Taking Her- Face Down, Ass Up

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“You’re going to a what?” I asked, not sure if I’d heard correctly.

“A ‘Passion Soiree'”. It’s a sex toy workshop, where a group of women get together at someone’s house and an “Educator” teaches about different toys and sex topics. A friend of Susan’s invited me this Friday and I thought it sounded like fun”.

Sex toys and other enhancements were nothing really new for J and I. We had a small inventory of definite go to’s… a “Magic Wand” that could make her fly off the bed if not careful, a pink waterproof cock shaped vibrator that she loved as her own (one of my biggest turn-ons was to watch her make herself cum with that), some under mattress restraints (HIGHLY recommended) and a small clitoral stimulator.

Since the kids moved out we had become more and more adventurous so I was quite turned on at the idea of hearing what she would learn and maybe purchase at this “Soirée”.

Late Friday night J walked in from the party with quite a respectable buzz as well as a shopping bag. “It was soooo much fun! The drinks definitely helped relax everyone and make some things hilarious! I learned a lot and I bought some things to wear and a few new toys… for me and us”. I knew that look of horny excitement on her face.

“Let me see!” I said excitedly.

She started pulling out different items and laying them on the counter:

•A folded pile of what looked to be clothing, tied neatly with a bow

•A bottle of massage oil as well as one of lube

•A realistic looking dildo that had a suction cup on one end

•Two vibrating cock rings

•An anal plug as well as a realistic shaped blue vibrator

•A double ended dildo

“Wow! You really were into this, weren’t you?” I said grinning.

“Oh yeah! There were all kinds of different toys and things I’d never even heard of. There were probably 10 of us and the Rep sold out almost everything” she said.

“I also learned a lot. We talked about sexual health, different techniques, fantasies and living them out, keeping the spark alive, being adventurous, that sort of thing. I could tell that all of us were very turned on”.

With significant curiosity I asked about a few of her purchases.

I pointed to the dildos. “Care of elaborate on those?”

“One of the girls mentioned that she likes to use the one with the suction cup when her husband is away. She sticks it to the shower or edge of the bathtub. Another said she loves to stick it on the wall and be fucking it as she sucks her husband. I… really liked that.”

Ok, that quickened my pulse in a good way.

“And the double dildo?”

Even though she was tipsy, I saw J blush. “The double one… well… that’s for when we finally plan that threesome. One of the girls said that she and her husband went to Vegas and got an escort who used this with her. Her description of the experience and them scissoring was very… stimulating. I noticed a few smiles when she brought that up.”

I think a bead of sweat dripped down my forehead.

“What about the other bedroom china?” I said playfully.

She put her lips next to my ear and buzz-whispered “I also learned all about ass fucking. It sounded amazing so bought the plug and an anal vibrator. I can’t wait to explore this weekend”. Her smile said it all. She nibbled my ear. I got up and made myself a drink, purposely not concealing bahis siteleri my erection.

J and I had introduced some anal play a while back. She loved when I rimmed her or licked her wet pussy while inserting a lubed finger in her ass. And I loved it when she returned the favor. To have her sucking me and milking my prostate led me to the most bed shaking orgasms of my life!

We hadn’t yet worked our way up to me taking her anally, but our eagerness was growing.

Saturday morning we woke up and grabbed breakfast and coffee. J was already very “handsy” and I loved it. She had slept in a tee shirt and boxers and her ass looked so delicious. As I was sipping my coffee she walked up, kissed my lips deeply, reached under my robe and grabbed my cock. “You’re going to make it really hard for me to go to the gym and run errands” I said as her hand was stroking me.

“You go do what you need to. I’m going to take a shower and get things done around here”. I noticed how hard her nipples were already, so I imagined what she also planned.

My mind wandered to the thought of J masturbating, which she loved to do in front of me. Watching her delicately work her breasts and clit, hips lifting off the bed as she inserted fingers or a toy, hearing her breath quicken… Yeah, not sporting a boner during my workout would take a lot of willpower.

I returned home a couple of hours later, walked through the kitchen toward our bedroom when I heard the unmistakable heavy breathing sound as well as some buzzing. Through that partially open door I caught a hint of bath oil scent and noticed a wet towel draped on one of the chairs. On the bed was J, face down, hips propped up by a couple of pillows. The plug was laying, cast aside and her left hand was reaching back and slowly easing the blue vibrator into her obviously slick, lubed ass. I watched as each thrust went a little further in, and then she would gently pull out. Finally, slowly, the toy made it fully into her, the buzzing muffled. J was moaning deliciously. She also began rubbing her clit with her fingers.

I stayed quiet, not wanting to take her mind off of the moment. Almost instinctively I reached into my shorts and started stroking myself. J had been my favorite fantasy since we first met and I jerked off to scenarios of her – both real as well as “anticipated”- so many times.

As I stroked I saw J reach for her pink cock-shaped vibrator. She turned it on pulse mode and placed it on her clit. Moans became almost perceptible words. My own breathing quickened as she then inserted it into her now dripping pussy. I could only imagine the pleasure J was feeling of being double penetrated by two buzzing toys! She must be hitting all of the nerves!

I couldn’t last any longer and bit my lip so as not to make a sound as I boiled over into my shorts. “Oh! OOOH! Oh my God! Oh my God!” J began yelling in increasing volume, which then became muffled when she buried her face in a pillow. She squirted not just one jet but several, soaking the bed. Her breathing was almost at a point where hyperventilation was a possibility. I watched as her whole bottom was pulsating. It must have lasted at least 30 seconds.

As her breathing slowed, she reached back and removed the blue vibrator from her ass. I snuck away, headed upstairs to our other shower- the feeling of cum drizzling down the inside of canlı bahis siteleri my shorts and making my cock stick to my stomach.

After the shower and cleanup I came back downstairs. J was sitting on the couch with her tablet, exuding almost a glow. I did not let her know that I had watched earlier.

“I want you. Tonight.” She said without even looking up. It was going to be a long day.

That night after dinner, J suggestively said “I’m going to jump in the shower. Why don’t you clean up the kitchen? I want to model something for you.”

She came back later on in a blue sheer top, her gorgeous full breasts silhouetted in the light.

My mouth dropped. “Oh wow! You look… Incredible!”

“I thought you’d like this. Let’s have a glass of wine.”

I grabbed two glasses and sat on the couch. J straddled me, her breasts clearly visible and just below my mouth. She took a sip and kissed me deeply, arms over my shoulders, slowly writhing her hips in my lap like a dancer. “I took one of our new toys for a test drive today. It was amazing. Let’s finish up and go into the bedroom.” Her expression was almost predatory.

J had turned down the bed, lit some scented candles and had the blue and pink vibrators and lube already on the night stand. I lifted the sheer top over her head and she undid my pants. Her hand immediately found my cock and she quickly dropped to her knees and began aggressively sucking me. I could tell she was really into it. She opened her mouth, relaxed her throat and swallowed me completely, lips eventually touching my pubic bone. Her eyes were closed and saliva was dripping from both sides of her mouth. J pulled out and ran her tongue to my balls and started licking each.

I stood her up, pulled down her thong and pushed her onto the bed. My mouth and hands found her erect nipples, intermixing pinching, caressing, licking and biting. We were both starting to release our more animalistic tendencies. This would not be “lovemaking”. My mouth worked down to her very wet pussy, while my hands remained where they were. I licked and sucked her lips, ran my tongue from her clit to her ass and back up. J’s breathing became heavy panting.

In between breaths she longingly said “grab the blue vibrator. I want that in my ass while you fuck me.” I reached over, grabbed it as well as the lube. I slathered the slippery liquid onto my hand as well as her ass and began working a finger into her as I kept licking her clit. She moaned and shivered. I slowly began working in a second finger, millimeters at a time.

When I felt J relax I took my fingers out and lubed up the vibrator. I turned it on one of the unique, intermittent pulse settings and began inserting it, very slowly. J’s hips began bucking. When it was in fully I climbed on top and inserted my cock into her waiting pussy. The feeling of the vibrator through the thin wall between there and her ass was incredible! J was panting and moaning as I thrusted in and out sometimes slowly and sometimes quickly. On occasion I would pull out and rub the head of my cock onto her clit and then reinsert.

“Oh God! Aaah! AAAH! I’m going to cum!” Her hips seized in the air a convulsive manner as she came, finger nails digging into my back.

As it subsided I whispered “I’m not done with you”. I removed the vibrator and aggressively rolled J onto her stomach, placing canlı bahis a couple of pillows under her hips as I had seen before. The unsaid and clear message was ‘you have no choice with whatever I’m about to do. You’re mine’. I grabbed more of the lube and the pink vibrator this time. I slicked my cock, the toy and drizzled some onto her asshole.

“YES! Take me balls deep. I want you to penetrate me.”

J inserted the pink vibrator into her pussy, its pulsing sounds almost in time with her panting. She used both hands and spread her well toned ass cheeks, granting me easy access and a delicious view. I positioned the velvet head of my fully erect cock at her hole and slowly started to enter. I have considerably more girth than the toy she was using, so I made sure to go slow.

“Ahhh! Aaaaaaaaaah! Yes! Fuck my ass! Take me!” J started almost in a squealing voice.

The head of my cock made it past her sphincter and I slowly went in 1/3, then out a little, in a little further, out a little and finally my balls were touching her ass cheeks. I didn’t move, giving her the chance to relax. The pulsating vibrator added an incredible sensation.

I began thrusting, slowly at first then with a little more fervor. As I sped up, she began sliding back, meeting each of my thrusts. On occasion I would stop while completely inserted and she would gyrate her hips, obviously loving the sensation of fullness. I wanted her to feel her cum so I started pumping rhythmically as I reached over with my right hand and held her head down on the mattress. Her face was to the side, mouth hanging open and she was panting in very short, audible breaths. “Oh! OOOH! I’m going to cum!” escaped out of her through the heavy breathing. As she began to pulsate I stopped my thrusts and let her control the motion with her hips that would send her over the edge. She came hard and I could feel her asshole tighten and loosen around the base of my cock as the waves hit her. Her back glistened with sweat.

I wanted more.

I strongly grabbed J’s arms and pulled them back toward me like a wheelbarrow, which would help me pull her in and penetrate as deeply as possible. “FUCK ME!! YES FUCK ME HARD!” I moved from kneeling behind her to standing crouched, one leg on either side of her raised ass. I was pumping her not like a jackhammer, but in long, deliberate thrusts, taking her fully. J’s ass cheeks rose to meet mine, helping increase her pleasure.

Both of us finally could take no more. Her back arched and she pressed back against my torso, screaming “AAAAAAH! AAAAAAAAAAAAH!” as I yelled “OH SHIT!” I unloaded rope after rope of cum into her as I felt her ass quivering beneath me. J came so hard that sound stopped coming out of her mouth – she was frozen for several seconds before I heard her inhale again. Her squirting actually reached off the mattress onto the floor. We were completely soaked. The pink vibrator that was in her pussy fell out on its own as my last thrust subsided.

As the pulsating of her ass slowed, I pulled out and we both collapsed on the bed, panting. “Holy crap hon’ that was completely mind blowing” she complimented. “I have never cum like that!” She rolled over onto her back and told me to get a towel quickly. I reached over and placed it under her ass. We were both going to need a shower.

“I’m going to be sore, but you HAVE to fuck me like that again,” J said quietly. I kissed her and happily responded “anytime you want. That was so incredible”. I had always been amazed that she got hotter and hotter as time passed.

And that our horizons continued to expand…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32