Summer Magic

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Big Tits

Summer Collyer led me by the hand into her self-styled “hippie pad”. At first the room was dark and smelled of Jasmine incense. She lit six blue candles across the room and began spinning around among all of the giant, colorful pillows spread out on the floor. Her floor-length black skirt twirled about her as if in slow motion. She smiled big and laughed heartily. Her long blonde hair framed her oversized, tinted glasses but her bright, magical eyes still shone through. Somehow, the small sixties-era stereo in the corner suddenly started playing Fleetwood Mac songs.

I just stood in the corner watching, my arms folded. When she spun fast enough, I could see her cute little orange panties. Summer giggled and beckoned me to her. Her cute, sexy titties, just the size of large apples, bounced up and down in her exuberance. I loosened up a little and allowed myself to take her hand and dance around a bit. She tossed her glasses onto a pillow.

I couldn’t resist her magical spell. My right hand cupped her left breast through the flimsy fabric of her top. Her smile didn’t go away, so I slowly lowered my lips to hers with a series of gentle kisses. Her tongue made the first move but mine soon reciprocated. She pulled off her top all together, allowing her perky breasts to bounce freely in the breezy room. The smell of the incense was intoxicating. No…it was something else I smelled. It was Summer! This close to her, I could actually smell her getting aroused! I reached down into her skirt to feel her panties. My finger melted right through the wet fabric into her pussy. Her eyes rolled up into her head at the unexpected touch. Without warning, she pushed me back canlı bahis hard knocking me down onto the pillows on the floor. I thought I’d gone too far until she plopped down next to me and pulled her panties off, tossing them across the room. She playfully raised her long skirt up in the air and softly said, “Eat me.” Suddenly, I was starved.

Her pussy was like a work of art, clean shaven with tiny drops of girl sauce beading up on the thick, purple-pink lips. Her aroma was fresh and exciting. Using my fingers, I carefully spread her lower lips and tentatively began licking around them. She lowered her skirt back down over my head, slipping me into darkness, alone with her soaking cunt. I lapped at it enthusiastically, delighting in the myriad flavors of her desire. Her hands held my head to her crotch through the fabric and she “ooooo’d “ and “aaahhhh’d”, softly but incessantly. At first, I was careful just to tease her clit. Eventually, though, after what seemed like hours, the rough top side of my tongue landed on it, engorged like a mini-erection, and flicked it up and down and all around. I began to literally suck on it, holding the sweet little nub between my lips and ever so lightly nibbling at it. Her legs trembled but she grew strangely silent. Then she squeezed in on my head and Summer screamed! If her thighs weren’t shielding my ears, I would’ve been deafened!

After a moment, I was able to climb out from under her skirt to see her lying, eyes closed and breathing heavily, on the big red pillow. Her eyes sparkled as they opened to see me wiping her tangy, tasty pussy juice from my lips and licking my fingers. Then, in one swift movement, she pulled bahis siteleri down my pants and my underwear, not bothering with zippers.

My dick literally sprang to attention and she wasted no time in clutching and pulling it while re-introducing her tongue to mine. Undoubtedly, she was tasting her own lovely taste in my mouth but she didn’t seem to care. She giggled again as she plunged her pretty lips down deeply over my cock. Her tongue danced over the head and her eyes sought out mine, that magical look again making me forget all the world except her…and what she was doing between my legs.

“Fuck me, Mark,” she purred…or was it a growl? “Fuck me NOW or I am going to rape you!” This time, I pushed her back down onto the pillows. Her hands played with her hair splayed above her head while I doffed my shoes and ditched the rest of my clothes, keeping eye contact the entire time. She unhitched her skirt and let it lay beneath her.

“Fuck me, Mark,” she whispered this time. I lowered myself to my knees. She spread her legs in invitation. My hand brushed her mound delicately but I kissed her deeply and hard. Her teeth nipped at my tongue as her hand fumbled for my leaking cock. When she found it, she kindly guided it to her hole and I literally fell in up to my balls. I raised my hips a little, then pushed back in. The squishiness was louder than Stevie Nicks singing. Summer moaned but her eyes never left mine. Again and again I pushed my cock into her clutching wetness. I started to say something but she cut me off. “Shhhhh…. Just fuck me, baby, “ she cooed with a smile.

Her fingers began rubbing her own clit as I kept up my up and down rhythm bahis şirketleri into her. She raised her supple legs over my head and crossed them over my back, trapping me inside her. I wasted no time in wetting my own fingers with her juices and rubbing them over her anus. Eventually, I slipped three of them right up her ass. I used my fingers to fuck her tight backdoor while my dick was getting close to shooting up front.

The room now smelled more of sweat and sex than of Jasmine. Her fingers were flicking rapidly, too as her eyes finally lost their lock on mine and closed tightly. Her mouth opened with a circular moan and she began bucking her own hips in time with mine. I couldn’t take it anymore. “Baby, I’m gonna….”

“Just do it!,” she barked. “Push deeper! Now! Uhnnnn! …Now!” She was coming hard, bucking like a bronco. Her skin was covered with goosebumps and she shook almost violently. So did I as I tensed and shot hot, white sperm directly at her womb. As per her request, I pushed in deeper as I came. My body was sweating and my head was swimming. It felt as though neither of us could or would stop climaxing.

Finally, though, we did stop and I lay there with my spent member shriveled inside her. Fleetwood Mac finally stopped, also, and I heard the stereo click off. The room was silent as the candles started to burn out and our breathing returned to normal. I rolled off of Summer and lay on the sopping pillows. “Don’t say a word,” she said, her finger to her lips. I curled up next to her and spooned, gently massaging her back. A welcome cool breeze blew in from somewhere, as if by magic, causing the candles to flare up again. Almost unbidden, my cock, nestled snugly in the warm crack of her ass, began to come to life again. .“Fuck me,” she said again, with a smile rising in her voice. Somehow the music started up again. Summer was magic. Just magic!


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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