was in her early thirties, had a great slim body with long legs, large 36D breasts and stood about 5’8″ tall with smoldering green eyes.

She was also hard-working and was doing very well at work, ascending upward on her chosen career path. In fact, she’d just gotten a promotion, becoming a Marketing Director at the entertainment company she worked for. Yet lately, her boyfriend Jake hadn’t been paying much attention to her. In fact, he seemed to be growing more and more melancholy about his entire existence and more distant from her each day. They hadn’t even had sex in more than two months already and she wasn’t sure when Jake would snap out of his depression, or why’d he’d sunken into it in the first place.

When Jake insisted that nothing was wrong, but still wouldn’t touch her, Tammy took matters into her own hands — literally. She did the best she could with her sex toys, trying to use them to extinguish the burning desire growing more and more insistent and insatiable between her legs with each passing day. However, there was only so much a vibrator could do. She was yearning desperately for some male attention. Especially because prior to the last few months, she and Jake would have sex every day to every other day. Now she was getting nothing. She couldn’t stand it. So Tammy decided to do something just for kicks, mostly to see what would happen.

She called several of Jake’s friends up and invited them to go play pool with her on Saturday night. They all seemed to have the mistaken impression that she was calling on Jake’s behalf. The men assumed that they would be meeting up with their friend and his girlfriend to hang out on Saturday night and Tammy simply didn’t correct their mistaken impression. Four out of the five guys she called said they were available and could make it. Tammy smiled to herself when she got off the phone with the last guy. Bobby, Tom, Zach and Kyle had no idea what they were in for.

On Saturday night, Jake was curled up in bed, still asleep or just barely conscious as had become his standard practice whenever he was home. Tammy sighed heavily as she looked at his figure slumped nearly into the fetal position facing the wall on his side of the bed. She took everything she needed to get ready out of their bedroom and headed to the bathroom.

Feeling especially naughty tonight, Tammy grabbed her Coochie Crème and shaved her pubic area and bikini lines completely smooth and clean. She’d bought the product at a friend’s Temptations Party, but she never thought she’d actually use it. Tammy had never shaved all of her hair completely off before, but she was very pleased with the finished results as she ran her hand over her smooth mons. She showered and shaved her legs and was glad she’d gotten her eyebrows arched and her underarms waxed earlier that day.

She spent extra time and care making sure her makeup was perfect and she left her long red hair wet, combing it through with her fingers as she smoothed it back to keep it off of her face. When she was ready, she grabbed her purse and car keys and headed out of their shared condo, without saying anything to Jake. It’s not like he even cared that she was leaving anyway, Tammy sighed at the thought as she backed out of their two car garage.

When she arrived at the local billiards hall that she and Jake had once frequented, she stepped through the doors and all eyes in the place turned to look at her. It was as if all conversation stopped and all heads turned to see the sizzling hot sexy red head as she entered. She wore black stiletto high heels that laced up and tied around her incredible legs. She also wore the tightest, shortest denim daisy duke shorts that barely covered her ass cheeks. And she sported a tight, revealing black stretch t-shirt that was tied under her breasts and had a slit cut into the top to show off her amazing bare mid drift and ample cleavage.

Tammy had made sure to show up about thirty minutes late and all four guys were already at one of the pool tables and had started a game. They were all standing there, holding their beers looking at her gape mouthed. “Hey guys,” Tammy said smiling, as she confidently strolled over to their table.

“Hey Tammy,” they all said, almost in unison.

“I see you guys already have a game going, so I’ll join in on the next round. I’m gonna go grab a drink. Does anybody want anything from the bar?” They all just shook their heads, seemingly dumbfounded. canlı bahis At the bar, Tammy got herself a Corona and saw two really hot guys — one black and the other Hispanic. She flirted shamelessly with the two really attractive men, while Jake’s friends periodically looked over at her and spoke in tones that she couldn’t hear. They looked shocked and she knew it was because none of them had ever seen her so blatantly flaunt her body and sexuality.

She pretended not to notice that her boyfriend’s friends were talking about her and continued to flirt with the two men and almost anyone else at the place she felt like flirting with for the majority of the evening. It was empowering to be able to captivate so many people at once. She loved the attention and was glad she was able to finally get it from someone, even though none of these guys were Jake…

As the next pool game was about to start, Tammy sauntered over to the pool table with the guys. They let her “break” and as she leaned over the table in an exaggerated manner to take the first shot, everyone present could see glimpses of her soft, beautiful ass cheeks and large supple breasts. She realized as she was leaning over to take another shot and tease the guys with her body again on her next turn that something was making a clicking, no more like a flashing sound. Zach, Jake’s roommate from college and also his best friend, was taking pictures of her with his camera phone. The first one he’d taken was from behind, but on her next turn, he came in front of her and she smiled innocently into the lens as she leaned over and let him get a good glimpse of her tits.

She smiled, teased and talked to the four guys all night. Periodically, Zach would “accidentally” bump into her, brushing himself against her ass or tits. She liked the attention and noticed that the effect it had was making her black g-string panties very wet. A waitress came over with another beer for Tammy then and said it was compliments of the two guys at the bar. She accepted the drink, raising the glass bottle towards them as she smiled and mouthed “thank you.” They smiled back and nodded, before getting up from the bar. She wasn’t sure, but she thought that each of them was sporting a bit of a hard-on, as they both adjusted their jeans and headed out the door.

Tammy was having a blast flirting, flaunting and titillating. She hadn’t had this much fun in ages. Everyone was noticing her and ogling her with their eyes. She felt amazingly sexy and very horny. Around the time she’d finished her second Corona, Tammy was feeling just a bit tipsy. She giggled a little and was reaching over the table, sitting just on the edge of it to make a tricky shot. She was concentrating so hard on making her shot that she didn’t see the figure of a man coming up behind her. Just as she hit the cue ball, strong arms grabbed her off of the table and she dropped her pool stick. Feeling slightly disoriented and trying to figure out what the hell was going on, Tammy looked up to see it was Jake.

“Ow! Jake, let go of me. You’re hurting my arm!” Tammy exclaimed, trying to pull free of her boyfriend’s firm grasp. Jake met her protests with dead silence. Tammy noticed too that while Jake generally looked like shit right now, he also specifically looked seriously pissed off. He’d seemingly rolled right out of bed and came straight here just to get her. As Tammy’s struggles intensified to become free from him, she was becoming too much of a nuisance for him to continue to drag by the arm. So Jake stood behind her and swiftly lifted her off of her feet and carried her out to his car. Tammy pouted and kicked wildly wanting to be released from Jake’s tight grip, however, it was too no avail. He was too strong and she couldn’t get free from him.

Jake had double parked in the middle of the street directly in front of the main entrance and exit of the pool hall. He opened his rear car door before quickly depositing Tammy into the back seat. Trying to exit the vehicle, she discovered immediately that she couldn’t open the door. She realized that he’d engaged the child safety lock feature to prevent any mischievous child, in this case Tammy, from escaping or opening the rear passenger doors when they shouldn’t.

As Jake started his car, Tammy knew that she’d be going home right now whether she wanted to or not. She resigned herself to this fact and put on her seatbelt before folding her arms tightly across her chest, sulking.

“Just what the fuck were you trying to pull in there tonight?” Jake yelled at her as he began to pull away from the pool hall, glaring at her in the rearview mirror. Tammy defiantly sat in silence. After all of these months of bahis siteleri him ignoring her, now Jake was concerned about her and what she was doing? “Answer me dammit!” Jake roared at her. Tammy huffed, but still said nothing. She could sense that Jake was becoming increasingly agitated and noted that he’d never raised his voice at her before tonight. She didn’t know why, but she was enjoying that she was provoking him. Maybe it was because any response, even a negative one, was better than him ignoring her as he drifted off into some twilight zone as he’d been doing over the last few months.

“I didn’t even know you’d left the house. Do you know how embarrassing it was to get text and photo messages from my best friend of you dressed like such a slut, flaunting your tits and ass in public like that? What the hell were you thinking? And how did you end up at a bar with four of my friends anyway?” Tammy could tell that with each word that he spoke, Jake was becoming more and more outraged.

Tammy smirked and said “well somebody had to appreciate seeing my body…” under her breath, barely audibly.

“What the fuck did you just say?” Jake said turning around to look at her directly now that they were stopped at a red light. He was fiercely glowering at her. She couldn’t help but think in that instant that if looks could kill, she’d be a goner. Man, she’d never seen Jake this angry before. It was scary, but kind of thrilling at the same time.

“Nothing,” Tammy mumbled as she turned away from the intensity of Jake’s stare and looked out the window.

The vehicle behind them blew its horn, alerting Jake that the light was now green. Jake turned back around in his seat and rolled down his driver’s side window. Then he gave the driver behind him the middle finger and yelled out “fuck off!” as he sped through the intersection. In the five years that they’d dated, Tammy had never seen him have road rage. After all, he was usually so mild and even-tempered.

Though his unusual behavior was beginning to worry her a bit, Tammy persisted in keeping up a cool and calm exterior. It only took them another five minutes to return to their condo, but it felt like an eternity to Tammy as the butterflies fluttered with increasing intensity inside of her stomach. They had driven the rest of the way home in silence and she could tell Jake was still fuming.

Jake parked his vehicle quickly in the garage and seemed to be jumping out before it even rolled to a complete stop. Tammy barely had enough time to release herself from her seatbelt as Jake flung the back door open and dragged her out of his car. He pulled her roughly through the door connecting the garage and the condo before slamming the door shut. Jake had never manhandled her like this before and Tammy had to secretly admit, she liked it.

When Tammy seemed reluctant to move through the house the way he was gruffly pulling her, Jake again picked her up and proceeded to carry her slung over his shoulder into their bedroom. She was now reminded of some of the physical characteristics that had first attracted her to Jake. He was tall, about 6’4″, with strong, muscular arms. When he reached their bedroom, he threw Tammy on their bed. Her body bounced on the inner spring coil containing mattress a few times. Tammy looked up at Jake’s face and saw the burning rage consuming it, etched across all his features. His blue eyes looked at her containing a fire she’d never seen before. Tammy found it appealing, albeit also a little appalling. Feeling worried now, Tammy began to back away from him on the bed. In response, he caught her by her left leg and dragged her body to the edge of the bed.

“So you need some attention, huh? Is that it? You need somebody to appreciate you dressing like a whore? Then I’ll show you some appreciation!” Jake gnarled and snapped at her. Then he proceeded to rip her t-shirt open from the slit she’d cut into it, causing her to emit a surprised yelp. Looking at her bare breasts, he shook his head in disbelief. “Unbelievable. So you were all around my friends without even wearing a bra?” His question was rhetorical, as he was mostly talking to himself. Tammy knew better than to speak and respond to such a loaded question right now anyway, so she remained silent. This new knowledge seemed to only fuel his anger even more as he tore her flimsy denim shorts off of her body and ripped her wet g-string off too.

Noticing how wet her panties were and that she’d shaved Jake added “so you get off on being a cock tease slut around my friends, do you? And you even shaved your cunt like a filthy little whore. Well, I’ll show you what happens to naughty cock teasing bitches like you!” He quickly bahis şirketleri pulled his t-shirt and sweat pants off, revealing a glorious, rock-solid erection. He gruffly grabbed his arms around Tammy’s thighs and pulled her so her ass was nearly hanging off the bed. With one rough, quick stroke, he plunged himself all the way into her wet, tight pussy. Tammy let out a little yelp of pain as he initially penetrated her without any foreplay.

However, the events of the night had gotten her good and ready for this rough fuck and after a few strokes, she was moaning and thoroughly enjoying the hard, deep thrusts. He increased his pace, pounding into her with wild, reckless abandon. He was too angry to care if he hurt her. He only wanted to use her for his own pleasure right now and show her that if she wanted to dress and act like a whore, he would treat her as such and fuck her like one.

After a few more thrusts, Tammy emitted a long, loud moan that came from deep within her as she experienced one of the most intensely powerful orgasms of her entire life. As she came, spasming on and all around his engorged member, Jake gripped her thighs tighter and pounded into her pussy even harder. With a primordial, animalistic grunt, he released more than two months worth of cum into her anxiously awaiting pussy. She used her PC muscles and greedily squeezed every last drop out, wrenching his fluids into her.

Feeling fully spent, Jake collapsed on top of Tammy. They were both panting and perspiring slightly. After a few seconds, Jake rolled off of Tammy and lay flat on his back on their bed. “Wow. I can’t believe it took all that to get a decent fuck from you,” Tammy stated incredulously and mostly to herself. Upon hearing her words, Jake turned onto his side with his back now facing his girlfriend.

“Tammy, I have something I need to tell you.”

Tammy swallowed hard and attempted to brace herself for whatever Jake was about to tell her. “Yes? What is it?” she asked nervously, knowing from his tone she wasn’t going to like his answer.

“About a year ago, I did something really stupid. I slept with another woman.”

Tammy felt like she had just been punched in the stomach. Barely able to contain her shock, but sensing there was much more to the story, she urged Jake to continue.

“Well, the thing was, a woman I went to college with called me up and told me she needed my help planning something really special for her husband’s birthday. Basically, Sandy told me she just needed my help arranging a few details over at their house. I had known her for a while and it seemed like no big deal. I thought we were going to rearrange furniture or something. Well, when I got there that night to help her out, she dropped the bomb on me and told me that the real surprise was fulfilling one of her husband’s fantasies — to watch her have sex with another man.”

Jake turned to look at Tammy then, grabbing both of her hands into his own. “I swear baby, I told her to go fuck herself and I was about to walk out right then and there. But… I… I don’t know,” he let go of her hands then and looked down at the floor. “Sandy is a very persuasive woman and for some reason I ended up going along with it. But after that night, I told her that was it and I thought I would never hear from her again. And for a while, I didn’t.”

“Then about two months ago, Sandy called me and told me that she wanted to begin having regular sessions where her husband watched the two of us together and maybe even joined in at some point. I told her hell no, that it had already gone too far. So she threatened me. She told me that if I didn’t do it, she would show you the video she’d made as a keepsake to commemorate the first time we’d done it. I never wanted to hurt you and I didn’t want you to find out. So again, I did what Sandy wanted.”

“I knew it wasn’t right and I felt like shit for doing it. And I just couldn’t come home and make love to you after all that. It would’ve just made me feel like even more of an asshole, so I just stopped. I’m sorry baby. I know I’ve been an ass. But I wasn’t trying to neglect you. I should’ve just told you before it got this far out of hand.”

Shakily, Tammy touched his drooping figure gently on his arm, not quite sure what to do or say or how to feel. “It’s ok. I forgive you,” she finally said quietly. Jake looked up at her, his expression simultaneously doubtful and hopeful. “But, you will have to do something to make up for these last two months and not simply telling me the truth in the first place.”

Looking as though he was afraid to ask what she wanted, he hesitated for a while before asking “what do you want me to do?”

“I want you to invite Sandy and her husband over here for dinner… and dessert.” Now Jake looked like someone had just punched him in the stomach. “And another night, I want you to invite Zach over here too so you can just watch…”

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