Small Town Rules Rugby Ch. 02

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Previously: I, Craig Ray, got accepted into the Small Town Rules Rugby team the Purple Headed Warriors. Small Town Rules is a bit of a niche sport, a lot of people don’t know about it, but it’s just like regular rugby. With a couple of pretty big differences.

You play naked.

You play hard.

You literally fuck the other team after the game.

Last week I passed my physical with other new guys on the team- Herman, Gordon and Oli. We had to get fucked by the team coach, Davie John, our team doc Marco and our captain, Sidney Green. Today, we start our training with the rest of the team…

Meat and Greet:

I rocked up about 5:30 in the morning, jumped out of the car in my footy shorts and hoodie, my morning hard-on still pushing against my shorts. It was summer, but it felt cool in the pre-dawn. Sidney was at the front gate with a clipboard, rounding up us new recruits. I saw Oli and Herman had already arrived, and we talked shit for a while until a ute pulled up, dropped off Gordon, then tore off down the lane.

“Sorry, car shat itself, had to wake dad up to give me a lift.” Grinned the farm boy.

“No worries, we’re still on time, let’s get going!” said Sidney, smacking Oli on the arse with his clipboard.

Walking through the stadium, I couldn’t stop feeling like I was still one of the fans. Maybe a VIP fan, but definitely not a player. I wondered if I’d ever shake that feeling.

Sidney unlocked and opened a door, and a hot blast of steam and radio white noise came spilling out. He marched us in, blinking in the fluorescent lights, to witness one of the most impressive sights I’d ever seen.

Lined up in the showers, some soaping up their lengthy cocks, some rubbing their teammate’s backs with strong, big hands, was the team.

All of ’em, thirteen big men crammed into the concrete shower block. All open-planned, all squeezing their muscles against each other. My dick strained even harder in my shorts.

Sidney blew his whistle, snapping me out of my daydream, and got me and the other new guys to line up. The team all filed out of the showers, some toweling off, some dripping dry in the humid air, all staying completed naked.

Once they sat down I realised their chairs had all been arranged in a horseshoe shape around us. Me and the other new guys were on display for this baker’s dozen of big hard players.

“Right you lot, these are our new players. I want you to treat them with respect, but don’t go easy on them in training either. You all know the drill, we’re gonna go along and introduce them one by one.” Sidney explained, moving up to Herman at the end of the line.

“Herman Earls” Sidney announced, then pulled down Herman’s track pants. His thick meat sprung up to the approval of the group, showering Herman in a round of applause.

“Oli Millhouse” and down came his shorts, with no less fanfare for his less-hard knob.

“Gordon Robbins” same treatment.

“Craig Ray” same treatment. Although I was last, it still felt exciting to have all the fellas eyeing off my manhood.

Sidney turned to us, his growing erection clearly visible through his shorts.

“Just stay there guys, the team will come to you.” He said as, one by one, each member stood up and approached us.

It was a quick handshake and a cock-grab, but every single one of those blokes looked me dead in the eye with bahis şirketleri a big friendly smile. I’d been a bit worried about fitting in with this lot, but it was pretty clear that we were already welcomed to the group.

The early morning sun shot some rays through the high windows of the change room, and I could already feel the rising heat outside.

“Right then, before it gets too fucking hot, clothes off, shoes on, let’s get out there and train!”

Training Hard:

I’m not gonna lie, the training was fucking exhausting. Even with all the work I’d been doing by myself, there was no denying this was next-level work. We ran for what felt like an hour, alternating between sprints and jogging, running backwards, passing footies between us. When the running was over we did push-ups and sit-ups and burpees until I thought I was gonna pass out.

Needless to say, it didn’t take long for the cold-weather kit to come off and we were, to a man, naked on the cool wet ground. The coach kept his top on, but even he ditched his shorts, eyeing us all off, his thick one sticking out vertically.

“Right, that’s enough cardio! Hawk, Maynard, grab the stretching bags!” he yelled, his purple cockhead bouncing up and down with each syllable. I eventually tore my eyes away from the glisten of pre-cum on the end of coach’s knob and saw Gerald Hawk and Bert Maynard unpacking two large sacks of gear.

“Right, everyone grab a butt plug and a fleshlight and form two lines, facing each other!” he instructed. The rest of the team had already got into formation and were passing around a few pump bottles of lube. I grabbed my gear and ran into position at the end of the line, next to Willie Coburn. Willie was a back, but with his giant cock everyone said he should be a forward. But seeing his pink hole greedily swallow a butt plug, I could see why he was in the position he was.

On my hands and knees I closed my eyes as I eased the lubed plug up my date. It plopped into place and my eyes opened and rolled up in my head, my mouth making a small “O” shape. I looked in front of me at the other line…and locked eyes with Quinten Duke. He had a cheeky grin as he watched me accommodate the plastic invading my sphincter. Duke was a year younger than me but he’d been in the team last season and there was no question he was a beast on the field. I found myself wondering if he would be fucking me anytime soon. The thought made my arse clench a bit, causing another spasm of pleasure.

Coach’s voice brought me back to earth.

“Right then, for the newbies, the purpose of this one is to build up your tolerances. Specifically your pleasure tolerances. If you haven’t already done it, shove that toy up your arse. Then get your dick into the fleshlight.”

I did as I was told, relishing the pleasure of the tight silicone grip along my shaft.

“On my mark, pull out. Go!”

I removed the length of my sword, a little sad to be out of the already-warming fake hole.

“And back in!”

Synchronised, we all pushed our lengths in. I heard a few grunts up and down the line.

“And out!”

Out we went.


In we went.

This went on for quite a while, coach calling the speed and the timings, speeding us up, slowing us down. I heard a few groans, and few chortled cries, and fellas started to get up, their loads spent and dripping off their bahis firmaları softening members.

Eventually I locked eyes with Duke again. His face was a model of pleasure, panting and desperate for release. Looking at that face, I felt my orgasm build and come rushing into the toy. I shook and moaned but didn’t stop looking at Duke, who broke into a wide grin as I realised he’d been playing at how close he was, tricking me into cumming. I grinned, filed that trick away and got up on still-shaking legs.

Passed Around:

Eventually everyone had creamed off. The toys were set up, we’d all had a chance for a bit of water. No showers though, and we were a pretty sweaty, muddy bunch of individuals by that point. The smell of seventeen big, dirty blokes might have been off-putting, but in this case I think it just boosted the undercurrent of lust.

The sun was well and truly up now, and the heat had caused even coach to get starkers. He took us newbies aside and told us we’d be doing drills with six of the other guys, moving along a circuit until they decided we were ready to be passed along.

Needless to say, none of us had a problem with this. My six partners were pretty bloody good.

Partner one: Kason Bardsley, Full Back. A super-fit ranger, 69’d the life out of each other. Eventually he got me on my knees as I throated his thick cock. I couldn’t stop running my hands over his six pack, which he seemed to love. A quick tap on the head let me know what was coming, and I downed Kason’s full load, earning a satisfied grunt and a pat on the cheek from him. On to partner two.

Partner two: Fenton Brock, Hooker. Fenton was the senior statesman of the team, still going hard in his 30’s. Word was he had been on track to play in the NRL, but they’d found him wanking off and sniffing the other players’ shorts in the change room. And while that sort of thing might be frowned on in the boring leagues, with us it gets your front and centre ramming your thick cock into hairy, eager arses. Which is exactly what Fenton did to my slick hole, pushing my rigid cock into the mud with each thrust from behind. No cumming, but we got pretty close.

Partner three: Kelsey Merit, Right Centre Three Quarter. Poor old Kelsey had copped a bit of slack when he’d first joined the team, being a bit green around the ears when it came to messing with blokes. He’d only shagged two fellas before they let him join, but what he lacked in experience he made up for in enthusiasm, and it was in full effect today when he was riding my dick. I felt his sphincter rhythmically tighten and relax, milking my shaft, until I blew my load deep inside him. Didn’t stop him though, and he kept on doing his thing until my softened dong finally slid out of him. I got a silent thumbs up as he stood and walked to his next partner.

Partner four: Sam Rush, Second Row Right Edge Forward. I could tell I was in the zone by this point, ‘coz even with my flaccid member I was eager to get my mouth around Sam’s meat. He thrust hard and deep into my gob, causing me to gag a few times, while he leaned over to play with my stretched-out ring at the same time. Not a bad encounter, but next time I hoped he’d go a bit further.

Partner five: Casey Pierson, Left Wind Three Quarter. I’d recovered my hard-on by this point, and boy did poor Casey cop it. Standing up I hoisted him up so he was straddling me, then brought kaçak bahis siteleri him down on my knob. Casey was a pretty practiced fella, and he’d had four blokes before me that day, so I slid inside him like a knife through butter. Not saying he was loose, it just felt like that man’s sole purpose that morning was to cop dick. He bounced up and down on it while he kissed me hard, his little chin beard/soul patch scratching my muddied face. He broke the kiss off and locked eyes with me as I felt the warm splash of his seed all over my chest and belly.

Partner six: Quinten Duke, Lock Forward. Bloody Quinten. I wanted a bit of payback after his stunt with the toys, so I strode up to him, caught the young fella off guard and pushed him to the ground. As he went down onto his back I hoisted his legs up in the air and drove my tongue hard and fast up his hole. Quinten was a forward, he wasn’t so used to this behaviour, but there was no faking the look in his eyes as I lapped and licked his backside. In one quick motion I pulled my face from between his cheeks, dropped his legs and slid myself up his body, squatting onto his thick meaty one and drawing it up into me. All the sensory overload was getting to him, and looks of shock and lust flit across his face. As I started quickly bouncing up and down I unleashed a torrent of piss all over him, the first few splashes landing right on his lips. That was enough and I felt my guts get flooded with his hot cum. Panting and sweating, he looked up at me, droplets of urine still on his mouth, and gave me a cheeky wink.

In the End:

By the time training was done we were all well and truly buggered. We all dragged our exhausted bodies into the locker room, throwing our naked forms under the shower. The hot water slowly washed away the mud and woke us up a bit more, and it didn’t take long for the conversations to start flowing. I heard the crack of a can opening near the lockers and soon beers were appearing everywhere. Coach mentioned we’d be doing initiations after lunch, which gave us all a bit of time to recover and sharpen up a bit.

Lunch (and more beers) rolled around, and after a good feed we all got changed into our club shirts and pants and made our way to the pub across the road. The manager showed us to the back room and from there it didn’t take long for everyone to lose their trousers.

The initiations weren’t too bad, usual footy team fare, but we got progressively drunker as the arvo stretched on. I decided, before things got too crazy, I better slip into the hallway and make a phone call.

Three rings, then she picked up.

“Hi babe!”

“Hi, how ya goin?”

“Good, just getting coffee with your mum. How’s training going?”

A waiter walked through the swinging door and I glanced back inside at the fellas. I could see coach lying on his back on a table as Herman ate his arse. The other new guys were lined up behind him, and everyone else was standing around watching and tugging.

“Going good, going really good. Listen, we’re getting on the piss, I might be home late tonight.” I said, a bit sheepishly.

“I thought you would be. That’s ok babe, have fun with your new team!”

“Thanks Soph, you’re amazing. Love you.”

“Love you too!”

As I hung up I thought about how lucky I was to have Sophie. Most girls wouldn’t be into their fella doing this, but if anything, I think it got her even wetter.

My thoughts were cut short by Lynwood poking his head out the door and gesturing to me.

“Ray, c’mon mate, your turn to lick coach’s arse!” he grinned.

Well who could say no to that?

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