Strange Tea

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Marlene had a horrible day. First, there was an accident and when her twin sister, Michaela, hit the brakes to avoid the traffic, her coffee spilled all over her new blouse and skirt. She was meeting a new client today and didn’t have another outfit at work, so she borrowed a coworker’s clothes, but they were too tight and forced her to open a few buttons and show lots of cleavage, something she never did. Then she broke a heel and had to put on borrowed shoes which were too tight and hurt like hell. The meeting with the client was so long and she drank so much coffee that she had to use the restroom urgently but couldn’t and she felt a little spurt of pee escape into her panties as she said goodbye to the client, hoping it didn’t drip down her legs. She rushed to the restroom, but before she could pull her panties down, pee jetted out and soaked them. She finished peeing and cleaned up as best she could, then came out to face her angry boss. Marlene never used such language, but Eleanor, a 40-ish never been married woman who wore her hair in a bun and delighted in berating her employees in front of everyone, was a bitch. Now Marlene faced her wrath.

“This was our most important client and you had to show him your goddamn tits!” she yelled. “He couldn’t stop staring at your cleavage. How could you dress like that in front of our most conservative client?”

Marlene stood there in her pissy panties, not able to say a word about the traffic, the spilled coffee or the borrowed blouse, taking the tongue lashing as she always did, quietly and meekly with tears in her eyes, too afraid of the Iron Maiden to say anything.

“If we lose this business, you’ll be on unemployment in a heartbeat! Go cry like always.” Eleanor shouted and stormed into her office, slamming the door.

Marlene sat at her desk in her wet underwear going over the client’s proposal, improving and polishing the presentation as much as possible. Eleanor was right, without this contract the company would be struggling, but it wasn’t her fault, was it? She had to borrow the outfit.

Near the end of the day Eleanor came out of her office. “We have other clients you know, Marlene. Start putting together proposals for these.” She dropped a stack of folders on Marlene’s desk and announced, “I’m going home.” She felt like bursting into tears. Then Michaela called.

“Mar, I can’t pick you up today.” said the voice at the other end of the phone. “The car broke down again and it won’t be ready till next week. Can you take the bus home?”

“What about you?” she asked, always worried about her twin.

“Don’t worry a friend is dropping me off. Take your umbrella. See you later!” and she hung up.

Taking the bus wasn’t really all that bad and on some summer days she enjoyed the walk to the bus stop and the ride home, but today it was pouring. She went to get her umbrella, but it wasn’t there. She remembered she loaned it to Robin and never got it back. She stopped at Akira’s desk and thanked her for the clothes. “I’ll clean them and bring them back Monday.” She told her, she stuffed her coffee-stained clothes in a bag and headed for the bus stop in the pouring rain. It was only a few blocks, but she was wet to the skin in a few feet. A perfect ending to a miserable day. She waited for the bus, soaking wet, alone and needing to pee. There was no one at the bus stop, but she looked around and finding no one, pissed right through her already wet panties onto the rain-soaked ground. She released about half of her full bladder when a car pulled up.

“You need a ride?” the lady inside called out. Marlene recognized her from the building, although they never spoke.

“Yes, please!” she shouted as she ran to the car and jumped inside. “Thank you so much, I’m absolutely soaked to the skin.”

“So am I. I ran to the car, but it was raining so hard I got wet right down to my underwear. Denise Nelson from Greenholt, by the way. I know we’ve bumped into each other here and there, but I don’t think we’ve been properly introduced.”

Marlene knew Greenholt, Inc was a high-end law firm that occupied the upper floors of the same building, while hers was a small startup down in the basement, owned and run by her boss, Eleanor. “Let’s go to my place first and get out of these wet clothes. “

“Ok. I’m soaked to the skin.”

“Me too. I ran to the car and got absolutely drenched.”

Denise’s house was very nice and they stopped at the laundry room to remove their wet clothes.

Marlene was somewhat embarrassed, but stripped off her wet clothes, handed them to a naked Denise, looked around for something to cover herself with and grabbed a hanging robe. Her eyes opened in surprise.

“Comfy, right?” Denise said “The only thing is it won’t stay closed!” she looked at her open robe and her nakedness. “But I figured since we’re both girls you wouldn’t mind if we stay naked. C’mon let’s have a glass of wine. Or would you prefer a hot tea?”

“I really should be going home after my clothes elvankent escort are dry.”

“We can’t get there in this storm and most of the roads are closed. Afraid you’re stuck here tonight, but don’t worry there’s plenty of room and lots of food.” she paused, and her robe fell open revealing her ample breasts and shaved genitals. “We could have fun.”

“A glass of wine and a bite to eat sounds great!” Marlene couldn’t help glancing at Denise’s body especially her totally hairless nether region.

Denise caught her looking and chuckled. “I had my body hair lasered off years ago. It makes it easier when someone goes down on me.” She kept the robe open to model her bare pussy.

“I just try to keep mine trimmed.” Marlene said, not showing it.

Denise poured two big glasses of wine and started preparing dinner.

Marlene drank the wine and held out her glass when offered more. It was going right to her head, but she thought it would be ok after she ate something. Dinner was spaghetti and meatballs and she wolfed it down with another glass of wine.

“Would you like a hot tea? I got a recipe for a special tea from a client in Indonesia, but I must warn you though it makes you pee and makes you horny.”

“I peed myself at the bus stop. I figured my panties were already wet and I had to go so why not?”

“I peed myself as I walked to the car. Tea’s almost ready.” They talked about work and about Eleanor as they sipped the delicious tea, Marlene starting to squirm as her bladder filled up again.

“I think Eleanor needs a good licking.”

Marlene laughed, agreeing heartily. “If you take the stick out of her ass!”

She took a sip then another and finally drained the entire cup. “It’s delicious!” She declared. “May I have another?”

“Yes, `but I think we should move to the other room.”

Marlene felt a delicious languor come over her and she let Denise guide her into a room where everything was waterproof. She laid on the rubber mattress and her robe fell open as Denise started to expertly manipulate her genitals.

“I’m so horny and I have to pee so bad.”

“Pee when you cum dear.” Denise said as she continued rubbing the girls’ clit and pussy lips.

“I’m gonna cum!”

She came hard convulsing repeatedly and started to pee, her stream arching high into the air. Denise wasn’t afraid of pee and dived right in, getting it in her face and mouth. Then it was her turn. She straddled Marlene’s face, put her pussy right over her mouth and began to urinate. Marlene never tasted piss before and the only pussy she ever tasted was her own. She licked the pissing pussy reluctantly and was surprised at the pleasant taste, gulped it down and proceeded to suck her pussy like it was the tastiest morsel until Denise was bucking and humping her face in ecstasy. After that it was a free for all and they both peed and came over and over as they licked each other’s pussy and guzzled pee until Marlene finally passed out.

She awoke in the middle of the night with the taste of another woman’s vagina and urine in her mouth and an urgent need to piss, but she didn’t know where the bathroom was and it was pitch dark. She hopped out of the comfy bed and immediately started pissing and frigging her distended clit as hard as she could trying to reach her climax. When it came it almost surprised her as she humped the air and came and pissed all over her hands. She fell back asleep and awoke late in the morning with the need to pee and a deep arousal. She didn’t have time to find the toilet so she peed on the floor again, frantically rubbing her horny pussy as she did so. Denise was watching and reached around her to cup her breast and pinch her nipples. Her touch was electric and triggered another orgasm, leaving Marlene weak kneed.

“I pissed on your floor, I’m sorry, I couldn’t help it.”

“It’s a byproduct of the tea. Don’t worry about it, Maria will clean it up.” She helped her to the bed. “The tea causes you to pee urgently and makes you horny. If you want to do something…” her voice trailed off as she straddled the girl. Marlene grabbed her thighs and proceeded to lick every fold and wrinkle.

“I have to go!” Denise’s urgent need took over and she peed lustfully in Marlene’s mouth, the overflow splashing on her face and neck. Marlene drank what she could, savoring the pungent flavor of the body fluids. finding it and the pussy she was licking extremely arousing. Denise wiggled her hips as her stream slowed to a trickle and the probing tongue found every nook and cranny of her creamy, pissy pussy. She moaned, thrashing as she came again and then switched to a sixty-nine position so she could enjoy the girl’s pussy, too. Marlene squealed in delight as the tongue and fingers in and around her most sensitive female flesh and squirmed, wiggled and humped her way to a peegasm where she peed all over Denise’s face as she came hard. Denise came at the same time, as she reached another climax. Finally, emek escort bladders empty and tired, they decided to shower and dress.

“Hungry?” Denise asked.

“I’m starving!”

“Let’s go out to eat. We can go shopping.” she said with a wink and a smile.

Denise took her to a nice restaurant where they ate ravenously, then they went shopping. Marlene got a few new outfits, including underwear, but she had to pee again in the store. When asked for the bathroom Chloe, the pretty young salesgirl, said it was only for employees so she would have to accompany her.

“It’s just a janitors closet with a deep sink and a toilet.”

Marlene was feeling unusually brazen, ignored the toilet and hopped up on the sink. Chloe watched intently as Marlene’s stream hit the sink with a loud splashing sound. She seemed mesmerized by the naughty tableau of an open pissing pussy and Marlene spread her legs more to offer a full view. Chloe fingered herself as Marlene pissed, masturbating her needy pussy furiously till with a strangled groan she came, hard.

“I’m sorry I couldn’t help myself. I’m so embarrassed.”

“Don’t be.” She didn’t pull her panties up and spread her legs a little further, showing Chloe her wet cunt. “I think I need to be wiped down there.”

Chloe fell to her knees and began slurping the pee soaked pussy and thighs. She licked and sucked like a starving waif, making Marlene cum quickly and excitingly.

“Oh Chloe that was wonderful! Now help me off this thing.”

They met Denise by the bra display.

“Did you service her?” Denise asked, looking right at Chloe who lowered her eyes. “I see you didn’t wipe your mouth.”

“Yes, Miss,” Chloe said. “I sucked her pussy and her piss.”

“Good girl.”

Chloe absolutely beamed at that and when Denise kissed her goodbye, she got weak kneed. As they walked back to the car Denise told Marlene about Chloe’s propensity to obey any order given her. “A real submissive. How about I take you to dinner now? I think everything is starting to open.”

They went to one of the fanciest restaurants in town and Marlene was glad she was wearing her new clothes. They had a sumptuous dinner and quite a few drinks during which Denise told of her idea to get Eleanor over for a tea — and pee. By evenings end they were both a little tipsy. As they walked to the car Marlene said “I have to pee again and I don’t think I can make it home.” She looked around and found a few bushes that she thought would offer some seclusion, pulled her new panties down and pissed a heavy stream onto the bush. She pulled her underwear up and said “I really had to go!”

“It’s a residual effect of the tea. It’ll wear off soon.” Afterwards they went back to Denise’s place.

“I’m going to suggest that you spend the rest of the weekend here. I mean your sister has no car and a lot of the roads are still flooded. I’ll drive you to work on Monday.”

“OK, I’ll let my sister know. She’ll probably be glad to be rid of me for couple days.”

“I’ll square it with her.”

As tipsy as they were, they went right to bed. Marlene had to pee again and went over Denise’s hand as she fingered her pussy. Marlene reciprocated and spent the night between Denise’s legs where she slept till morning, which came around noon with both needing an urgent wee.

Denise came up with a plan and brought out a pitcher, used for just such emergencies.

“We’ll piss together and mix it!”

They both crossed streams as their piss flowed out, laughing and pointing as they missed the container and pissed all over the bed. That led to another session of licking, sucking, and pissing until they were both sated and ravenously hungry. Marlene cooked a simple but hearty meal and they spent the rest of the night in each other’s arms. The next day was Sunday and they spent it playfully, adventurously peeing in different ways, different positions, different places. They made love again, holding each other close all through the night.

The next morning Denise was all business. They showered -separately- dressed and had a bite to eat, Denise gave Marlene a quick peck on the cheek. “Thanks for everything. I hope you enjoyed yourself.”

“I never had that many orgasms! And I found peeing to be quite exciting.”

“Good. I’ll contact you when I setup for Eleanor, hopefully this weekend.”

Eleanor was dressed in her same austere black outfit with the white ruffles, her tight bun and her no smiling school principal countenance. Luckily for Marlene, her wrath was directed at anther poor woman who spelled something wrong and didn’t catch it soon enough. Denise didn’t contact Marlene all week till Friday.

“Eleanor’s coming over for tea, want to join us?”

Marlene jumped at the chance. “Yes, for sure!”.

Eleanor pulled up in front of Denise’s house and quickly checked her visage in a mirror. She saw a 40-ish woman, still pretty, with average breasts and a not quite hourglass figure with her hair eryaman escort in a tight bun looking back at her. She hadn’t socialized in years, devoting all her time and resources into getting her little greeting card business established and eventually branching out into creating flashy presentations for other companies. Now that her company was solid and growing, she could spare some time for more social interactions and this was a perfect opportunity. She knew Denise was a lesbian, in fact she liked her more because of it. She had a few sexual flings in her younger days, including two lesbian experiences which she thought of as more satisfying than the men she had sex with. She looked in the mirror and made a split-second decision to let down her hair but couldn’t change her buttoned up black dress so she unbuttoned the first two buttons. The house bespoke wealth without being ostentatious with its private drive and rose garden. She rang the bell and was quite surprised to see Marlene at the door.

“Eleanor! Hello!” she said with a big smile. “I’m so glad you’re here.”

“Marlene! What are you doing here?”

“Denise invited me. I was free so I came over.”

Denise came over and said hello. “I just ordered dinner and tea. Who’s hungry?”

Dinner was fun with Eleanor proving to be a witty, knowledgeable and friendly dinner guest. She laughed, joked, told off-color stories and drank three cups of Denise’s special tea.

“Careful!” Denise warned. “That tea is a diuretic, it makes you pee a lot. It’s also an aphrodisiac, makes you horny and open to suggestions.”

“I have to go right now!” She stood up to run to the toilet, made a strange noise and felt the wetness between her legs. “Oh my God, I’m pissing my pants!” The pee flooded her panties and ran down her legs. “I can’t help it!”

“Don’t worry about it,” Denise said, “take your clothes off and I’ll wash them.”

“We’ll be naked, too. That way you won’t be embarrassed.” Marlene chimed in.

Eleanor thought that was a great idea and stripped all her clothes off, handing them to Denise and following Marlene into the room with the waterproof furniture and floor. She was an imposing figure, with large breasts, slender waist and nicely trimmed pubic hair, now soaked with pee. Marlene put her hand on Eleanor’s boob and elicited a sharp intake of breath as her vagina began secreting juices in response.

“I’m so horny! And I have to pee again.”

“Let me help. I’ll rub your pussy while you pee.”

Marlene rubbed her clit until she was gasping with pleasure orgasming and gushing pee at the same time. She came again then turned to Marlene and dropped to her knees in front of her as if anticipating a shower. She looked closely at Marlene’s pussy admiring the beautiful outer lips, the swollen clitoris parting the inner lips slightly and the moistness dampening everything. As she pulled her lips apart the urethra opened a little in preparation of a liquid release and the vagina oozed its juices. She had never seen a pussy that close before. She had examined her own years ago, but this was the first time she could really appreciate the beauty and the excitement of another girl’s private parts and was mesmerized by it all when the first spurt of piss hit her in the face. She blinked, stuck out her tongue and tasted the pee pouring out of Marlene’s cunt. It was tangy and tasted faintly like the tea they had drunk with dinner. She put her mouth on the slit and licked for all she was worth, while the piss streamed out of her, splashing everywhere. Marlene humped the licking tongue, her orgasm surprising them both. She got excited at the thought of her boss sucking her pussy and came hard, forcing the pee out of her slit.

When she moved away Denise took her place and let Eleanor admire her slit before she began pissing in the woman’s face. Eleanor loved it lapping up the yellow liquid and gasping as Marlene manipulated her pussy until cum leaked out. It was that way all evening, with everyone pissing and cumming until finally Eleanor was exhausted and fell fast asleep on the divan. She couldn’t see anything so she got up and peed on the floor. Her clit grew with arousal and she frigged herself mercilessly until she achieved orgasm and finished peeing. She got back under the covers but an urgent need to relieve herself woke her up several hours later when the sunlight filtered in from the windows. She saw three doors but knew she couldn’t hold long enough to investigate and peed on the floor and masturbated. This time she slept till late morning and, with a less of a need to pee she found the bathroom and finally sat on the toilet to empty her bladder. The tea was still affecting her so she stroked herself and peed while on the bowl. The shower looked inviting so she took a long luxurious hot shower, finding towels, clothes and a robe when she was done.

Marlene had to return home and never did find out what happened that weekend. On Monday, Eleanor uncharacteristically called in to take a personal day and did so for the remainder of the week. The following Monday she came dressed casually in jeans and a shirt, immediately called a meeting of all employees, stood up and let everyone look at her. Many faces showed surprise at her let down hair, no make-up and street clothes.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32