Spilt Milk

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18-year-old Daryl drove home from school thinking about his step-moms sudden mood swings. Since giving birth to his little brother nearly 5 months ago, walking through the door after school was always a source of surprise – sometimes good, sometimes bad.

“Your step-mom’s hormones haven’t settled down after the birth, so just deal with it as best you can,” was the only advice his father had been able to give him. Daryl started feeling despondent as he drove, – “why can’t the prick get a job locally so HE can look after her every day – she’s not even my real mom.”

But Lisa’s mood swings had not all been bad. Sometimes she had become light headed and disconnected – wandering around the house partially naked. He had seen her swollen tits many times, both when she nursed the baby and sometimes while dressing – and on one memorable occasion he had watched her remove her panties to place them directly into the washing basket. Lisa walked right by him, naked from the waist down – without saying a word. The sight of her partially shaven pussy left him speechless and his cock hard. He had immediately gone to the bathroom and jacked off.

“I’m home.”

Daryl walked through the house wondering where she was. He heard small sobs coming from her bedroom and gently opened the door, wondering what had happened.

Lisa was propped up against the headboard, a large pillow giving support. Her blouse and bra lay neatly on the bed and her breasts, heavy with milk, were on full escort buca display for Daryl. Her small dark nipples jutted out, and he could see that she had been nursing the baby. Her breasts swayed gently from side to side as she continued to sob.

“Lisa, what’s wrong?”

His step-mom tried to calm herself and replied “Daryl honey – I’ve fed Robin but my breasts are still full of milk – they hurt so much, and I’m leaking everywhere.” She burst out crying again and Daryl sat down beside her to give her a reassuring hug. When she sat up again, sniffling, Daryl looked down and realized that tiny streams of milk had leaked from her nipples and dripped onto his shirt and jeans. It was the most erotic thing he had ever seen and his cock suddenly expanded causing a bulge in his jeans. With his legs over the side of the bed, he realized with some relief that she would not be able to see.

“Why can’t you use the breast pump?”

“It broke earlier today and the hospital won’t lend me another until our insurance company completes the paperwork.”

Her voice caught again and she covered her face with her hands while crying.

Daryl had long hidden a secret desire to touch his step-moms tits, and now an idea formed which would not only allow him to touch them but also to suckle her nipples into his mouth like his new baby brother.

“Lisa, I know this is kinda embarrassing – but if you want – I’ll help empty your breasts.”

A moment buca escort bayan passed until suddenly Lisa realized what he meant. Daryl watched a look of concern pass across her face and then she smiled happily.

“Daryl, yes please – they hurt so much. Do it now”

Daryl was surprised by her immediate agreement – he had expected some degree of shock or resistance but now she was positively glowing.

Supporting her left breast from underneath, Lisa proffered the leaking nipple to Daryl. He leaned across her legs, and while supporting himself on the far side with his elbow, he faced her breast and slowly pursed his lips around the erect nipple. Sucking gently he was rewarded with a stream of breast milk flowing into his mouth, which he quickly swallowed.

Daryl suckled her breast for a few minutes, and then could not stop himself from moving the tip of his tongue around the circumference of Lisa’s nipple. To his surprise it seemed as if the milk was radiating from her nipple rather than coming from one point. He removed his mouth and saw that this was indeed the case – milk was flowing from Lisa’s nipple in at least three different directions before slipping over the curve of her breast and gathering on her belly.

“Please honey, don’t stop now.” Lisa’s voice was quite ragged and her breathing was becoming labored. Daryl realized that Lisa was also getting intensely turned on by this and he resumed sucking her breast with increased buca escort vigor.

Suddenly the flow of milk began to fade. Sensing this Lisa urged him to change to her other breast.

“Do my other breast Daryl, OK? Suck it dry baby.”

Releasing her nipple from his lips, Daryl swapped to the other breast and continued suckling the swollen breast until it too, was dry.

The air was charged with expectation and as Daryl looked up into Lisa’s eyes, he knew that they weren’t finished yet.

Lisa grabbed for his buckle while he tore off her jeans and panties in one motion. She quickly spread her legs and Daryl could see the swollen lips of her cunt glistening with juice and inviting him in. Quickly trawling his middle finger though the outer lips of her vagina he could feel the heat and wetness inside her and smell her musky perfume.

Lisa grabbed his cock and pulled him towards her.

“Fuck me Daryl – do it now, fuck that cock into me” With one hard stroke he rammed his cock hard into her jamming their pubic bones together.

“Fuck me, fuck me, FUCK ME – HARDER, DEEPER”

Daryl worked his cock in and out of her as fast as he could, and after only twenty seconds he expoded inside her. Lisa’s orgasm crashed into her in waves during the rapid fucking she received from her step-son, and as each wave hit her, small streams of milk erupted from her nipples, running down her body onto the bed.

Suddenly Lisa pushed him off. Desperately trying to cover herself, she screamed.

“What are you doing – Get out of here, get out NOW you little fuck.”

Daryl grabbed his clothes and ran for the door, realizing that once again the hormone roller coaster was under way. He wondered when he’d get to ride it next…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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