Sussy Ch. 05

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The first time Sussy and I smoked together was while in the Army and we lived in Germany. Lee, her boss, invited us to a party he was throwing, and invited all the cool people that they knew which were about 12, to his house, a nice home about 15 kilometers from their office. I smoked a little too much and I ended up talking to some other people and lost track of Sussy, I figured she knew how to take care of herself, at worst she would be getting fucked or groped by somebody.

Sussy and Lee had developed a personal relationship as a result of Sussy looking for a job and going to the Army Civilian Personnel Office that Lee was in charge of. He reviewed her resume and interviewed her in her attire, business casual but sexy getting in the way, and Lee eyeing her up and down through the hour or so that the interview lasted.

Instead of sending Sussy out to potential jobs, Lee decided to keep her as his assistant and hired her on the spot hoping that he would eventually get into her panties.

While around each other, Sussy and Lee flirted relentlessly as long as they were not within earshot or sightline of other workers, Sussy spoke with a sultry voice and flashed him regularly driving Lee mad with desire.

When they planned the party, we were the first ones on the list. I’m sure Lee had devised a plan to get to know Sussy more intimately.

On her part, Sussy had gone shopping and bought a short summer dress that at my urging wore without panties or bra. She didn’t need a bra except to hide her protruding nipples which poked through the fabric. She would have to be careful with her lack of panty lines in order not to flash someone she had not targeted for play.

After losing track of her she later told me that Lee had asked her to go shoot some pool in the basement, so they both walked down into the dark man cave hopefully without being seen by anyone, and tried to turn on the light, but according to Lee, the bulb had burned out.

To me it sounded like a set up but I bit my tongue. In the dark Lee bumped into Sussy several times and accidentally reached for her tits rather than a step ladder, however, he finally found a step ladder and asked Sussy to turn the bulb while he fiddled with the switch, so she went up a few steps.

The next thing she knew Lee was right next to her holding the ladder and then her ass by putting both his hands under her skirt. She asked him what he was doing with a smile on her face that he could not see, and he responded that he was holding her so she wouldn’t fall.

The pot always made Sussy horny as hell and she moaned a few times as Lee moved his hands over her body including touching her tits, ass, legs and finally touching her shaved pussy.

Since she was a few steps up the ladder, her ass was even with his face so that when he hiked up her short dress, not finding panties, he buried his mouth in her ass and for the next few minutes, he rimmed her beautiful hole and as she bent over, he was able to lick her bald pussy driving her crazy moaning like a kitten.

Sussy was about to go into her insane chain of orgasms when all was interrupted by Lee’s wife Janet who started coming down the basement stairs with a flashlight calling for Lee. He moved back to the light switch to pretend they were doing what he had initially told Sussy about turning lights on.

Lee’s wife Janet knew something was going on by shining the light on her as though it was a spotlight in a theater, I imagined making Sussy be more beautiful than ever.

Seeing Sussy flushed and her ultra short cream colored eyelet dress higher than it should have been, clearly flashing her pussy, she also noticed that Sussy wasn’t wearing panties or a bra and her perky erect tits were showing the erect nipples through the camisole.

Janet had a good look since Sussy was higher on the step ladder and Janet was sure that Lee had beat her to her favorite recreational activity of making love to a beautiful woman.

Before Sussy and I left the house, I had talked her into not wearing underwear, she was against it at first, but I finally had convinced her. She didn’t do this often but if I insisted on eryaman otele gelen escort anything, she would eventually go along with just about everything I suggested, now my foresight was paying off.

Janet walked up to the ladder and put her arms around Sussy bringing her down to ground level and kissed her passionately on the lips. Having been left super horny by Lee, Sussy returned the kiss closing her eyes and both Lee and Janet then proceeded to play with Sussy while she went into her very sexy and submissive postures, which was highly unusual as she is the Dominant almost all the time, getting hornier by the minute.

They both felt her legs all the way up to her ass and pussy, Janet reaching for her pussy and ass finding it dripping wet and surmising that Lee had also gotten there before her. Sussy couldn’t take it anymore, her legs were shaking and were about to give way.

Sussy has always been multi orgasmic and it is not unusual for her to have a dozen orgasms in one session, she had not had any due to Janet’s interruption. While being handled on the ladder but seeing her shaky legs Janet and Lee carried her and laid her down on the pool table and while Janet kissed her mouth playing with her tits and squeezing her nipples, Lee climbed on the pool table and started fucking her senseless.

She immediately went into her orgasmic mode and had one after another forming an interminable orgasmic chain that she was incapable of stopping. She screamed at each peak loud enough for the party goers to hear and within minutes, after what appeared to be twenty or so peaks following short gaps, she passed out of so much intensity.

Sussy later told me that she was disappointed that Lee didn’t have a bigger cock. Certainly he was smaller than me, but it had been adequate and was able to prolong the fucking with the smaller dick, however, her preference was bigger, not smaller, which we would have to find sometime.

As Sussy came back to awareness, she asked Lee and Janet to stop and reluctantly they slowly helped her up. Sussy used the basement bathroom while Lee and Janet joined the party. A few minutes later I saw Sussy outside the door as she had gone out the basement door, I followed. She said she wanted to go home and get laid.

She told me this entire story on the way home, I asked her if she had been hurt in any way and she responded that she was hornier than when they were making love to her and she needed further release.

We had to stop on a lonely back road that we took to get to our village where she laid on the front bench seat with her head on a small pillow that she always carried in the car, her legs opened facing me, with one foot on the dashboard and the other one on my seat back screaming at me to shut up and eat her pussy that was on fire.

I had never seen her so aggressive and horny ordering me to eat her, just so she could make it home and then to fuck as hard as we could, after a few orgasms she told me to keep driving home fast.

I slurped all of Lee’s cum out of her pussy while she called Lee’s name screaming for him to fuck her harder adding that he was going to grow more dick if he wanted to keep fucking her. She also called for Janet to bite her nipples hard which are extremely sensitive and more so when she is horny. She had a great fantasy fucking with them both, and at home where we kept going until her last ounce of energy was spent.

For the next few weeks we fucked every day and Lee and particularly Janet were the main characters of her fantasy threesome. She loved it when I would use her dildo on her and sucked it with her pussy juice all over it, telling me to suck Lee’s dick. Even though he had a small cock she seemed to be infatuated with him and in love with Janet.

When we spoke by phone during the day, she was particularly horny and would ask me if I was ready to fuck Janet. I never knew if Lee was listening and didn’t care. It was exciting how seeing Lee’s small dick had given her permission to be more aggressive and I loved it when she took control and just gave me orders on what to do and how she wanted to be fucked. After Lee and Janet, sincan escort her sexually aggressive qualities increased in intensity and I told her that I couldn’t get enough of her. She said it was only the beginning.

Sussy was a woman who never had a lubrication problem and her pussy was always moist and slippery. She wanted me to suck Lee’s dick as he and his wife were bisexual with Sussy having had sex with both and they all wanted me in on the action. I agreed since I didn’t care about the size of Lee’s cock, in fact I preferred a small one since it could be blown easier, and told her that I had always wanted to make this bi fantasy come true, although I had slept with several men.

She started working late most days which gave me an opportunity to fantasize about her even more. She wanted to make sure that it was OK to swing with them but wanted me to watch Lee and her fuck first, to see if I could handle it. Why wouldn’t I?

Sussy knew that I wouldn’t be jealous and in a way was testing me, then participate and help her play with Janet’s pussy, which was really what she was after. Of course, I said OK as that had also been one of my many fantasies since the ladder incident and she had become insatiable wanting to fuck Lee after work and me in the evening unless she was really tired which I respected by leaving her alone on those days or using toys on her.

We couldn’t wait for Saturday to roll around since Lee and Janet had invited us to another party at their house. Sussy was in the stores every day buying all kinds of sexy outfits mostly see-throughs to wear for Janet. Since eyelet with cutouts were in style, she decided to wear a black dress that left little to the imagination, I begged her to leave off her panties and bra, but she wanted a more classy look so she wore an expensive set that was see-through but did not fully expose her nipples and pussy as I wanted her to. Of course her pussy bump was sexy and always visible. She seemed by now to care less about Lee and kept telling me he would be my responsibility, she was preparing herself for Janet.

We drove to the country where Lee and Janet’s house was located and knocked on the door where we expected to see other invitees, but it seemed like the party was strictly for us. Janet answered the door and gave Sussy the wettest and longest kiss I’ve ever seen Sussy give or receive from anyone. She handled her body boldly but not sleazily and we were invited in.

I was having a good time already and didn’t worry if my welcome was more perfunctory but was convinced that she picked the right outfit. Janet and Lee showered Sussy with compliments as to how good, delectable, delicious and other adjectives, she looked, and Sussy was swallowing it all in.

She hardly looked at Lee and I became convinced that both Janet and Lee were a lot more interested in Lee playing with me, I kind of got the idea that Lee and Sussy had talked about this as there had been an about face from Sussy and Lee infatuated with each other to changing partners, I didn’t mind and was enjoying every compliment as much as Sussy.

We sat in the living room which was furnished with opposing sofas with Lee and I on one and Janet and Sussy on the other. Lee was in charge of the drinks and we all agreed to have Gins and tonic, Lee indicated that they had three bottles just in case we wanted to get tipsy and an extra room if we wished to spend the night in separate rooms. Sussy and I started getting anxious to see what they had in mind but did not push in any way as they as well wanted to get going with the sex part.

Lee handed the ladies their drinks and called me over to the bar where he offered me my drink and gave the glass a kiss before handing it to me. Up to this point I had only looked at Lee through Sussy’s eyes and had not noticed how good looking or sexy he was. He said he found me attractive as I was in my early 20’s and they were in their late 30’s. It was great for me as I have always been attracted to older women and started thinking the same about Lee. I don’t know what came over me but after the glass kiss and the right chemistry that we had, I took elvankent escort a step toward him and stood in his private space so that we could reach each other without much effort.

I took a sip of my Gin and tonic which was deadly strong, he took a shot leaned over and kissed me passing the pure gin into my mouth. He quickly put his and my drink on the bar, grabbed me and we started with a passionate kiss before the ladies who had not started to say hello. They were looking at us in disbelief.

Before they started making love, I had taken off Lee’s shirt and lowered his pants, no underwear, and was softly licking the head of his dick swallowing it whole every third or so lick. Sussy had given me lessons in cock sucking, as she had made it clear to me that Lee would be making love to me that night. This was easy as I was able to put both his dick and balls easily in my mouth. He was moaning telling me how good it was and what a good time we would have all night. I loved the texture of his dick and how warm it felt in my hand and mouth.

Glancing over I saw Janet on top of Sussy engaged, not less passionately into a kiss as Lee and I had started out. Her leg was spreading Sussy’s and her hand had gone to her own pussy giving it gentle caresses. Sussy has a way of laying down sexily with her arms up, her shoulders deep into the bed, her back arching up and her legs either wide open or straight down causing a very sexy involuntary shake that always drives me crazy while I try to slip my dick into her tensed pussy.

This time she was wide open for Janet who was going to town all over her body and seemed to have no other interest but to touch and kiss wherever body part Sussy made available. I literally could feel everything that I knew Sussy was feeling, causing me to become horny beyond belief, and my dick was showing it. My mouth was all over Lee’s dick and balls with occasional licks up from his frenulum to his balls, and finally the tip swallowing his dick whole into my mouth and throat where it stayed for 30 seconds or so suctioning for all he was worth before repeating the action.

Sussy and I, were just enjoying ourselves receiving the hospitality and pleasure that Janet and Lee were providing. We were all over our partners as though we were possessed. After 15 to 20 minutes, Janet took Sussy by the hand and went upstairs and we didn’t see them for the next hour. Sussy later told me she must have had at least 10 orgasms in that time. In the meantime, Lee and I looked and stood in front of each other, undressed completely, and played with each other seemingly in every conceivable way. Sussy and Janet were doing the same upstairs.

It was strange but from the living room and the upstairs bedroom Janet and I felt each other and loved what we were engaged in so passionately, but I also could feel what Sussy was feeling, especially after feeling Lee’s cock in my mouth. It was like beings communicating their pleasures telepathically with one another. We would stop every 20 minutes or so to talk to one another and just hold each other in a tight embrace, not wanting this moment to end for any of the four of us.

We spent the night where we had fucked, the next morning we had breakfast and said our good byes promising each other that we would do it again. That did not happen as we had planned but we did have some great times together. Sussy in the meantime couldn’t wait to tell me what happened, I was more reserved.

Janet and Sussy had the room with a swing that held Sussy’s body wide open at any height so that from floor to ceiling Janet always had access to her pussy and the rest of her body. She said that what she had enjoyed the most was the access the swing gave Janet to eat her pussy and rim her ass, something she had never experienced. She said she had eaten her ass for what seemed like hours pushing her tongue inside and eating her pussy so much that after countless orgasms she became too sensitive to continue.

Sussy and I asked each other if that was something we would consider doing again, since Lee was her boss, and agreed that it would be with any couple we chose, although with what other couple or couples we didn’t know.

As far as I was concerned I decided that I was going to enjoy whatever Sussy wanted and how far she wanted to take us.

One thing that I found out is that my wife was as open and sexy of a woman as one can possibly ask for.

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