Sweet Melissa

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As I headed down the jetway, I was almost shaking with excitement at seeing Melissa again. We had met the previous summer when she was visiting her old roommate in New Jersey, who was a friend of a friend. We’d hit it off immediately and it had been a pretty hot, but all too short, visit. We’d managed to get together one other time before we’d both headed back to school, with similar results. We couldn’t pull off a Christmas visit, when I was in New Jersey and she was in North Carolina, but I had made arrangements as soon as I could to fly to Arizona, where she was going to school, during my spring break, even though she would still have to go to a few classes. I’d flown into Phoenix and from there we’d be driving up to Prescott.

There was a crowd gathered around the end of the jetway, but I was able to pick out Melissa immediately and she ran to jump into my arms. I held her thin body against me and didn’t want to let her go. Finally, I loosened up my grip just enough to kiss her. Feeling her tongue exploring my mouth again made my cock completely rigid as it pressed against her abdomen. Everyone else seemed to have moved on before we finally let go of each other enough to follow them to the baggage claim. We still held each other as close as we could manage and still be able to walk.

By the time we reached the baggage claim, my bag was already circling, so we were able to just grab it and head for the car. Given that it was the middle of the day and the car was in a busy parking lot, we couldn’t just jump in the back seat and have at it. Knowing that Melissa’s apartment and bedroom would be waiting at the end of the two hour drive to Prescott, though, made that easier to accept. The time flew by and, before we knew it, we were driving through Prescott. Melissa shared an apartment over a beauty salon just north of downtown with her roommate, Justine. It was a pretty nice space with Justine’s bedroom at the front overlooking the street and Melissa’s in the back. In between were the living room, kitchen and bathroom.

We got my things into the apartment and into Melissa’s bedroom where I dropped them as she closed and locked her door. In no time, we were back in each other’s arms, making out and starting to peel each other’s clothes off. My hands were on her ass, pulling her against the bulge in my jeans when she started to pull my t-shirt over my head. We separated and, once my shirt was gone, my hands went right to her small, perky tits. I could feel her hard nipples through both her shirt and her bra, so I reached down for the hem of her shirt and pulled it up, over her head. I ran my hands over the cups of her bra as she worked on unfastening my jeans, then undid the front clasp and felt the bare flesh of her tits against my palms.

I lowered my head to lick and suck her hard nipples while my hands went down to the waist of her jeans and began to open them. I straightened up and we began making out passionately again while we each worked the other’s jeans over their hips. My rigid cock sprang out as my underwear moved down far enough and, as she took it in her hand and began to stroke it, I was slipping my hand into her panties and through her bush. Her pussy was dripping wet, which made my cock throb at the thought of slipping into her. We finally just stepped apart and each pushed our own jeans and underwear down, then stepped out of them.

Melissa looked so hot standing there naked. She was a very thin girl with short, curly light brown hair. Her tits were on the small side, but stood up pert and firm, and her pussy was just concealed by her trim, light brown bush. My cock was standing at attention under her gaze until she finally directed me to lie on her bed so that she could ride me. Her bed was just a mattress and a box spring sitting right on the floor, so I lowered myself onto it and centered myself while I watched her approaching. She straddled my hips while I guided my cock to her slippery pussy. Once she was in position, she lowered herself down, engulfing me in her warm wetness.

She was sitting straight up, bouncing on my cock with her eyes closed. I was pushing my cock up into her as she came down and admiring her body, particularly her tits. She was amazingly wet, so her snug pussy felt outstanding as it slid up and down my shaft. It was so great to be back together again and to have the freedom this time to be naked in a locked room. Most of our passion during the previous summer had been spontaneous and wherever we could manage it. I slid my hands up her smooth, thin thighs to hold her hips and pull her down harder on my cock as I pushed up into her. She quickly got louder the longer she rode me and seemed on the verge of cumming in no time. She had gone from bouncing on me to grinding her hips very rapidly while still sitting straight upright. She was gasping güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri with pleasure as she doggedly pursued an orgasm that seemed to be looming very close.

I was pretty close to cumming, too, but to be honest, I wasn’t getting as much out of her grinding on me as I had been from the bouncing. Not that it wasn’t feeling good, because it still absolutely was, but I think her changing technique gave me a little bit more staying power. Finally, she slowed down as her orgasm hit and a low moan spilled from her throat. She continued to slowly ride me until it seemed to have passed, then opened her eyes and smiled down at me. Leaning down while I kept pumping her pussy, she pressed her lips against mine and slipped her tongue into my mouth. Pulling her against me, I rolled her over until she was on her back and I was on top of her. We never stopped making out as I started fucking her harder, loving the feel of her hot pussy as I repeatedly buried my stiff shaft in her.

If I’d been offered the opportunity at that point to spend the rest of eternity pumping my cock in and out of Melissa’s pussy as I was doing at that instant, I’d have had a difficult time turning it down. Her tongue was exploring my mouth and her hands were gripping my ass, pulling me as deeply into her as I could go. My orgasm quickly built back up again in this position, my cock swelling even more in anticipation. Finally, with a grunt, I started spewing into her, continuing to thrust with each spurt. Once I was spent, I collapsed on top of her briefly before rolling off next to her. She pulled a sheet up over us as we held each other while lying there.

After a couple of minutes, she heard something out in the apartment and assumed that her roommate must be home. She pulled on a robe and left the bedroom as I propped myself up with her pillows, keeping the sheet over my lower body. I could hear her talking and, after a couple of minutes, she brought Justine in to introduce us. Seeing that I was naked, Justine urged me not to get up on her account. I shook her hand without even thinking that Melissa’s aroma might still be on it. Justine didn’t seem to shy about me obviously being naked and I had been taking pretty good care of myself, so I wasn’t shy about being seen. Justine was blonde, and I was pretty sure it was her natural color, and had an admirable physique. Her boobs were pretty big and her ass looked nice and firm. I would have guessed that she was pretty athletic just by looking at her.

She asked what our plans were and, since we didn’t have any, she offered to run out for something to cook up and a couple bottles of wine. I offered some money to help pay for it but she and Melissa both refused, saying I was their guest. Justine headed out and Melissa and I pulled on our clothes then found room to stow the stuff that I had brought along. I had a chance to look around the apartment a bit more before she got back, then we moved out onto the deck. Their one access was from a deck that ran along the length of the building and provided an outstanding view of Thumb Butte. Justine sparked up the barbecue while Melissa located the wine glasses and I opened the first bottle of red wine.

We ate well and drank a fair amount while sitting outside enjoying the view and the company. Justine seemed pretty cool and pretty laid back, so I could see why she and Melissa got along so well. She mentioned a boyfriend a couple of times, but he apparently didn’t live nearby so she didn’t see him all that much. Eventually, we headed back inside and Melissa and I retired to her bedroom. We’d been pretty touch-feely while we’d been outside, but got considerably more so behind the closed bedroom door. We were making out and peeling our own clothes off this time when Melissa told me that she wanted to suck my cock. I had no qualms about that so, once I was naked, I lay in the middle of the bed again while Melissa lay between my legs.

My cock stood straight up and Melissa took it in her hand, pumping it a few times as she lowered her head to lick my balls. I ran my fingers through her short, curly hair as I relished the feeling of her tongue as it cleaned my sack, then journeyed up the underside of my stiff shaft. She continued to pump my tool as she ran her tongue around the head, then slid her hand down to the base as she wrapped her lips around the head and slid them down. I moaned at the feeling of her warm, wet mouth engulfing my rigid cock.

I enjoyed the pleasure her mouth was providing, but I wanted to taste her, too, so after a little while, I had her pause long enough to swing around into a sixty-nine. She went back to sliding her mouth up and down my tool as I admired her pussy positioned just above my face. I grabbed an ass cheek in each hand, stuck my tongue out and started licking. güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri She moaned around my cock as I slurped the juices flowing from her pussy. She started pumping my cock faster as she slid her mouth up and down while I concentrated the efforts of my tongue on her clit. I moved one hand around to slip a finger into her slippery hole as I licked her while pushing my hips up so that she took almost my entire shaft into her mouth.

We were both moaning as we simultaneously approached orgasms. My cock began to swell within the confines of her hot and talented mouth while I was lapping up an increased flow of her sweet nectar. I was slowly approaching an intensely pleasurable climax when I felt her hand start massaging my balls. That was all it took for me and I started spewing into her mouth. I stopped licking her pussy briefly as she swallowed down my load, but was quickly back at it with a vengeance as she nursed my cock until I was spent. She let her head rest on my upper thigh while I slurped her clit and fingered her snug, slippery hole.

Her hips were rocking, moving faster the longer I licked her pussy, and her moaning was getting more insistent. When it felt like she was right up on the brink, I pushed a second finger into her and she started to shake as she came. I continued licking and fingering her through her orgasm, then pulled my fingers free as she swung her leg over me. She lay next to me, pulling the covers over us, and we were soon asleep.

The next day was Saturday, so we stayed in bed pretty late, but we weren’t doing much sleeping. We awoke with our naked bodies in full contact and our intimate parts in full arousal, so it wasn’t long before we were going at it again. Sunday morning was pretty much the same way. We spent the weekend with Melissa showing me around Prescott and introducing me to her friends when we weren’t naked and getting off. She had a couple of classes on Monday, so we just had to start earlier and squeeze things in around her commitments. It was Tuesday morning when things changed dramatically, but in a seriously good way.

Melissa’s Tuesday classes weren’t until later in the day, but we’d still started the day with wake-up sex. I was lying with my head on her pillow facing toward the door, but the doorway was blocked by Melissa, who was sitting on my tool and riding me. Her eyes were closed as she bounced up and down, her small tits matching her rhythm. I was enjoying the feel of her wet, slippery pussy sliding up and down when I noticed a movement behind her. I felt weight on the bed near my legs as Justine’s blond hair appeared next to Melissa’s brown curls. As Melissa cocked her head to the side without opening her eyes, Justine began kissing her neck as her hands cupped Melissa’s tits. Justine finally leaned far enough forward and Melissa turned her head so they could make out. This clearly wasn’t a new experience for either of them.

My cock grew even harder as I watched them. When they finally stopped, they both looked at me as Melissa asked if it was okay for Justine to join us. I told them I had no objections, so Justine moved out from behind Melissa and, standing beside the bed, began to untie her robe. Melissa continued to ride my cock while we both watched as Justine opened her robe. Her tits were big and round with light pink areolas and big, hard nipples and her bush was thin and very light blonde.

She straddled my head so that she was facing Melissa and the two of them began to make out while I looked up at the thing of beauty above me. I started out running my tongue over her clit and down to lap the juices that had collected between her lips. I reached around and grabbed her ass, squeezing and massaging her round cheeks as I licked her pussy. Melissa was still riding me and, glancing down, I could see that Justine’s fingers were on Melissa’s clit as she bounced up and down. Melissa was moaning and riding harder while Justine humped my face and let out a few moans of her own. I pushed up into Melissa as I felt her pussy getting wetter, indicating that her orgasm was imminent. With a louder cry, Melissa started to cum as she continued to ride me more slowly.

When she let out a sigh indicating that she was done, she also stopped riding my cock, just sitting there with it fully embedded in her pussy. As I continued to eat Justine’s pussy, I heard Melissa ask her if she wanted to get fucked. Justine managed to moan out an affirmative. Melissa dismounted me and, taking Justine’s hands, encouraged her to do the same. The two naked beauties stood beside the bed while I lay there admiring them and waiting for further instructions, my stiff cock gleaming with Melissa’s juices. Melissa told me that I needed to get up, too, so I did so reluctantly. She sat at the head of the bed with her legs güvenilir bahis şirketleri spread, leaning against the wall, and instructed Justine to get on all-fours. It didn’t take much for us to figure out where this was going.

I moved into position on my knees on the end of the bed behind Justine, but before I had a chance to slip into her, she turned around quickly and said that she first wanted to clean me off before I slipped into her. She took my cock in her mouth and slid her lips up and down, taking Melissa’s juices away and leaving her saliva. Her mouth felt outstanding and I knew I’d be sliding my cock in and out of it for a longer period of time before the week was over. After giving my cock and balls a good tongue bath, she turned back around and lowered her face between Melissa’s thin thighs.

I ran my hands over Justine’s smooth, round cheeks before taking my stiff cock in hand and guiding it into her pussy. Slipping into her felt amazing and, judging by the moan that came up from the vicinity of Melissa’s pussy, Justine was feeling the same way. I took her by the hips and started slowly sliding my meat in and out of her slippery hole while watching the expression on Melissa’s face as Justine ate her pussy. She had one hand on Justine’s head while the other alternately fondled her own hard nipples. Her eyes were closed and she was gradually moaning louder as Justine’s head subtly moved up and down between her spread legs.

I slid my hands from Justine’s hips up over her ribcage until they found her swinging tits. I ran my hands around the soft, smooth flesh and brushed my hands over her hard nipples while continuing to slowly pump my cock in and out of her succulent pussy. In this position, I realized that I could also see Justine’s tongue moving up and down Melissa’s slit and flicking over her clit. I didn’t think I could be any more aroused than I already was, but I quickly learned that I was wrong. I kept watching while fucking Justine until Melissa suddenly started moving around. I straightened up again and watched as Melissa maneuvered herself around until she was under Justine in a sixty-nine. I felt her tongue briefly on my balls as Justine lowered her head back down and went back to licking Melissa’s pussy.

Justine started getting louder as she experienced simultaneous stimulation from Melissa’s tongue and my cock. I took hold of her hips again and started fucking her harder, my hips smacking against her ass. I could occasionally feel Melissa’s tongue on my cock, so I knew she was giving Justine a good licking while I was giving her a good fucking. Justine had stopped licking Melissa’s pussy so she could focus on the good feelings she was experiencing and continue to moan louder and louder. Much like Melissa, the closer Justine got to orgasming, the wetter her pussy got and the better it felt to be fucking it. She was pushing back against my forceful incoming thrusts until she finally let out a triumphant cry and began to shudder.

I continued to fuck her while she came, only stopping when Melissa extricated my cock from Justine’s pussy and took it into her own mouth. Feeling her pussy vacated, Justine moved away from me and off of Melissa until she realized what Melissa was up to. She reached down and cupped my balls while kneeling beside me as Melissa sucked my dick. We made out, our tongues exploring each other’s mouths for the first time, while I fondled her large breasts. Eventually she let Melissa know that she was going to have to share my tool, so I ended up lying in the middle of the bed with both of them kneeling on either side of me alternating licking my balls and sucking my cock.

I couldn’t have asked for and never could have imagined a better situation than the one I found myself in. Two beautiful and talented women taking turns sucking my cock and all I had to do was lay there and enjoy it. They were taking their time, too; building me up with the maximum amount of pleasure they could provide. By the time my cock began to swell with my impending orgasm, I was practically crawling out of my skin with anticipation. Melissa had already swallowed a few of my loads over the last few days, so she graciously turned my cock over to Justine when she sensed that I was right on the verge. She continued to fondle my balls while watching as Justine slid her lips from head to root and back up again a few more times. I was trying to relax and let her do all of the work while just enjoying the feelings I was experiencing. Finally, with a cry of relief, I started spurting into her mouth as she swallowed my load. I collapsed back onto the bed and was soon joined by both ladies as we dozed for a short while.

We didn’t spend every day after that in that fashion, but we did have a few more highly satisfying group encounters. Mainly, Melissa and I spent our time one-on-one, but Justine joined us a few times and Justine and I had some private encounters of our own while Melissa was in class, with her blessing, of course. I reluctantly left at the end of that week suspecting that I’d never experience another week quite like that but also knowing that I’d never forget it.

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