Some Days

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(Again my deepest thanks to my editor Violetlittle. How she puts up with me I have yet to figure out.)

The summer can be blissful just as it can bring people to the brink. Since the day Tony came to know Leah, she had always been a woman that would race headlong into this wild thing we call life. Like all of us, Leah has a history. To this day and to his shame, Tony has never managed to delve that closely into hers. He loved her with all his heart and he knew with an undeniable certainty she loved him too.

Tony used to like the summer; the days would bring new life, warmth and happiness on everyone’s faces. Yes he used to like the summers, now he hated them. Hated what they did to his beloved Leah, the autumn, the winter even the spring were held in a welcome embrace for him. Because they staved off that time of torment that his own wife would put herself through.

Yet no man can stop the coming of the seasons and so came the summer again. With it almost riding the first summer rays came Leah’s demons, as the sun would spread it’s warmth across the land, the temperature rises as does the darkness that would now fill her.

There are days like today when Tony knew Leah just could not settle, sometimes he would see it in her eyes, her mannerisms, the way she subconsciously touched her skin. He had noticed it this morning, but thought it best that he do nothing about it. Sometimes she shakes off that feeling, yet today was a long day for her and with it being only midday Tony got a strong feeling she just couldn’t.

Even now looking into those beautiful brown eyes of hers he saw that far away look, the set look on her face almost sternness, the way she folds her arms around her. It was classic Leah in turmoil with herself and the frustrating part, Tony truly felt for her. On a very few occasions she had managed to shake this feeling of self torture off, but they both paid the price for her doing so, she would be quick to temper and irritable for days afterwards and nothing could take her from that dark place.

It would be the total opposite of the Leah he knew and loved with a passion, Leah walked an uneasy path with herself. Tony would call it a minefield. Keeping her inner demons at bay cost her dearly; he always thought that to give into them sometimes cost her even more. Tony walked up behind her and hugged her hoping against hope, that it would somehow ease the tensions inside of her; just for a second he felt her body tense before she molded herself into him. Tony nibbled her ear and could feel her heart pounding in her chest.

“Are you ok?” He asked.

She sighed and said, “I need a massage.”

With that she detached herself from him and walked to the bedroom pulling off her clothes as she went. By the time Tony had got to the bedroom Leah was bahis firmaları already naked and laying face up on the bed, her face was a mask. The fact she was laying face up told him what she wanted. Sadly she had been in this mood many times before and there was only one thing that would satisfy her. He stripped and sat astride her pubic bone, his semi hard penis jutting close to her navel, she didn’t seem to notice.

He poured massage oil on her chest and started to rub it into her skin, her skin seemed to tingle to his touch, goose bumps started to rise on her skin. He started to slowly massage the oil into her neck, then moving across her collarbones. His hands continued to travel over the top of her magnificent chest. The oil letting his hands run freely over her body, he run his hands under her breasts, her nipples fully erect now as Tony then run his hands over the tops of them. The oil making her skin shine, his oil soaked hands then moved down to her stomach, gently rubbing the oil deeper into her skin around her navel.

Tony moved further back onto her legs and run his hands along her waist to her hips, then her pubic bone. She tried to open her legs but with him on top that was not possible so he moved off of her and knelt beside her. Now free Leah moved her legs wider, the pinkness of her vaginal lips glistening with wetness, she was clearly aroused. He ran both hands down her thigh spreading his fingertips out, and then moved to the other. Her hands palms down clenched the bed sheet as she practically wrung the life out of them. Tony had felt deeply for her and on one occasion stopped.

That was a mistake he will never make again. The turmoil inside her bubbled up and her whole body wracked with sobs, this ritual if it can be called that, cannot be stopped once she has started it. Tony asked her once why she punishes herself so much; a darkness fell over her that day a depression so deep it took him days to prize it from her. Some day he will find out why, but until then all he can do is simply go along for the ride.

She moved her legs even further apart and he watched as his hands roamed her thighs, her vaginal lips parted wanting so much to be used, a trickle of come oozed from her. Clear liquid slowly moved between her now puffed lips and settled at the base of her slit, as he heard her gently moan she then turned over on the spot.

Now face down he again sat astride the back of one of her legs and started to pour oil onto her shoulders and down her back, rubbing it into her as he went. Tony watched as she moved a hand under herself and between her legs, her middle finger now buried deep in her pussy then two fingers. His hands were now at the small of her back as he heard the first groan of pleasure from her lips, his hands played with her ass, one cheek, kaçak iddaa then the other.

Almost instinctively Tony knew what was coming next so he moved off of her and as his body rose from hers she lifted her ass upwards, her fingers still deep in her pussy rubbing franticly, she was moaning now, deep in her own pleasure. With her legs now further apart he placed himself between them, his oiled hand moved between her cheeks and stopped at her ass. Her body unconsciously moved towards him as he entered her ass with a well-slicked finger, she let out a slow moan. He wasn’t sure if it was from what he was doing or what she was now frantically doing with three fingers now buried so deep inside her.

He pushed another finger into her ass and felt her move back onto them. His penis was now solid with arousal, as Tony pulled his fingers out of her and positioned himself better with the head of his raging hardness not even an inch away from her now well-lubricated ass. Gently the tip of his penis brushed against her, she involuntarily moved her ass closer, her fingers now rubbing her clit.

The head now touched her pink button; it was warm to the touch and wet from the massage oil, still slightly open from when his fingers had entered her. Suddenly Leah went rigid as a mini orgasm took her, the fingers buried deep inside her had stopped. Tony held her hips as the head of his penis now made firmer contact with her, her fingers moved out of her pussy and held onto his penis. The cum from her soaked pussy was now all over it, slowly and gently he pushed his solid penis against her ass. Her fingers making sure he didn’t go anywhere else.

The head of his penis was now halfway into her, as he gently pushed more himself into her she seemed to tense. Seconds later she pushed her body back onto him. The head of his penis had now disappeared inside her ass with a gentle sounding plop and she moved her fingers away ready to receive the rest of him. Leah moved her fingers back to her puffy slit, first three then four fingers entered her pussy as Tony slowly pushed in another inch then moved back. She hesitated for a second until she was sure he was going to move deeper into her.

She gasped as she felt his balls against her fingers and removed them to play with his balls for a few seconds, and then she went back to her pussy with a vengeance and again buried all four fingers into herself as he slowly fucked her ass. Gently at first, he started the rocking motion. Leah was growing impatient now.

“Fuck me harder,” she said a mixture and anger and frustration in her voice.

Tony withdrew about half way and gently entered her again slowly building up momentum, he could feel her fingers brush against his balls as she frantically attacked her clit again and forced her body backwards kaçak bahis onto him. Her ass tightened and he knew she was building up to another even bigger orgasm, his slippery fingers dug deeper into her hips as he tried to hold her up on her knees. Again he regained his rhythm and was fucking her harder now, her breathing became more erratic as she was plunged into another mini orgasm.

In her frustration she yelled, “Harder, fuck me harder.”

The whole scene of seeing Leah on all fours her head slanted to one side, her fingers as deep as she could get them into her abused pussy. Come oozing all over them, and he with his penis in her ass feeling her fingers with his balls every time he thrust deep into her was just to erotic for him now and he got caught up in the moment. Deeper and harder he rode her, her breathing becoming erratic, as her body had now built itself up to another more powerful and final orgasm.

Her skin glistening from both sweat and oil, his fingers were now finding it more and more difficult to hold her hips and also keep her upright. Suddenly she stopped masturbating herself and lifted using her arm to support herself as Tony was now slamming his penis as hard as he could into her ass. Her body now matched with the rhythm of his and matching the thrusts of his penis with her own body…

Lust had taken them both now, and as hard as Tony would force himself into her she would in turn use her arms to force herself back onto him between them they had built up a steady rhythm now. Another more powerful orgasm wracked her body and with that he slammed himself deep into her his cum now filling her ass. Both of them were now totally covered in sweat they where both heavily panting as they both paused and savored the moment, reluctantly his penis slowly slipped out of her.

They both collapsed onto the bed, Tony lay on his back and watched. He could predict what she would do next almost to the time she did it. Leah moved her whole body into his, her back was to him as though she was ashamed of herself for what she had done and didn’t want him to see it on her face, as her body calmed itself down, she would always pull his arm under her neck so he could hold her breast or simply touch her skin. Her breathing would soon become more normal, all that agitation now gone from her as he would put his other arm around her and just hold her, both of them content, just as they were comfortable.

He heard her say two words before a short sleep took her from him, “thank you.”

Tony knew one day he will get to the bottom of what causes Leah to behave this way, it’s just the perilous path he must walk to do so, her demons hover over her protecting that secret from him, to push too far or make her feel he was prying, will simply plunge her into that dark place she has for days. Its two things that keep him on this path, the love he has for this woman and the hope he has that one day he will free her from her demons, he planned for the day when he could truly say, happily ever after.

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