Still Hot! Ch. 04

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Chapter 4: Carmen

I woke up later fearing the worst. Sometimes when you fear something life surprises you by making your fears not come true. This was one of those rare lucky times for me. I got showered and dressed. I launched down the stairs with dread, but hoping to get the confrontation out of the way.

My mom was in the kitchen making breakfast. Carmen was not there.

“What happened?” I whispered to her.

“I told her I was sick and that you were just checking on me. It’s the only was I could explain our… “situation” this morning.” Mom whispered back, but smiled when she said “situation.”

“Where’s Carmen?” I asked.

“In bed sleeping. Hopefully, she will just think she saw things wrong when she first came in. She did have a long drive this morning, trying to surprise us. We are going to have to be careful from here on out. At least until Carmen and Nadine go back to their colleges.” Mom whispered, clearly as disappointed as I was at the fact that our sex life was going to be put on hiatus for the meantime.

“Well, looks like we’re going to have to go back to the normal “mother and son” routine for now.” I said.

I hugged her and kissed her neck as I sat down with a glass of orange juice in front of me. Carmen came in wearing a thin nightgown that didn’t do much to hide her…charms. Clearly this was something she felt comfortable wearing around her roommate in her dorm. Not something she should wear around her brother.

“Quit staring! It isn’t like you were exactly dressed any better this morning, Mr. Woody Woodpecker.” Carmen said and laughed.

I laughed along with her.

“Well it isn’t like I was expecting you home. If you recall you didn’t always dress on late night trips to the bathroom either.” I said.

“Yeah, but we were kids then. Now we are all “grown-up”.” She said as she winked at me and glance down at my crotch as she sat down next to me.

Mom smiled at us as she cooked breakfast. Carmen yawned and stretched in her chair, making her breasts press against the see-through nightgown. She smiled and winked at me afterward, noticing that I watched her. She was always flirtatious this way, unlike Nadine who was rather quiet and shy, Carmen was very outgoing and known for her flirting.

“I’m sorry about Marissa. I know you really loved her, but really it’s for the best. She was a slut.” Carmen said seriously.

“Carmen! Be nice. Your brother is going through a tough time right now.” Mom said.

“I didn’t mean it to hurt you.” Carmen said seriously, looking at me.

“I know.” I patted her hand on the table in front of me.

“It’s just that. She got around a lot before you hooked up with her.” Carmen said, looking down at her empty plate.

“How do you know?” I asked her.

“She told me herself. I didn’t want to tell you. You probably wouldn’t have believed me if I did. I would have been the bad one. Ya know? Kill the messenger.” Carmen said with a sarcastic laugh that was sad.

“You are probably right, but I wish you had told me. Maybe it would have saved me from what happened.” I said.

“Yeah. Your best friend. Sorry, but I guess it’s for the best in a way. You don’t need those kinds of people in your life anyway.” Carmen said patting my hand in reassurance.

“So, what are your plans for spring break?” I asked her, changing the subject because there wasn’t much that needed to be said about my cheating wife.

“I plan to stay here and cheer up my big brother.” Carmen said with a sexy smile.

I gulped on my orange juice.

“You don’t have to do that. I don’t want to ruin your free time away from college.” I said.

“I know I don’t have to. I WANT to. If you haven’t noticed we haven’t been able to spend much time together since you moved out and got married. I couldn’t fake liking Marissa either, so I avoided being around you when I could. Now we get to catch up. I really missed you.” Carmen said.

“Thanks, sis.” I said as I leaned in and hugged her.

I felt her big nipples press into my chest. It felt wonderful, exciting and very forbidden. Carmen smiled wickedly as we pulled apart. Breakfast was ready and we all ate while catching up on each other. Mom was fairly silent. Anytime I looked at her she blushed and looked away. I could tell she was already missing our recent sexual activities, as much as I missed them.

When breakfast was done Mom got dressed for her regular shopping. Carmen changed as well into a tank top and shorts. She wore no bra, which was her usual routine around the house. She was usually more ladylike away from home but kept her flirtatious attitude. She came downstairs and I couldn’t help but stare. It had been five years since we last lived together and I was no longer used to having my beautiful sister around the house to tempt my senses like this.

She plopped down on the couch next to me as I watched a movie called Valentine on the big screen tv. It was a horror movie starring Denise Richards among others. Carmen propped her legs up on bahis firmaları my lap as she lay down on her front to watch the movie. I laughed when she jumped during some scary scenes and she looked back at me with mock anger.

I began rubbing the back of her legs as I used to do when we were growing up. They were smooth and in good shape. Obviously my sister still kept up with her walking and swimming as I had.

“So when’s Nadine coming home?” Carmen asked while still watching the movie.

“I think Mom said she would be here tomorrow or the next day.” I said while still rubbing her legs.

“Hmmmm, that feels good. Did you know Nadine had a crush on you when we were kids?” Carmen asked, arching her eyebrows as she looked sideways for me to see her facial expression.

“No way!” I said and playfully smacked her on the ass one time.

“Hmmmm. For real. Why do you think she has always been so shy around you?” Carmen asked closing her eyes for a moment after I smacked her ass and opening them when she made her comment.

“Nadine’s a lesbian. We all know that, even if dad was in denial. You and mom know that. We met a few of her girlfriends, remember?” I asked.

“Not exactly a lesbian. I would say bi. Sure she showed no interest in other men, but she loved her big brother. She used to blush whenever I mentioned you.” Carmen said.

“Oh really? You expect me to fall for this trick? I know you too well.” I said and pinched her inner thigh playfully.

“Ow!” Carmen acted like the gentle pinch was more serious and gave me another look of mock anger.

“I’m telling the truth, whether you believe me or not is up to you.” Carmen said as she returned her attention to the movie.

“Ok. Say I believe you. What does any of this mean?” I asked.

“Just trying to clue you in…big brother.” She said as she used her leg to rub against my growing erection.

“Ok.” I said and resumed my rubbing of the back of her legs.

“So, what were you really up to this morning, Mike?” She asked seductively.

“No…nothing.” I stammered.

“So you expect me to believe you were really taking a nude trip to the bathroom at night and weren’t up to anything?” Carmen asked.

“It’s the truth.” I lied.

“Mom looked a little…spent this morning. I wonder if she has a new lover.” Carmen mentioned and let the comment hang in the air.

“I really don’t know. That’s her business, don’t you think?” I asked.

“Yeah, it is her business. Just a big coincidence that she looked like she was making love all night and you were butt naked in the hallway.” Carmen said and stood up.

She took off her shorts revealing purple panties.

“I’m going to go take a nap. I didn’t get enough beauty sleep last night after the long drive home.” Carmen said and threw her shorts at me as she ran up the stairs laughing.

I tried to duck the shorts but they landed on my face. I wondered whether Carmen knew for sure what was going on between me and Mom, or if it was more of her usual teasing. I breathed her scent in from her shorts. The combination of her perfume and natural scent made my erection even harder as I laid on the couch much as she did.

I laid there thinking about my sister in her room. I knew she loved to sleep naked and wasn’t shy about it. She never locked a door either. As my erection grew, so did my curiosity. Eventually it became too much and I jumped off the couch and grabbed her shorts. I snuck up the stairs as quietly as possible.

I went to her room, which was next to mine. I dropped the shorts on the floor outside her room. I noticed her door was not shut all the way. I listened as I heard moans. I pushed on the door slightly until it opened about a foot silently. Thankfully, it was not like the home we grew up in where the doors would squeak. I saw Carmen on her bed with her back to me. Her legs were spread wide open and I could see her right hand working furiously on her pussy as she moaned. She never felt the need to be quiet with her masturbation sessions.

My hard cock pressed against my shorts and begged to be unleashed. I let it out and started rubbing it up and down. Even the night of sex with my mother had not done much to calm down my need for sex. I had gone three months without it and my sex drive was fairly good. I watched my naked sister playing with her pussy and occasionally take one of her own nipples into her mouth and suck on it wildly.

I heard her gasp loudly as she inserted three fingers in her pussy. I began matching the rhythm of rubbing my hard cock with the rhythm of her moans and thrusts of her fingers in and out of her pussy. Her tongue reached out and licked her lips in a 360 degree circle that showed how excited she was.

Her moans were loud and she did not attempt to quiet them, just like she never did while we grew up together. I watched in awe as she thrusts the three fingers all the way in and out of her soaking wet pussy. Her eyes fluttered and she was breathing loudly as she played with kaçak iddaa her pussy. I jerked my cock faster as her breathing picked up in pace, warning of her impending orgasm. Carmen was always a fast cummer and it was hard to keep up with her at times.

“Oh, yes!” She screamed out as her body convulsed and the clear liquid of her pussy juice shot out over the bed.

I shot my cum quietly into the handkerchief I had in my pocket. I ran to the bathroom and flushed it down the toilet and washed my hands before returning downstairs.

I flipped the channels of the TV, but could find nothing to distract myself. I worried Carmen would return downstairs after her orgasm, but apparently she meant it when she said she was going to take a nap. I felt quite tired myself after a night of hot sex with my mom. My eyes kept closing on me so I went upstairs to my room and collapsed on the bed in my current room.

I fell asleep. I dreamed of Marissa cheating on me with Tony and then my dream turned into fucking my mom in the pool. The dream got so steamy that I unconsciously decided to do it sometime for real. Then my dream turned to catching Carmen in the shower ala Psycho instead of a knife though I was naked and joined her. I fucked her doggy style as she leaned against the shower wall as the water washed over us both.

I woke as I heard a knock on the bedroom door.

“Supper time sleepy head!” Carmen shouted out laughing.

I turned over on the bed still half asleep and with the dream of fucking my sister Carmen still very fresh in my mind. I had to lay there unmoving until my hard-on shrank to normal size. I tried to think of anything nonsexual to get rid of the lust in my mind.

I rose from the bed in my wrinkled clothes. I smoothed them out as best as possible and stretched. I felt somewhat rested, but that was because I napped much longer than I originally intended to.

As I arrived in the dining room both my mom and sister were talking and eating their dinner. The sun was starting to set. “Where did the day go?” I thought to myself.

Mom and Carmen laughed as they saw me in wrinkled clothes. They rarely ever saw me like this. I stuck my tongue out at them. Carmen arched an eyebrow and mom winked at me when she saw Carmen wasn’t looking. I sat and ate the meal with a hunger I didn’t know I had.

“Careful or you might end up eating the table and “us” while you are at it.” Carmen said slyly.

Mom raised her eyebrows in shock and blushed. I shook my head and gulped down my drink.

“So what’s going on tonight?” I asked.

“Well, mom and I thought it would be good to watch the new theater system in the basement. I haven’t checked it out yet, but you know me. I love movies.”

Mom and Carmen rinsed the dishes and put them in the dishwasher. I went downstairs and flopped down in the chair from the day before, after getting a drink of course.

Mom came downstairs first. She walked over to me quickly and quietly.

“Do you think she knows?” Mom asked.

“Knows what?” I teased.

“About “us” brat!” Mom whispered as she playfully slapped my chest.

“I don’t know. She hinted at it this morning. She caught me naked in the hallway heading to your room. I tried to play it off like I was half asleep, but she caught me by surprise. She might know or else she is just being her usual self. Don’t get paranoid!” I whispered back to her playfully.

“Here she comes.” Mom warned as she went back to her chair and put her feet up.

Carmen looked at us and shook her head “no”.

“What?” I asked as I shrugged my shoulders.

“This won’t do. What kind of family atmosphere is this?” She asked.

“What do you suggest?” Mom asked her.

Carmen looked to the back of the basement and saw something in the shadows.

“Come on you two. I’ll need help with this.” Carmen said.

I put my legs on the floor and stood up regretfully. I wanted to relax, but my sister always had a way of keeping me on edge. I followed Mom and Carmen to the back of the basement and saw a couch covered in sheets. We uncovered it and saw it was the old family couch from the home we grew up in. Carmen and I glanced at each other. Mom shrugged her shoulders.

“I thought you were getting rid of all the old stuff, Mom?” Carmen asked.

“I couldn’t bring myself to do it. This family spent a lot of happy times on this couch. It will always mean something to me. All the times we watched movies sitting here or laying down.” Mom recalled aloud.

“It’s OK Mom. Carmen is just being sarcastic.” I said.

“Well let’s move it.” Carmen mockingly ordered like a drill instructor.

It was a surreal scene. Carmen was there in her tight jeans and tight shirt that hugged her breasts. I was dressed more for looks than for moving furniture and even worse Mom was dressed as her usual feminine self, with a dark skirt that came down to her knees and a matching blouse. The upper buttons were undone which was a thing she would not have done before what kaçak bahis took place between us the night before.

We moved the couch. Mostly Carmen and I doing the hard work. Mom tried to help but she wasn’t as strong as either of us. Carmen kept in shape despite her feminine looks, she could keep up with me physically. We brought the couch to the front of the room before moving it back a few feet to give us room between the screen and the couch.

Mom operated the remote control like a professional. She dimmed the lights until they were nonexistent and started up the DVD. I was surprised to see that it was the remake of Texas Chainsaw Massacre. I was relieved to say the least, because the sexual content would be kept to a minimum.

As Mom and Carmen took their seats at opposite ends of the couch, I took the seat between them. Mom sat with her legs curled up next to her. Carmen put her legs up in my lap. I unconsciously started to rub her feet. She pulled her legs away and crawled over to me.

“Do you mind?” She asked as she plopped her head in my lap.

“No.” I answered knowing my response wouldn’t change her actions in the least.

Carmen always did what she wanted when she wanted, regardless of other people’s thoughts or feelings. I took a few strands of her hair and put them in front of her eyes. She blew them away without taking her eyes off the movie. I met eyes with my mom and shrugged my shoulders. I noticed her licking her lips. She was mouthing words to me that I couldn’t make out.

In the daytime scene of the movie I mouthed to her that I couldn’t hear what she was saying.

“My room tonight.” Mom mouthed without making a sound and smiling a sweet sexy smile that was very seductive,

I got instantly hard which my sister couldn’t help but notice. She adjusted her head to it but never lifted her head off of it. Her eyes looked up at me momentarily. I could tell my erection affected her. To what degree, I didn’t know, but she was clearly excited. Her breathing increased, but not to the point where mom would notice. Mom rubbed her feet against my left hand and I covered her feet with the hand, in the darkness. I rubbed them as my erection throbbed against the side of Carmen’s face. I rubbed my mom’s feet with my left hand, while I smoothed back the hair on Carmen’s head so she could see the movie. Her eyes blinked and I could see her mouth panting as she breathed harder.

I let my gaze drift down her body. Her breasts were rising and falling and her legs seemed to be closed tightly together. I noticed her right hand between her legs rubbing her pussy through her jeans. It was almost impossible to tell she was doing this in the darkness. Even in light her position and the way she was doing this would not be too apparent. I glanced over at mom who had dropped a hand between her legs and was rubbing against her white panties. With her position I had a clear view up her legs and all the way to her panties. Mom looked me straight in the eyes as she rubbed. She bit down gently on her lower lip and smiled a naughty smile. I could tell she didn’t know that Carmen was doing very much the same. Carmen’s eyes were focused on the movie, but her hand motions were becoming so hard that I could feel a little of the vibration of her actions.

Mom stuck her tongue out and seductively licked her lips. Her eyes closed as her fingers pushed aside her panties and drove in between her pussy lips. My erection throbbed and Carmen seemed to rub her face against it slightly, back and forth. Her eyes glanced up at me when she did this and she licked her lips as well.

I tried to return my attention to the movie as I felt Carmen rubbing herself through her jeans and saw mom fingering her pussy out of the corner of my eyes. My cock throbbed in response to the sexual atmosphere and the two hot women masturbating on the couch next to me. Mom’s breathing increased as her breasts rose and fell. Her nipples were hard, even against her bra they were apparent and obvious but her full attention was on masturbating and looking at me while doing so. Carmen stretched out her legs and it was obvious to me as I could see her hand moving back and forth on the jeans of her pussy. My cock kept throbbing against her face as she rubbed against it in very slow, deliberate motions, making it look like she was only readjusting the position of her head for comfort.

Mom began panting and I heard slight whimpers come from her as she tossed her head back and bit her lower lip. She took her fingers and tasted the juice. She held her hand out close enough for me to smell it. Carmen was next as she pressed her legs together again tightly and whimpered softly. Neither of the women seemed to noticed the other’s actions, but they had both cum. Carmen put the hand that had been between her legs up over her breast. I could feel her one nipple poking through the fabric of her shirt and my pants, into my leg. As I watched her tits rise and fall my cock exploded. I bit down on my lower lip to prevent any sound from coming out. It was so exciting cumming while my sister’s face was right on top of my lap. I closed my eyes and tossed my head back as I felt the streams of my cum shooting into my underwear. Luckily enough the pants I was wearing was thick and did not become damp

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