Swapping Among The Cousins Ch. 01

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As you could guess from title, this is a real life incident that opened the road of swapping wives among the male cousins of a family. Their hesitating wives initially joined the game with reservations and slowly they started enjoying the illicit game so much that there was no going back. Any respected reader who may not be comfortable to such ideas or find such sexual activities among the close relatives offensive should not proceed further to read the story.

I am Jay, married to Nisha and the story starts when we had completed almost ten years of marriage and our only child was then three and half years old. I was at that time 42 years and Nisha was 32 years. Ours was a love marriage. Nisha was not very beautiful but had good figure, 36-32-36 to be precise. Her height was 5’4″. She was a good singer too. I worked in a reputed private sector and Nisha was a government employee. I am tall, 5’10”, not bulky nor thin, though due to my stature everyone considered me to be towards thin.

In that year my first paternal cousin (son of my father’s youngest brother), Rajat visited us with his wife and daughter. Rajat was a government official. Rajat had got married about one and half years before me and his daughter was older to my daughter by about sixteen months. Although both me and Rajat were very close since our childhood, respective service life and day to day domestic preoccupations have kept us apart for years. Rajat’s visit that year was, in fact our first meeting after we both got married.

Rajat was younger than me by about 4 years and naturally he addressed me as “dada” ( customary way of addressing an elder brother in our tongue) and Nisha as “boudi” (equivalent to bhabi and customary way of addressing elder brother’s wife in our tongue). Even though, in years, my wife Nisha was younger to Rajat, it was the relationship that was respected.

Rajat and his wife Rima also had a love marriage and she was working in a reputed college as a lecturer. When Rajat visited us with his family, Rima was around 34 years. Rima was shorter than Nisha in height (5’2″). She too was not very beautiful but like Nisha had a charming look and her complexion was brighter than Nisha. Rima had an average figure but her butts used to swing very seductively and any male was supposed to get a hard on looking her walking from her back when she walked. Nisha and Rima became very friendly from their first meeting and half seriously both criticized and censured me and my cousin Rajat for our smoking and drinking habits.

Although Rajat was younger to me, by the time he was at PG level, I knew that Rajat used to drink and smoke. But he used to avoid indulging in either in front of me. So when we both got employed, I had one day assured him that he need not hesitate to drink or smoke before me as we were both enough grown up. This freed him considerably and later whenever we met, we used to smoke freely and sometimes had drinking sessions together. But those became rare moments as respective professional lives mostly kept us away from each other.

When Rajat came to visit us with his family, it was after an interval of about ten years since we two had met last. Our wives and daughters became very friendly towards each other. On the third day of their visit, Nisha and Rima planned to visit some acquaintances with our daughters while me and Rajat decided to enjoy our fraternal drinking and smoking sessions together. As our families were to visit four or five houses, me and my cousin had a leisure time of about four hours in the evening. I didn’t know that this fraternal drinking session could change my attitude and would lead to fraternal swapping of spouses.

On that day our families were to visit our acquaintances, me and my cousin had thought about going to a famous local pub but then decided otherwise since our kids also wouldn’t be at home. My cousin was more interested in drinks so he arranged for alcoholic beverages while I took care of accessories like fried cashew nuts, mutton etc. As our wives and kids were about to leave, both Nisha and Rima came to us reminding us not to get out of control and staking their claims to the share of accessories since they would not drink alcohol. We assured them of their shares.

As me and Rajat sat with our drinks, we were discussing multiple subjects starting from international politics and global warming down to trivial family matters. In the course of our chats Rajat said, “Dada, both me and Rima were discussing it the other day that you apparently look so shy that it was quite unbelievable that you had a love marriage.”

Both of us smiled and slowly our conversation went in a different line as Rajat was telling me about various sexual liaisons he was having even after his marriage with Rima. Being older to him in age, I tried to sound both serious and humorous and said, “You seem to be a lady killer having liaisons with so many women. But Rima is a very good girl, you shouldn’t have cheated her.”

“But Dada(elder brother),” my cousin said, “I didn’t intend to cheat her. But after asyabahis yeni giriş few years of marriage, our physical relation became a bit stale and charm less. I can’t perform with Rima as I do with other women I laid.

Don’t you think your relation with Boudi (elder brother’s wife) too had become stale and not as fascinating today as it was in first three or four years?Tell me honestly.”

Rajat’s suddenly turning the table on me was quite unexpected and it startled me slightly. With some hesitation I admitted, “Well that’s a fact. But both Nisha and Rima are very good and honest. We shouldn’t be unfaithful to them.”

Rajat smiled and said, “Don’t take it otherwise. Since marriage, apart from Rima, I have been to bed with four ladies so far. They were all good and honest women from respectable backgrounds. They didn’t want to disrupt their family lives. But they had their physical needs and enjoyed with me knowing that there is no threat that might endanger their reputation or disrupt their family life. They were not having any major conflicts with their respective spouses either though all admitted boredom in sex life. It’s not exactly the issue of infidelity but to spice up one’s own life with variety.”

I smiled at him and asked, “Nice as an argument. But shall we accept similar spicing up by either Nisha or Rima? Or do you think they would like to spice up their lives with variety due to boredom of marital sex? Is it something a privilege for men only?”

Rajat replied, “Both Boudi and Rima are very good women. But depending on how one approaches, the risk involved or what is at stake etc, I think, both of then can be convinced by the right person to enjoy outside marriage. The women who were close to me also had hesitations but…..”

My cousin didn’t complete and looked at me. I said, “You are experienced, so I don’t want to contradict. But both Rima and Nisha are from such conservative middle class backgrounds that they can’t break the barrier of puritanism already set in their mind like the women you are describing.”

“Dada, you’re yet to know the new changing world of sex in India,” my cousin said, “More the puritan, more are frustrations of marital sex. If Rima and me or Boudi and you have shortcomings in our marital sex life, it’s likely that their conservatism will make them suppress any wish contrary to their puritan views. But if approached by the right person, in right circumstances, the conservative women are more likely to respond quite positively. One asuurance they need is about reputation.”

I laughed and said, “I certainly can’t challenge my Casanova brother even though I find it hard to believe what you said.”

Rajat looked at me curiously and said, “I don’t know if you will admit, but hasn’t your and boudi’s intimacy had become stereotyped? At least me and Rima had faced it. My extramarital affairs had helped me to rekindle my fire for Rima. I am not sure if I am right in sharing a secret of our conjugal life. When I noticed the effect of my secret affairs on me, without telling her of my escapades I suggested to Rima about exchanging partners sometimes for fun and she was not adverse to the idea. Only thing that she was afraid of was to find a trustworthy couple so that no complications occur out of fun.”

I seemed to understand what my cousin was upto and said, “Are you sharing this to me in your bid to explore the possibility of a trustworthy couple in me and your Boudi?”

“Not necessarily,” replied my cousin, “I was trying to tell you about Rima’s response. By the way, for me, you and Boudi as a couple for the swapping fun are quite ok, though I will have to ask Rima’s views.”

I got a bit annoyed and irritated too. How could Rajat think of us to join him and Rima in their dirty fun. So I said a bit roughly, “You see, I think Nisha is too conservative and unlike Rima, she is not so smart to agree to such fun.”

“It’s your own conservatism and puritan mind speaking,” replied my cousin smilingly, “Not Boudi’s. Don’t you like to fantasize of Rima sitting nude on your lap and you two engaged is naughty things knowing that what you’re doing is not legal and socially acceptable? It’s not just sex, it is the excitement of enjoying something forbidden.”

I couldn’t believe Rajat would speak in that language about me and his wife. I said, “I think you drank too much. Let us stop now.”

“I’m not that drunk, dada,” my cousin said, “We’re just talking about the possibility. It would have been safest if this could have been among four of us. But don’t mind, there is no compulsion though I know you’re having uncomfortable feelings just at my mention of Rima on your lap. It could be even more if you think of Boudi on my lap.”

I told my cousin that such funs are sinful activities and even though we were both feeling the prohibited sensations in our crotches, that should end between two of us. I was not sure of Rima but I could never stand the look that Nisha would cast at me for such a dirty proposal.

“So you’re basically afraid of Boudi’s asyabahis giriş initial reactions,” said my cousin, “But the idea is tantalizing, isn’t it?”

I gravely said, “See Rajat, it’s not just the initial reaction. It is her looks of hatred that I will have to bear life long for such an offensive proposal. Even though you’re saying that Rima is ok to such fun, I can’t bear her looks of despise too if she ever comes to know that I supported such indecent idea.”

“Forget about Rima,” Rajat said boldly, “You are afraid of Boudi’s reaction, isn’t it? Would you mind me trying to seduce her, the way I did to other women?”

I was bewildered at my cousin’s open admission of his desire to seduce my wife and the way he casually suggested about me enjoying with his wife, who was my younger cousin’s wife. I thought under the impact of alcohol, Rajat was unaware of what he was talking. But more was yet in store when my cousin further added, “You will not regret. Rima has nice curves and she is quite hot and pro-active on bed. It is just that between two of us, it got a bit stereotyped and we could change it by involving a reliable couple as our partners. But I will have to ask Rima once but I think she will feel safe with you and agree.”

“You’re drunk,” I timidly said and even though the way he mentioned about his wife had its effect on my cock, I tried to convince, “You’re not in your senses. If Nisha or Rima ever learns what we are talking, our respective marital lives will be shattered.”

“Don’t be a prude, Dada,” my cousin said emphatically, “I assure you, both Rima and Boudi are equally susceptible to the temptation of sex outside marriage like those women, who had been to my bed. Just decide whether you have any reservation if I succeed in tempting Boudi. If not, let me handle her slowly. In the meantime, if Rima has no objection, you two can start enjoying while I carefully handle your wife. Once it gets fixed between two partners separately, we can involve the other pair. Till that time your affairs with Rima need to be concealed from Boudi.”

Rajat’s words were influencing me. My puritan self was opposing what Rajat told but my body was getting horny to think myself on bed with my sister-in-law, Rima and also to imagine my conservative wife Nisha getting pounded by my cousin, Rajat. Still I said to him, “And what if you finally fail to seduce your Boudi?”

“I’m not insisting for a barter system,” my cousin said laughingly, “Even if I fail to win Boudi to bed, I will not mind if you continue your liaison with Rima. One reason being, I wish her to enjoy the thrill of extramarital sex which I have enjoyed without her knowledge and secondly, it excites my cuckold psychology to imagine her with another person.”

It was then my time to admit frankly to Rajat and I said, “You’re very bold to have spoken out your desires. I too enjoy the fantasy of watching your Boudi with someone else though I never thought of working it out in reality. Your idea is quite fascinating but forgive me I can’t suggest any such thing to Rima. As for Nisha, I don’t think you can win her but if you do, I won’t stand on your way.”

Rajat looked at me with awe and said, “I thought such naughty ideas haunted me alone. So long I never spoke to you about this out of fear. Today drinks made me bolder. But don’t worry. You need not approach Rima. Let me talk to her and if she is not adverse to the idea, I will arrange a set up where you need not feel embarrassed. For my Nisha darling, I will need your help to know about her likes and dislikes.”

I nodded at his words. Both of us were excited to explore a forbidden world of carnal pleasures and we shook hands putting the seal of agreement on our devilish plan. That evening our drinking session continued for about an hour more when me and my cousin quite openly discussed about sexual preferences of our respective spouses and we were really free of any inhibition.

By the time our spouses returned to home we had already concluded our drinking session.

I don’t know about my cousin, but from the next morning whenever I looked at Rima, there was lust in me, I tried to assess mentally her curves, size of her boobs and how she would feel on bed, and I got an instant hard on. That night I had sex with my wife Nisha with a renewed vigour and she was surprised at my passionate plumbing though she was unaware of the fact that though making love to her, I was fantasizing about my cousin’s wife, Rima.

My cousin and his family left our place after staying two more days with us. While at the airport to see them off, my cousin whispered to my ears that he had talked to Rima and she was all horny to enjoy with her husband’s elderly cousin (me). My cousin asked me to visit them singly in a month or so and said meaningfully, “Don’t miss the opportunity to take your pie of the hot item.”

After their departure, Rima became my dream and I looked for an opportunity to visit her, leaving Nisha and our kid at home. But that was not easy. Nearly four months passed. However, asyabahis güvenilirmi during these four months one progress was made. I had regular telephonic conversation with Rima and both of us often engaged in flirting. We two also shared adult jokes with each other. My cousin also had long telephonic conversations with Nisha almost daily. But whether they flirted or shared dirty adult jokes like me and Rima was not known. However, sometimes the long duration calls were irritating and whenever I asked Nisha what Rajat was talking to for so long, she used to tell me about Rajat’s views on gardening, music, sports etc. It was clear that Nisha liked and admired his views. It was clear that Rajat had already impressed my wife. Whenever Rajat talked to me, he insisted me to visit his place.

It was nearly at the end of the seventh month that I had an official tour from where the place of my cousin was only 30 kms away. I decided to try my luck though internally I felt very awkward to face Rima. My tour was for 4 days and my employer had arranged my accommodation in a hotel there. But I hired a car instead and every day after the day’s jobs were over, I decided to travel 30 kms to stay with Rajat and his family. On the first evening, Rajat and Rima were very happy to see me unexpectedly at their place. Rima meaningfully said, “You kept us waiting too long.”

I spent the night at their place. In the morning as I was to leave for my work, both Rajat and Rima reminded me that I should return every evening to their place so long I was on tour duty. That evening when I reached their home, Rima welcomed me and with a gesture in her glances said to me, “The father-daughter duo (Rajat and the kid) has gone out of station to attend a wedding reception and will not be back before tomorrow afternoon. I stayed back to take care of you.”

I blushed a bit. I knew Rajat had gone out with their daughter to give me and Rima the opportunity of getting closer. But due to my own hesitation, I couldn’t look directly at Rima. But Rima was behaving quite normally. As I came from duty, Rima asked me to freshen up myself as she was preparing tea and snacks for both of us.

While drinking tea, me and Rima talked about a lot of things. Rima was in her normal self and behaved so normally that my uneasiness was much relieved. For the first ever time in life I started flirting with a lady and that too with one, who was my cousin’s wife. It started with my appreciation of her hairstyle. Rima responded very well to my flirting and laughed a lot convincing me that she was happy at my arrival. I did notice an extra sparkling in her eyes at the prospect and excitement of an extramarital affairs.

By 8.30 Rima and me completed our dinner. My body was on fire since my arrival as I knew that I was going to have my first extramarital affairs and Rima looked sexy and gorgeous. But my mind was not free – it bothered me to cheat my wife, Nisha, who was at home taking care of our daughter; I was also bothered about approaching Rima about physical intimacy. After all, so far I had seen her as my younger cousin’s wife only. It was a sure conflict between my body and mind. Rajat had let me know so many features of Rima on bed that I couldn’t drive out her sexy image from my mind. The idea of incest, forbidden pleasure, stealthily enjoying sex etc were keeping my dick hard. I was in a dilemma how to behave and act after the dinner was over. But Rima eased the situation for me as she asked me to help her in putting the kitchen in order after the dinner was over.

After the routine jobs were over, I went to the toilet attached to the guest room to brush my teeth. Surprise awaited me as I came out from toilet to the guest room. In fact, I was almost thunderstruck. Rima was standing there wearing a black sleeveless frock, the lower edge of which ended about 6″ above her knees exposing her well shaped smooth thighs. The upper straps of the frock were so thin that they couldn’t hide the thinner straps of the transparent bra that Rima was wearing. In fact, her dress exposed more her treasures rather than hiding them. I shamelessly licked with my glances her cleavage, her big boobs, her smooth bare shoulders, her armpits. Below near my zip, my dick was fighting hard in rebellion to defy the tightness of the undergarment and to stand proudly like a pole.

Notwithstanding what my eyes were devouring and the path my mind was treading, I did not forget to compliment, “Rima, you are looking so gorgeous in this outfit that I have been reminded of Greek goddess Venus.”

Rima enjoyed the compliment and mildly said with lowering gazes, “Thank you. But your Venus is afraid of sleeping alone. Will you mind to sleep in my bedroom?”

“Of course not, sweet lady,” I responded grasping the opportunity I was longing for, but hesitated to ask, “It will be my privilege to be at your service.”

Rima came forward putting her hand around my stomach and resting her head on my chest. It was a sure gesture of intimacy. I hugged her and she guided me towards the bedroom. That my act was an act of infidelity to Nisha pricked my conscience, but I forcibly brushed aside such dilemma from my mind as the warm body of Rima was clinging to my body and I could smell the amorous perfume mingled with her body odour. It was a point of no return for both of us.

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