Smorgasbord Ch. 01

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Kneeling naked, sitting on a pillow tucked between his butt and his calves, Rex leaned back against the headboard (why do they call it that?). He hooked his feet behind the mattress under the headboard, his weight comfortably on his shins. Spreading his knees, he spread his arms across the top of the headboard and relaxed into an easy posture.

Tabitha, also naked, lay in wait across the foot of the bed. Jutting between Rex’ thighs, his prodigious penis pointed toward her face: the skin dark red, gnarled with the network of swollen veins beneath, the purple head taut and shiny, bulging purple with pressure. His balls hung full and heavy. All day long, Tabitha had stolen opportunities to lick and suck his cock, sipping its clear honey and inflaming his lust.

Now, rousing herself, Tabitha slowly wriggled forward on her elbows between his splayed thighs – a snake approaching an animal to be devoured. Her maw gaped wide. Curiously, Rex’ cock did not attempt to flee, merely waiting, bobbing and twitching, its glistening eye staring at the approaching orifice. At the final moment, Tabitha’s head descended and sealed its fate.

As familiar as he was with Tabitha’s hunger and the joys to come, Rex jerked and gasped as he felt the slippery wet heat of her mouth slipping over his cock head and slowly sliding down the shaft. His abdomen tightened as his hips hunched up, pushing his cock head into the engulfing entrance to her throat. She bathed his cock in sensation, massaging the bottom of the stalk with her tongue. Rex groaned with the pleasure, feeling her tongue exquisitely at every instant that it explored the burning flesh from his balls to his cock head.

Just as the sensations crested, she stopped, looking up at him. He could see the lust and love there. She remained still, his cock bahis firmaları lodged in her mouth, letting the intensity dissipate. Slowly, Rex’ breathing eased and his muscles relaxed. Then, she merely stroked her tongue across the shaft within her mouth. Rex gasped and jerked as the sparks of pleasure shot through his system. Grinning around her helpless prey, Tabitha resumed licking, swirling her tongue under his shaft.

Rex lowered his arms and gently cradled her blond head in his arms. Bending, he kissed the top of her head. Although Tabitha fellated him at least every day, Rex never got used to the pleasure. Every time she sucked his cock, he was surprised by the sensations she gave him. Her pleasure was evident and it fueled his own.

Raising his head, he admired the length of her body, from her thick, blonde hair slowly moving over his cock, to her strong shoulders, down her sculptured back, past her arched buttocks to her long legs and crossed ankles, to her heels, hooked over the foot of the bed.

Rex began to stroke and knead her shoulders as she sucked his aching cock. Maintaining gentle pressure, he moved his hands up to her head, cupping it, working his fingers gently into her scalp, stretching the skin in all directions. Then, he worked his hands down her neck, stroking and massaging, and on down to her shoulders.

He began to knead the muscles and fibres beneath her skin, his fingertips digging in to her special spots. She wriggled and moaned with pleasure as the balls of his thumbs pressed through tight muscles. He dug his thumbs between her spine and shoulder blades, sliding them slowly and strongly up and down her flesh. Leaning forward, he stroked the curves where her back became her ass, until he could reach no further. His fingers retraced their steps, exploring kaçak iddaa her muscles, searching out tensions and slowly working them out. All the while, his cock stewed in the heat of her mouth as she slowly, gently, sucked and stroked it.

She began to gently bob her head. The rhythmic suction on his cock head, cupped in the vestibule of her throat, in concert with the stroking of her tongue, was maddening. He could hear the soft slurping and wet popping sounds as the seal of her throat was made and broken, again and again. He groaned.

Tabitha backed her head away, a glistening strand of precum and the thick saliva of her throat spanning the gap between her lips and their prey. Her tongue came out to claim the sticky treat, gathering the strand to her mouth until it broke. She grinned up at him.

Slowly, neatly settling herself on her elbows, she clasped her forearms and settled in to torture his cock with pleasure. Leaning forward, she pressed her tongue to the base of his cock and stroked firmly up to the head. Cross-eyed, staring at his cock head, she cooed as a bubble of precum burst from the hole and spilled onto the tip of her tongue, which swept up the prize and carried it away into her mouth. She beamed up at Rex, then her head dropped and his cock was engulfed again.

She sucked, he stroked. She often told him she loved to suck his cock, more than fucking. As she sucked and bobbed, her tongue stroked his cock relentlessly. Rex groaned. The pressure in his cock and groin grew in waves, each pushing his cum higher than the last. He began to pant. He was losing control of his body – his hips hunched forward and back spasmodically and his legs trembled.

He clasped Tabitha’s head in his hands, fingers lacing behind, and gently pressed her face down onto his cock. He felt kaçak bahis her follow him down until her lips ringed around the base of his shaft, his cock head pressing into the tight tube of her throat. Her tongue snaked out and swabbed the front of his balls. He cried out, then her head backed off slightly, her lips sealed around his shaft, her tongue wiggling within her mouth.

Because of the heightened sensitivity of his cock in this kneeling position, Rex’ orgasm was building quickly. Tabitha’s hands left her arms, the left to grasp the shaft of his cock, the right to gently cup his balls, hefting and stroking them in their sack. As she sucked and bobbed her head, the hand on his shaft matched the rhythm of her mouth, sliding wetly up and down. Rex’ cock felt like a heavy log – the hot, lush sensations of her tongue, lips and hands building the waves of pleasure toward the inevitable finale.

The last wave pushed him over. As the bulge of semen surged up through his cock, Tabitha pressed her head forward again. Rex felt her nose and forehead press against his abdomen as her upper teeth pressed into his pubic bone and his cock head was compressed into the slick, tight channel of her throat. All of the sensations of her cocksucking were compressed into that instant, inseparable. He roared as everything happened at once. His body bowed in its spasm, a thousand cocksuckers worked his cockhead and his sperm gushed. Again, his muscles clenched and his sperm gushed as Tabitha slowly pumped her throat on his cock. And again.

Then, the spasms eased. Rex’ body twitched as random shocks of orgasm raced through his groin and muscles. Slowly, her tongue wiggling under his shaft, Tabitha withdrew her head, freeing herself gently from Rex’ still-clutching hands. With a pop of her lips, she released his cock and rolled aside.

She laughed, as Rex slowly fell forward, face down on the bed, chest heaving to regain his breath.

“That was a big one,” she said, licking her lips. Rex could only groan in response.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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