Some Day Soon

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Erin was used to being alone in the big house. Her mother had died when she was 13 and her father was usually busy with the ranch and her two older brothers. She had become the women of the house at that time and over the years she had learned that the ranch required a lot of work and when her father and brothers weren’t around those responsibilities where hers. She assigned work to the foreman who found out quickly that just because she was young it did not make her incapable.

She had turned 18 a month ago and outside of a nice dinner and a cake she had not really celebrated her newly acquired status as an adult. Hell she was still a virgin and that made her mad when she thought about it. All the girls around her had managed to be relieved of their virginity but her. Her older brothers had scared off any real prospects and time away from the ranch had been rare. She yearned to be a real woman and she decided that her brothers were not going to stand in her way any longer.

She went to the barn bridled a horse, mounted up, and rode off. She loved riding bare back. Feeling the muscles of the horse as it ran always made her feel warm all over. She had a backpack on and was headed to the pond set back about a mile or two from the house. It was a secluded place she had found years before that was her haven. She got off the horse and tied him to the tree near the pond. She stripped down and turned to dive in. She was not real tall, but was very shapely and muscular, skin bronzed from the days spent working outside. Her waist was tiny which made her hips look full and her breasts larger than bahis firmaları they were. She liked swimming naked in the pond and then just laying on the side looking up at the sky.

She fantasized often about what her fist time would be like and today was no exception. She closed her eyes and ran her hands over her body feeling her nipples harden and then began rubbing her clit as it grew engorged as her thoughts wondered. She enjoyed playing with herself. It was something she had grown used to. She was so deep in her own world she never noticed the ranch hand walk up. He was new to the ranch. She finally came and when she opened her eyes and upon seeing him she was furious. “How long have you been standing there spying on me?” she yelled as she grabbed her shirt to cover herself.

He was not much taller than she was. He filled out his jeans nicely and his shirt was unbuttoned revealing a softly muscled chest. He dropped his head and told her he had just walked up, but she knew he was lying by the outline in his pants. He apologized and turned to walk away. She yelled after him, “Where do you think your going? Do you know who I am?” He stopped but didn’t turn around. “Yes, I know who you are and I was headed back to work since I can’t seem to get the swim I was looking for.” She stood up “ Why can’t you get the swim?” Realizing that just maybe he was her chance.

Her father would fire him if her brothers didn’t kill him first, if they knew what she was thinking. But he was handsome and she still remembered opening her eyes and staring right into the most beautiful gold eyes she kaçak iddaa had ever seem. And the dark hair had been short and tossed from his hat. “You can swim if you like.” He smiled but still didn’t turn around. ”Is that an invitation “he asked. She could feel herself getting warmer at the thought that she might lose her virginity at her haven. She smiled and softly said yes.

He took his shirt off as he turned around. She stepped back slowly toward the water. When she felt it hit her feet she threw her shirt to the side and dove in. It didn’t take him long to get out of his boots and jeans and join her, he wasn’t wearing underwear and that got her wet just thinking of the denim against his skin. They talked and swam together for a while until he said he had to go and get back to work. She looked at him saying ” No you don’t, you can stay with me.” He looked at her, still not having figured her out. “ I just started working here a week ago and I can’t afford to lose this job.” She watched him swim for the shore. “As I see it you work for me and I said you can stay.” She was almost to him by then and stepped out standing only a foot or two away from him. He knew he was in trouble when he realized he wanted to stay and that he wanted to find out just how far she was willing to take this.

It had been along time since he had seen such a beautiful young women. He could smell her scent filling the air and felt his own desire rising within him. She touched his shoulder tentatively, “Please don’t go.” He turned around and grabbed her up in his arms and kissed her so fast she lost her breath. kaçak bahis He ran his hands over her body and softly forced her to the ground. She felt the softness of the grass underneath her and the weight of him on her. He kissed her insistently as he moved down her body. Sucking and licking her nipples. Stopping and breathing deeply taking in her scent before he buried his face between her legs. The touch of his tongue on her clit sent waves of sensation through her body. She arched her back and grabbed his head pulling him deeper into her. His tongue moved all around her clit and inside her. When she felt herself ready to cum she grabbed his head up and looked into his eyes.

They were wild with passion and he moved up her quickly kissing her and moving the head of his cock up the lips of her, spreading her, opening her. He was bigger than she had expected and when he pushed hard entering her with one stroke, she dug her nails into his shoulders and bit her lip trying not to scream. He looked at her realizing she was just too tight. He could see the tears welling up in her eyes and closed his own understanding that he was her first. “Please don’t stop, I want this.” She said. “Why didn’t you say something. ” He replied. He lay there allowing her to get used to the feel of him inside her. She relaxed. He moved slowly not wanting to hurt her anymore.

After awhile she moved her hips with his and as passion began to overtake him and he felt her bucking under him. She was so tight he didn’t know how long he could take this. She was going wild under him and he was enjoying every moment. When she came he allowed his own release showering the inside of her with his essence. He kissed her and looked deep into her eyes. She was happy, happy with him and with herself. She was a woman now in every sense of the word.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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