Summer Fun Ch. 05

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Hi everyone! Thanks for the wonderful comments and the “H”‘s . Makes me feel good. I hope the remaining chapters live up to the previous! Enjoy how we expand out circle of lust……

Val’s Visit

Phil was up and gone at nine am. Val had called around seven in the morning, telling us she would be in at around eleven that morning. It would take an hour to get to the airport. Phil said it may be a good idea to leave a little early in case of traffic.

“Yeah right Phil! You just want to see Aunt Val and try to get a quickie you horny goat!”

“No way! I just want to make sure I am not late, is all.”

“Go honey. Never mind your sisters. They’re jealous is all.”

We had breakfast and cleaned up and by the time we had everything ready for Val’s visit it was going on twelve.

“Hey mom I think maybe you should go outside and start tanning, if our plan is going to work.”

“Ok baby! I ‘m gone.”

I made my way out to the deck and shed my clothing as if I were alone. I felt comfortable doing it front of my girls. I could feel my cunny getting moist as the thought of the upcoming merrymaking this afternoon. I stretched out on the lounger and fell asleep.

I awoke to the feeling of someone rubbing lotion all over my back. I opened my eyes and saw Val naked behind me I rubbing sunscreen on my back and over my ass. I let out a small whimper, letting her know I approved of her manipulations. Then she spoke to me.

“Hey you? Does that bring back any memories?”

“Yes it does. It reminds me of when my sister use to do that to me a long time ago.”

I spoke in such a manner as to not give away the fact I knew it was her.

“Would you like to have her with you now, doing this?”

“Mmmmm yes. That would be yummy. I loved it when she did that do me. It felt so incredible.”

“Well if you open your eyes you may have a big surprise.”

“I have news for you. My eyes have been open for the last five minutes, and if you don’t come up here and kiss me I am going to go get dressed!”

Val climbed on the lounger and I felt her warm flesh cover my own. It felt so good to feel her naked body against mine. My pussy was moist and my nipples extended. I felt her mould to me and our lips meeting in a searing kiss. Her tongue invaded my mouth, wrestling with me for dominance. I would not give in and fought back with as much lust as I could. I reached behind and took hold of her plump ass cheeks pulling her even closer. Our labia meeting as well, mashing together in a soulful kiss.

“Oh Val I have too long been without you in my arms baby! I have missed you so much. I need you baby! Make love to me sugar!”

“Oh yes Vicky. I am here for you. I want you too. I have missed you so much. I was so elated when I got your call. I am so glad to be here. No why don’t I swing this hot ass around so we can have a go at each other for old time’s sake you sizzling bitch!”

“That’s my Val. That’s my lover.”

I felt her shift her body around and soon I was looking up into a mirrored view of my own wet pussy. The only discrepancy was that this one was void of any hair. Something I am positive my girls and Val would remedy soon enough. I pulled her wet cunt down onto my face and fastened my hunger mouth on her sex. That same invigorating bouquet filled my nostrils as I lapped up in her fluids. It all came back to me as I ate her wet pussy. I could feel her mimic my every move. It was like we were eating ourselves, it felt so good, my sister sucking me and I her. It didn’t take long before we were climbing the ladder, rung by rung until we were near the top. I happened to glance back to see if the kids were around and they were all there behind Val watching us in amazement as we devoured each other. Their own hands busy,groping one another. Phil’s granite like dick stood out in front of him crying out for something to surround it! Deni and Dani were at each other as well. I yelled out to the trio to come closer.

“Yes my sweet children watch as mommy eats her sister and makes her cum all over her face. Come feel us. Feel us as we explode!”

” I peaked at that moment and my eyes closed to savor every second of my orgasm. I could feel Val’s’ pussy contract and her orgasm swept over her at the same time as mine. I buried my face in her cunt sucking every bit of juice I could take in. Her cunt flowed like a river, and I swallowed it all!

I felt Val push on my thighs signaling to let her up. I swung my hips out and our from under her and we both sat there naked looking at the kids. We had a smirk on our faces, as did the twins and Phil.

“Well mom. It looks as if you two guys haven’t lost a step. Was it fun?”

“Oh yes it was honey.” I said

“It has been a long time since your Aunt and I have had the pleasure of each other. I will say it won’t be as long until we do it again though.”

“Oh how true that is Vicky. I have missed our time together so much sugar-slit!”

“Sugar slit?” Is that your nickname mom? bahis firmaları Sugar-slit?”

“You’ve done it now Val. Now I am labeled.”

“Well it’s true Vicky! It is a sugar slit! I said it twenty some odd years ago and I still say it is.”

“I like it mom. So what’s your nickname for Aunty Val?”

I fell back in the lounger laughing as I did. I knew if I told them my pet name for Val they would roll on the floor with laughter.

“Come on you guys tell us!”

I looked from Val to the kids and said.

“Well I remember this one time when your Aunt and I were going at it. We had been drinking and ummmm we had a few tokes of the herb as well. Well anyways, Val was so firkin horny that when she came she squirted all over my face. I thought she was pissing on me but she was actually coming. She could not stop coming and by the time she stopped I was covered in cum. We both broke up laughing and she apologized to me about ten times after that. I told her from then on she was going to be called…. are you ready?


All three kids laughed when I said it and they didn’t stop for at least three minutes. Phil was the first to speak.

“Sorry Aunt Val, but that is a good one! Squirt! I kinda like it. Maybe you and I can compare squirts later on? What cha say?”

“Can it smart ass or Hell will freeze over before you get in this snatch again!” She said it only in jest though, as she stood and walked over to Phil and took his semi hard cock in her hand and said.

‘Did you guys here? Hell just froze over!”

She turned and took my son with her into the cottage. We got up and followed them in. No sooner had I closed the door behind me than I saw Val on her knees between Phil’s legs with his cock buried in her throat! I mean all of it. Mind you he was not yet fully hard, but as much as he wasn’t her was still a mouthful. It turned me on to see her taking him in her mouth. It took the sense of guilt away from me, knowing I was not alone in my incestuous feelings for my kids. After all they were grown adults and could do as they pleased. I walked over to her and knelt beside her. I nudged her in her right boob letting her know I wanted to share with her. She released his fully hard cock. I looked deep into her eyes as I took his head into my mouth and lavished it with all the slutishness I could gather. I made love to Phil’s stiff cock. I took his balls in my hand and softly rolled them around, taking as much as his cock as I possibly could into my mouth. I knew I could not deep throat him, but I could suck him and make him cum very easily. Maybe in time I could take his whole manliness in my esophagus, but for now I would have to settle on just over half. Val could see that I wanted to show her I was into this as much and as deep as she was. She also wanted to let me know it was OK with her. She urged me to relinquish my hold on my son’s rod, so I gave it back to her. She looked back at me as I did at her and spoke softly.

“Watch sis and I will show you how to take this big fleshy shaft all the way.”

Her mouth opened and I watched in awe as she let his cock slide into her mouth past her teeth into her throat and down her gullet until his groin pressed against her face. Then her tongue lapped at his exposed balls. She kept her face there for what seemed like minutes as Phil did everything in his power to stay standing. Then Val backed away. You could see her saliva all over his shaft as it left her lips. She let it glide out until the head remained, then she flung her self back down his cock, ramming it down her gullet, right to his balls. Phil shrieked out his delight at the way his Aunt was deep taking all of his manhood. I am sure he never has felt anything quite as unbelievable as what was happening to him at this moment. Back and forth her head bobbed. I was sitting on my haunches gaping open mouthed at my sister. Doing something I felt was humanly impossible. She made it look like child’s play as she literally fucked his cock from tip to balls with each bob of her head. She took the full length of his cock down her throat each and every time. Every few strokes she would keep her face pressed against his abdomen for ten or more seconds, her tongue wagging about his hairless balls, her eyes looking up at him as if to tell him she wanted him to fuck her face. Phil was close to cumming. You could easily tell by the way his head was thrown back and he was gurgling out obscenities.

He reached up with both hands and took a handful of her long red hair. He twisted his hands and when he was sure he had two good handfuls he looked down at his Aunt and let her know what he thought of her blowjob.

“Aunt Val! I am going to blow my fucking load in your throat!”

Saying that he pulled her head against his belly and held it there. His cock buried to the hilt in her throat he released his cum from his balls directly down her throat into her stomach. Valerie was magnificent as she encouraged Phil by taking his buttocks in her hands kaçak iddaa and pulling him closer. His vice was barley above a whimper as he shot his load into her throat.

“Oh fuck Val. Take my fucking cock baby! Swallow all that boiling gooey fuck. Swallow cunt Swallowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After a good twenty seconds of shaking and spurting Phil let go of Val ad she slowly released his cock from the confines of her throat. When she had just the tip in her mouth she sucked him hard, draining all she could from his nut sack. She then turned to me and showed me the little pool of cum on her tongue. I bent forward and kissed her, my mouth open and my tongue slipping into her mouth to seek out the taste of my son. We kissed and shared the little dollop of his seed. I cupped her breasts, as she did mine and we hummed in each other’s mouth, telling us both we were OK with all that happened. Breaking apart we gazed up at my kids with this dreamy look on our faces.

“Well you guys. It looks as if your Aunt wants to join our little close knit group! What do you think? Does she fit in?”

“Mom!” said Phil.

“If Aunt Val doesn’t fit in then I am outta here with her!”

We all broke up in laughter and I hugged my twin close to me kissing her on the cheek.

“Welcome to the party Val!”

The next day we talked and had sex, ate and had sex, swam and had sex. Fished and had sex. Phil took Val and I out on the pontoon boat for the day. He managed to take his mother and Aunt at the same time in the boat. I was on his cock and Val sat on his face. We rode him as we held onto our lines. We had our tops on so it looked as if we were sitting down fishing. I am sure if the Abertethy’s looked out and saw us it was harmless. If they had looked long enough they would have seen both Val and I, our faces showing the entire world as we came all over my son. We did give him another double-headed blowjob, and this time I was able to get almost all of his cock in my throat. When he did come Val told him to shoot it all over our tits. When he finished Val licked me clean and I did the same to her. We got real nasty as we smeared it all over and used every crude word we could imagine as we sucked in his spunk. We even managed to catch a few fish for supper. On the way back to the cabin Val and I were talking and she hit me with a real bomb. So much so that when I shrieked Phil stopped the boat and turned to see what he problem was. I calmed down enough to tell him Val let him and the girls know when we all got back to the cottage. The rest of the ride back, I was captivated by Val’s’ conversation about her revelation. I never in a million years would have thought of my sister as that type of person to in reality do that. Boy was everyone in for an eye opener. As we tied the boat up at the dock Deni and Dani came out and I think the girls were flabbergasted when we showed up naked, with fish hanging from the stringer. Phil took the catch in one hand and my hand in the other, reminding me of my obligation to learn to clean fish, so off we went to tackle the messy job. It turned out to be rather easy. I even managed to not cut my fingers with the razor sharp fillet knife. I did look a mess afterward though. I had scales all over my hooters and tummy and my butt was a slimy mess from the few times I wiped my hands on it. We made our way back up to the cabin and Phil mentioned we should take a quick dip in the lake to wash off the fish smell. Then he made a remark that should have cost him his balls on a platter.

“Unless that fishy smell is not from cleaning the catch mom!”

I chased him down the path to the water and as we dove into the cold clear water I grabbed onto his left foot. As we sunk into the icy cold water I refused to relinquish my grip on his foot. I reached up with my other hand and hit my mark. I had his dick in my hand and I took a vise like grip on it. I broke the surface and his yelling told me I had him where I wanted him.

“So mother has a fishy smelling pussy does she?”

“Owww No mom! Just kidding it smells great. Super. Please mom my cock! You’re going to ruin me!”

“I am going to do more than ruin you junior if you ever make any smart ass remarks about this pussy, as well as not allowing you the pleasure of feeling it ever again. Do I make myself clear buster?”

“Yes mom Like Glass! I promise!”

I released him and pulled him close. The water turned my nipples into little rockets. His chest felt good against me and I kissed him deeply. His body molded into mine and we kissed treading water. We broke away and I did something I always have wanted to do. I took a big breath and let myself sink under water until I was level with my son’s soft snake. I took the beast in my mouth and gave him a twenty-second blowjob. I surfaced gasping for air and looked at his stunned face.

“I have always wanted to do that honey. Maybe next time I will do it longer. Now lets go back up for supper and Val’s surprise OK! Later on tonight I want kaçak bahis you all to myself! I want my little boy to take his mommy to her bed and fuck her until she falls asleep! OK?”

“Mmm Mom! You’ve got yourself a deal! I promise I will never tease you about this sweet cunt again!”

I felt his fingers slip into my pussy as I made my way to the dock. I climbed out and pulled him up after men and we walked hand in hand up to the cottage.

I was glad to see the girls were busy getting things ready for supper. The table was all set and the food was being cooked. I felt so good. I felt free and as easy as I ever have felt in my life. I was so relaxed and yet I was also excited, for I knew what the surprise was that awaited my kids and me. When all was prepared we sat and ate our meal. The fish was excellent and I think the reason being is we caught it and I even helped to clean it. We ate in relative silence and once the dishes were cleared away Dani came and sat beside me and said.

“Mom? Deni and I have something to tell you and I want you to get a hold of yourself.”

I looked at Dani, filled with a fear that something bad had happened. Her next words calmed me.

“Don’t worry mom. It is not something bad. I just need you to be prepared for what I have to say.”

“What honey? If it’s about Aunt Val and her surprise I…..”

“No mom not that at all. Something else!”

“What kitten? What?????”

“While you were gone we had a phone call. It was dad.”

“WHAT? What’s happened?”

“Nothing mom! Calm down! He called and was really pissed he did not get to talk to you. He said he wanted to tell you something.”

“What? What did he want to say Dani?”

“He would not say mom. He said he wanted to tell you. He said that he will try to call again in the morning and that not to worry, he is fine, and Things are going great. He missed all of us and that he feels fine too!”

“Oh heavens be thanked> Are you sure he is OK?”

“Yes mom. He told me to tell you not to worry at all he is fine and he sends his love.”

“Oh good. Whew I was panicking there for a moment! I a, glad he is OK.”

It was Val who spoke next. I sat back with a big grim on my face as I knew what was coming.

“As your mom mentioned to you I have a bit of a surprise for you. It is not a real big thing, but I guess some would think it was a little off center, shall we say.”

‘What is it Aunt Val?” Said Phil.

Well as you know I won the lottery and I am pretty well set for life. The reason I won the lottery is, that I met this man and we hit it off real well. I met him while I was on a cruise this past February. We met on the ship and he was so sweet and such a gentleman I continued to see him after we finished the cruise.”

“Did you get in his pants Aunt Val?” said a rambunctious Deni.

“Oh you little tramp is that all you think about?”

“No I think of other things as well, but knowing you and what a hot babe you are I figured you were probably sleeping in his cabin the first night.”

“Well for your information I didn’t sleep in his cabin the first or second or even third night. I slept by myself the first night and he slept in my cabin the next three nights so there!”

She stuck out her tongue at Deni who could only smile in rebuttal.

“Anyways. Before I was so rudely interrupted. I continued to see Phil, yes same as you nephew. When I got back home. He bought me a lottery ticket one night as a lark while we were out having dinner. Three nights late we were sitting at my place watching TV and the numbers flashed across the screen, for the winning entry. Phil told me to get my ticket, so I did. I looked at eh screen and then my ticket then I did a double take then I screamed at the top of my lungs! I yelled out so loud I am sure the neighborhood heard me. I had one the lottery, and it was all thanks to Phil.”

“So where is Phil now Aunt Val?” Said the other Phil.

“He is back at home. He didn’t want to impose on anyone until I had a chance to tell you about him.”

“Well he sounds like a nice guy to me.” Said Deni.

“Me too.” said the other two.

“Well thanks kids. He is a wonderful man and I think I have fallen big time for him.”

“Well why didn’t you have him come up with you?” piped up Deni.

“DUH! Deni? Have him come up here and see us all naked and cavorting around like we have been?”

“Oh. Oh I guess maybe you’re right. Sorry.”

“No biggy hon, but there is more, my sexy little ones. You see my sweetypie is a very tall handsome, black man!”

“Wow! Really? Hey that’s cool Aunt Val.” said Phil

“Yeah that is cool ant Val.” Echoed the others.

“You mean you guys are OK with that? I mean him being black and all?”

“Sure we don’t care what color he is, as long as you like him he is OK with us.”

“Hey Aunt Val?” Said Dani.

“Yes hon?”

” Is it true what they say about Black men? I mean are they?”

“”Well my little tramp. If you must know, it is not true of all Black men but it is true of this black man. He is hung like a horse and I absolutely adore him from his head down to the tip of his eleven and a half inch cock!”

“Holy shit! Eleven inches? Really?”

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