Sprout Ch. 03

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All characters are 18 or older.

I woke up the next morning wracked with guilt and dread. Guilt because I jerked off twice during the night listening to Mac and Greg get it on through our thin walls. And dread because I remembered the video Mac had taken of me begging to lick my cum off her feet!

The whole situation had me tied in knots. Mac was the worst kind of bully, not just mean and strong, but also smart and manipulative. She had totally played me yesterday, tormenting me with her feet in class and at the student union, then pretending to be a damsel in distress caught in a rainstorm so I would let my guard down. I can’t believe I licked and sucked her toes! If that weren’t enough, I had sex with her feet and slurped my own cum off them!

But the worst part was she actually made me think she pitied me and was letting me score with her because she had treated me so badly. Boy, was I had.

I sighed to myself as I reached down and touched my morning wood. But she was also the first girl who ever jerked me off, or let me see and feel her boobies. And she was so freakin’ hot — completely out of my league! A little dork like me could never have dreamed of having the attention of a blonde 6’3″ athlete with big tits. She’s a foot taller than me for God’s sake! And so curvy…so fit…with such lithe and graceful feet…

No…! Don’t jerk off again, asshole!

But I was already gone. My hand stroked out of control, and I shot another load into Mackenzie’s red lace panties. She had left them hanging on my dick when she made me cum in the kitchen a couple days ago. They barely did anything to sop up my giant loads, but man I loved the way they felt. And that they were hers. I was lucky she hadn’t asked for them back.

As my high wore off, the guilt set in again. How could I still be turned on by her after everything she did? And by her feet! I never even noticed girls’ feet before and here I was jacking off, thinking about her dirty feet in my mouth and on my penis. And about her calling me her foot bitch…!

I was sure she had shown the video to her friend who she bet that she could make me her foot bitch. But how many more people would she show it to? What if she posted it online somewhere? Arrrrrgh!

I stood up, tossed on some clothes and listened at the door. I heard Greg and Mac leave earlier but I wanted to make double sure. I didn’t want to see her again — not now, not ever. Frankly, I was scared to see her. Because who knows what else she might do to me. And because I feared I couldn’t control myself around her. No matter how much I hated her, my penis still got hard whenever I was around her.

I quickly slinked into the hall and silently surveyed Greg’s room and the rest of the apartment. Seeing the coast clear I went to the kitchen and had a bowl of cereal. At least I don’t have class this morning, I thought. My head was such a mess.

I decided to play some video games to calm down, like I did most mornings. Gaming was my safe haven, my Zen space. Where a little wimp like me could be a powerful martial artist or a world-class athlete at the flick of a button.

I sat down in my gaming chair, put on my headset, and loaded up Mortal Kombat 11. Time to kick some ass!

I found my favorite lobby where serious gamers hung out and opened a challenge. I chose Liu Kang, the world’s greatest warrior. Time to throw some fireballs!

An opponent appeared and the match intro began. I would fight Skarlet, the blood witch. She was tricky but I knew how to defend against her most dangerous moves. I turned on my audio channel to see if the other player wanted to chat, but it was silent. Oh well.

The fight began and I was immediately knocked back by a barrage of moves. My power bar dropped quickly. Then a cloud of blood floated out of Liu Kang’s body, turned into frozen red daggers and finished me off.

“Fuck!” I cried out loud. This wasn’t the Zen I was hoping for.

The second match started, and I was on the defensive again. I couldn’t even get off a fireball, much less any Shaolin moves. Skarlet’s teeth suddenly bared, and she bit hard into Kang — vampire mode! I helplessly watched my power bar disappear until I lost.

Damnit! I had never been creamed so bad before. Who the fuck was that? I looked at the player’s handle to check if it was someone I’d played before.


There was something oddly familiar about it. Then my earpiece crackled.

“I could do this all day, loser,” a woman’s voice taunted.

My stomach curdled and I tasted bile in my throat. Big. Mac. Morris. Mackenzie!

“Too bad the game won’t let Kang cum all over her feet and lick it up like a good little foot bitch,” she said with a sadistic giggle.

My blood pressure went through the roof, and I went off.

“I fucking hate you!” I screamed at the top of my lungs.

Mackenzie chuckled then spoke again.

“You fucking love me, twerp,” she said haughtily. “Who else would give a pathetic little turd like you a handjob and a footjob? I bet that’s the bahis siteleri first titty you ever felt too. Shit, I bet you’re fucking hard right now. Am I right, bitch?”

I couldn’t think of anything to say. Probably because she was right on all counts. I looked down at the giant tent in my pants.

“That’s okay, I know you can’t help it,” she giggled, then her voice turned sultry. “So little Sidney, do you still have the red panties I left hanging on that skinny little flagpole of yours?”

For a moment, I resolved to stay silent. Then I realized she may be asking for her property back, and I felt like I had to answer.

“Y-yes,” I said, stuttering unintentionally.

“Of course you do, perv,” she taunted. “Tell you what. I’m gonna give you an opportunity to get out of the mess you made for yourself when you spied on me fucking your roommate and ruined my panties.”

She paused and I felt a lump grow in my throat.

“You can pick any Mortal Kombat fighter for yourself and any fighter for me. We’ll play one best-of-three match. If you win, I’ll stop bullying you — no more nasty teasing…but also no more mind-blowing orgasms.”

My cock twitched. The orgasms were amazing…but I knew more than anything I wanted her out of my life.

“Hell ye-,” I started to respond, but she cut me off.

“Hold on, pipsqueak,” she snapped. “You’re pretty confident for a guy who just got his ass kicked — and who still hasn’t heard the consequences of losing.”

My lips pursed in frustration.

“Okay, tell me.”

“If you lose, you agree to wear my underwear nonstop for the next week,” she explained. “You can only take it off to shower and use the bathroom. And you can’t wash it, now or ever. Even if it’s still a sticky mess from last night. Betcha never heard Greg moan like that before.”

I squirmed in my chair as I recalled Greg’s deep moans overlaid with Mackenzie’s teasing giggles last night. I had blown my second load right then.

“So what do you say, squirt? Are we on?”

My thoughts snapped back to the challenge at hand. I resolved that she had gotten lucky in the first match, that I hadn’t been expecting a player of her caliber and let my guard down. Besides, I had a few tricks up my sleeve. My eyes narrowed and I spoke confidently:

“You’re on, Mac. You’re going down.”

“You can only wish I’d go down on you, pencil-dick,” she laughed with derision, then added, “Before we start, you need to go get the panties and prove to me you still have them.”

I sighed, realizing that she again had the upper hand as she teased me with the reward of getting out from under her thumb. I took off my headset and ran to my bedroom. Her lace underwear was a balled-up slimy mess on the floor. I picked it up with two fingers, carried it back and sat down.

“Okay, I’m back.”

“What brand are they?” she challenged.

I unfolded and turned them around until I could see a small tag.

“La Perla,” I responded.

“Did you know those are really expensive, you little wanker?”

“N-no,” I responded, genuinely surprised by the fact.

“I could have legitimately kept your money yesterday as reimbursement — and it still wouldn’t have covered the cost.”

“S-sorry?” I said, half in apology, half as a question, unsure if she was asking me to pay her back for ruining her underwear.

“No, I don’t want your money, loser,” she laughed scornfully. “I can easily afford ten more pairs with all the payments I get from my Twitch channel. In fact, we had over 500 livestream viewers for our last match. My minions of gaming dorks fucking loved watching me kick your ass. I hope you don’t mind that even more will be tuning in for the rematch…”

“You fucking bitch!” I screamed, suddenly realizing the depth of my shame.

“You should check out my channel some time, you might learn something,” she sassed, then continued tauntingly. “Hmm…would you like to reconsider our wager? I mean, I know how much you like public humiliation. But maybe you underestimated how good of a gamer I really am. Or perhaps all those nerdlings just tune in to watch me play games in tight t-shirts and sports bras — I can’t deny that might be part of the appeal. You should see the thin little baby tee I’m wearing right now. You could practically suck my nips right through it.”

My whole body shivered at her lurid imagery. I could feel my disadvantage growing as she flaunted her gaming abilities and teased me into a sexual frenzy. And now our competition would be public! I was a Twitch user myself and the most people I had ever had livestream me was three. 500? She was practically a celebrity!

But I had a chance to get her out of my life for good. And I knew I could beat anybody if I really tried. I resolved to not let her mess with my head. I quickly ran through the characters in my head, ranking from strongest to weakest. I felt my anger and confidence rise.

“I’ll be Sub-Zero. You’ll be Cetrion. Bring it on you hussy,” I growled.

Mac burst out laughing.

“Hussy? Did you grow canlı bahis siteleri up in the 1950’s or something?” Mac spoke incredulously. “Just for that I’m adding a new condition. You have to put the panties on for our match. It’ll be a preview of the next week. Oh, and leave your pants off.”

“Fuck you, Mac!”

“I’m going to FaceTime your phone in 30 seconds. If the panties aren’t on, our deal is off,” she said menacingly, then her tone lightened, “And you know what? I’ll make it even easier for you to debase yourself. Once I see the panties, I’ll show you how spectacular my titties look in this t-shirt.”

I sat dumbfounded. Was it worth this shame just to stop her bullying? And would she even honor the bet if I beat her? I thought of how she showed me her tits and let me feel them in exchange for accepting her tasks the night before. Strangely, she had always honored what she promised, even if it was laden with manipulation. And God I would love to see her hard nipples right now…

“20 seconds,” Mac spoke sharply.

With a groan, I jumped to my feet, dropped my drawers, then quickly slipped on the sticky underwear. I could feel the wetness of my semen sliding up my thigh. At the top, I had to push my stiffy to the side and let it hang out. The damp crotch of the panties cupped around my balls, while the thong slipped up my ass crack. My dick throbbed at the odd sensations.

A ringtone suddenly chimed, and I picked up my phone. I squeezed my eyelids shut and exhaled a quick breath. I felt like I could puke. I opened my eyes and accepted the call.

“Okay, let’s see it,” Mac said, her voice echoing with excruciating feedback across the phone and gaming headset.

I looked briefly at her face and noticed it was paler than usual, contrasting starkly with her dark red lipstick. She had a small black heart painted under one eye and her blonde hair was tied up in sassy pigtails, with one lock dangling in her face. There was something strangely familiar about the look.

“I’m five seconds from losing my patience,” she threatened, the loud reverberations causing me to cringe.

I quickly tipped the phone down to my crotch and laughter upon laughter filled my ears. I reacted to the noise with a loud aaah, causing another round of torturous ringing.

“A deal’s a deal,” I heard her say among the cacophony, and I quickly lifted the phone back to my face.

Her luscious breasts filled the screen, complete with hard, pointy nipples sticking through a tight crop top emblazoned with the words Daddy’s Lil Monster.

Harley Quinn! She fucking dressed up as the world’s hottest and nastiest comic book villain. I’d never told anyone, but she was my ultimate fantasy. How could Mac possibly have known? I let out a loud whimper into the microphone.

Mac’s hand reached up and her finger tweaked a nipple through the thin fabric. My cock almost spurted. The video call suddenly ended.

“My nerd followers always get off on Harley,” Mackenzie giggled into my earpiece, “I fucking love cosplay. Maybe some time I’ll slap you around wearing my Wonder Woman costume. In those boots I’d be like a foot and half taller than your stumpy little ass. How would you like it if I told you to fuck my ankles…standing up? Ha! Of course, that assumes you lose our match today. Which you will.”

Oh my god!

All I could think of was my tiny body in red panties pressed up against a giant blonde Wonder Woman. Grabbing onto her massive ass and plowing my dick between her muscular calves. Without thinking I grabbed hold of my cock and started pumping. My breaths came in short spurts.

“Nuh-uh-uh, I can hear you,” Mackenzie tutted. “Get your grimy little hand off it now! No cumming or our game is off. When you lose, maybe I’ll let you yank it to Harley Quinn.”

I reluctantly pulled my hand off with a whimper.

“Good boy,” Mac clucked. “I’m starting back up the livestream in ten seconds and launching the match. This is your last chance to pull out of our bet. Of course, if you do, you won’t even get the benefits of losing.”

My head was an absolute mess. I was in that space again where I felt like I had zero control. Like I would do anything Mac told me. It was all so humiliating. And so hot.

I sat back down in my gaming chair wearing only a t-shirt and her red lace panties. I selected Sub-Zero and accepted Mac’s challenge. The match intro began on my screen.

“Welcome back, folks!” Mackenzie spoke in an emcee voice. “All…let’s see…823 of you. Wow, a new record for me! Yay! So…our little foot bitch decided to return for one more round of punishment. To respect Twitch terms of service, I can’t share his real name, but I can tell you he’s an actual friend of a friend. And he has a huuuge crush on me. We’ll call him Squirt, because he’s a tiny little dork. And because that’s what he does when he thinks about my feet. Hehe.”

My anger welled from deep inside. I wanted to say something nasty back, but I didn’t want anyone to hear my voice. And she probably had me muted anyway.

“Game canlı bahis on!” she cried.

I gave her Cetrion because I knew the Elder Goddess had the fewest cool moves. And that Sub-Zero was totally stacked. I came out aggressive from the start with a Frost Hammer to stun her followed by a Cold Shoulder charge. I was about to throw an Ice Axe when she came back throwing a barrage of boulders.

“You guys want to hear something crazy awesome?” Mackenzie interjected as we played. “In tribute to me, Squirt is wearing a set of my red lace La Perla panties while he plays. Although I bet he would much prefer a pair of my dirty socks, if you catch my drift.”

Mac’s character suddenly flew off the ground and unleashed a beam of fire. I tried to counter with a Barrier of Frost, but her teasing distracted me, and I was too late. My power fell quickly and before I could do anything she sent her tendrils into the earth and they came up wrapped around my legs. Within seconds my skull was crushed on the ground and it was over.

“Boo-yah!” Mac gloated. “Big mistake giving me Cetrion. She’s a beast if you know her moves.”

I slammed my controller down in frustration. I was so sure I would have had her if she didn’t mention her dirty socks. I briefly thought of her feet in my hands the night before. Damnit, focus!

“You guys think that was too mean?” Mac said to her fans. “Tell you what, I’ll stay silent for Round 2. It still won’t be a fair fight, but at least he’ll think it is. Game on!”

I came out swinging again, determined to get the bitch out of my life. Right away, she was on the defensive as I threw Frost Bombs and used Creeping Ice to damage her feet. She wasn’t even blocking any of my attacks. With a deft move, I managed to disappear and reappear behind her, ready to finish her off with my Kori Blade!

But she suddenly turned and launched an uppercut palm strike, brutally ripping my head and spine clean off my body with the Klassic kill move. Fuck! That’s why she wasn’t blocking.

My character fell dead to the ground. And with that, the match was over.

“Sorry, loser,” Mac said with a mocking laugh. “To put it bluntly, if we played a hundred matches, I would almost certainly win all hundred. You’re that pathetic.”

She giggled again, then her tone turned more official.

“And to all my adorkable fans out there, tune in this Friday morning when I dust off my Lara Croft costume for a retro Tomb Raider extravaganza. Until then, think of me often. Mwah!”

The audio clicked off.

“Aaaaaaarrrrrgh!” I let out a blood-curdling cry.

It’s like she had me at every turn. And now I had to wear her panties for a week!? I sat in my chair boiling with frustration.

My ringtone chimed. FaceTime from Mac. I almost threw my phone across the room. Then I remembered her offer and, with a flurry of mixed emotions, clicked the green button. Her sexy face filled the screen.

“You wanna squirt, Squirt?” Mackenzie asked with a wry smile.

I glared back into the camera with my lips pursed. I was so worked up with anger, I couldn’t even talk.

“Oh, come on. You have no reason to be mad at me. You accepted the bet full well knowing the consequences — and you lost fair and square,” Mackenzie reasoned in an earnest voice.

She pushed the camera away until her whole torso came into view.

“And now I’m offering you an opportunity my legions of horny Twitch fans could only dream of. You know how much money I would make selling custom videos? Unfortunately, with NCAA NIL rules that would get me kicked off the basketball team. But if you ask nicely, I might just do something special for my number one fan…”

As she said it, she grabbed her breast and tweaked her nipple through the thin t-shirt. Her head tipped back, and she inhaled a sharp breath. Then she looked back at the camera and flashed me her middle finger and stuck out her tongue.

“What do you say, Squirt? Don’t you want Harley Quinn to fuck with you?”

She suddenly sat further back, and I realized her phone was on a stand. She was sitting on the floor in black fishnet stockings with no shoes on. Her legs raised up and she pointed her delicious toes at the camera. I sucked in an uneven breath.

I watched in rapture as she slowly spread her long legs, revealing tight blue and red boy shorts, just like Margot Robbie’s character in the movie. Except Mac was even hotter. Her middle finger moved down to her crotch and teased around. I was helpless.

“I want Harley Quinn to fuck with me,” I blurted out.

“Tell Harley you’re her number one fan,” she ordered.

“I’m your number one fan, Harley,” I responded automatically.

“Ask her to let you squirt,” she said breathily.

“Can I please squirt for you, Harley?” I pleaded with desperate urgency.

“You’ll find my dirty running socks inside the closet by the front door. Go get ’em.”

I jumped up excitedly from the chair and my head suddenly twisted back, causing Mac to giggle. I had forgotten to take off my gaming headset! I quickly flung it down and ran to open the closet. To my delight, the black socks she had worn the evening before lay strewn on the floor. They appeared to have dried overnight. I snatched them up and ran back to the chair.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32