Some reason

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Some reason…

The clear sky was an excellent sign for our trip to Goa. My aunt was so excited about the whole vacation trip we were planning.

I am now in Hyderabad, working for a resort management group as their marketing manager. My aunt is a young widow. Her husband, my fathers’ brother died in an accident five years back. Fortunately or unfortunately they had no children. Almost my entire growing up years in college was with them in Bangalore. After uncles’ death, auntie stayed with me in my flat in Hyderabad. She had no other relatives, as she was an orphan. She had a very exciting and happy life with my uncle. He was very loving and open minded. Apart from my father none of our relatives supported his decision to marry this lovely young orphan. She is a great person and lovable one in every way. She had a good figure that most men would love to have. She can’t be called a beauty queen, but she is a very lovely woman.

With my support and encouragement she came out of the solitude she had been treating herself to. She has now taken up a job with an accounting firm last year. Recently, she has become almost the fun loving person I used know when my uncle was alive. It was her plan to go to Goa. In the last five years, she never has showed any keen interest in going out and having fun. Actually, this suggestion was a real surprise to me.

On the day of our trip, she wore short top and matching jeans pant for the journey. The pleasant sight of her in those dresses gave me an instant hard-on. The lustful thoughts about my aunt, which I had been hiding from her for the last four years, came to me in a flash. The moment that changed me and my feelings for her is one of my dearest moments of life. I had walked in on my aunt while she was pleasuring herself. She saw me staring at her lovely body and gave me a sly smile as she covered herself with her bed sheets. Nothing was talked about it till now.

I was sad and happy in way for this incident. Sad, as she had to go without a man’s companionship for these many years. Happy, that I might be able to fulfill my lustful fantasy.

I was hoping beyond hope that something would turn out in my favor during this one week long vacation in Goa. She beamed with joy the entire length of the journey, talking extensively on what we two should do during the vacation. fake agents porno I had booked a double bed suite on her suggestion. I was happily looking forward to such an arrangement with her. Never in this five years, I have had a chance to see this much enthusiasm and life in her.

I am a bachelor, but had known many a women in my life, starting at the age of 20. My induction to sex was the sweet present of my uncle’s family doctor, Rachel auntie. She had seduced me into that beautiful experience called women. That’s entirely another story. Let me come back to the current times.

My aunt is a precious jewel compared to most other women I had come to know in my life. I got immersed in my plans to seduce my young aunt, as we were nearing the resort. The resort was a beautiful one with a pristine blue sea in the backdrop.

My aunt liked the place very much. Her face beamed with happiness on seeing the resort and its surroundings. She thanked me for bringing her here. Inside our suite, which was stylish in all aspects, she asked me to call her by her name. She said, “Amit, you can call me by my name when we are alone together. I would love to hear you call me by my name.” I was only happy to do so.

I took this as her permission for me to get more close to her. But I was puzzled as she had not been so free with me earlier, though she loved and cared for me much.

“Archana lets go swim in the private pool” I said and she agreed happily and went to the bathroom to change. She came back in a pretty blue swim wear. My mouth just went wide open at the beautiful picture of her. “You are something. I think no one will be able to take eyes off you,” I added.

“What about you? Will you be!” her reply surprised and confused me much. She was all I wanted at that moment.

She just looked at me and said, “Amit, you are looking at me like, I am some sexy gal that you want to have all your life to yourself”.

I was really stunned at her remark. “I am sorry Archana, I couldn’t control myself viewing this beautiful picture of a sexy, lovely woman in front of me”, I confessed. She went to the private pool with a naughty smile on her face, which would make even the beautiful moon jealous.

We enjoyed ourselves in the pool for the next two hours. Then we had a fake angets porno delicious dinner and went to sleep. I usually sleep only in my boxers at home. But due to Archana sleeping with me I changed into shorts and t-shirt. When she came to sleep, she was just in a shirt with red panties under it, which was slightly visible. She had no bra on. I was having a huge hard on which wanted to pop out of my shorts. She saw my eager friend and asked me, “Hey I think I have got somebody interested in me here”.

Mustering enough courage and with a naughty smile I told her, “It’s your doing and you are the one to take care of him”.

To my utter surprise and happiness, she just slipped down my shorts; taking my hard dick out she started to stroke it gently. Then after few minutes of this she slipped in between my spread out legs still holding my hard dick in her soft hands and slowly sucked and licked on it. My pent up feelings for her came out suddenly taking me to the edge, and I came in her mouth very soon, which she drank entirely to my satisfaction. She then came and sat on my belly, her panty covered pussy kissing my bare body. She then bent over and kissed me deep on my lips with the eagerness of a sex goddess. The mixed flavor of her saliva and my juice gave me an interesting taste.

Smiling at me she said, “I had been waiting for this for the last six months.”

“I was also that this moment had come. I have been harboring sexual desires towards you since the day I saw you masturbate,” I confessed my feelings for her. I was surprised to see that she had no feeling of guilt in her lust for me.

“Take me Amit, make me yours!” she whispered.

“I am yours, dear” was the only thing I could say at that wonderful moment.

I took of her shirt and started sucking on her tits. She was a beautiful woman to have. I couldn’t believe my luck. Here I am making love to the woman of my fantasies, without even having to seduce her. She has come to me and gave me what I was planning to ask from her. She clearly loved each and every thing which I was doing to her. I then took her other breast in my hands and started to cuddle it.

After a while, she stood up took off her panties and placed her wet snatch in front of my face. I knew immediately what she wanted and brought fake cop porno her waist close to my face. I licked all over her love valley. I stayed there for some time kissing and chewing her pussy lips. It was a beautiful piece to view, a shaven triangle of love. I teased her lovely pussy with my tongue, her excitement was apparent from her soft moans. I then inserted my tongue all the way into her love hole. I drank all of her pussy juices with my tongue. It was turning out to be very erotic and exciting time with her.

Off went my boxers; my hard dick was now pushing on to her back as she lay back on me. Then I went back to work on her beautiful round breasts laying her on the bed. We passionately kissed, as our tongues reached for each other.

Turning around, she once more took my dick in her ever inviting mouth and started licking and sucking him to full mast. She did deep throat, which took me to higher skies of sexual satisfaction. I have never seen my dick so hard, big and eager. This is going to be the fuck of my life. I was sucking and licking over her ass and pussy all through this. Then, after few more minutes of intimate licking and sucking, she came on top of me and guided my dick into her wanting pussy.

“Oh, Amit you are so big and full in me, fuck me hard,” she was in pure bliss. I was loving every moment of our union. She was pounding on me like a wild woman and was milking me to the last drop. “Please cum in me and fill me Amit, please.” She begged.

She was the most passionate woman I have seen. I wanted no other women in my life other than Archana. Love and lust surrounded and immersed us in mystical moments. We were bonded for life in the most happy and satisfying experience.

“Archana I am going to cum…, here it comes…, love you…” was all I could mutter during my most satisfying orgasm of life. She too came with me all the way. Then collapsed on to me and slept for an hour. I was stroking her short pretty hair when she woke up. She kissed me full on my lips.

“Love you…” she whispered into my ears.

After a relaxing bath together, we recreated our love filled experience the second time during that night. We then slept blissfully till noon the next day. The vacation was really fun and we enjoyed every moment of it. She turned out to be a passionate lioness in bed. We lived our new found love and life together to the fullest. I never went for another woman after this and never got married. Archana became my unofficial wife and woman. We had sex almost always there after and we loved it. She also never had another man. Since then, we have become inseparable lovers.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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