Susan , The Cowboy

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Bob, yea, cowboy Bob, knew there was nothin’ better’n a beer and a nice piece of ass – or being up a cowgirl’s ass to be more accurate – and Susan was his favorite piece. Fortunately for Bob, Susan not only liked Bob, but liked it in the ass too. She was a rare girl and Bob knew it.

Susan had been born and raised a rancher’s daughter, but there were two things about ranches that she just didn’t like – horses and cows. Both were big, dumb, and stupid. And not to leave out that they both smelled absolutely awful! She had done well in school and went on to college. Now she had a high-powered job in Dallas as a program manager. However, she still had a soft spot in her heart for cowboys. Cowboys were unpretentious, unlike most of the yuppies she had to work with. She wasn’t about to marry any cowboy and become a rancher’s wife, but she sure did like to play with them. Her theory on cowboys was simply “if you wanna get fucked right, get fucked by a cowboy.” And, Bob was her kinda cowboy – for the moment anyway. Susan had worn out more than one cowboy.

For Susan, the Friday workday had come and finally gone. She raced home after her last meeting of the day and after a quick shower and a little work on her makeup, changed into her western duds. She was headed off to Uncle Herman’s where she’d meet Bob. She was horny tonight. She hoped Bob didn’t want to dance and romance her half the night. He had something long she knew she could get very hard and she wanted it deep inside her to scratch an itch. Being in the sack with Bob was about all she had been able to think about today. She hadn’t been able to keep her mind off his cock all day. She was just dying to do everything a “good girl” could do with it, suck it, fuck it, and take it deep in her tight little ass. There was just something about getting fucked in the ass, something so naughty about it that made it so much fun. Moreover, she had found out early on that she could have a great cum with one of those wonderful male appendages up her little backside!

Bob finished his fence mending chores a little early. He washed his pickup truck on the way home and then, after a quick bite to eat in a burger-joint, he went home and cleaned himself up. Putting on his best faded jeans, a clean western shirt, and the obligatory cowboy hat, he headed to the nightclub to meet up with his girl-of-the-moment, Susan. Unbeknownst to her, she wasn’t his only girl. Bob was getting a little from Mary Beth too. Bob thought he was pretty slick nailing the two of them without one knowing about the other. And, he had been doing it for just about a year now. Bob did like variety.

Unlike Susan, there was no way Mary Beth was ever going to let anything go up her ass, especially Bob’s hard cock. But, she made up for that small shortcoming in other ways. When it came to moaners, there was nothing like Mary Beth. God but that girl could moan and scream while he was in the sack with her. But tonight he was going to be with Susan. Susan was a lot quieter and a bit of a yuppie – in spit of her trying to appear as a cowgirl – but that tight little asshole of hers made up for just about anything. And, she was something of a looker – a stunning brunette – she was something right out of a movie. He just hoped she didn’t want to be romanced half the night before he could get her in the sack.

Susan arrived at Uncle Herman’s – a saloon of high repute with live bands – in Mesquite, deep in the heart of Texas – which conveniently happen to be a suburb of Dallas where she worked and lived – decked out like a cowboy’s dream: white cowboy hat, tight fitting jeans, and a tight red silk western shirt. At five foot eight and all of a hundred and twenty-five pounds, she turned more than a few heads. The fact that she was small breasted didn’t slow any of the cowboys down. Unbeknownst to the cowboys, and her not always so friendly competition, the thin silk western shirts she wore were custom made. They were tight fitting and made so when she didn’t wear a bra – and with her firm 36A boobs she rarely needed to – that last button she did up was low enough to leave quite an expanse of cleavage. It had taken a while to find out just where to locate that button for maximum effect and not make it look obvious, but it had been worth the effort. The silky material rubbing on her nipples also had the effect of keeping them rather perky most of the time. Normally she would have done a little flirting before Bob arrived, but tonight she hoped he would be on time. She wanted a beer or two, a few line dances, and then off to his mobile home for a good time in bed. She went straight to the bar and ordered a beer, before any cowboy canlı bahis with lustful intentions could buy one for her – in exchange for a few dances of course.

Bob arrived at Uncle Herman’s and noticed Susan’s bright yellow Audi two-seater in the parking. It was hard to miss; there weren’t too many little cars like that among the sea of pickup trucks. So far, things were looking good for tonight. She was here, and that was a start. Now if she was just as horny as he was. He entered the saloon and found her with a minimum of looking. Tall as women went and wearing her high heel boots and white cowboy hat, she was easy to find. “Hi,” he said as he moved in close to her, “Been here long?”

“No, just got here,” she said with a smile. “Let’s grab a table and get you a beer cowboy.” Two other cowboys trying to get her undivided attention decided it was now a lost cause and went looking for pickings that are more promising.

“Oh darlin’, you’re talking my language.”

He bought a beer for himself and she got the table. Two more beers and a six-pack of dances later she decided that there was another kind of dancing she needed – horizontal. “Say cowboy,” she began as they left the dance floor, “isn’t it time we high-tailed it to your place and did another kind of dancing? We could come back here for a few more dances and beers after that.”

“One vehicle or two?” he asked; it was all he needed to know.

“One if we’re coming back, and two if we aren’t. Personally, I would like to get my itch scratched and then come back here. You never know, I might develop another itch later on and need that taken care of too,” she said with an evil grin.

Being more that willing to accommodate her itches, he said, “Then we just need one, and I know how you like ridin’ in a pickup truck on nights like this. Let’s go!” Bob knew he was in for a double header tonight. She was usually quite agreeable to anal sex when she was really horny – like tonight. Moreover, when she was this horny, he knew he was in for an ass-bash in the first go-around. Any time she suggested sex before they got to his place, she was really hot. Later it would more likely be a longer just regular fuck, but that was okay too; she could be very entertaining in bed.

The two left Uncle Herman’s, departing in Bob’s pickup, leaving her car behind for now. Susan loved riding in a pickup, she always had. She had never really wanted to own one; she loved her little Audi for everyday use. Pickups were good for nights like this when she was returning to her roots – or pretending to. As they headed east on US 80 and made the turn onto I-635 Susan remembered the Cripple Creek County Line, another nightclub just east of there on US 80. That brought back a memory of a rather risqué time she had with a cowboy in cab of his pickup – right there in the County Line’s parking lot. Now that was a night to remember!

They had been too hot and bothered to take the time to go anywhere. The cowboy moved his pickup to a dark corner of the parking lot and they got it on right there in the cab of the truck. He simply moved over and out from behind the wheel and was ready to go. She hung her white cowboy hat on the gun rack in his rear window while he unzipped and loosened his belt and she proceeded to blow him right then and there. It didn’t take any time to get him hard; he was pretty much hard and ready when she freed his nice cock from his jeans. She had done a magnificent job; sucking and licking the swollen cock head as she ran one hand up and down the hard cock-shaft while the other fondled his cum filled balls. Susan was good; she had him moaning with passion in no time. When she had him to the point where he was about to unload his hot cum in her mouth, she had quickly slipped out of her jeans – no easy task where she was and as tight fitting as they were – and facing the back of the truck, had straddled him on the seat. She was so wet he was able to slip his hard cock all the way into her hot tight little pussy with ease as she sat down on him. She had taken both her hands and yanked opened her custom shirt – thank God for snaps on western shirts – and he sucked on her hard nipples as she rode him; rode him to a screaming climax in what had to be record time. She was so horny and came so fast and hard that he could have been a quick draw artist and she would never have known. But, he certainly filled her with enough of his hot thick cum that night! They had slipped back into the nightclub and made like nothing had happened. Oddly enough, she had never seen that cowboy after that night. Right now, she couldn’t even remember his name, thought she was sure she had known it that bahis siteleri night – she was sure. She didn’t usually do one-night-stands or “one-night-fucks” as she called those events, but she had fond memories of him – and his hard cock. She reckoned that perhaps that’s the way it should be with cowboys.

Bob lived in the Wagon Wheel Mobile Home Park, and while it normally took about twenty minutes to go the just over ten miles from Uncle Herman’s to his mobile home, he made it there, door to door, in just under fifteen minutes. Susan made the mistake of calling it a trailer once, but never made that mistake again. It was a bit of a hot button with Bob since he associated trailers with trailer-trash; something he had decided adamantly that he wasn’t. “In a bit of a hurry?” she asked as the truck slid to a stop. She stretched and pushed her chest out. Susan glanced down and noticed that her nipples were hard and showing nicely through the silky material of her shirt.

“Just a bit darlin’.” Bob had noticed her nipples too and flashed her a grin.

She knew the feeling. She was wet and ready for him and they were both still dressed and in the truck.

He unlocked the door, opened it for her, and they went inside. It was single cowboy decor to the max; there wasn’t anything feminine or evidence of a woman’s touch to be seen. It was even dusty, just like the last time she had been here. She wondered if it was the same dust.

“Wanna beer?” he asked.

Well, he might not be trailer-trash, but this was definitely tacky. “Nope, just a little of you,” she said as she slipped her shirt off. The jeans and hat quickly followed though she put her boots back on. He had a blue vest draped over a chair that she decided, for no good reason other than it was his and fit her cowgirl persona tonight, to put on. She left the front of the vest unbuttoned and turned to Bob. “Ready to ride little ol’ me cowboy?” she asked.

“Oh baby am I!” Bob removed his jeans and boots and sat on the couch. He was hard and ready for her. He was also proud of his hard cock waving in the air – hard and ready for her. And, as far as he was concerned, it was a big one; a big thick one, and just waiting to give her the fucking she needed tonight.

Susan began blowing Bob much as she had that cowboy in the parking lot of the County Line. Once again, she paid careful attention to the swollen cock head, running her tongue around the swollen head and paying special attention to the sensitive underside of the head. She used her hands on the cock shaft and on Bob’s cum filled balls, adding to his pleasure. Bob’s balls weren’t as big as that other cowboy’s balls had been, not that it really mattered. After all, she wasn’t going to fuck his balls. It was just an observation; one that she kept to herself. Pretty quickly, she was rewarded with a few drops of Bob’s sweet pre-cum. That was also a warning to her that he wasn’t too far from unloading his passion into her sucking mouth. “Let’s fuck,” she suggested as she let go of his glistening member. Ordinarily she would have loved to be eaten before getting to the main event, but it turned out that Bob wasn’t especially talented in that arena and she wasn’t in the mood to try to teach him about the finer points of getting a woman off with his tongue. Some other night – as she had said so many times before, and with so many other cowboys – but not tonight.

“Oh, yea, just bend over and let me have at you.”

Bob had a way with words. There was little really romantic about him she thought as she leaned over the couch. It would be hard to get really serious about him. She bent over and was quickly filled with Bob’s hard cock. Once again, she was so wet he was able to slide it all the way into her with the swollen cock tip just brushing her cervix. In and out he went, slowly at first, then building speed as his need grew stronger.

Susan could feel the head of Bob’s cock swelling even more as his breathing got shallow and faster. “Hold on there cowboy,” she said stopping him. “Wouldn’t you like to try my ass tonight? She was in the mood for an ass-bash tonight and didn’t want him unloading in her pussy and blowing that. While she was horny, she wanted this to last a little. Bob, it seems, would have been content to make this a quickie.

“Uh sure. I’d love it.” Love it nothing, he had counted on it! She had asked just before he was about to try to slip it up her tight little back door anyway.

“Then have a seat and let me ride you with it up my backside,” she said moving away and letting his hard cock slip out of her hot pussy. His hard cock was now glistening with her slick sex juices.

Bob bahis şirketleri sat on the couch and Susan straddled him. She reached between them and taking hold of is hard wet cock, positioned it’s tip right at her back door. She moved the tip around her crinkled little anus, and then slowly lowered herself onto it, letting it slowly penetrate her just a little, taking just the head of his cock into her tight little ass. She stopped for a few seconds to get used to that foreign thing invading her back there, then slowly settled down on Bob – on Bob’s hard wet cock – sliding it slowly all the way into her tight little asshole. “Oh yea,” she sighed.

“Oh baby, this is great,” he said barely above a whisper. It was better than great; it was what he had been thinking about all day – Susan’s tight little asshole wrapped firmly around his hard cock. He put his hands under her ass and slowly raised and lowered her on his sex pole. It felt different that her pussy, tight as that was. There was also something really nasty about being up a girl’s ass that turned him on. Bob closed his eyes and enjoyed the exquisite feeling of her tight little asshole caressing his hard cock. His cock so wet with her sex juices that they didn’t need any other lubrication. Up and down he slowly moved her, raising her sexy body until the head of his cock was just held by her sphincter and then lowering her all the way down, putting nearly all of his cock into her bowels.

Susan let Bob control the movement for now as he as taking his time and going slow, slow enough that she was able to get used to that large cock being up her ass. It wasn’t that great at first, it never was, but it was getting good now. This really was “doing the nasty.” Moreover, she knew she was going to cum with him up there. Having him shoot his hot creamy cum up her ass – just the thought of it – got her all the more excited. “Do you like fucking my little ass?” she asked; she knew he liked it when she talked dirty.

“Oh yea darlin, I love it. I’m gonna shoot lots of hot cum up your tight little asshole.”

Susan started to move a little faster now, taking control. Bob moved his hands to her hips and let her control the speed, just shoving her down firmly on his cock on her downward movement. She knew he liked the feeling of being way up inside her ass. “I just love it in the ass, my hot little ass,” she said, her passion building now. Her release wasn’t far off, but first she wanted to feel Bob’s cock explode in her ass, wanted to feel his cock swell that last little bit and then that throbbing feeling in her asshole as his cock sent spurt after hot spurt of his cum deep inside her ass. “I want you to cum for me Bob,” she pleaded. “I want to feel you cum in my ass. I want to feel it – your hard cock – throb in my asshole as you cum in me … please? Shoot your stuff in me baby. Shoot it up my hot little asshole.”

Hearing Susan talking like that was more than he could take. Bob was holding off as much as he could anyway, so it was time to just go with the flow and shoot his load of cum into her waiting ass. “Okay darlin’, here it comes,” he groaned. A few more deep thrusts into her tight hot ass and he gave her what she wanted. Just then, she stopped moving, pushing down on him and taking as much as she could of his cock into her ass, apparently to better feel his cock exploding, shooting his thick cum into her.

A few of those heavy throbs, the throbs of his hard cock pumping his sperm into her ass, was all she could stand before she went over the edge herself. Now she was moving up and down some as she too began to cum. Lost in the passion, gone was her willingness or ability to move like she had been. “Oh yes,” she moaned. “Oh yea baby, give it to me … this … is so good!” Then she just groaned and slumped against him as she came and came on his still throbbing spurting cock.

Bob wrapped his arms around her back and held her as he finished cumming and enjoyed feeling her cum. Now he was pumping away at her ass as he finished. “Baby you’re the best!” he said as he came down from the high of cumming in her tight ass.

“Not bad yourself cowboy,” she said softly.

They returned to Uncle Herman’s, having only been gone a little less than an hour, and spent several more hours dancing and drinking, though being careful not to get too sloshed. The Texas Rangers, and local authorities, took a dim view of drunk drivers. A little after one in the morning they decided to return to his place and “scratch her itch” once again, only this time, while they tried a few different positions, he didn’t get into her ass again.

In the early morning hours, Susan finally pulled into her own parking space at home feeling very satisfied, a little tipsy, and very fucked. Which, after all, was the whole point of the evening and being with a cowboy in the first place.

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