Spring in Georgia

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They decide to meet at the trail head in part to hike and get some fresh air, but more to be together in a hot and sweaty environment where there would be hands grasped to help up a steep grade or a little nudge on a lower back around a pass.

He is glad to see her and she is glad for the company and was growing to particularly enjoy his.

There was little talking at first as when you ascend pigeon hill counter clockwise the most intense and steepest climb is right out of the gate. She huffs and puffs and stops hands on her hips but as he is in better shape he manages the incline easily. Once they get to a more level terrain they chat with ease, the eye contact welcome and the smiles genuine.

They’d not seen any other hikers yet though the path hadn’t stretched on much by this point so he sees his chance to pull her into him for a deep kiss and a tender hello. She responds and reacts to the kiss with her arms draping around his neck and her pelvis arching toward him. He resumes the kiss after the pleasantries and the delicious serotonin gets them both moving again.

They walk for a while hand in hand up and down the peaks and dips and over roots and rocks. She stumbles a bit but he keeps his hold on her and she’s grateful for the stabilizing presence.

She doesn’t know it but he’s been looking around for somewhere to veer off the path; a place with some privacy and cover. She’s not looking anywhere but down at her feet to avoid overlooking perilous obstacles and at him.

She can’t stop herself from looking at him. The sweat darkened areas of his t-shirt remind her of that night when the beads on his forehead were wiped away by her hands as he nestled his head between her legs until she came more times than she could count.

His exertion sounds are not quite as arousing as they were that night, but a pleasant addition to the soundtrack of birds and weather in the yalova escort elevation. When he catches her eye he smiles and those smiles are worth every step her fit bit registers.

She asks to stop for a moment and have some water and they do; using her towel to wipe away the sweat, he’s enjoying the show. Her breasts jiggle along with the wiping movement, her neck is bending in alluring ways and her eyes are closed and her lips parted.

It’s not ecstasy but it’s close enough to make him twitch in his shorts. The way she looks when she is warmed up and feeling good is such a temptation to him. Standing close, they make some small talk about their day and challenged breathy phrases settle to normal speech so they start moving again. He walks a few paces behind eyes on the shape before him. Her hips are swaying with every upward step and her ass is ever so tightly contained by her athletic shorts. Fuck, he thinks shielding his eyes from the overhead sun seeking that cover with an increasing need.

Entering a well traveled area with boulders and rocky walls and paths that explorers more than hikers tend to travail he takes her hand and starts winding his way around, down and behind. She follows him both wondering and knowing where they’re headed.

Turning to look behind he can’t make out anything he saw ahead as they entered the area above, then he catches her eye and facing toward her pulls on her arm and she moves like a yo-yo on a string at his tug landing with a thud into his trunk.

Her inhale on impact is sharp and he’s not going to let it dull for a moment as he presses her to him, one hand gripping her by the hip the other pulling her mouth to his by his fingers entwining in her hair and resting forcefully on the back of her neck. After a needy and heart racing period of kissing comes,

“Your ass looks fantastic in those shorts but they’ll look even better on the ground yalova escort bayan along with your panties.” He muses as he lays a thick flannel sleeping bag over a flattish table sized rock.

She isn’t one to disregard a blatant request disguised as a compliment so when he looks up he finds her bare from the waist down in every way. “Now lie down and spread your legs for me”.

Serving herself up like a meal on a platter isn’t something she was used to but she knows he will leave her feeling like a beautifully used then squeezed out sponge: pliant and ready to take on whatever lay ahead.

She lets herself be taken by his nimble probing hands and his whimper inducing mouth. The moans that start to emanate from her throat are matched by the moans he’s vibrating into her pussy and every pass of his tongue across her clit is joined by a finger or two reaching deeper than the last inside of her.

His other hand moves deftly up to her throat and after an encircled squeeze or two it rests instead over her mouth dampening her fervered location revealing noises.

He can’t make out her words when she tries to tell him she’s going to cum but the orgasm tears through her body in obvious ways the most of which is a rush of heat and wetness that makes him unable to deny his own need any longer.

He takes out his rock hard cock and sheaths it before placing his hands on the blanket covered rock on either side of her head. Her legs are still open to him and he purposefully slides his cock head up and down her opening before descending into the slick and swollen vessel his hard work and dedication readied for entry. “I’ve been thinking about taking you like this all week,” he asserts.

She is engrossed in the magnificent feeling of his body pressed on top of hers and how it feels the second she finally has him inside of her: simultaneously exactly as she hoped while also surprising escort yalova enough to make a gasp explode from her.

He is as attentive and passionate with his thrusting as he has been with his fingers and tongue and she’s never felt more alive or present.

Her hands are exploring his shoulders and arms, the back of his head and his muscular back. She loves touching his body and the tactile sensation of exploring his soft and hard parts. His mouth is forever finding and overwhelming hers with the kisses she craves when they’re apart. She daydreams about these kisses when they’re gone and now that she has them she’s desperate for more.

She’s pulling him in for moan covering kisses and breaking away, eyes rolling backward from his pounding his energy into her, every second passes more slowly, more intensely.

Any moment they could be heard, seen or come upon by other hikers and the possibility is electrifying the moment to a height that’s beyond what either had ever felt before. He can feel his balls tightening and he knows he’s going to cum so he grabs her face in his hands and orders her, “I want you to cum with me. Cum with me. Look at me and cum for me.” He’s moved his hands into her hair and both grasp fistfuls as the pleasure starts to mount.

His words are all she needs to step to the edge of the cliff, while the hands in her hair coupled with the thrusts that are coming faster and harder push her over the edge and she bucks and shakes uncontrollably.

The waves of her orgasm take him over and under into the throws of shared euphoria, and the last buzzing aftershocks leave their sweat addled bodies co-mingled in a spent mass of satisfaction.

Once breaths are caught and clothing righted they climb back to the marked path to no one the wiser. As they walk, he thinks that spending the day in nature was good for him in deeper places than the soul while she smiles more than she has in years. Hand in hand they traverse the duration of the trail until they part with a kiss in the parking lot. This kiss is a promise that the time they get to spend together is without question always worth making.

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