Snowfall by a Fire Ch. 01

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The knocking seemed a bit hurried, almost incessant. I got up from the sofa where I had been nursing a scotch on the rocks, soaking in the warmth of the fireplace in my apartment, with the drapes to the sliding doors of the patio pulled aside to show the picturesque falling of snow into the woods behind the building. “Damn” I thought to myself, “who could be knocking at 10 PM, in this heavy snowfall?” I cinched my robe a bit tighter, and padded to the door, peering through the peephole to see who it was.

There stood my daughter, the snowflakes that settled on her head melting into tiny droplets, giving her hair a pleasant, magical quality. I wondered what had brought her out in this weather as I hastily undid the deadbolt, and opened the door for her.

“Alex…what on earth are you doing out in this snowstorm?”

Alexandra, or Alex for short, is my 26 year old daughter…very much daddy’s little girl. She’s the youngest of the brood, and when her mom and I divorced, was the only one to really try to stay in touch, never failing to call at least every week to see how I was, or to just chat about nothing in particular. I wouldn’t say that she’s a knockout, but she definitely has good looks, a nicely proportioned body, and soft full hips that give a natural *come get me* wiggle when she walks. Definitely a catch for some lucky man, if she ever decided to settle down. As it is, that’s the one thing we never talk about…her life is her own, and I respect that, as she respects my privacy as well. She doesn’t pry into what happened between her mom and me. We’re so much more a pair of good, close friends than we are a dad and daughter.

“Well…” she started, “me and Paul called it quits a few days ago, and I so didn’t feel like being in an empty apartment on a beautiful night like this. So I figured we could enjoy the snowfall together, and talk a bit.”

I nodded and smiled, taking her into my arms for a welcoming hug, and placing a kiss on her forehead. “Well, far be it for me to turn away my little lady. Come on in, and take that wet coat off. You can hang it on the back of the chair by the fireplace to dry out.”

She nodded and made herself at home, as she’s done on many other visits, taking her coat off, kicking off her boots, and settling down on the floor with her sock-covered feet towards the fire for warmth. She leaned back on her elbows and sighed comfortably. The firelight danced off her sweater, one of those overly large affairs with the large turtle styled collars, which even when she was reclined back as she was, managed to dampen the look of her chest to just smallish mounds. The only hint to her curves was her jeans, which were snug to her legs and hips, helping to firm up her already attractive rump, and sculpting her rear thighs perfectly. I caught myself drinking in the picture of her relaxing…so much a woman, my little girl. I swallowed hard and went back to the sofa, picking up my scotch and trying to push the picture out of my head.

She turned as she heard the clinking of the ice cubes in my drink, offering me a smile as the shoulder length auburn hair spilled on her shoulders in soft waves. “Lemme guess” she said, “single malt, on the rocks?” I chuckled softly and nodded, and she rolled over onto her tummy, elbows on the floor and head resting in her palms, feet now crossed at the ankles, still stretched towards the fire. “Mind if I hit up your scotch, Daddy? I’m still a bit chilly from the ride over…the heater in the car isn’t working too well, and Paul never bothered to fix it when the weather turned cold.”

I nodded, pointing to the small portable serving cabinet. “Sure sweetie…you know where its at. You want me to warm you up some soup, or some tea?” I paused for a second as I watched her get up, the scotch I had already consumed relaxing my body and mind enough to allow me to enjoy watching the form of her curves, pushing the inhibitions of taboo aside just a bit. “Or” I added, “Jennifer stopped by a few days ago, and left some mulling spices and hard apple cider. I could do us up a batch…that stuff warms a body up right fast.”

Alex smiled and nodded. “Jen did that? There’s hope for her yet…”

Jennifer was my on-again, off-again, sort of a friend with benefits. We had a decent enough relationship…we liked each other, enjoyed each others czech first video porno company both in and out of bed, and were happy with maintaining our own apartments. No commitments to each other, but enough fondness that either could call the other, and the word *No* would never be uttered. Alex always seemed a bit aloof around Jen, for reasons I couldn’t figure out, but I never questioned it. I figured that it was a case of two women who both had feelings for the same man, and that they would work things out between them if necessary, as women are prone to do.

I got up and went into the kitchen, giving Alex a playful pat on the rump as I passed her. “Be nice, Alex…Jen and I have a nice deal going, and I’m not complaining. I’m enjoying having someone to curl up with when I feel the need, and not having to worry about picking out drapes or anything, ya know?” Alex responded with a light laugh, then followed into the kitchen once she fixed herself the scotch.

I had already retrieved the spices and had a small saucepan filled with the hard cider placed on the stove when she walked in. As she was warming up, and her clothing was doing the same due to the fireplace, I could start to smell the perfume she was wearing. Much to her credit, she isn’t one of those that douses her self with a pint each morning, and winds up knocking out both man and beast when she walks by. I could tell by the musk undertones that it was one of the more expensive fragrances, and it was applied just lightly enough to be alluring, complimenting the natural scent of her hair. She drew herself close, leaning against my back and peering over my shoulder as I mixed the mull.

“You sure you know what you’re doing, dad?”

“Wiseass” I replied.

“I learned from the best” was her quick comeback, laughing lightly as she rested her body comfortably against my back. It was hard to keep my mind on the task at hand, what with her firm breasts pressed into my back, and her warm breath in my ear as she spoke, raising not only goose bumps on my arm, but something a bit further south. I was suddenly very grateful for the robe, as it would manage to hide the slowly growing erection between my legs. I responded with a playful nudge back against her. “You know, there’s a hint of truth to the saying ‘Too many cooks in the kitchen…'”

This got a giggle out of her, and she tip-toed against me to reach over my shoulder, and place a kiss on my cheek. She didn’t quite make it, and instead only reached that point of my jaw just below the earlobe. Maybe it was the scotch, or the closeness, or my imagination, but I could swear that she lingered for a brief moment, brushing her lips over my earlobe and nipping ever-so-lightly. Then, as quickly as it had seemed to happen, she was out of the kitchen and back in the living room, and after a few moments some soft Christmas music wafted through the apartment.

“Hey dad, I’m still a bit chilly…you have a spare blanket or quilt?”

“Yeah…in the bedroom closet, top left shelf.”

I heard the soft rustling as she went into the room, and I took a deep breath, reminding myself that with too much scotch, the imagination can run wild. I took the opportunity to stay in the kitchen, nursing my now watered-down scotch (the ice having melted) and trying to keep my mind off of the woman in the next room. I kept on telling myself that it wasn’t right to be feeling any attraction, and after a few minutes I managed to calm myself down sufficiently to be able to go back into the living room. When I did, it was with two large mugs of mulled hard cider, steaming nicely, with a cinnamon stick in each. Alex had returned, fed more fresh logs into the fireplace and had flames dancing high, throwing off loads of heat. She was sitting on the floor with the blanket wrapped around her, forming a teepee from her neck on down to the floor. She smiled as I set the mug on the slate hearth within easy reach for her. “Thanks” she said as I moved back towards the sofa. I sipped on the hot cider, taking in the fragrance of the mulling spices as I settled into one corner. Alex reached for her cider, brought it up to nose the bouquet, then looked over at me and smiled. “Smells wonderful…” she said before taking a sip. She let out a soft ‘Mmmm’ each time she took a swallow, and inside of a few minutes czech gangbang porno was already half done.

“Better take it easy with that stuff, honey” I said. “Drink it too fast, and you’ll be stumbling around when you walk.”

Alex giggled again, then replied, “OK…so I won’t walk.”

That got a chuckle from me as well, and I took a nice swallow of the cider. “So…what did you want to talk about?”

Alex shrugged. “Nothing. I was just lonely. I just wanted company, and I didn’t want to call you and ask you to come through the storm to my place, so I came here instead. I figured you wouldn’t mind.”

“Ahhh. Well, you’re right, I don’t mind at all. Its nice to sit and enjoy the fire, and just be together.”

She nodded, finished off her cider, then looked over. “Is there any more left?”

I nodded and started to get up to get her more, but she stood up and moved to the kitchen. “No you don’t…you stay put and relax. I can get my own.” And with that she disappeared into the kitchen, still wrapped in the blanket, and I heard the sounds of the pan moving on the stove. After a moment, I heard a cabinet door open and close, then it was silent again briefly before she reappeared. She made her way to the sofa still wrapped in the blanket, and smiled. “Mind some company here?” she asked softly.

“Not at all” I replied, and she immediately sat beside me, wiggling her back towards me and leaning against me, getting comfortable. She let the blanket slip from her shoulders as she sipped the cider and watched the fire. Even where we were sitting, the heat was intense enough to make our skin warm. Alex leaned back into me, the soft sweater enveloping her, still hiding her breasts well, and leaving the imagination to run a bit wondering what treasure was hidden beneath. We both enjoyed our ciders in relative silence, just sitting. She finished her second mug as I finished my first, and she reached over to the coffee table to set her empty mug down. As I did the same, she reached for my hand with one of hers, and with the other took the mug and set it on the coffee table for me.

What happened next, though, changed my life forever…

Alex kept hold of my hand and leaned in to me quickly, burying her face into my neck and locking her lips to me with a pleasing suction. In the moments that I was stunned and not quite ready for it, she guided my hand (which she didn’t let go of just yet) under the blanket and between her legs. Sometime during the short time she was here, and unbeknownst to me, she had stripped off her jeans and panties, leaving just her socks on her feet. She pressed my hand to her mound, the coarse hair surrounding her womanhood trimmed short but not shaved, and her lips obviously swollen and puffy, ready for a man.

I froze, not really expecting this, but somehow knowing it was coming…well, not exactly this, but knowing something was up. I left my hand where she pressed it, not daring to move, wanting to slip my fingers between those moist lips of her pussy, tease her clit…but I was too shocked to move. She sensed it, too, and gently removed her lips from my neck, left a trail of nibbles and kisses up to my ear, and whispered a bit huskily, yet softly, “Love me…please?”

“Alex” I managed to whisper, “what’s going on?”

She shook her head, letting go now of the hand she guided to her crotch and placing a finger on my lips. “Shhhh. Just love me. Please.”

I searched her eyes, and saw the moisture built up…she was holding back tears. She didn’t want either of us speaking, that much was obvious. I closed my eyes then, trying to decide what to do, where to let it go, how to stop something that I suddenly didn’t *want* to stop. I could feel her breath on my face, and the finger on my lips began tracing the curve of my mouth, then slipped to my cheek when she drew her face close to mine, her warm, soft lips brushing my own now, testing, tasting, searching for a response, yet not wanting to unleash the passion that was laying there, just barely controlled. When I responded by opening my mouth to her searching, she gently pressed her lips to mine, completing the locking of souls with the first true kiss shared. Her tongue probed, gently, testing again for my reaction, and when I responded in kind she pursed her lips against mine, and sucked my brazzers porno tongue into her mouth gently.

That was as much as I could stand, and with the decision already having been made with the kiss, I let myself search out her love button, drawing small circles around her stiff nub as she responded by parting her legs a bit for me, and moaning gently into the kiss we still shared. She was pressing herself to me, legs still inching open bit by bit, excruciatingly slowly, until she had opened herself wantonly to me. By now a pair of fingers were sliding in and out of her canal as the lust was building in both of us. She moved her hand down now, beginning to explore my body with gentle fingers, pausing at my chest, pinching a nipple, tracing a light line down my stomach….she was loving me, that much was for certain.

I gasped as her ministrations finally reached my fully attentive cock, and she gently closed her hand around my shaft. She didn’t move much for a few moments, preferring to take her time to learn the form of the tool in her hands, gently teasing, running her fingertips up the shaft, then closing her hand over the head, making a ring of her thumb and forefinger as she slid down the shaft again, only to start over with tracing upwards. She was driving me out of my mind, and she knew it. We weren’t clawing at each other, but were very much just sharing pure lovemaking.

We sat on the sofa like this, the heat of the fire stoking the flames of unleashed love and passion. If anything, I knew that I didn’t want to cross the one boundary into full-on incest. At least not yet, not until the mild effects of the cider wore off on her, and we had a chance to talk things over, and I could find out exactly what brought all this on. She was obviously hurting in some way, and needing to just be a woman, in any way possible. For now, though, I decided to allow the kissing and mutual masturbation, and relaxed a bit so as to at least enjoy what we were sharing.

And it was, after a while, a very intimate experience, with alternating caresses, soft kisses and nibbles, still partially clothed on both our accounts, happy to just be pleasing each other. Slowly, I could sense that she was building up to an approaching orgasm, as her breathing became slightly ragged, with soft gasps now and then. I would take my cue from this, increasing attention to her clit, made quite slippery from the juices her cunt was providing. She would respond with gripping my cock and giving a few quick, hard strokes on the head before sliding her hand slowly down again. I could feel my own release building, and although neither of us had, up till now, wanted to move our hips for fear of unleashing the djinni of lust completely from its bottle, for the first time I moved my hips towards her, beginning a rhythm of fucking her hand. As I did she let out a long moan, and for the first time thrust her womanhood up into my caressing hand. A few moments later after a handful of thrusts, her body tensed as she gasped, her hips now thrusting on their own accord as waves of pleasure hit her full force. With the first hard thrust of her hips she squeezed the base of my cock…with the second hard thrust she lowered her head into my lap, searching out then locking her mouth on the head of my engorged dick and sucking on just the head, lips locked tightly and tongue pushing hard against the slit of my cockhead, trying to enter the shaft. As her pleasure peaked she pushed her pussy against my ramming fingers, emitting a half-whimper, half moan with each thrust. It was then that I finally came, pushing up with my hips gently, trying to get more of my cock into her mouth, but she just moved her head with my thrusts, tongue dancing around the rim of the head, coaxing my climax. As the spurts of cum began flowing, she swallowed easily, drinking up the offering I was giving, taking my seed to her mouth, suckling every bit that my body offered her. Our mutual groans of pleasure and release subsided, and we remained still for what seemed to be eternity, my hand gently caressing her swollen pussy, and her mouth suckling on my cock even as my erection subsided.

It took a few minutes for us both to calm down, and she finally let my member fall from her mouth, placing a kiss on the head one last time. Then she lifted her head up, tracing a line of kisses up, across my belly, past my chest, to finally come to rest where they had started some time ago. She reached down and removed my hand from her crotch, still keeping her legs comfortably apart, and twined her fingers into mine as she whispered a soft question into my ear. I nodded to her once, then she stood up, taking my hand, leading me into the bedroom with a smile…

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