Suzanne’s Adventure Continues

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In my last story I told you how I wanked off a stranger while giving him a massage in the beauty salon I work at in London. It was an incredibly erotic experience, and not something I ever thought I’d do, but afterwards I had time to think about what this all meant to me, and what I was going to do about it.

Read on…

Star Trekking Just Got Fun

Going home night was just ever so slightly weird. My post-not-quite-shag chat with Chris, as his name turned out to be (we did actually get around to swapping names) revealed that he was not actually with his girlfriend, but his sister. He was currently single and had been making do with wanking off to porn for a while, so my spectacular handjob had been the first real action he’d had in a few weeks. While finding it hard to believe that such a monster cock ever found itself redundant, I also realised that I was the only one in the room being less than faithful to their other half.

I wasn’t sure how to feel about this revelation on the way home on the tube. I had got away with the deed itself. By the time Chris left the salon with his sister, no one else was any the wiser and a comment from Alison, the receptionist, about me looking slightly flushed was easily deflected with a mumbled comment about the muggy weather. So all I had to deal with were the feelings of guilt. That is, the fact I had none. It was a total blast and I loved it. I knew I should be worrying about my partner, what I’d done etc, but in all honesty all I felt was the return of the familiar itch to get a nice big cock inside me. I needed to fuck.

I got home just after 6, and Greg was already in, collapsed on the sofa watching one of the trash sci-fi series he seems so keen on. What is a Star Trek anyway? Surely you fly between the stars – don’t get me started on that one. After almost two year’s argument we have reached an unspoken agreement that I won’t moan about his TV shows and he stops taking the piss out of the reality TV that I find so addictive. He was a fireman, worked shifts and he’d been home since 2:30. Under the normal living together contract terms and that gave him TV rights until after we’d eaten. However, “I have other plans for you, matey boy” thinks I, dropping my coat and heading bahis firmaları into the bathroom to go for a pee.

Refreshed, I sauntered out and leaned over the back of the chair, blowing into his ear. He swatted me away, clearly more attracted to Seven-of-Something-or-Other on the TV rather than the gorgeous, and real, creature (me!) who was blatantly in the mood for some hanky-panky. Not to be so easily put off, I eased myself around in front of him and knelt down between his knees. The miserable sod actually leaned sideways a little so he could around me, unbelievable. I swear he’s starting to take me for granted just a little bit too much, and a tinge of annoyance was starting to seep around my horniness. After the very large vote of appreciation I had been given earlier in the day, no way was this guy going to resist me.

I lowered my head so he could see over me, and put myself level with his groin. I was pleased to see from the bulge that he was pretty hard already, and then realised it wasn’t for me. I’d only been here a few seconds, and Greg never got aroused so quickly. It usually took a couple of minutes of some good old foreplay to get his motor running. I glanced up and could see he hadn’t taken his eyes off the screen. Looking around I saw the screen was filled with a shock of blond hair, “kiss me now” lips, and a pair of unfeasibly large tits in a red Lycra jumpsuit. The bastard was horny for the girl on screen. Had he been wanking himself before I came in and disturbed his fun? I was shocked, and for just a second was considering flying into a jealous, but righteous, rage when I had a flashback of what I’d been up to not so long ago. Maybe this was the solution. Maybe this was how I could balance up the books and justify not feeling the least bit guilty?

Greg looked down and realised he’d been caught out. Looking alarmed, he squirmed back onto the sofa a bit, and started to say something when I reached up and put a finger on his lips to stop him.

“It’s OK babe” I said, “she is rather hot”

(I hated to say it, but the bitch even looked good to me), and was rewarded with a confused look which turned curious as I reached between his legs and started to unzip he jeans. I kept looking him in kaçak iddaa the eye while I slowly undid him and then focused my attention on his crotch and reached inside. His shorts were already pushed down out of the way. So the swine had been wanking off to the Lycra clad bimbo, he must have just yanked his jeans up when he heard my key in the door and then pretended to be all nonchalant. The urge to squeeze his balls just bit harder than necessary passed as I reminded myself of the huge cock that had shot spunk all over my face that very day. I eased his semi hard cock out and as I leaned in to take the head into my mouth it reached its very respectable 7 inch full length in record time.

I eased my lips around his glans and sucked down hard. I was immediately rewarded with the delicious tang of pre-cum and knew he must have been close to blowing his load when I so rudely interrupted him. I took him all the way into the back of my throat and then gently eased him back out, ending with a flourish of my tongue over his tip to get the full benefit of his lovely juice.

A quick look let me know he was glancing between me and the TV. I gave him a quick wink to let him know it was OK and eased myself up on the sofa beside him, lying with my head in his lap so I could see the TV as well. As I lowered my head onto his tummy and took his cock between my lips again I reached out to grab the remote from the arm of the chair and handed it to him over to my shoulder to him. It worked perfectly.

As I settled into an easy sucking rhythm, sliding up and down his shaft, the picture in front of me began to rewind. It flickered for a few seconds before the play button refocused the scene on the tight red lycra bending over a console, tits hanging invitingly low, and her gorgeous eyes looking back over her shoulder out into telly land. It was as if she was watching me sucking off my boyfriend right there. I mentally put money on the fact this was what Greg had been pumping his cock over, and gave his balls to show my appreciation.

God, this was horny. Greg was rock hard in a way that I hadn’t seen since we were first dating, clearly and mightily turned on by the fact he was getting blown by his girlfriend while ogling his fantasy wank kaçak bahis on the screen.

I felt his cock swell slightly and knew it was time for my fun, he wasn’t going to last long. I let go of his cock, slide off the sofa and knelt over the coffee table, still looking at the superb figure on the TV in front of me.

Greg needed no further instructions. He quickly maneuvered in behind me and pulled down my trousers and knickers, not even bothering to undo my buttons which in no way slowed his enthusiasm. His cock paused at my cunt lips for barely a second before sliding hard and fast all the way in, his tight balls slapping my clit as he rammed home. I was so wet, my juices practically gushed out as he pounded my cunt. This was raw, animal lust. No subtlety, no romance, no tender moments, just a good hard fuck, and boy did I enjoy it. I was bent over and smashed while we both stared at the slightly puffy bulge between the arse cheeks of the bent-over babe in front of us.

It can’t have taken more than thirty seconds, but it was enough. We were so fucking horny by then, and I was so turned on by how hard and big Greg’s cock had got while he slammed up inside me, my climax came on fast and fierce. I knew this was all about the actress on the screen, but that just made it hotter for me, because I was just as turned on by her curves and couldn’t shake the way she was looking out of the screen over her shoulder – right at me. I had a brief vision of sliding my tongue between her cunt lips when my orgasm hit me like a roller coaster. I spasmed hard on Greg’s cock and that sent him over the edge as well. His spunk jetted deep inside me as he gripped my hips and matched my orgasm, spurt for spurt.

It was incredible. We both collapsed back onto the floor, leaning against the sofa. He leaned over and kissed me full on the mouth.

“Oh Babe, that really was something else. What brought that on?” he panted.

“You looked like you deserved a treat” I sighed, not able to tell him the truth about how my thinking was ever so slightly fucked up by the day’s adventures. But it did feel good.

I had a feeling my life was undergoing a change all of a sudden, and I wasn’t sure I was even in control, but what a day. I’d wanked off the biggest cock I’d ever seen at work and been royally finger fucked in return, and now I’d had great sex with my fella at home while we both fantasised about a Lycra clad nymph on TV.

Whatever next, I wondered?

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