Son’s Lust Over Mom’s Boots

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I have been divorced now for almost 2 years. My husband and I were high school sweethearts, but like a lot of people we just grew apart. He recently re married, and for myself I have been concentrating on my kids and getting back into shape. I have dropped to a size 4 dress and my ass is almost as tight as when I was in college. As for my breast, well no complaints there; 36D and still firm for my age, a mature 42 year old sophisticated woman.

The boss called an early Friday, so I decided to go straight home and get supper ready for the family. When I got home I did not imagine what I would see next. I made my way upstairs to get undressed, and as I walked by my daughter’s room, I could hear a light moan. The door was slightly opened so I instinctly poked my head and what did I see, but my eldest son touching himself inappropriately. I know its normal for a boy his age, but he had a pair of his sisters black panties wrapped around his dick and in front of him was a pair of his sisters black stiletto boots. I have to admit my daughter does get her looks from me, but at 19 I found that she dressed a little too slutty.

But there was my son moaning n jerking his fat, and thick dick, probably thinking of fucking his little sister. I’m not going to lie to you I was actually turned on, not from him jerking off to his sisters clothing, but on how big his dick was; probably 8 inches like his dad was. I continued to watch as my eldest son beat his meat fiercely. I can tell he was ready to come by the way he was increasing the speed of his strokes. I was thinking to myself where was he going to shoot that hot load, and I could feel shivers down my spine, and truthfully I was getting a little wet down there. Just before I was going to say something he shot his load after load all over one of his sister’s boot. What a load it was.

I quickly made my downstairs and started supper, and shortly after Jake came downstairs.

“Hi mom, your home early.”

“The boss stranded teens porno called an early Friday. You seemed shocked to see me. Did i interrupt anything?” I said with a smirk.

“No, not really. I’m going to take a shower now.”

“Ok, supper will be ready in an hour.”

Its tradition on Friday for all of us to eat supper together, something we try to do ever since their father passed away. I could see Jake staring at his sister thinking incest thoughts, who could blame him though I mean she had quite the body and big tits just like her moms, and the skirt she was wearing at dinner leaved little to the imagination. I couldn’t help think of my son’s big dick, and I could see Jake trying to sneak a peek down his sister’s top. At this point I wasn’t upset as much as I was jealous. Why didn’t he think that I was sexy or why didn’t he jerk off to my panties. The more I thought about it the more I came up with an idea.

It was now Saturday evening and as usual, my co workers and I would get together for some wine before hitting the town. We called ourselves the 3 cougars when we hung out. I called them up and told them that tonight I wanted for us to meet at our place for pre drinks, but I asked them all to wear their sexiest boots and their tightest mini skirt. They all agreed and loved the idea.

Both Tracy and Becky showed up together. Jake was busy watching television, he had never even seen me all dressed up like this before. I felt a little slutty with my black stiletto boots with 3 inch heels, black pantyhose and a black leather mini skirt that I bought this afternoon for this occasion. I had a white blouse with spaghetti straps on and a black bra underneath. My tits were pushed together and I knew that this was going to turn any 18 year old hard as a rock; even if it was my son.

“Jake, honey can you get the door?”

I heard him get up from the couch and I watched him open the door. I would student sex parties porno have loved to see the expression on his face when both Tracy and Becky made their way in.

“Hi Jake”, they both said at the same time. Both my friends were attractive, but too be honest I was the hottest of them all, 38 D tits and a tight ass to boot. I was always the one who got hit on at the bars, and were offered free drinks. I waited a minute before I made my entrance.

“Girls don’t you look good,” I said.

“Wow”, said Tracy “look at you”. I could see my son staring at me. First he glanced at my tits then he looked straight at my boots. I seductively made my way over and sat down on the couch. I purposely walked by Jake knowing full well he would be staring at my ass. I wonder if this will get him turned on.

“Jake can you grab us the bottle of wine in the fridge for me please.”

“Sure mom.”

Now was my opportunity to see if I had gotten my son rock hard, and to no surprise I could see his boner behind those tight jeans of his. Although he tried to hide it, his cock was too big not to notice. Jake went to his room while the 3 of us polished the wine and headed out for the night. I was now feeling naughty and I liked it.

When I got home later on that night, I could only think about turning my son on and that big cock of his. I just had to see it and I knew it was wrong, but I made my way to his room. There he was totally naked with the exception of his boxers. The covers were off so this was perfect. I made my way still wearing the boots and the sweet scent of desperation and wine. I leaned over and kissed Jake on his forehead. This caused him to wake up, and I could tell he was shocked to see me.

“Mom what are you doing here.”

“I wanted to make sure that you were home and ok, besides I didn’t feel all that well and I wanted to ask if you had any aspirin.”

“Sure mom, top submissive cuckolds porno shelf.”

I turned his night light on so that he could see me walk over to get the pills. I had my back to him for what seemed like an eternity. I really wanted him to take a good look at his mom and how sexy she looked.

“Thanks son.”

When I turned my back I could not help notice how hard he was, even though he pulled the covers over himself I could still see his now huge bulge.

“Well goodnight son.”

“Goodnight mom. “

I went to kiss him one last time, but this time I purposely fell and my hand landed on his cock.


“Sorry Jake, mom had a bit too much to drink and besides it’s not like I haven’t seen it before.”

“Mom.” Jake said angrily. I could tell he was a bit annoyed.

“I must have woken you up from a nice dream.” As I said this I gave him a very naughty look and brushed up against his cock again.

“No mom, I wasn’t dreaming I just actually now got a hard on. I can’t take it anymore. Jennifer walks around the house wearing those slutty boots and skimpy outfits and now you.”

“Are you telling me that your turned on my your mom?”

“Cut the shit, you Tracey and Becky all slutty up tonight, of course I am. I have had blue balls all night.”

“Then why didn’t you just relieve yourself like you did yesterday? ” I said quite angry. “I saw you with your sister’s panty wrapped around that big cock of yours and you shooting your load all over her boots. You should be ashamed of yourself.”

“Me, how about you? You must have been there long enough to have enjoyed what you saw. Get out of my room!”

I didn’t know what to say he was right. I made my way out of his room knowing what I did was wrong. I headed downstairs and poured myself a glass. Maybe it was the wine but I was so horny thinking of my son and how I made him hard that I started to rub my black panties and soon I was wet and needed to satisfy myself. I pushed my panties aside and started to finger myself thinking about my son bending me over and sliding that big cock of his deep inside his slutty mother. Soon my finger was dripping of my wetness and my panties soaked. I was so caught up in the moment that I hadn’t heard someone standing next to me.

Mom, can I give you a hand?

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